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Innocence Lost PART ONE

Damn the broken road that lead me to you.

Everyone's first time was either great or horrible. Mine was neither. 


It was just a week before Highschool and I had been talking to a guy I had a crush with in Middle School on IM. He was the ladies' man type of guy. He was muscular, adorable and smart. He went out with numerous girls in Middle School, and I was just the type who could only dream of having a boyfriend. Anyways, I blushed everytime we talked, and I had always waited for him to go online. Finally, after hours and hours of talking on line... he blurted it out, " I LOVE YOU." And it all started there.  It was the usual first relationships at that age... didn't talk in school, but when we got home, we'd message each other online. Until there's no more to talk about. So we ended it after 2 weeks.

I then started to talk to this guy I also had a crush on in Middle School. He was the nice, smart, not-so-muscular type. He had a nice smile and a good sense of humour. Everytime he smiled, I felt like blushing and exploding inside. I wanted to throw myself onto him and hug him tight. I wanted to kiss him, but I was scared. And so, I talked to him on IM since he went to another HighSchool. I could tell he liked me. Everytime we said we had to go... we would say goodbye forever! We talked and talked and I couldn't take it anymore. My hands were sweaty and felt shaky. I blurted out the fact that I had feelings for him. That I liked him ever since Middle School. He felt the same towards me and it was a good scene. 

I felt this guy was the one, until a guy from school began to talk to me, and showed me that he was interested in me. He was Al. He was 6 feet tall, dark, muscular and an athletic guy. He played football, basketball and a part of track and field. He was the kind of guy who would hug 'playfully' with other girls even if he had a girlfriend. Anyway, one day... he begged for me to go with him to the park nearby the school and to talk. That's when it happened. He took me there not to talk, but to take my first kiss ! He slightly touched my chin and kissed me softly. I was there with my eyes open, wondering why I didn't back away when he did it.

"That doesn't count, your hair was on the way.. " He protested.
He kissed me again, and I didn't care anymore. I was confused and lacked concentration during my afternoon classes.
Later that day, I went home and told my boyfriend. He was speechless and told me that he would be back. I waited for what seemed like forever, and he told me it was okay -that he loves me no matter what and that we would forget about it.
I told Al that I had told my boyfriend about it, and he seemed disappointed. He asked about it, and I made it clear to him that I will stay with my boyfriend.

A month and a half of not seeing each other and not talking online for three days, we ended it. I didn't cry, though I 'loved' this guy. I didn't care anymore. I texted Al that it was over between me and my recent ex boyfriend. He was happy. He's been begging me to be his girlfriend for the longest time, so I told myself, "What the hell, what else can go wrong... if relationships are this shallow."


A week after I broke up with my ex, I became Al's girlfriend. We didn't let anyone know, except for close friends. Everytime people would ask him if we were together, he denied. So I felt that I should do the same... but everything was going better than I had expected. He didn't hold my hands, but we talked on the phone everyday. My parents found out and had a huge tantrum about it. They told me I was way too young and blah blah blah. I promised them I wasn't gonna do something I would regret. Until our relationship became more serious. My sister-in-law had her day of on two weekdays,  so she was home all day. The only way I could take Al home was using my friend as an excuse. My sister stayed in the basement all day, so it was all an ease.

I took Al to my room with Mary with us so we wont get caught. I turned the lights off and turned the lamp on so it wasn't so bright. I put a raggae song on. Al and I were grinding and Mary was dancing by herself. Until Al went up to her and started grinding against her ass. I felt iffy about it and so did my friend. So we stopped. Al went inside my closet and stayed there while me and Mary are dancing. I went to see how he was doing. He was upset. He took his shoes and said that he was gonna leave. I begged for him to stop, so he granted my wish. We went to my room again. Al asked Mary to stay outside the room for a minute because we needed to talk. Al sat on the side of the bed and sat me on his lap. There was a mirror in front of us, and he asked me what I wanted for Christmas, since it was in three weeks time. I denied that I wanted anything.


We went inside my closet because we might get caught. We were making out. It was getting hotter by the second. His tongue going inside and out of my mouth, so I did the same to him. We were sitting on garbage bags that contained old clothes, so it was getting extremely hot. We were kissing for what seemed like 20 minutes. I felt him reach down my track pants, feeling up my ass. I pulled his hands up, telling him to stop. He wouldn't listen to me. Everytime I pulled his hand up, he only wanted to go down more and more. My panties were getting soaked. He, then, took off his hands off of me and released his hard cock in front me, althought I couldn't see in the dark. Al made me touch it, but I wasn't sure what to do with it, so I refused. I guess he was fine with it because he gave up. He resumed with pleasuring himself by touching me. He touched me everywhere. His hot hands were going up my shirt, going under my bra. He was cupping my breasts and enjoyed it. My nipples got hard, and I couldn't take it anymore. My hands commanded his to stop, they pulled his hands down my shirt. This whole time, we've been making out. His hands were off of my body, until he took his right hand down my track pants. It wasn't behind.. but in front. He wasn't feeling up my ass!!  Feeling up the wetness of pussy, he stopped kissing me.

"Holy shit, Clara! Honey, you're fucking wet as hell! I see you're enjoying me as much as I'm enjoying you.."
"Shut up."
I pulled his head towards mine, and kissed him. This was all new to me, but I let him feel my wet pussy, since he'd touched it already. Al was rubbing me up and down, which made me get excited more and more.
That is until Mary came into the room and asked if I was okay.
"Yea, I'm okay."
As much as I wanted to continue... it was getting late and both of them needed to go home. Al and I stopped. He took his hand off my excited pussy and zipped his pants. We went out of the closet.
"Thanks for watching out, " Al told Mary.

They both went home, and I stayed in my room... thinking about how my pussy was able to be so wet. I touched it and rubbed it like Al did..
I couldn't stop thinking about what happened that night for days.. so I told Al that we needed to resume that experience when my sister is at work.

Stay in tuned for part two = )

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