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Innocence Lost

Virginity lost at band camp

Scott stood at attention at yet another long day of rehearsal. It was the third day of band camp, almost halfway done with the week. Tired, dehydrated, sore, and yet still determined, Scott went over the movements in his head. They were about to run through a small segment of the halftime show, but it was important for the movements. Eight steps forward, sixteen to the side, four back, and stop. That was his job, to get to his spot in time with the rest of the band.

Scott wiped the sweat from his forehead. It was 8:30 at night and still over 80 degrees. The heat was made much worse by the twenty pounds of drum that he wore. Once again, that was his job, play his drum well, and look good doing it. He looked up to the scaffolding at the front of the field, his band director stood on top of it. After the director finished talking to some clarinet players who didn't know their spots, Scott got the signal. As the leader of the drumline, Scott had the job of tapping off the band, giving them the tempo and letting them know when to start.

Four taps later he and the drummers around him began moving. The sounds of the band exploded, as did his own drum. He muscles through the hardest part of the show, hardest to play and hardest to march. He hit his spot exactly, then went back to attention, staring straight ahead, not moving at all. The director lets them relax, then goes to talking about what needs to be improved.

None of this talk related to him, so he didn't care. Scott let his mind drift off, then came back to reality when he spotted his girlfriend just ahead on the field. He smirked as she talked with the director. A section leader like himself, his girlfriend needed to correct the flute players that missed their spots. Flutes, he laughed, half of them are airheads, the other half aren't hot. She was different though, she was sexy, and smart, a perfect combo. Or so he thought. They'd been dating for four months, since the end of the previous year. Scott still hadn't gotten past first base. Attraction and smarts came with the price of her being prude. Scott put that out of his mind. Instead, he examined her. She was wearing a t-shirt with the sleeves rolled up, her hair rolled up into a pony tail. He could see the sweat glisten off of her tanned arms. She had on tight short shorts, nicely complementing her curves. Her round ass buldged from her shorts, the fabric tight around her butt. Her gorgeous ass led perfectly into her sexy legs. They were smooth, soft, tanned, and sweaty. They weren't fat, but they had a nice amount of meat on them, Scott thought they were perfect.

She herself was 5'3", short, but that didn't matter. Her height made her ass that much better, it was fat and round, perfect. Scott loved her body, especially her ass. Her tits were nice too, on the bigger side, a C cup, but they were busty, always popping out from her chest. Her boobs rested on her diaphram, beautifully rolling onto her stomach. Her t-shirt hugged her stomach nicely, her belly button visible, and the gentle bump where her stomach ends and her hips begin. He couldn't stop himself from touching her beautiful tits from time to time. It usually ended in a talk about how she wanted to wait to get sexual. She wanted to make sure it was right. That would be romantic and all, he thought, but he just wanted to fuck her. And man was she sexy.

The signal from the director, and he was off again. Playing and marching was great, but he spent more time admiring his girlfriend while marching than looking straight ahead like he was supposed to. He marchd through the show segment, then hit his spot. No mistakes, he thought, now to make it better.

That was for tomorrow though. He'd have plenty of time to perfect the show for the back half of the week. Eight hours of work every day would clean everything up. Now, he got to have some fun. The director went over the final notes. What to do better, what they did right, the usual. Then the oh so important, 'we'll do this, this, and this tomorrow'. After that, came the dismissed. Scott quickly turned around and headed back towards the dorms with the rest of the drumline. They needed to grab their drum stands and put them away in a dorm room on the first floor. Then, they could go to the commons and relax on some couches and talk.

Scott walked into the commons and sat down on a couch. The old, fire resistant, uncomfortable couches were terrible. They were by no means fit for use by anyone, but they were more comfortable than wearing his drums. He started talking with the center snare, his 'second in command' so to speak. They talked about what to change in the music, and what to add in. They had some liberty to change the music, as long as everyone could play it well and it didn't sound out of place. They were in the middle of talking about adding in extra notes in the middle of the show when Scott's girlfriend walked in.

Scott didn't notice her until she sat down on him as he layed on the couch. She sat down onto his waist, her plump ass seating itself nicely onto his cock. Scott smiles and looks at her, she smiles and lets her hair down, it cascades down her shoulders and ends just below her shoulders. Scott glances to the center snare, who gives him a nod and mouths the words 'get it'. Scott grins as the center snare gets up and walks away, leaving them in the privacy of their couch, in the commons that is now filled with band students.

"Hey Sara.", Scott says to his girlfriend.

"Hey Scott.", she says as she lays down, spooning into him.

He wraps his arms around her stomach as she looks back at him. He kisses her soft, red lips. First softly, then he kisses her again, longer and harder, feeling her soft, moist lips against his.

"So how was your day?", he asks, his face just inches from hers.

"Oh it was great.", she says in a sarcastic voice.

They talk for several minutes, but as more people pour into the commons they have less and less privacy.

"Hey lets go up to my dorm, we can talk more there.", suggests Sara.

"Sure, why not?", replies Scott, eager to be alone with her. They walk out of the commons and down the hall, then turn and head towards the back staircase, the one that is almost never used. They head up until they hit floor three, one of the girls' floors. Sara goes into the floor first, checks that it is clear, and then Scott follows her. Scott can't get caught on a girls' floor, it was the biggest rule of band camp. The directors tried to stop sex as much as possible at band camp, but every year at least ten people fucked in the rooms. Scott wanted to be part of that group, and he wanted to do it with Sara.

She quickly led him into her room, then locked the door behind her. Scott could feel how sweaty her hands were, that wasn't from marching, that was from being nervous. Scott got excited at this.

"Let me just text Kristen.", she said as she pulls out her phone. "I would hate for her to walk in here."

"Oh really? What are you planning to do?", asks Scott flirtingly.

"Just sit down on the bed.", Sara says laughing.

They both sit down and look at each other. Scott runs his hand through her hair and leans in to her. She smiles and wraps her arms around his shoulders. He leans in and kisses her deeply. They push against each other, they're lips intertwined. Scott runs his tongue through her mouth, exploring every part of her mouth. He feels her tongue glide and slide along his, and grabs her and pulls her close to him, he lays one hand on her thigh, stroking it meaningfully. She runs her hands across his back, and she grabs his head. He leans in over her and she slowly leans backwards, eventually laying on her back with Scott laying on top of her. They make out passionately, french kissing, Scott kissing her nose, her eyelids, down her neck, she moans and grabs his head, letting out gasps of pleasure.

As he kisses her he runs his hands up and down her smooth legs and her sweaty arms. She leans her head back and lets out a long "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" as he carresses her neck with his mouth. He goes back to french kissing her, she kisses him back passionately. He runs his hand from her leg up her side, past her waist and up to her chest. They kiss as she grabs him around his back. He runs his hand up her chest and over to her boob, which is buldging out from her chest beautifully. She doesn't react as he passes his hand over her tit, so he wraps his fingers around it and squeezes it gently. It feels great in his hand, soft and firm, perfect.

At this, Sara stops kissing him and pushes him up slightly. "Scott.", she says hesitantly.

"I know, you wanna wait. I couldn't help myself, you look so sexy Sara.", he says apologetically.

"No, its not that.", she says as she looks into his eyes.

"Then what is it?"

"I.....I think I'm ready.", she says as she looks into his eyes.

"What?", Scott asks, shocked.

"I want you. I'm ready. Take me Scott, take me.", she says as she pulls him down onto her.

They start kissing again, this time more fiercely. Scott lets himself lay atop her, his full weight pushing down on her. He grabs her boob again, and rubs and squeezes it more. He lets his crotch press onto hers, they're genitals pushing against one another through their clothes. Scott slowly runs his tongue through her mouth as he squeezes Sara's tits. She softly moans in pleasure as she feels him push against her pussy. The sensation grows and Sara moans louder, her pussy getting wetter as she kisses him back hard. She feels her pussy throb as she gets more and more aroused, her heart beat quickens and her cheeks slowly flush with blood.

Sara pushes Scott up and rolls over on top of him. She sits up, sitting directly on his cock. Scott grabs her right boob and rubs it. She moans and grabs his hand, pressing it harder into her boob. She leans her head back and closes her eyes, letting out soft moans. She slowly grinds against him, her hips shifting in her seat, swirling on top of Scott's cock.

Scott lays flat on his back, his hand pressed underneath Sara's, firmly rubbing and squeezing her boob. He feels her nipple grow hard and press against his hand. His cock gets ice hard as she grinds on him. He looks up at her face, her eyes shut, her mouth open and her head back. Already her face is flushed, her normally pale cheeks are now rosy red. Scott slides his hands down to her hips. He holds her hips as she swivles her ass around on top of him.

"Yeah Sara, grind on me.", says Scott as he feels her pussy and ass push down on his dick,

"Mmmmm I love this.", replies Sara. Then, she stops moving her hips. She reaches down and grabs the bottom of her shirt. She slowly pulls it up, exposing her smooth stomach, then her bra, and finally she pulls it over her head and throws it onto the floor. Scott puts his hand on her stomach, feeling her pale, clammy skin. Her tits sit plumply in her bra. Her boobs sit out several inches from her chest, the skin on her tits full of goosebumps. With shaky hands, she slowly reaches behind her. She hesitantly unsnaps her bra. Then she grabs her cups with her hands and holds them over her tits, covering them. The bra straps hang down as her tits are pushed up by her hands.

"What's with the teasing?", asks Scott, a grin on his face.

"I mean no boy's ever seen my boobs before.", replies Sara, a smile on her face.

"Well I think this is a night for firsts.", says Scott, chuckling softly.

Sara hesitates, then gives in. She slowly pulls her bra away, exposing her tits. She holds her bra out to her side and drops it to the side. Her boobs drop as she pulls her hands away. They drop down to the end of her rib cage, pale as snow. Her nipples, small and perfectly round, are seated at the tips of each B-sized boob.

Scott's eyes widen as he sees her tits. He slides his hands up her sweaty sides and softly wraps his hands around her boobs.

"Uhhhh excited?", asks Sara, grinning.

"I've been dreaming of these for years.", answers Scott, smiling.

Scott fondles her tits and plays with her nipples, Sara moaning with delight. Her tits squish against his hands, the soft tissue pressing against Scott. Scott pulls off his own shirt, upset he has to stop touching her tits. He throws his shirt on the ground, revealing his toned chest. Sara lays her hands on his pecks and feels all over them, her eyes taking in all of his sweaty body. She runs her hands down his chest to his six pack, feeling his abs and getting even wetter in the process.

Scott sits up and presses her sweaty body against him. Her tits crushed against his chest, their stomachs pressed together. He wraps his arms around her and grabs her bare, sweaty back. He kisses her passionately. his tongue thrust deep into her mouth. She grabs his shoulders and kisses back, their tongues wrapped around each other. Scott kisses down her neck, Sara moans softly. Then he kisses down to her collar bone and massages her upper chest with his mouth. Sara arches her back and sits up more, exposing her bare tits. Scott kisses down her tits until he reaches her nipples. He wraps his mouth around them and licks them with his tongue. Sara moans and runs her hands through his hair, grabbing his head. Scott grabs her tits as he kisses her again, their tongues intertwined. He leans forward and lowers Sara onto the bed. Her tits drape to her sides as she lays on her back, Scott on top of her kissing her passionately.

Scott pushes himself up and leans over her. Sara runs her hand across his chest, feeling his muscles. Scott runs his hand down her chest, past her succulent breasts, down her soft stomach, and then to the waist of her shorts. He gently runs his fingers down the seam of her shorts, feeling the warmth of her pussy through the fabric. Sara lets out a deep moan of pleasure and arches her back as Scott rubs her vagina through her shorts. She grabs her tits and squeezes them as Scott runs his fingers down her, making a camel toe in her shorts. Scott rubs her deeper and he feels his fingers growing wet as a dark spot forms around her groin.

"Oh Scott that feels amazing.", she moans.

Scott grabs the waist of her shorts and pulls them down to her thighs, exposing a pair of pink cotton panties. A camel toe rests in the center of a wet spot, her panties soaked through.

"Mmmmm take those off too, baby. I want you.", she moans.

Scott slides her panties down and off of her ankles and tosses them to the floor. He looks down her body lustly, his gaze ending at her hips. Her beautifully wide hips lead perfectly into her things. Tucked in between them is the thing Scott's wanted for months. Her beautiful pussy, soft pale skin leading to lucious pink lips. A small patch of short pubic hair leads down to her lips, almost pointing at them like an arrow. Wetness covers her entire groin, from her pubes down her tight, pink pussy, and onto her thighs. Her pale hips and thighs only bring out the pinkness of her vagina, and it makes Scott harder than he's ever been before.

"Sara you're beautiful.", Scott says. He puts his hands on her ankles and runs them up, past her knees and up her soft, pale, sweaty thighs. He gently runs his fingers up her pussy, slightly spreading her lips apart.

Sara moans, "Ohhhhh yes."

"Mmmmmm you feel amazing.", Scott says as he slowly pushes his fingers in a little deeper.

He feels her tight, warm pussy wrap around his fingers as he pushes deeper inside her. Her wetness pours over his fingers and pours out onto the bed, soaking it in her juice. As his two fingers get as deep as their second knuckles inside her, Sara moans louder than ever and her body spasms, her pussy throbbing around his fingers. He pushes in deeper, and finally gets all of both of his fingers inside her.

"Ahhhhhhhh, oh god yes! Oh god, this is so much better than doing it myself.", Sara says as she looks to Scott and smiles. "You're fingers are bigger than mine."

"This is amazing."

Scott pushes into her pussy with his fingers and plays around inside her. She moans and pants in pleasure. His fingers stretch her tight pussy and feel around in her wet clit. He fingers her harder and harder as she moans and breathes heavily. Her body squirms across the bed as she tries to contain her pleasure. Eventually she can't hold it in any longer and her pussy spasms.

"Oh fuck yes! Oh GOD!", she yells as she cums, her pussy spasming and juice flowing onto the bed, making a big wet spot between her legs.

"Oh Scott that was amazing."

"Oh I'm glad you liked it.", replies Scott.

"This is so much better than porn.", says Sara.

"Tell me about it.", replies Scott.

He unzips his pants and pulls them off. His hard cock falls, barely supported by his boxers. Sara sits up and pulls him closer to her. She puts her hands on her chest, then runs them down his abs to his boxers. She grabs his dick through his boxers, feeling every inch of it.

"Mmm so this is what it feels like.", she says innocently. "I've never seen a cock before.", showing her lack of sexual encounters.

"You really need to get out more.", says Scott, in disbelief.

"Ummm you should be happy I'm not a whore. Now let me see this." She pulls down his boxers to his knees. His hard cock falls free, hanging long in front of her. She grabs it cautiously, softly wrapping her hand around his shaft. "Oh dear this is big, this is gonna go in me?", she asks frightened.

"Don't worry, I'll be gentle.", replies Scott flirtingly. He wraps his hand around Sara's and guides it up and down the length of his dick. Then she takes over, stroking his long hard dick. With the other hand she plays with his balls, fondling them curiously. "Mmmm just like that, baby." Her small, sweaty hand feels amazing against his dick, turning him on even more. "Oh baby I'm so horny."

"Me too, take me Scott, I want you.", she says, laying back down on her back.

Scott spreads her legs apart to reveal her pussy. He pulls his boxers all the way off and gets between her legs. He slowly guides his dick as it pushes open her vagina, slowly sliding into her. He pushes into her until his dick completely enters her. They both let out a long, pleasure filled moan. He softly pulls back, then thrusts forward again, passionately fucking her. She wraps her arms around his back and stares into his eyes. He leans in and kisses her passionately, feeling the warmth of her wet pussy as they become one. He slowly thrusts into her, speeding up gradually. He lays on top her, their warm, sweaty bodies sliding against one another. Her round tits push into his chest, her erect nipples pressing against his pecks. With every thrust her legs spread farther open as he pushes against her hips. They both moan and groan in pleasure as Scott speeds up, fucking her faster and harder. She pants heavily, her chest quickly rising and falling with her heavy breaths.

She presses her head into his kneck and grabs him tightly. She screams, "Ohhhhhhhhhhh! YES!" Her pussy throbs around his cock as he pushes deep inside her. She is overcome with pleasure as her body convulses, her pussy freely dripping juice. Scott's dick burns with passion as he feels her tight pussy wrapped around it. Her pussy spreads open with each thrust, opening up for his cock. Scott feels her tits crushed against him, sliding across his chest. They're bodies slide across each other in sweaty passion. Scott thrusts hard into her, their hips slamming into each other as her legs spread wide. Scott kisses her passionately and she grabs him tight, her fingers digging into his back. Scott slows down as he feels the cum building up. He pulls out and sits up.

"Roll over baby.", he says.

"Mmmm whatever you say.", she says as she bites her lip. She rolls over and lays on her stomach, spreading her legs slightly.

Scott grabs her ass, the first time he's seen it nude. He feels it and squeezes it happily. Her wide, round ass is smooth, soft, and sweaty. He jiggles it and her butt cheeks bounce nicely. He leans down and puts his mouth on her butt cheek, sucking on the juicy ass in front of him. He kisses it and licks it, his mouth sliding across her fat butt. He bites it softly, provoking small gasps of pleasure from Sara. He sits up and stratles her legs, sitting across her thighs. He takes his cock and slowly slides it to her ass. He pushes it past her butt and slides it into her tight pussy. He leans in over her and puts his hands on the bed. He lays on top of her and slowly thrusts in and out.

Her ass pushes against his hips, forming into his body. His cock disappears into her round butt and pushes in and out of her pussy. He fucks her ass harder and deeper, pushing into her pussy. She grabs at the sheets and moans as her pussy burns with passion. He pushes into her ass, which squeezes against him and his cock. He fucks her harder and harder, Sara screams out loud. The sweat drips from her ass and covers his hips. Scott lays flat against her back and thrusts his hips in and out. His chest pushes against her shoulders, their sweaty bodies sliding across each other.

Scott kisses the back of her head as he fucks her, his cock spreading her pussy open. Her ass bounces back and forth as it claps against his hips. His cock pushes deeper and deeper into her and they both moan in pleasure. Scott uses his elbows and forearms to support himself, his arms crossing just in front of Sara's head. Sara grabs his arms and squeezes them as Scott fucks her harder and harder. Her ass bounces faster and faster with the rythym of his hips.

Scott speeds up and goes deeper, his cock forcing its way into her tight wet pussy, the juice pouring out of her. Her wetness lubricates her pussy as Scott smashes it, her ass getting pounded. His body weight pushes her down into the matress, she feels the pressure of him on top of her as her pussy throbs.

"Oh fuck yes.", she screams. "Ohhh I'm gonna cum!"

"Me too, I'm gonna cum too!", Scott yells back.

Scott fucks her harder, her ass bouncing wildly, his cock deep inside her. Her pussy throbs and contracts around him. Then, she screams and a tremor runs down her body. Her pussy closes around his cock and explodes with juice. Scott forces himself deep into her, as deep as he can go, her ass squished against him. Scott cums, his load bursting deep inside of her as they orgasm together.

Scott pulls out, the cum dripping out of her creampied pussy. Sara rolls over and they embrace each other. Sara moans as they kiss passionately, holding each other tight. They're bodies beat as one as they share a heated embrace. The cum slowly leaks from deap inside her pussy, her viginity taken. Sara throws one of her legs over Scott's as they kiss.

With their love proven they hold each other, her innocence forever his.

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