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Into the Hole

This is the first of a series based of Alice in Wonderland. Enjoy.
I get bored. A lot. Life in sunny Southern California is the same as anywhere else in the world. Boring. Until I met Whitey who swept me into a wonderful place that I never knew existed. I am going to call it Wonderland.
As usual in the summer of sunny SoCal, it is hot. Too hot. I wander around in a bikini top and shorts and still I wish that I can take more off since it is that hot out. Suddenly, I see a tall, muscular blond man staring at me from across Sunset Blvd, his eyes gleaming with a challenge. Intrigued, I hurry across the road and follow him as he turns and leads me into a building. The dark inside hides him from my vision and as I look around I see numerous doors of varying size.

"Hey," I hear from behind me and as I spin to face the voice I am pinned to the wall by the man. His grin is very flirty as he looks me over in my bikini top and shorts, "You care for a little adventure, dearie?"

"What do you mean?" I ask as his lips brush over my neck, "An adventure where?"

"Mmm you'll have to prove you're worthy for it, dearie," he muses as he kisses me. His lips are hot against mine as he runs his hands over my waist, his fingers sending desire burning down my body. Dear God it was one of the best things I had ever felt from a simple caress. I kiss him deeper, wrapping my arms around his neck as he nibbles my bottom lip. We pull away minutes later to breathe, his hands holding me close by groping my bum.

"Will you take me now to wherever the adventure is?" I ask.

"Hmm..." he chimes as he looks over my swollen lips and lustful eyes, "Nope,"

"Why not?!" I cry, pouting as he laughs at me. Gently he caresses my cheek before running his thumb over my lip.

"Because of a little lie you have been telling," he whispers before dropping his hand down over my stomach and to the waistline of my shorts. I cry out as he slips his fingers inside, two of them teasing my clit, "You're still a virgin though you like to pretend you aren't," he breathes in my ear.

"Why--why does that matter?" I stammer as he continues to stroke me. Swiftly, his two fingers slip into my pussy, thrusting deep into me.

"You cannot be all innocent when you enter Wonderland. Your virginity is a problem, dearie," he breathes as he thrusts quickly in and out, his fingers becoming more and more drenched as my moans echo around the door filled hall. Immediately, I reach between us and stroke his cock through his jeans, the shaft hardening under my touch. He stops his touching to take off my bikini, shorts and panties, exposing my naked body to the chilly air. I undo his pants and pull his cock out before he finishes sliding them off himself. He pulls his short off as well before pressing me into the wall, his cock against my stomach and my breasts to his hot chest. We kiss like this for some time before he returns his fingers to my pussy and thrust them in vigorously. I reach down again and start to stroke him once more.

"You will have to make sure I can go by doing something about that innocence of mine," I say as we stand in the dim hall, stroking each other. My body shivers and I yell as hot juices pour out of me, his grin widening as I tremble against him.

"Good, Alice. Now you know what that pure pleasure feels like. Let's see if you can give some as well as you receive it," the man whispers.

"You know my name, at least let me know yours," I pant lightly.

"Whitey," he says as he gently forces me to kneel in front of him, "Suck on it, dearie," Lightly, I grab onto his shaft before licking the tip. I watch as his head leans back the more of his cock I slip into my mouth and I grin. So much pleasure from one small thing. I swirl my tongue around him as I thrust his cock in and out of my mouth, deeper and deeper each time. His head hits the back of my throat, yet I don't gag as I open my throat to him which he instantly slides into. He thrusts his hips against my face, pushing his cock deeper and deeper as he gets the pleasure from my mouth.

Suddenly, he moans and grabs my hair as hot white liquid shoots from his cock and into my mouth. I swallow as much of it as I can before he pulls away; a small stream slips down my chin. He wipes it away as he pulls me up and over to a dark corner of the room where a couch resides. He lays me down before crawling on top of me, his cock positioned perfectly above my wet lips.

"This might hurt you but I promise to be gentle," he murmurs as he kisses me deeply. Slowly he pushes his cock into me, and a burst of pain shoots through my body.

"Oh my god!" I screech as I claw his back, "Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. Please stop. Just dont move," I beg as he freezes partially inside me.

"I told you," he says as he kisses my cheek, my jaw, my lips; his kisses soft assurances that the pain will soon be over. I feel the pain start to fade as desire kicks in, the feeling of him in me turning to a sweet ache. A desire for more.

"It's okay. You can move again," I breathe as he lightly thrust deeper, the sweet ache turning into a burning one. I moan and wrap my legs around his hips as he builds up his tempo, pushing into me harder and faster than before. Every thrust brings a gasp and a moan from my lips, the pleasure peaking as he starts to stroke my breasts and with every thrust he pinches the nipple and with every withdraw he strokes it gently. The sensations soon become to much for me and I climax again, digging my nails into his skin as he keeps pummeling me through it, bringing a third one quickly around.

Suddenly, he sits up, pulling me with him and onto his lap. I instinctively thrust my hips, rolling them and bouncing slightly with his cock deep inside me. I moan as this reaches a different part of my pussy. One that soon has me heated and wet all over again. He holds my hip with one hand and strokes my clit with the other as I fuck him. His mouth moves between breasts, his tongue circling the nipple before he bites down when I do something extremely good for him.

He groans out and pulls me off his cock as he cums, his hot liquid splashing all over my stomach and breasts. I smirk before kneeling next to him, perfectly content.

"Now will you take me to Wonderland?" I ask with a grin.

He nods and stands, crossing to another door that I did not see before.

"You must where anything out of this closet. You are not allowed bra or panties so don't even try to wear them. Tie your hair back in a ponytail and when this is done, you may go into whichever door you please," Whitey explains before handing me a towel and disappearing from the room.

I wipe his cum off of me, pick a cute light blue dress from the closet, tie my hair back and head for a large oak door on the far side of the room. With a deep breath I throw it open, step inside, and am whisked away to Wonderland where my next adventure begins.

As this is about me and my adventures I will be using code names for everyone except me.

I hope you all enjoyed the first to my Adventures in Wonderland. Keep on the look out for the second piece which is The Cock Race (a Group Sex Story).

Love Alice.

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