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Introducing My Neighbor to Sex

Introducing My Neighbor to Sex

My story started about twenty years ago. I had just become forty years old and I had neighbors. My buddy Carl and his daughters, two young ladies in their twenties. Sofia was twenty and Clara was twenty-one.

Their mother had been a born again Christian and when her husband, Carl, tried to introduce some interesting sexual techniques into their bedroom, she had left him for her own conservative family. She took the girls, of course, not wanting them to be raised by a heathen. As the case may be, she was killed in a traffic accident when a church bus crossed the meridian and ran into her while she was going in to her own church. The girls had stayed home that day.

That meant the girls were sent home to their real father and he raised them the best he could until they were the ages I mentioned earlier. Sofia was a junior in college and Clara was a senior. They were both utterly charming girls. They took after his side of the family. Then Carl took a job as an engineer in the Mideast. He would be gone for three years and he left the girls in my care. He hated his dead wife's family and we had known each other for many years. They were old enough to stay on their own, but they were incredibly naive still. He thought it best they come next door and stay with me. 

They were both short at about five feet four inches. Both had ginger hair from their Scottish kinfolk. From the time they moved in with me I intended to spy on them in their rooms. I was a carpenter and had installed a two-way mirror in the wall of Clara's room. They thought their rooms adjoined each other, but there was actually a narrow hall-way between them. That was where I went in the darkness to spy on Clara. The entry was through a little closet I kept supplies in, with a hidden door in the rear.

The mirror was very elaborate, and I presented it as a birthday present to Clara when she turned twenty-one. I intended to present one a year later to Sofia. Clara was thrilled to get it. Since both young women were attending college in our hometown, they were staying with me all the time.

Their mother had taught them to keep their virginity. Their mother meant until marriage, of course. So they stayed virgins through school and were still pure at the time I installed each mirror. But with their father's influence no longer there, I believe they were beginning to blossom.

I did have my own ideas of right and wrong. That's why I didn't spy on them until they reached twenty-one years of age. So Clara was the first I saw naked. And I found that Carl had brought forth from his loins a true beauty. Her ginger hair was long and wavy and her breasts were small but perky as hell, with large nipples when they hardened. Her little pussy was unshaven, of course, in a little v shape. And her little pubes were just as ginger as her hair and tightly curly.

After the girls came home from school each day, I would spend hours watching Clara as she primped around her room. She was a good student and she did study as necessary. But she also loved to try on clothes, especially when she had just come in from her nightly shower and dropped the towel she was wearing. She liked to try on clothes and she liked to walk around naked. I think she was smart enough to be proud of what she had.

Not only was she proud but she enjoyed her body. Many an evening I spent jacking off as she examined her own body. She very soon discovered how good it felt to squeeze her breasts and to give the nipples little pinches. Later she must have felt something happening down below when she played with her tits.

She started learning where to touch herself around her pussy for the best feelings. She discovered her little clit and found out how it would peek out when she rubbed it with a finger. Then, when her little pussy started leaking fluids, it surprised her. But it felt good to rub that juice around her labia. All the while my hard cock was being abused by my right hand.

I must have come in that hallway dozens of times shooting my spunk onto the floor. It was basically my come room.

When Clara had begun to really know her body, I decided to introduce her to a man's body. That was when she was several months past her birthday. She had dated a few times but I could tell that she was still a virgin. So before some pencil dicked prick used her, I decided to teach her all the tricks. Then she wouldn't be surprised or forced into anything she didn't want.

Besides, I wanted some of that red haired pussy.

So one evening while Sofia was in her room doing homework I tapped on Clara's door. I already knew from having just watched her that she was naked.

"Wait a minute."

When she opened the door and saw me, she smiled. The girls had come to like me a lot since their father left. I had been very good to them.

"Hi Clara. We need to talk a little, okay?"

"Sure Gary."

There were no chairs in their rooms, so we went over and sat on her twin bed. She had just put on a teddy and panties. That's what she always slept in.

"Clara, when you first became a teenager, did your father talk to you about sex?"

"No Gary. But we learned some of that in school you know."

"Well then, we really need to talk. Especially since you're dating now."

"Okay Gary. But it seems a little funny to talk about this with you."

"Everything I tell you, or show you, is something you really need to know. I know you trust me to do the best for you always. There are things that every young lady needs to know. Clara, have you ever even seen what a man has under his clothes?" 

"No Gary. Is it something bad?"

"Oh no, dear, it isn't bad at all. Unless the man is bad himself. But you don't think that I'm bad do you?"

"No Gary. You'd never hurt me. I know you care for us."

"Then first of all let's just take off our clothes. Then you can see what I'm talking about. I'll go first and then you can follow, but only if you want to, okay?"

Then I began taking off my clothes. First my house slippers and then my t-shirt and finally my sweat pants that I always wore around the house. I always went commando.

I had been scrupulous about not getting hard yet. I wanted her to see the most natural male body in a normal state. For a forty year old I hadn't really developed a belly yet. I was an old vet and had maintained my conditioning. So my cock just hung down about four inches with my balls hanging below. Clara giggled. She was staring with big eyes at her first cock.

"Can I touch it Gary?" 

"Of course Clara. But it may do something surprising. Don't be afraid, okay sweetie?"

So she reached out with her tiny hand and touched a finger to my cock. Then she got bolder and put her hand on it. That's when it started growing and she dropped it like a hot potato.

"It's okay, Clara. That's natural. This what some call a hard on, when a penis gets hard. It doesn't hurt me. In fact it feels good. Just like when your little clitoris gets hard."

"What's a clitoris, Gary?"

"I'll show you when you take off your teddy and panties Clara."

So she shyly removed her nightwear. She didn't know that I had seen everything she had. Except perhaps her little asshole and inside her pussy. And she blushed that Scottish reddish-pink that is so adorable when coupled with ginger hair.

Then I slowly brought her down beside me. And I laid her down on her bed. Her nipples pointed straight up and were getting hard. I slowly put my finger on her little clit.

"This is your clit, baby. Really it's called a clitoris but we usually just say clit."

Then I moved my finger down to her labia.

"You know this is your vagina but it can be called a pussy or cunt or many other names. I prefer pussy because it sounds soft and cuddly."

Now I began softly caressing her pussy and she began to moan a little. And I slowly inched my middle finger into her pussy. Her legs had spread so wide that I moved off the bed and knelt between her legs on the floor.

"Oh, Gary, is it supposed to feel so good?"

I just leaned down and kissed her clitty. Then ran my tongue across it. She moaned even louder. I started really eating that virgin pussy. I was sucking out the pussy juices she was profusely leaking out. So much was seeping out that it was running down her thighs and soaking the bed.

I didn't want to stop pussy-diving but there were more lessons to teach. My cock needed a workout. I slowly crawled up on the bed and held Clara in my arms. Then I began kissing her like she had never been kissed before. And she was kissing back. She reached down and tried to grab my cock again.

I was so much enjoying making out with my young neighbor. I nibbled her lips, and I licked and sucked on her ears. Then I rammed my tongue down her throat. She hadn't objected to anything. And she was tentatively trying to jack me off with her small hand that couldn't reach around my dick.

Now came the best part. I removed her hand and I took a condom from my sweat pants pocket. I rolled it down my prick. Then I rolled over on top of her. I held myself up with my arms and started sucking her little tits, first one then the other, and giving a little nip to each as I finished. She squeaked and giggled each time.

Now I reached down to feel her pussy and found it was well greased. So I decided to go for it now. I took my now fully grown cock and removed her hand again. Then I pressed the cock-head against her pussy lips.

"Now comes the good part, Clara. You can scream from joy but don't scare your sister Sofia."

"Okay, Gary."

I started pushing the prick into her pussy and slowly came to the hymen. Sometimes they were tough and sometimes soft. One never knew. I decided to press on and see what happened. Her hymen was soft as cotton. She was a princess of pussies. I started fucking her harder and harder and she did moan a little but muffled it in my chest.

Then the best of all happened. She started fucking back. My now not so virgin neighbor loved fucking. This was a joy and a revelation of things to come. We kept fucking until I could feel her cream oozing out around my cock and dripping down her white thighs. It wet her bed with pussy juice. That was when I shot a huge wad up her snatch into the rubber and made her come again.

That had been the best, but this lesson was far from over.

I pulled my now flaccid cock from her bruised little pussy and rolled beside her to cuddle and talk of what had just happened. She'd had nothing but good experiences all the way through.

I was still planning to introduce her to another good sex act. One I was sure she had never heard of let alone seen. However, I was a little wrong in that assessment. I took off the condom and threw it on the floor. 

"Clara, my love, I want to show you something that will make any man you ever marry very happy. Lean over my cock. See if you can make him hard again. You know how with your hand."

So she tried to wrap her hand around him but he was a little too big. She used two hands and started moving them up and down. That didn't take long to make my dick hard again.

"Now, Clara, put your mouth on my cock."

"Oh, Gary, Jimmy Taylor asked me to do that last week. I told him it was icky!"

"With Jimmy Taylor it would be "icky" but with me you'll enjoy it, I promise."

So she leaned down and touched my cock with her tongue. Then she licked a little and tasted my come on the head that was still oozing out the hole. Now she got serious and put the whole head in her mouth. She used her tongue and suction. Slowly she lowered her head and filled her whole mouth. Her little mouth couldn't take it all, but I would teach her deep-throat at another time. She was sucking and licking and really going at it. I knew any young lady I taught would make a fine cocksucker. 

I came for the last time that night. Not much come left but enough to give her a good taste of my come fresh from the spigot. She looked up into my eyes and then swallowed it with a slight grimace. I knew she would learn to love the flavor. 

That was Clara's initiation into sex with a man. Sofia's would have to wait a year until she turned twenty-one and she got her birthday mirror.

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