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Introducing Sofia to Sex

Introducing Sofia to Sex

My next door neighbor, Carl, whom I had known for years, took a job as an engineer in the Mideast. He hated his dead wife's family and had none of his own, except his two college age daughters. He entrusted them to me while he was gone for three years. I was happy to accommodate him. And to accommodate myself, as well.

The young ladies were attending college in our town so they had no need to live on campus. It worked out well for them to stay with me. And I was more than pleased with the situation. You see, the girls had been kept so pure and innocent by their mother and then, after she died, their father had no clue how to introduce sexual topics to them. In any case, they were totally innocent. Until I came along.

So, anyway, I had indoctrinated Clara into sex. It was a year later and now it was Sofia's turn. She turned twenty-one and I installed her beautiful mirror in her wall. She loved it, and I loved the fact that it was two-way and I could see her from the false hallway between Clara's and Sofia's rooms. The hall which had an entry from the main hallway into a supply closest with a fake back wall.

When I was not giving Clara more lessons in the art of love making I was observing both girls from behind the two way mirrors and jerking off. I loved to please myself surreptitiously. It added spice to the masturbatory experience. 

I had been observing Clara since she was twenty-one and at about six months after her birthday I had deflowered her and taught her all about sex. I had fucked her pussy. I had fucked her mouth. And she had enjoyed it all. In fact she kept coming back to her Gary for more sex. So I had fucked her pussy and her ass and her mouth too many times to count.

Now it might be Sofia's turn. I started watching her through the mirror and she was just as beautiful as her sister with conical titties and pink nipples. She also had ginger pussy hair all curly and begging for fucking.

Only this time I was the one caught by surprise. Sofia had brought a young man up to her room. She had introduced him when they came in. He seemed fine, but I must admit I was a little jealous. After all, it was my job to show the young ladies the ways of sex. Sofia was not aware of my affair with her sister, but she was blossoming and was becoming curious. This was the proof. A fellow college student in her room. 

This was a crucial moment. I had to watch from my vantage point behind the mirror. Sofia and her friend sat and chatted for awhile and then I saw he was putting the moves on her. I was not sure what she would do. I was surprised, and yet gratified, when she pushed him away and sent him from the room. Then she burst into tears.

I was careful as I left the supply closet that no one was in the hallway. I knew Clara was in her room because I had just seen her. She was busy using the dildo I had bought for her to please herself. The young man had left the house. I went downstairs and made sure. Then I returned upstairs and tapped on Sofia's door.

"Is that you Roger? I said go away."

"No Sofia. It's Gary. May I come in? I know something's wrong. I saw Roger leave in a huff."

"He wanted me to do something I wasn't ready for, Gary. I don't know if you understand, but I'm pretty naive about sex and stuff. Anyway, I had no idea what to do. I was scared. Mom always told us that sex was dirty and that only married people could do it, and just to have babies. I don't want a baby now. And I sure don't want to get married."

"Oh, Sofia. Your mom was so wrong in many ways. I know your dad must have talked to you about sex. I know he doesn't think the same way as your mom did. Remember? That's why she left him, before she passed away. What you really need, since your school did a lousy job of teaching you, is a lesson from Gary about what sex is and what the human body is like. It isn't dirty at all. They're lovely things. Both the body and sex itself. I'm going to take off my clothes and show you. Don't be frightened. You know I wouldn't hurt you."

I began disrobing and Sofia began blushing. But her eyes were on my body, and particularly my cock. I could see her nipples hardening under her thin blouse. She was still in her skirt and blouse from school. My prick was flaccid and only about four inches hanging in front of my ballsack.

"See. It isn't very intimidating is it. Just a little penis, right?" 

"No it doesn't really look scary at all Gary."

"Let me show you what it's all about my dear."

I gave her Sofia a peck on the lips. 

"I'm going to make love to you, dear friend."

And Sofia didn't decline. She seemed to be very quiescent. 

I sat down beside Sofia and placed her hand on my prick. It began to grow again. Then I laid her back onto her bed. I unbuttoned her blouse and removed her bra. I started at the top with her conical breasts and sucked on them until she was whimpering. Her nipples were like little rubies. They were hard and tender at the same time. Then I licked my tongue down Sofia's belly. It tickled and she giggled.

It was time to pull down her skirt and her lacy panties underneath. Her pussy was so sweet looking with its curly red pubic hair. I licked it with my strong tongue and Sofia moaned in pleasure. I was also jerking off and making my cock harder. I licked Sofia's labia, sucking up the juices that must have appeared when her tits were sucked. Then I was licking up any new juices. I always loved pussy juice. I kept jerking off, waiting for my chance to feed Sofia some prick. 

Now I began to lick Sofia's ass hole and I stuck my middle finger up her little tight ass. Sofia squealed but did not object. She spread her legs even wider for me. My finger began to fuck my little neighbor friend's ass hole and both of us were were grinning and moaning at the same time.

It was fucking time. I brought Sofia up to kiss her and to let her taste her pussy on my lips. And to show her that I loved her.

"It's your turn to learn to to make love my dear Sofia."

I removed what remained of her clothing and then placed Sofia on her hands and knees. I slipped on the condom I had brought in from my room. I was certain how it was going to turn out, you see. I kept telling her this was going to be great fun.

Then I stood behind her and pressed my cock head into her pussy. Deeper I went, giving her more dick. Then, when I reached her hymen, I pressed quickly and with force. And Sofia squealed with joy. She had been making love to her dear friend Gary. She was more than happy.

"This is fucking sweetheart. This is what your mom thought was dirty. You know now it's a lovely thing. It's not dirty at all. I know you like it. I know I like it. I'm going to show you how great it really is."

I fucked her for half an hour because I had not yet shot any spunk that night, and because I loved her so much. She kept coming and coming. She came a dozen times before I shot a load up her cunt into the rubber. She could feel the sperm filling her pussy and it turned her on even more.

I pulled out quickly because I loved to see pussy juices flowing out of a cunt that had just lost it's maidenhead. And she was good enough to give me that pleasure. Then I removed the condom. I no longer needed it. Sofia had been taken by surprise this evening. She was still a virgin before I fucked her little cunt. Now she was Gary's little whore, just like her sister. And she still had a lot to learn. 

She still needed to learn to suck cock. I gave my cock several strokes to teach Sofia how soon I could get hard again. Sofia watched closely as my dick grew. She was now sitting on the edge of the bed and I was standing. I took her ginger haired head and brought it to my prick. She looked up into my eyes and opened her mouth for me. I could see she would be a natural cock sucker. Then she sucked my balls and then moved back up and began sucking seriously, making moaning sounds.

It was apparent that Sofia wanted to try everything. And she may have wanted to prove she was good at this. I could tell she was as good as Clara but they would never really know because I would always take them separately. But I would tell each of them they were the best when I was with that one. They were sweet girls. I adored them. 

Sofia grabbed my cock with both hands and began licking it like a lollipop. Then she nibbled on the tip and even bit it a little, which I liked. Sucking seemed more and more to be a favorite for her.

She sucked long and hard. l I could not hold it anymore and shot another wad of spunk into her mouth. She of course gagged, not expecting it, but she managed to swallow it all and seemed to beg for more.

So, after coming in Sofia's mouth, I tried to recuperate. Sofia and I cuddled for awhile and loved each other. After about ten minutes of hugging and cuddling, my cock started growing again.

Yes, that was the evening that Sofia became a woman.

"Honey, I have lots more to show you. But it can wait, now that you're truly a woman. We'll stop for the night. You get some rest, and look forward to more good times."

I kissed her goodnight. That wasn't the last time I used my little Sofia, and it wasn't the last time I watched my little girls. I continued to watch from behind the mirrors. And I found that my girls enjoyed pleasuring themselves alone in their rooms as much as they loved Gary's sex. 

In the next few days I saw Sofia from my vantage point taking items from a brown paper bag. She must have gone to an adult sex store because she had several dildos and a large vibrator. Over the next few days I watched her discover how much she enjoyed making herself come. In many different ways. Sometimes, when she was really enjoying herself I would go to her door and she would let me help her. I knew how to use all of her toys and I knew what pleased her.

Then Clara decided she needed more than the dildo I had brought to her. I don't think the girls ever talked of sex to each other, but they both were becoming as obsessed as I was. Clara found a sex store on her own and now I watched as she explored the new world of sex toys. All of this time I was watching and beating my meat. You may have surmised that I was an old pervert. Not really old yet. Only in my forties. But I did so love coming. And coming hard and often. 

All this time, neither of my neighbor friends knew that I was watching them. It was my biggest secret.

There was one final thing I wanted to show Sofia. I knew she had been trying different toys in her little ass hole, just tentatively touching it and putting vibrators on it. It did seem to make her orgasms last longer when I was watching her. So I decided the next time I helped her with her toys I would help her with something else.

That night I was in my little hallway watching the two girls. Clara was busy with homework, but Sofia had stopped reading and was idly diddling her cunt with her fingers. She rubbed her clit and then massaged her swollen labia. A finger found it's way to her little ass hole and she pressed it into the hole a little way. Her face was contorted with lust. It was time for Gary to help out.

"Sofia. Can I come in for a minute?"

"Oh, uh, sure Gary. Yeah, just a moment."

Opening the door was a flushed faced young lady whom I knew needed some hot sex. She was going to get it. I didn't need a condom for this.

"You know Sofia, I have been a little negligent in your training. I need to show you something we haven't done before. Get rid of that peignoir and I'll get out of these sweats. That's it sweetie. You look so luscious, but you know that."

"Okay, Gary. I'm ready. You know I love sex now. What's new for me?"

"Get up on the bed on your hands and knees. That's it. Spread your legs. I'm going to tickle you a little, but you'll like this, I know it."

With that I got behind her on my hands and knees and slowly started to lick her ass. She did giggle but her squirming was to let me know she liked it. I got a little rougher, sticking my tongue into her ass hole and she began to whimper and push back. Now, she was wet, and I took my now hard cock and pushed into her hole, deeper and deeper, but slowly. It was so damned tight. She kept moaning and pressing back, wanting more and more up her hole.

Then, when I reached the extent of my whole prick inside her, I began pumping and thrusting. I was screwing her ass with all my power and she was squealing with lust and pleasure. It didn't take long for me to come and fill her ass with my sperm. I had been diddling her clit too and I could feel the cunt fluids pouring out as she came with me.

We had many other fuck sessions together. I would try to please both of my neighbor's daughters. Neither ever knew about the other. It was my secret, just like the mirrors stayed my secret.

And when the young ladies began to bring friends home to have a little fun they always let me know that they were going to make love. They had become free and easy about the sex act. I don't think they ever talked to each other about it. They had no need to. They had me. And Clara, it turned out, was bisexual, and would bring girls and boys back for playtime. Sofia loved her strapping young bucks who fucked her long and hard.

But both would always tell me that I had been the best. I was their first and would always be remembered for that. Their father came home for a short period. He decided to go back for another three years. I was happy to keep my dear neighbor girls with me for as long as he was gone.

They kept me young, you know?

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