it was her first time part 1

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two friens take it up a level
Let me first start off by describing myself and my friend:
I am 5'11 with a slightly big build, I have dark brown eyes, dark brown hair with the slightest tint of blond.

She (let's call her Fran) is 5'3, slim, with legs that look like they never end, she has slightly dark skin and an ass that just won't quit. Her hair is jet black, her are about a 36C, and she has red pouting lips. Basically, she's a woman that would drive any man to his knees.

We had been friends for a few years and had always joked about getting together an fooling around, but had never actually gone through with it so we didn't ruin our friendship. however this night, everything changed, for the better.

It was New Years eve, and we were both attending a party in our village hall. As you can imagine, everyone was there. Beer was flowing music was blasting so loud you could hear it up the road; everyone was celebrating.

I was dressed in what could have looked like every day clothing, jeans, t-shirt, even had my headphones plugged into my phone to drown out the crappy taste in music.

Fran was a sight to behold, wearing a tight light pink blouse that accentuated the beautiful breasts which lay beneath in a almost visible red lace bra, and a skirt which cut off around mid-thigh and shaped her firm round ass perfectly. It was all I could do to not just rip her skirt off and ravage her there.

However I held off and decided to wait a few hours until the party had gone into full swing an I had of course had my regular 7-8 pints of over priced cider,, and she had obviously drank too quickly and it had gone to her head as she was by now dancing all over the place, and from the looks of it her shoes had less grip than she anticipated as she kept slipping.

She then decided she had danced enough and walked over to me, smiling the same cheeky grin she always did, which I knew meant she was about to tease me again. I pulled up a chair ready for her to sit on, but she slipped and 'accidentally' landed right on my lap, I caught her in time to stop her falling off and landing on her ass in front of everyone.

As if by coincidence, everyone had started the New Years countdown. I looked directly at her with a smirk in return and winked. As they drew closer and closer to zero, our faces drew closer until we could feel each other hot intoxicated breath. My eyes momentarily went to her lips and then down to her blouse. I caught the slightest glimpse of bra covered breast, then my gaze returned to her eyes which were closed.

'HAPPY NEW YEAR' filled the room as everyone began to shake each others hands and hug and the usual rubbish they did every year. However, this was a night like no other. I took the hint and my lips connected with hers as one of my hands slid down her side, cupping her firm ass while the other held her side keeping her close to me as our kiss. We continued kissing for what seemed like hours. Finally, Fran broke it off and smile at me with a lust filled look in her eyes, biting her lip.

"Fancy coming back to mine for some more beer?" I asked with a seductive grin. It must have worked because she smiled and nodded. She rose from my lap and offered me her hand.

We walked the five minutes back to my house. I had barely locked the door behind me when I turned around she was on me; pressing her lips on mine, pulling my head down and held my hair in both her hands. I began to return the ferocious kissing frenzy while cupping her ass in both hands. I picked her up and sat her on the counter to my right.

She then started taking my t shirt off so I helped her by raising my arm then it was my turn, luckily I have had plenty of practice with buttons so I simply flicked my thumb under each button on her tight blouse an flicked it open to reveal the intoxicating seductive red bra and the soft firm mounds beneath, after admiring the half naked view in front of me. I gently kissed her neck; I ran the tips of my teeth against her bare flesh; I licked and nibbled my way down her neck using one hand to reach around undoing her bra before hastily removing it.

Fran groaned and moaned; her nails hand slid down my back and she lightly she dug her nails in, running her hand back up; slowly digging deeper. I felt her push her chest forward to the feel of my tongue against her. I ran my tongue around her firm breasts. First one, a teasing circle on her erect nipple, then switching to the other.

I then decided to take it further, wrapping her legs around me I carried her off the counter and over to the table in the middle of the room, where I lay her down gently as she giggled feeling the coldness of the wood against her warm skin.

I kissed her softly on the lips before using my hands to undo her skirt and slide it off, I then knelt on the floor so that my head was practically between her legs and then gazed upon the most delicious mouth watering sight I had ever seen.

She must have been planning this all along, as she had been wearing nothing beneath skirt. I was now looking directly at her tight, neatly shaven (soft and bare) pussy, without a hair in sight. Before she or I could say anything, I dove my head forward and began feverishly licking her tight sweet pussy...flicking her lips with the tip of my tongue...flicking her clit every now and again. My eyes locked on her, I listened to her growing moans of pleasure.

Both her hands were pulling her erect nipples between her thumb and fingers. Suddenly, she squeaked with surprise feeling two of my fingers parting her pussy lips. I pushed them slowly, deeper and deeper all the way up to my knuckles while my tongue continued to flick and circle her engorged clit.

Her hands slid down her body into my hair gripping it, pulling me against her tightly while thrusting her hips upwards and into my mouth.


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