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It was time

They knew it was time to take their relationship to the next level.
It was time. The phone and on-line interaction was just not enough.

They decided to meet for a few days at a location away from both of their homes. Somewhere no one would know them. Somewhere they could just be together for a few days. It was mid-November and they chose a cabin in the Smokey Mountains.

She arrived a day or two early to relax and put some personal touches in the cabin that would make the experience more relaxing and sensual. Candles, quilts and pillows had been placed carefully in the space. Food had been c hosen for maximum taste and minimum prep time.

Wednesday morning she got up early and sat at the window drinking mint tea for a long time just looking over the mountains. Her heart was both excited and strangely at peace about meeting him here for the first time.

The fireplace, which opened into both the living room and the bedroom, had been cleaned by the resort staff the day before. It only took a few minutes to load with fresh firewood. The gas starter would ensure a romantic fire.

Her bath time was a leisurely affair. Clothing was simple since they would be staying in. The yoga pants and loose, pink cashmere off the shoulder sweater were comfortable and soft.

A motorcycle pulled up outside. It surprised her that he had decided to ride this late in the year. It had still been fairly warm some days but the weather in Tennessee was unpredictable at this time of year.

They met at the door. He put down his bag. She softly wrapped herself around him, leathers and all. Kissing him, she unzipped his jacket and unfastened the chaps. The need to touch and kiss all of him began to increase exponentially.

As if by magic they were laying in front of the fireplace, pillows and a quilt around them. They pulled off each others shirts and touched and kissed every inch of skin as it was uncovered. Her hand kept reaching for his jeans zipper but he held himself away. He captured her hands in one of his and slid the yoga pants down kissing her stomach and running a hot, wet tongue over the edge of her pink lace boy shorts.

A teasing grin stole over his face as he continued to kiss and nip his way down her legs. He suddenly pulled her puss close to his face and tasted her through the lace. The more he kissed and licked the more her body needed something indefinable. It was something she knew he could give to her.

Suddenly she was soaked and begging him to shed his jeans... begging him to let her feel his erection... begging him to slide himself inside her.

The wetter she got the more he laughed because he wanted her panting and crawling after him like a wanton.

Having her stand, he picked her up, carried her to the bedroom and laid her on the bed while touching her skin and pulling off the panties. He began to sing Leonard Cohen's “I'm Your Man” in his gravelly voice as he unzipped and peeled off his jeans and underwear like a strip tease and lightly maintained the touch of his lips on various parts of her body. Every time she tried to touch him he pulled away and laughed.

Finally, he was gloriously naked--his rampant cock hard and big.

She. had. to. have. him.

He grabbed her ankle and pulled her to the edge of the bed. He teased her body with his erection without allowing her to touch it, rubbing it on her as he leaned over her.

Sliding his fingers through her hair he pulled her mouth to his and devoured it as he ground his hips into hers.

Her legs wrapped around him a s he slid into her slowly. She was absolutely wild by this point and begin to buck and try to force him to go faster and harder into her.

The stress showed on his face a little now but he just laughed at her and continued to slide in and out slowly. He wanted her to beg.....

And she did......

He leaned down and started biting her nipples and slamming into her harder and harder. His hands lifted her hips and began to move at a more desperate pace as he possessed her body.

Their bodies were covered in a thin sheen of perspiration at this point. The moisture of her body was leaking all over the bed and dripping down his balls. The dampness was obvious as they banged against her butt. The sound of him sliding into her wetness became intoxicating. She could feel her legs begin to shiver and her puss grabbed him more insistently. His balls got tighter and he exploded into her. That was her signal to cum as well and she screamed his name as her whole body pulsed around him.

“I am so glad you are here.”

But neither knew which one spoke first.

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