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Jack and Katie

A movie night to remember.
A movie night to remember.

NOTE: this is my first story so please be nice (: also it’s slow at the start so if you wanna get off right away, it’s not the story for you!

“Jack! Stop it!” Katie giggled. “Oh my god! You’re gonna make me pee myself!” She pushed him off of her and sat up, trying to catch her breath.

“Jesus Katie, I was tickling you. No need to freak out.” He stood up and looked down at his best fried. Her black curls were cropped short, close around her round face. Jack supposed that she wasn’t what most people would think of as pretty. She was a size 16, curvy with C cup breasts. In high heels she was only 5’2”. But something about her had a lot of boys interested. Maybe it was her gorgeous smile. Or her a-little-too-loud laugh. Or her quirky and unique style. Maybe the way her wide green eyes sparkled or her thick cherry red lips. It was the boys like Jack, alternative gamers, that were chasing after her. But somehow Katie ignored them all. Jack was six foot-five with brown curls. He ate a lot and wasn’t an athlete but he walked everywhere and had an amazing body to show for it. They were both seniors in high school and had been friends their whole lives. Even in school when they were separated by having different friends and different interests (Katie, the music and arts geek. Jack, the metal loving gamer), they always made time for each other.

Jack had had several girlfriends, all of which he had had sex with. At parties he often got blowjobs from random girls and things like that. He had never had sex with a girl he really loved though.

Jack held out a hand to Katie and pulled her to her feet. She slid her hands around his muscled torso and hugged him tightly. He rested his tanned cheek against the top of her head. His hands rubbed her shoulders.

“Hey Jack.” Jack’s mother stuck her head into the basement. “Your dad and I are leaving now. We’ll be back tomorrow evening, late probably.”

“Sure thing mom,” Jack called back, his eyes trained on Katie’s. She blushed and smiled back, pulling out of their hug. She sat on the couch, keeping her eyes facing away from him. The door slammed upstairs and they heard the car pull out of the drive.

“I’ll go make some popcorn,” Jack said, still staring at Katie. “Then we can watch a movie.”

“Which one did you rent?”

“The Exorcist.” Jack chuckled at Katie’s horrified expression. “Don’t worry. It’s not really all that scary. Well…” He couldn’t keep himself from grinning as the redness of Katie’s face slowly paled. “It is pretty scary!”

Katie pouted at him. “Well if I have to watch it at least bring me some ice cream!”

Jack laughed. “Alright. As you wish, princess.”

The movie was, as promised, terrifying. Katie spent the entire time hiding behind a couch pillow. Every time she let out a small scream, it sent shivers through Jack. He could picture himself between Katie’s legs, his tongue making her make that noise. He’d never thought of her like that until tonight. It just hit him like a wrecking ball. He loved Katie. Before now he’d been jealous of any guy she’d dated or like but he’d assumed it was just protective friend jealousy. No. He loved her.

And he was going to have sex with her.

He reached for the remote and turned the TV off, flooding the room into darkness. The only light came from the streetlight, shining through a small window. Katie peaked out from behind the pillow. “What are you doing?”

“You seemed scared,” Jack said with a shrug. “And I’ve seen this before.”

“Oh.” Katie glanced at him, her eyes wide and nervous looking. “I wasn’t that scared…”

Jack laughed and grabbed her ankles and pulled her closer. “Oh really?” He smirked.

“Um… Not that scared…”

Jack leapt at her and started tickling her ribs again. She screeched and they rolled off of the couch and onto the floor. Katie tried to crawl away but Jack grabbed her around the waist and pulled her under him. They lay panting, looking at each other.

Jack wasn’t thinking strait when he lowered himself onto her and gently pressed his lips to hers. He rolled over next to her and continued to kiss and nibble her lips. She was kissing back, her hands knotted in his hair. His hands pressed against the small of her back, pressing her body closer to his. His hard on was pressed against her thigh.

Katie gasped suddenly and pulled away. She could feel her cheeks burning in embarrassment. She pushed her hair out of her face. “Sorry… I can’t…”

Jack sat up and put a hand on her check, making her look at him. “Can’t do what?”

“Jack… I’m a virgin.” A tear leaked out of the corner of her eye. “And I want you but you’re my best friend and what if I’m horrible or do something wrong and...”

Jack’s lips pressed against hers, cutting off Katie’s words. This kiss said everything, meant everything. The passion between them grew as Katie leaned back, Jack beside her. They kissed for what felt like an eternity.

Jack slowly eased Katie’s shirt over her soft stomach. The trail of kisses he left on her stomach thrilled her and left her wet and wanting. His hands slid over her black bra. He looked at her and saw love and lust in her wide eyes. He kissed her mouth then reached behind her and undid the clasp of her bra. He slowly slid the straps down her arm. Her beautiful pale breast glowed in the darkness. He gently rubbed her nipples and they hardened under his fingers. He lowered his mouth to her left one and bit gently. Katie gasped and arched her back.

“Oh yes Jack,” she moaned as she grabbed his head, trying to hold him to her.

He bit the left one again them moved to the right one. She moaned louder and squirmed under him, pressing her hips to his. He reached down and gently undid the clasp of her black skinny jeans. She watched him, worry in her eyes.

“It’s okay,” he whispered as he pulled the jeans slowly down her thighs and off her legs. This left her just in a pair of black boy-short panties. He started on those too but Katie suddenly sat up. “Stop,” she whispered. He did and looked at her.

“Lie down,” she murmured as she tugged his red t-shirt over his head.

He grabbed the duvet off the couch and spread it out on the floor then lay down. Katie undid his belt then his baggy jeans and slid them off of him. His red boxers were already tented. She slowly pulled them down over his wide, 9 inch cock. She marveled at it for a second then slowly slid her lips around it. He gasped at the feeling of her moist mouth pumping his cock, her tiny hands gently squeezing and massaging his balls.

She fit half of his cock in her mouth before she gagged so she stroked the other half of it with her hand, licking every inch to get it moist. Her eyes were trained on his the entire time, their connection so strong neither of them could look away.

After about five minutes, Jack was ready to cum. He put his hand on Katie’s shoulder. “K, stop I’m gonna cum.”

She pulled away. “Don’t you want to?”

“Later,” he growled, pulling her towards him and kissing her passionately. She bit his lip hard and he rolled her onto her back. “My turn,” he said intensely, grabbing her panties and pulling them off of her. Her pussy was neatly trimmed, dark curly hairs in front and perfectly smooth lips.

She whimpered as he stroked her slit slowly, feeling the wetness that had pooled there. His fingers found her hard clit and began massaging it. She gasped then bit her lip. “It’s ok,” Jack growled. “I want to here how good I make you feel. Please baby moan for me.”

He buried his face in her pussy, his tongue dancing around her clit, his fingers teasing her hole. She sighed and moaned his name. “Oh Jack! Oh baby yes that’s so good. Oh! Oh!”

He slowly slid one finger inside of her, feeling how tight she was. God he wanted to fuck her. His hard cock was begging for it. His finger nudged against her cherry and she stiffened. “It’s ok, Katie,” he whispered, looking up her curvy body to her flushed face. “Not yet. That’s for later.”

She whimpered in response and grabbed his hair, forcing his head back into her pussy. Jack chucked and gently ran his tongue across her clit. She screamed in pleasure and writher against him. Her hips thrust to meet his finger. He could feel her body stiffening. She was almost there. He started fingering her faster. He bit her clit and kissed her lips.

“Oh Jack! Oh god. I’m cumming! Oh god!” She froze and her back arched. her hand grabbed her breasts, massaging her flesh. She screamed in pleasure. Her legs trapped Jack’s head against her pussy. He continued to eat her sex. She tightened almost painfully around his finger.

After what felt like an eternity, Katie flopped against the duvet, her skin red with a thin layer of sweat coating her body. Jack kissed her pussy and trailed up to her lips to kiss those there too. Katie’s eyes were half closed and she smiled. “Wow.”

Jack chuckled and reached around her to get his wallet out of the pocket of his jeans. He pulled the condom out and ripped it open with his teeth. Katie watched silently as he carefully slid it onto his cock. He rolled over and carefully positioned himself between Katie’s legs. He kissed her gently. “This might hurt a little, okay?” She nodded, looking nervous. Jack kissed her forehead, then the tip of her nose. “I’ll be gently.”

He gently eased himself into her, going slowly. He began to rock back and forth, getting her used to having his cock in her. She began to gasp in pleasure. “Deeper Jack. Please baby.”

Jack pushed forward and hit her hymen. “This is gonna hurt babe.” He whispered to her then broke through her. She gasped and threw her arms around his shoulders. Her nails dug into his neck as he gently kissed her tears away. “Do you want to keep going?” He asked her.

Katie nodded and opened her legs wider. Jack gently pulled back and then thrust into her. Slowly, again and again. So Katie was moaning in pleasure. “Fuck me Jack. Faster baby. Fuck me hard.”

Jack pulled out of her. “Get on your hands and knees!” He ordered. Katie flipped over and Jack pulled her knees apart. He thrust into her and began pumping into her as fast as he could. Katie screamed in pleasure as Jack grabbed her hips, his fingers sinking into her flesh. Katie reached between her legs and rubbed her clit.

It was all Jack could take and he exploded. he pulled out before the condom could break and pulled it off. He was still cumming and it got all over Katie’s bum and thighs. They collapsed onto the duvet, still a haze of sex-caused happiness. Katie curled herself against Jack and he stroked her hair lovingly.

“You are so beautiful, Katie.” He whispered as they fell asleep in each other’s arms.

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