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James and Lauren

Two teens have a surprising night.

James is sixteen years old and a sophomore in high school. He lives in a medium size Midwest City where his father is a successful businessman who owns three hardware stores in the area. His mother is a nurse but only works part-time. He has one sibling, a twin sister named Jamie. This family is very normal looking in all aspects. The year is around 1970; with no cell phones, no home computers, and obviously no internet for personal use.

The parents are about to embark on a two-week vacation cruise leaving James and Jamie at home. It is felt they will behave themselves and sort of police each other’s activities. They are left with a few simple rules; No wild parties and no boyfriends or girlfriends over the house. They are told that their Aunt Marge, who lives nearby, will be checking in on them.

Jamie is given permission to have a weekend sleepover for this weekend and has invited four of her best friends. James is not really interested in any of them and really has only had conversations with one of them, Lauren. The other three are Anna, who is the hottest girl in school, but she has pretty much ignored James his entire life, Jennifer, who likes to know everyone’s business, and Kathy, who is grossly overweight but seems to have a good personality. All of these people are in the same grade and the same age as James and Jamie.

Friday evening arrives and the girls have taken over the basement recreation room and are involved in doing whatever girls do at these sleepovers. James had gone out to a movie with a friend of his and has now returned home. It’s about 11:00 pm and as he enters the house he yells downstairs to let Jamie know he’s back, then goes up to his room.

James gets ready for bed and gets beneath the covers.  He gets out his favorite girlie magazine and settles in on the photo he is going to use to help get himself off this evening. James is a virgin. His cock gets hard within a few seconds as he looks at the picture he has chosen and he slowly begins to stroke his shaft as thoughts of having sex with the woman in the picture run through his mind.

James is a well-endowed young man with a cock almost eight inches when fully erect. He is a very good looking boy and is athletic as he plays football, basketball, and baseball for his high school teams. Although he has been good enough to make the teams, he is not a star athlete.

As James begins to feel his excitement build he is suddenly interrupted when the door to his room is opened and Lauren walks in.

“Hey, what are you doing just barging in here like that?” James yells.

“Oh hush, James. Am I interrupting something?” she says with an inquisitive smile, totally unaware that James was in the process of beating himself off.

Let me tell you about Lauren. Lauren is what can best be described as a rather plain, nerdy type of girl. She is about five foot eight inches tall, very slender at about one hundred ten pounds, very small breasts, long straight brown hair reaching beyond her shoulders and eyeglasses that look to be a bit too large for her eyes. She is, however, a very bright, intelligent, witty, friendly and kind girl. She has always spoken kindly to James and James has found her entertaining but not someone he would be interested in dating.

She walks up to the side of the bed and James asks her again what she is doing in his room. She sees that James is not wearing any shirt or pajama tops but has no idea he is totally nude beneath the covers. Lauren is wearing a pair of light blue, shorty pajamas. The bottoms are very short shorts and the top is a baby doll style thin fabric through which her areolas can faintly be seen but her nipples poking the fabric are easily detected.

James notices her top but does not stare or make comment about it.

“So why are you here?” he asks again.

“Well, the other girls have all been drinking you dad’s vodka and have pretty much passed out. And... Jamie said you have a big cock! So I thought I would come up and maybe see for myself.”

“She said WHAT? How would she know? She shouldn’t say things like that. She’s never seen me. At least I don’t think.” says James.

“Well, I asked her that. She said she’s seen you getting out or while you were in the shower. I don’t know. Something like that I guess. She said it was only a quick peek anyhow. What’s the big deal? Well, is it true? Do you?”

Obviously, by Lauren’s comments and slightly slurred speach, she has had some of the vodka as well, as she would never have been so forward with James.

“It’s none of your business, Lauren. And besides, even if it did I wouldn’t tell you, let alone show you."

“Oh, I wouldn’t want you to tell me either. I want to see it,” she says again with a naughty grin.

“Lauren, have you been drinking too?”

She smiles and giggles. “Well, maybe just a little.” she giggles a bit more. “I’ll tell you what, I’ll make a deal with you. You show me yours and I’ll show you mine.”

James begins to think. Here he is in bed. A few minutes ago he was jacking off while fantasizing about a woman in a girlie magazine and now here is a friend of his sister standing in his bedroom offering to show him her pussy if he shows her his cock. Is this really happening? Is this maybe a dream?

Lauren moves closer to the bed. “Well, do we have a deal?" she says.

“Ok, you go first,” James responds.

“No, that’s not the deal. I said I’ll show you mine if you show me yours. That means you go first.”

“I think you’re just trying to trick me. This is some kind of a joke. I just know it.”

“Well how about if I sweeten the pot for you. I’ll give you a bonus.” she giggles. “Maybe even a boner too. I’ll let you see my boobies. How’s that?”

Now James is not really impressed with Lauren’s tits because she barely has any. But being able to faintly see her areolas through the sheer fabric of her top does sort of excite him.

“Ok, it’s a deal. You get to see my cock and I get to see your pussy and titties. So go ahead, let’s see them. Tits first, then my cock then your pussy.”

Lauren takes a deep breath. That’s not exactly how she has planned on this going down but she has an agreement and the one thing she can rely on is that she and James have always been honest with each other when they have spoken. She steps back from the side of the bed and turns her back toward James. She lifts the top off slowly and wiggles her ass just a little as if to tease him like a stripper.

She tosses her top onto a chair that is near the bed and crosses her arms in front of her covering her breasts. She turns around slowly facing James. She moves her hands from the crossed position to covering herself like a hand bra. She takes another deep breath and removes her hands without saying a word but looking directly into James’ eyes.

James notices that her areolas have gotten smaller and her nipples appear to be hard. “Nice,” is all he says.

“Well, go ahead. Your turn.” Lauren says.

James slowly peels back the blanket that is covering him, exposing the girlie magazine he had been looking at and his cock which is now in full erection and throbbing.

“Wow. That is a nice dick. It’s so big.” Lauren’s eyes get wide and she looks almost like she is looking through a fish tank full of water with her wide eyes and her large round glasses.

James quickly says, “Ok, your turn.”

Lauren again turns her back toward James and slowly pushes down her bottoms. Bending down to slide them below her knees. She gives James a nice look at her ass and a rear view of her pussy. She turns around slowly to face him. Her hands crossed in front of her, covering her most precious possession. She moveds her hands away revealing her full bush.

You have to remember that this was around 1970 and full bushes were common with women.

James gets more excited as Lauren steps closer to his bed. He is looking at his first live pussy and Lauren is standing so close he can smell her sex. He remains motionless as if in a trance.

“Well, what do think? Like it? Don’t like it? Huh? James?  James?"

James doesn't  answer.

“James, is this the first pussy you have ever seen on a live person?”

James reluctantly nods and replies, "Yes."

Lauren looks surprised. She was sure with his good looks, pleasant smile and his friendliness that he had certainly bedded at least a few, if not many, girls by this time. She sits on the edge of his bed looking at him. “So this is your first time. You’re a virgin huh?”

James again nods yes, but does not speak.

Lauren then kneels on the bed facing him. “Go ahead, touch it. Do it gently because it’s very sensitive. Let me help you.”

And with that, she takes his hand and starts by rubbing the palm of his hand over her bush and then between her legs. She then takes his finger and guides it between her swollen lips and over her clit using his finger as a dildo. She releases his hand and James continues rubbing her on his own to the point that she begins to feel an orgasm building. At that point, she removes his hand because she does not want to cum yet.

“Is it ok if I touch yours?” she says. Again James nods. And she proceedes to wrap her hand around his stiff shaft and begins to stroke him slowly. Up, down, up, down, up, down. “You like that?”

“Yes, yes. I like it a lot. I want you to suck it for me.”

Lauren stops for a moment and gets off the bed. She removes her glasses and sets them on the nightstand next to James’ bed. She gets back on the bed and kneels between his legs.

“Wow,” said James.

“What?” said Lauren?

“This is the first time I have seen you without your glasses on. You’re, (he holds back from saying beautiful) you’re really nice looking without them. I mean you look very good. You know, different."

James is fumbling over his own words. He doesn’t want Lauren to feel bad like she didn't look good before, yet she, in his opinion, is not a raging beauty either. And of all things he doesn't want to upset her or get her really pissed at him. Especially not now. Not when he is about to have sex with her.

Lauren responds, “Oh, thanks.”

She smiles and then does not waste time in bending over and taking his cock into her very wet mouth. She strokes him, sucks him and bobs her head on it. Saliva oozes from her mouth drenching his cock and running down onto his balls as James fucks her mouth.

All this was more than James can handle as his cock begins to twitch while he begins to breathe heavy. He suddenly shouts that he is going to cum and before he even finishes the last word, his cock explodes inside her mouth not giving her any time to withdraw. At least five long streams of hot, thick, white, gooey cum shoot into Lauren’s tiny mouth. There is more than she can hold and a good amount leaks out and slides down over James’ cock.

This is Lauren’s first blowjob and all she can think about are some of the things she had read about performing oral sex on a man. The most important being that a man loves to see a woman swallow and real women swallows cum and they don’t spit it out. Wanting to give James the best she can, she keeps her mouth closed as she withdraws from his dick. She opens her mouth a little to show him his load inside and then swallows it. She opens her mouth again to show him it is gone.

James lays there stunned. He can't believe what has just happened nor can he resist when she bends down again over his face and kisses him on the lips. They kiss passionately for what seems like an eternity yet it is maybe only a minute or so.

As they are kissing, Lauren swings her leg over James body so that she is now straddling him. Her pussy resting on his cum covered cock as she rocks back and forth on it as it lays between their bodies pointing upwards.

“James, do you want to fuck me?”

“Uh huh.”

“Well, there is something I need to tell you.” Lauren then hesitates for a few seconds as James begins to wonder what she is about to tell him. “This is my first time and you’re going to have to take it slow.”

James hesitates for a second, “Uh, yeah, ok, I will, no problem.”

Of course, all James could think about is that he is about to be laid for the first time. Whatever she says is going to be fine with him. At this point, he was ready to agree to anything.

With that Lauren dismounts from James and lays down next to him on her back. She opens her legs slightly as James kneels between them spreading them wider and revealing her waiting pussy.

As James moves into position Lauren’s eyes get a bit wider. “What about protection?” she says.

“What do you mean?” James responds.

“Protection, you know. Don’t you have a rubber?”

James shakes his head indicating that he does not.

“Why not? You should be prepared for this. I thought all boys carry a rubber in their wallet. You mean to tell me you don’t?”

“No, sorry.”

“Well, sorry isn’t going to keep me from getting pregnant. Is it?”

“I, I... guess not.” James is stumbling over his own words. 

His rock hard cock begins to soften as he kneels between her legs. “I’ll pull out. I’ll pull out. I promise. I’ll pull out before I cum. I always know when I’m about to cum. I will. I want you so bad Lauren. Please, please, trust me. I won’t cum inside you.”

Lauren thinks long and hard. Being the smart, common sensical girl that she is, she knows she shouldn’t do this because it is just too risky. But her hormones are raging. Her pussy is soaked, wetter than it has ever been and kneeling naked between her legs is the boy that she has secretly had a crush on since she was about eleven years old. There he is, his cock waiting to enter her. Waiting to fuck her. Waiting to take her virginity. And there is Lauren, ready, willing and wanting to lose her virginity to him.

Lauren takes a deep breath. “Ok, ok, but please, please, you have to promise me you’ll pull out before you shoot.”

“I will. I will. I promise I’ll pull out before I shoot.”

“Ok then. But go slow and when I tell you stop, you have to stop. Understand?”

“Yea, yea. I understand. I will.” With that James bends forward and kisses Lauren on the lips as his cock grows rock hard again.

With his hands pressed flat on the bed at Lauren’s side to support his weight, he begins to shift and maneuver his torso as his cock searches for Lauren’s opening. He pokes here and there a few times and is not having any luck finding the opening of her sex . Lauren reaches down between their bodies, takes his cock in her hand and slowly guides it to the target.

“There, now go slow.” She says.

James begins to push his cock into her waiting pussy. He can feel her wetness and her heat. His cock slides slowly into her.

“STOP,” Lauren suddenly yells as she feels his mushroom head begining to push against her hymen.

“What’s wrong? What’s the matter?”

Lauren takes a deep breath. “Your cock is pushing against my hymen. Just wait a minute.” After a few seconds, she says, “Ok now start to push slowly and don’t stop until you are all the way in and then stop again until I tell you.”

James begins to push, feeling some resistance but keeps going. He then feels his cock sort of break free and begins to slide deeper inside her.

“OW!” Lauren tries to muffle her scream as her eyes well with tears as her face wrinkles in obvious pain. She closes her eyes as tears run down her cheeks.

“What’s the matter? What happening? Am I hurting you?”

“It’s okay. No, you're not. Just give me a minute or two. It will be ok. Just wait.” Lauren mumbles.

After a couple of minutes the pain of her hymen being torn open stops. She opens her eyes and gives James a slight smile. “It’s okay now. Go ahead. Go ahead and fuck me, but go slow.”

James begins to fuck her slow and steady. The feeling he is sensing on his cock is unbelievable. It is better than anything he has ever experienced. "This is fucking. This is what it feels like." are the words running through his brain as he begins to pick up the pace going a little faster and a little harder.

“That’s it. That’s it. Go ahead. Fuck me. Fuck me harder. Give it to me. Give me that big beautiful cock of yours.” she says.

James needs no more encouragement as he begins to pound her virgin pussy hard and fast.

Lauren can feel his full balls slapping her ass as he drives his cock deep inside her. She begins to arch herself upwards trying to get him deeper inside her. .

As James’ nervousness subsides and his excitement grows, he begins to feel that familiar feeling he gets when he jacks off. He knows he is about to cum. He doesn't want this to end. His brain is telling him to pull his cock out. Pull it out now but his body wants his cock to keep going. Keep going until he shoots his load.

As hard as it is for James to pull out, he keeps his word and pulls out just as he begins to shoot. As he pulls out he immediately grabs hold of himself and starts jacking his cock sending several streams of hot, thick, white, gooey cum all over Lauren’s stomach, pubic area and even hitting her small titties and neck.

Lauren, also on the brink of an orgasm, begins rubbing her clit and as James is finishing up she arches her back and begins thrusting up and down while moaning. Her entire body shaking as she orgasms.

James kneels between her legs for a few moments breathing very deeply as he begins to settle back from what has just happened and looks down.

Seeing some blood on his hand, his cock and the sheets below, he looks at Lauren. “Are you okay? There’s blood on the sheets.”

Lauren just looks at him with a slight smile. “Yes, James I’m okay. It’s all a part of becoming a woman.” Her heavy breathing has subsided by now. “Tonight you’ve made me a woman James. And, I have made you a man.”

James gets out of bed and gets a couple of towels for the two of them to wipe up with. When things are pretty much cleaned up he lays down next to Lauren. Neither one of them speek for several minutes. Then he rolls over on his side to face her. Lauren looks at him.

“That was wonderful,” he says.

He then leans forward and they kiss. They kiss several times and James' cock gets rock hard again.

“Wanna do it again?” he asks.

Lauren's eyes get wide, she smiles and nods.

“Yes,” she says.

James kneels between her spread legs again. This time he uses his hand to guide himself to Lauren’s opening. As he slides inside her he once again supports his body weight with the palms of his hand on the mattress and begins to fuck her.

He lasts a lot longer this time before he begins to feel his cock getting ready to explode, Lauren’s body begins to shake as she thrusts up and down once again trying to drive his cock deeper inside her.

“Oh fuck yes, James that’s it. Keep going, faster, harder. Fuck me, fuck me, make me your whore. Give it to me. Give it to me!”

James is now pounding her as fast and as hard as he can. Slamming her with everything he has. “I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum.”

“Get out. Get out. Pull out of me. Pull out.” Lauren yells.

James pulls out just in time as the first shot of his potent semen hits her pussy lips. The rest of what he has coats her full bush. This time James collapses on top of her. Their bodies mold together.

James and Lauren fuck two more times that night. Both times Lauren rides James cowgirl style. Once forward and once reverse. She manages to orgasm several more times and James is successful in pulling out each time.

“You definitely need to get some rubbers, James.”

“Your right. I will.”

Lauren should have gone back downstairs where the other girls are but it just feels so good lying next to James. Her head nestled on top of his arm next to his chest with her one leg wrapped over his leg as he lays on his back. She means to be there just a few minutes but she and James both fall asleep as they are exhausted from their fucking frenzy.

The next morning the girls downstairs awake. All suffering minor effects from their night of drinking. As they look around they all wonder what has happened to Lauren. Her clothes are still there and she definitely is not in the bathroom. Could she possibly be with James, they wonder.

Jamie sends Anna and Jennifer to investigate. They creep upstairs together and listen outside James’ door. There are no sounds. They open the door slowly and as they do their mouths fall open and their eyes get wide. There lie James and Lauren, naked. Each partially wrapped around each other with no covers on them.

The girls all get a good look at James’ oversized cock even though it is totally soft. They look at each other. What should they do now? Should they just close the door quietly and leave? Should they go in, wake them and get them totally embarrassed? Or maybe better yet, get naked and jump into bed with them?

I’ll leave the ending for you to decide. Perhaps more will follow on this adventure.


All characters participating in any sexual activity are declared to be sixteen years of age, or older. This story is based on a true event. The names of all the participants have been changed to protect their identity. Any similarity between anyone else having the same name or participating in a similar event is purely coincidental.








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