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Jesse and Dylan

             Please leave me a comment, this is my first story here and I want to know what you all think of it, please let me know about any modifications or improvements you think I should make.  Thank you! Enjoy!

          It was late when he finally came home that night. The cold had driven him home earlier than normal; it was almost time for the first snow to come again in the city. After being at work for a few hours, he decided to go home and he’d catch up with the guys later in the week. Coming upon four in the morning very few people were out on the streets, but he hurried home nonetheless in hopes of catching a few hours of sleep before the sun rose to high to allow such a nicety. 

              With heavy tired steps he trudged up the long stairway to the fifth floor apartment that he shared with Sean. A friend from college he would probably just now be going to bed as well having been gone for so long and having limited opportunities to seeing his girlfriend and talking to her. Sean and Casey seemed happy, and that thought brought down Dylan even more than his dark mood already permitted. 

             He dropped his keys outside the apartment door, and cursed his luck as the light flicked in and out of its shining glory. Could his night get any worse? He was already cold wet and lonely only to go in and slip in to an empty bed. He finally managed to locate his keys in the ancient carpet that ran the length of the hallway. He stabbed the key in to its hole and turned the key unlocking the door. A light was on in the kitchen area that shined into the living room. Sean always left it on, so that Dylan had a way of seeing his way to the hall and to his room. 

             Dylan slipped his shirt off as he quietly crept down the hallway to his room past Sean’s room and the bathroom. As he passed the bathroom the faint smell of some unknown flower filled his senses. He lingered there and absorbed the trick his mind was playing on him. He knew he was lonely for Jessie he just didn’t know how lonely till now, he would have sworn that that was the same scent as her skin. He shook his head and banished the thought no point in further darkening his already dark state of mind.

             He got to his room and opened the door, and turned on the light before closing his door once more. Shirt in hand he tossed it in to the hamper and turned to face the big bed in the room. He had expected to find his bed empty, but instead found that a very soft female body lay in it, and it appeared to him that she was naked. Closing his eyes knowing it was just a trick of his mind; he thought the female body to be gone when he opened them. She wasn’t. She sighed in her sleep and then rolled over the light sheet that had been coving her from her bottom down now slid down her stomach and showed a little more flesh. Her body was soft and curvy her naked breasts peaked with tiny rose-colored nipples that hardened when she shivered. Dylan recognized the body, it was Jessie’s…but what was she doing here? She should be home across the country, not here in his bed, although the sight before him was breath taking and he was happy she was here, Dylan began to wonder just what had forced her to come to him. She would have no money and that was ok he would take care of her. 

Dylan finished stripping out of his pants and climbed in to bed with Jessie. She naturally cuddled up next to him and he went still till she stopped her wiggling against his already aroused body. He had never met anyone that could arouse him as fast or as strongly as her. Just the scent in the bathroom had him aching and wanting. She ended up throwing her leg over his hip and her arms around his neck. He leaned down and pulled the blankets up over her frozen body and began to distantly rub her body. That is how he fell asleep.

             Dylan awoke the next morning still aching and wanting…but alone. Damn he knew that his mind had played some cruel trick on him. He rolled over on to his side to where he had dreamed her and the sheets were still warm and they still smelled of Jessie’s shampoo. Quickly he got out of bed and threw on some clothes not caring what he put on he had to find her and make sure that she was really here. He went out to the kitchen and noticed that there she was having a morning cup of coffee with Sean talking and giggling. His heart beat a little faster knowing she was real and knowing that she was here with him. He walked up behind her and laid his hands on her shoulders and began to rub them softly as she leaned back into him and purred so that he could feel it in her body and barely hear it. 

             Sean laughed and got up before saying “ I’ll leave you two lovebirds alone.” He walked by Jessie and tugged on a curl of hair and winked at her “Be good kiddo.” With that he grabbed his wallet and coat and left the apartment. 


             She heard the question in his voice. “I came because I needed to see you. It was so hard to have you and then for you to leave and come back here I just had to be here with you in your arms, to talk and laugh and just be with you.” Her voice was a bare whisper and it shook with emotion. “Sean let me in last night and let me take a shower and told me I could stay in your room till you got home, he didn’t think you would mind. I hadn’t planned on falling asleep in your bed naked, but I guess I was more tired from the long trip and from the warm shower I guess I just passed out.”



             “Not now.” He tugged her into his arms fully and kissed her. She melted into his body at the slightest touch of his lips on hers. His hands ran wild all over her body. His hands and lips where hungry for her skin and her taste. Her skin heated and melted into his rough palms. He picked her up off the barstool and she wrapped her legs around his hips. He lifted her up on to the bar and softly pulled his lips away from hers. He looked up at her face that was now about six inches above his own. Dylan’s warm chocolate eyes were filled with tenderness as he began to slowly remove Jessie’s shirt. The sight of her creamy silky flesh inflamed him to the boiling point. He savagely ripped it open the rest of the way. He groaned at the sight of her naked flesh bared before his eyes.

             Jessie’s body flushed a bright pink under his intense scrutiny. He gently lifted one pale breast in is hand and leaned down to lave it with his tongue. Jessie whimpered in passion, which proved to be Dylan’s undoing. He sucked hard on her tightening nipple and reached down her belly to the waist of her jeans and fought with her button and zipper and then as he began to remove her jeans he laid her back on the bar. He removed the jeans and then slowly with his teeth he removed her panties. Jessie’s body shivered under his heated gaze. He rested his hand on her tummy and compared her fair pale milky skin to his more bronzed hard skin. She raised her hips slightly to him. He smiled at her knowingly and slid her on the bar to where her legs hung off the end and her back was on the bar. 

             Dylan took his time exploring her lush body with his eyes before splaying his hands on her thighs and pushing them further apart. She struggled against him but he just kept opening her body to his eyes and hands. Jessie flushed at this and was slightly embarrassed, not knowing what to expect and what he was thinking. He leaned down and kissed her tummy sending hot shivers through her body. Dylan continued to kiss and lick at Jessie’s skin. She sighed and began to breath heavily. She finally closed her eyes and that is when he slid down lower on her body and placed a sweet tempting kiss on her blooming femininity. He found her moist and wet with her own flavors. The thought that he had aroused her that much with just a few kisses slightly intoxicated him. 

             Dylan, began suckling on her tiny rosy core with his lips and tongue, listening to Jessie breath and pant in desire. She wasn’t very quiet and he loved that. The more he suckled on her and the higher he drove her the shorter her breathing became and the more ragged her sighs sounded to his ears. He went on just licking her and slid his fingers in her folds to increase her pleasure. Jessie’s hips came off the bar and she cried out in pleasure. He continued loving her like that until she began to shudder and clench around him, finally spending herself. 

             Dylan slid up her body and kissed her so she could see that he found all of her beautiful. He wrapped his arms around her limp body and took her over to the couch in the living room where he planned on showing her more of the stars.

             Jessie’s body flushed as she watched Dylan remove his shirt exposing his beautiful male physic. She wanted more than anything to reach out and touch him; swallowing her fear she leaned up and rubbed her cheek against the junction of his thighs. The denim he wore was slightly rough to her skin but she felt his body react to her gentle rubbing. Dylan moaned, and Jessie looked up at him wide eyed. He grinned down at her and caressed her cheek very softly.  Flushing even brighter Jessie ran her hands down his chest to his waistband and tugged on it. Dylan brushed her hands away from the button and said “Not yet.”

             Jessie pouted and curled up in to a ball on the couch. Dylan set down at her feet and began to touch her legs. Jessie sighed at the contact and tried to stretch her legs out over his lap. Dylan stopped her and turned so that he was facing her and wrapped her legs around his waist. Jessie flushed even more as he did this. Dylan just smiled at her, as he flicked his fingers over the outside petals of her femininity. She shuddered in pleasure and opened her thighs a little wider. 

             Dylan moved his hands up to her stomach and began tracing small imaginary circles there in her skin. She moved her hips up off the couch and silently asked for more. He laid his hands on her hips and pushed them back down in to the soft butter leather. He kept them there until she opened her eyes to look at him. He was grinning at her and his eyes were full of an unquenched desire for her body. 

             “Jessie, you have to tell me where you want me to touch you.” At this sensual whisper she blushed and shook her head to shy and scared to say anything. 

             Dylan wasn’t daunted “If you won’t tell me then put my hands where you want me to touch you and love you.” Although she pinkened at this comment she took one hand and placed it on her breast, Dylan gently squeezed her and felt her nipple harden under his warm hand. He fondled her in circles and strokes eliciting small purrs of pleasure from her. 

             “Do you want me to touch you anywhere else?” His voice was that of smooth warm whiskey on a cold wintry night over her skin. Jessie had begun to grow bolder in her actions and she took his hands and ran them down her breasts and on to the soft curve of her tummy, and down to her hips, to the warm insides of her thighs. She took one hand and had him touch the outside warmth of her treasure. He smiled a knowing smile and took over from there.

             Dylan’s hands began slowly by caressing and licking at the soft outer lips to her warm flower. Jessie moaned and purred under this attention. He slipped a finger in between the warm lips and touched the center of her rosebud and watched her begin to writhe under his soft touches. Her hips moved up and down as his fingers slid over her warm moist skin. He slid his finger down a little lower to graze at the full opening of her womanhood. She pulled away from him slightly and he quieted her with a soothing word. She relaxed under his touch once more and let his warm spell take over her body as his fingers began to glide in and out of her warm treasure.

             Jessie’s body was tight and he groaned as he heard her moan and begin to move her hips in time with his fingering. His thumb touched her sensitive clit and she purred even louder as her thighs tightened around his waist. He worked her gently and perfectly, every stoke sending off stronger and brighter fires that licked at her veins. She tightened even more around him and he increased the tempo in which he slid in and out of her thinking that soon he would feel the ultimate pleasure in being inside of her feeling her tight warmth surround him and suck on him as he came inside her. For now this was her turn to feel the pleasure.

             Jessie was afraid to come again, shy to have him see her lose complete control over her body as the pleasure he placed upon her took her off to the highest peaks imaginable. Dylan felt her inner muscles grab and suckle his fingers and he knew that when he finally made her his, his pleasure would be absolute. Jessie came with a tightening and shuddering of her body as her hips thrust up to try to get more of his touch and more of the feelings. 

             Finally when the last of the shuddering had come to an end he took her in his arms and laid down on top of her sweat slickened skin, he loved knowing that it was because of him that she felt and looked this way, the way a woman does when she has been completely loved. She kept her legs around his waist and licked him right behind his ear like a kitten. 

             “Can we make love Dylan?”

             “We have been.”

             “No…I mean …”

             Dylan smiled over the blush in her voice and kissed her soundly on the lips before saying, “Yes.”

             Dylan slid from the couch and got up, Jessie was still lying prone on the couch and Dylan reached down and picked her up, to be cradled in his arms. She giggled and wrapped her arms around his neck and placed a kittenish kiss on his neck. She purred slightly as he carried her back to his room. He laid her down on the firm-giving mattress and walked away from her. She curled up to ward off a chill.

             Dylan walked over to the door and closed it firmly before locking it, no need to take the chance of an interruption. He looked back at the beautiful woman on his bed and smiled to him self and knew in this moment he was truly happy. He began stripping out of his clothes, Jessie unfolded off the bed and started to push his hands away so she could remove his clothes, after all fair was fair. He started to protest but she kissed him on the lips gently tugging on his full bottom lip, as her fingers quickly unbuttoned the top of his pants. Her chilled fingers touched his warm stomach and he gasped lightly as her lips still drank from his trying to get more of him.

             Jessie let her fingers slip inside his jeans and felt him throb against the cotton cloth that was still a barrier between her fingers and his manhood. She rubbed her fingers along him several times before he finally gave in and groaned against her lips. She smiled and let her fingers slip down the waistband of his boxers to touch just the tip as soon as he reacted to her touch she pulled her fingers away and ran her hands up his chest. 

             Jessie’s kisses moved all over his face and neck, taking little nibbles and licks were she pleased. Dylan let her have her fun knowing he would be in control for the rest of the lovemaking. She didn’t agree with that. She quickly removed his pants and boxers from his strong body, she pressed her cheek against his hard thick erection, letting her silken skin glide gently across his shaft feeling it throb under pressure. Finally her lips came within kissing reach of his arousal. 

             She began by just placing soft kisses on his skin as he looked down at her on her knees. She kissed her way up his pulsing hardness, from the base to the tip, before letting her tongue dart out to taste the throbbing head and flicking her tongue around the edge of it before taking it in her mouth to slowly suckle on it.

             Dylan’s hands went in to her satin tresses holding her there as his hips moved closer to her and he groaned with the gentle play of her lips and tongue on his erection. He could feel himself slid in and out of her hot little mouth as she licked and suckled on him, he didn’t want to come in her mouth, at least not the first time anyways. She ran her tongue from the base of his shaft to the tip and as he watched her do that he groaned even louder believing he hadn’t experienced anything so erotic as having this innocent caring loving woman pleasuring him with only her lips and tongue. 

             He gave himself up to the gentle pressures and teasing she gave him with her inexperienced touches, before finally dragging her away and helping her to stand up. She tried to go back down on her knees but he wouldn’t let her. He picked her up in his arms once more and carried her over to the bed. He laid her on the bed and got in on top of her soft body. Nothing had ever felt so good or so right. He had been with other women in his life and some of which had even been something special to him but here with this woman was something different he didn’t know how or why but she was different from all the others.

             Jessie wiggled under him her soft body pressing into his harder male body. Her arms were draped across his shoulders and she was rubbing his back a look of complete trust and desire on her face. Dylan eased her thighs apart and lay in between her legs. Jessie could feel his hard thick arousal against her wet opening, a tremor of fear ran through her of the pain she knew would come from him sliding in to her body. Dylan noticed the difference in her body and began to wipe away the fear by kissing her neck and nibbling on her ear. As he worked his way down to her breasts she became more and more pliant beneath him. He wanted her as relaxed as possible to make sure her minor pain was as little as possible. 

             Jessie moaned and writhed under his gentle and hungry ministrations. She wanted more and told him so by lifting her hips up off the bed and wrapping her legs around his. Dylan slid up her body and took her mouth with his as he began to slide his thick throbbing arousal in to her wet treasure. Her body fit his perfectly in glove form. She was hot and wet and tight and her inner muscles opened under his sliding to allow him to penetrate her even further. She wrapped her legs higher around his waist and tried to pull him in to her body even more. Dylan couldn’t be slow any more and he slid in her welcoming treasure completely. She moaned at the sharp pain but her body almost instantly relaxed from it. Dylan began to glide in and out of her tight sheath trying to drive her higher and higher to the stars. He continued to kiss her and let his tongue mimic what his pulsing manhood was doing to her as well. 

             Jessie’s whimpers and moans drove him closer and closer to the edge as he drove in to her he reached down and began to touch her clit with his fingers as he continued to move in and out of her. Her nails dug in to his back as she tried to get him to meld more and more into her burning body. She had never felt this way, not with this intensity. 

             Jessie couldn’t contain it any more she began to whimper louder and dig her nails in to him even more as her thighs tightened around his waist drawing him deeper in to her body, she cried out as waves of pleasure washed over her sending her straight to the stars and beyond. Dylan felt her inner muscles clamp on him harder and felt her body tremble in pleasure under his as her body was awash in her orgasm. He thrust in to her harder and harder reaching for his own release that was soon in coming. He shuddered in to her warm pliant body and groaned aloud as his seed was delivered in to her body. 

             He lay on top of her regaining his strength before slipping out of her and rolling to the side where upon he took her into his arms and held her. He felt tears on his shoulder and quickly looked down at her.

             “Are you okay? Was I too rough?”

             “No.” a watery smile formed on her lips.

             “Don’t cry baby, please don’t cry, next time it won’t hurt as much I promise.”

             Jessie reached up to his face and brushed back his hair from his damp brow and kissed his lips.

             “It was so beautiful, and the pain wasn’t so bad. Can we do it again?”

             Laughter rumbled in his chest as he squeezed her tight and pinched her bottom before saying, “Let me rest a little while, then we can try it again.”

             Several hours later, Dylan stretched lazily and smacked Jessie on the butt before picking her up in his arms and carrying her to the bathroom. He set her down on the vanity before moving away from her to turn on the shower. Jessie sat there on the vanity with her legs crossed and her arms over her breasts. A new wave of shyness had come over her. When Dylan turned back to her he just smiled and pulled her arms around his neck and opened her legs so she sat with her legs around his hips. Jessie was several shades of red as he looked at her. He lowered his head to hers and softly kissed her lips and felt them melt under his. 

             “There is no need to be shy now.”

             “I know”

             He smiled at her and pinched her hip, as she softly punched his chest. Dylan began to nuzzle her neck and Jessie’s body shivered in response to his light kisses. Her nails dug in to his neck once more and he groaned in response. 

             “Do you think the water is warm enough yet?”

             The question caught Dylan by surprise and he pulled back a little bit from her warm soft body. He smiled at her and slid his fingers over her feminine folds and felt her respond warmly to him.


             Jessie blushed ever more and giggled.

             “Time to get you clean.” Dylan took Jessie by the hand and led her to the shower and waited for her to step in. After following her in to the shower he rubbed his hands over her dampening skin. She shivered and sighed at his every touch. His hands rubbed her breasts and caressed them before leaning down and suckling her small rosy nipple into his mouth. She gasped at his warm liquid touch and melted further into his magic he cast upon her. She tried to get closer to him but he held her back for the time being. He licked and savored her every taste and sigh. His hands filled with her hips as he brought her closer to his already aroused body.

             Jessie felt his thick pulsing shaft against her tummy and gasped again at the thought that he would want her here in the shower. Dylan turned those magnificent blue eyes onto Jessie’s flushed face and rubbed his aroused sex against her. Jessie licked her bottom lip as she moved against his hard body. Dylan placed his hands under her bottom and pulled her up so that the tip of his shaft would just nudge her blossoming pink folds. Jessie kissed his neck as she slid down his body and impaled her self on his thick hard shaft. Her desires burned high and she wanted to be as close to him as possible. She brought her right leg up to rest on his left hip and wrapped it around his lower back to hold him closer to her ever-melting body.

             Dylan’s body slid against hers pushing her higher and higher as the warm water droplets cascaded down upon their beautiful bodies. Almost instantly she began to shiver and shudder as her body once more tightened around his and she gave herself over to her pleasure knowing that Dylan would take care of her. 

             When she was spent Dylan slid out of her slick tight petals and turned her around to face the wall where he pushed her against it and pulled her hips back towards him as he slowly slid back in to her welcoming body. 

             His fingers slid down her tummy and into the satiny folds hiding her most sensitive place. As his fingers rubbed against her clit she began to moan again as he continued to thrust in and out of her he hips keeping time with his own. As he flicked his fingers over her aroused skin she shuddered and came once more, Dylan continued to hold off wanting to make sure she was thoroughly satisfied. His body pounded against hers, as the water continued to burn against their hot flesh. When Jessie came for the third time in the shower, Dylan let his own pleasure wash over him as he felt her body turn to liquid and melt into his once more. 

             Her inner muscles were unbelievably tight and they suckled at his throbbing shaft just as her lips had done earlier in the morning.  Dylan turned her around and kissed her on the lips softly, before picking up the soap and began to lather her body. His hands caressed her in every spot, making sure to touch her everywhere. He washed off the soap before letting her wash his body and let her questing fingers explore his naked flesh with a blossoming innocents eagerness and a seductress’s ability to read his body and what he liked. 

             Turning off the water they both got out of the shower and Dylan towel dried Jessie’s body and took her back to his room to ravish her some more.

             Several hours later Jessie laid in the warmth and protection of Dylan’s arms. His hands lightly resting on her tummy in a protective dominate manner. He was a sleep she knew she could feel his slow rhythmic heart beat against her flesh, and she could feel his chest rise and fall in a manner that showed peaceful contented sleep. She had slumbered earlier only to be awakened once more by Dylan’s questing lips on her already heated flesh. She had climaxed almost upon waking, while Dylan used his skill and tenderness to bring her to the brink once more with him buried deep inside her woman’s flesh. She had slumbered some more since then but she was now awake with the thoughts of the future. They hadn’t used a condom or anything else and she was on the pill, but what if still lingered in her thoughts. Her body tensed at the thought, not that she would mind having his baby, but would he still be there for her though out. She felt warm tears touch her cheeks and she rolled over in his arms and laid her head on his broad shoulder and wrapped her arms around him, knowing that no matter what came of this she wouldn’t regret any of it. 

             Dylan woke up slowly from a deep contented slumber when he felt something wet touch his chest and then felt Jessie shudder. He knew the difference and knew that her body hadn’t just shuddered in pleasure as it had just a few hours ago under his artful kisses and caresses. He slid up the bed and Jessie’s body stayed where it had been, letting him look down at her and softly brush her tangled hair from her angelic face. He let her cry for a little more before wiping away the tears and forcing her to look up at him. 

             “Baby, don’t cry. Did I hurt you?”

             “No.” Her reply was shy and shaky. 

             “Baby I can’t stand to see you cry please don’t.”

             Jessie stifled back some more tears and just laid there before whispering softly “hold me please.” She felt Dylan’s arms wrap around her tightly and felt his strong masculine hands roam up and down her cool skin. She gripped him even tighter and just laid there while she collected her thoughts.

             “What if there is a baby from this?”

             Dylan remained silent for a few before answering her “Well then our baby will be well loved by both of his/hers parents.”

             Jessie looked up at him and touched his cheek; a small joy filled smile touched her lips.

             “Baby I’ll take care of you. I want you in my life always, not just today or tomorrow but always. If today brought us a baby then we will have to love it and raise it and be good parents to our child.”

             “You wouldn’t be upset if we had a baby?”

             “Hmmm, the thought of my child growing snugly inside your body and your virginity, and your heart, soul, and mind, if I get much happier I might have to ravish you again.”

             Jessie sighed and snuggled further into his embrace, as she felt his body responding to her soft feathery touch. She ran her fingers over his semi hard erection and smiled when he groaned. She was laying half way on top of him until he rolled over and pinned her to the bed, trapping her under his hard solid body. He kissed her smooth lips and felt her response and quicken to his touch.

             “Marry me.”

             Shock was printed on her face. He looked her in the eye and said once more “Marry me. ” it wasn’t a question but a statement made in arrogant surety knowing her answer to his heart. 

             “Your sure you are saying that because you want to not because you feel you have to. I came to you willingly and happily. You don’t have to sacrifice yourself because you took my virginity; I wanted you to have it marriage or no.”

             “Sacrifice? This is a purely greedy thing on my behalf. I want you I need you. I want to grow old with you, love you, have children with you, make you happy, and spend the rest of my days alive with you in my arms and I can think of no other way of binding you to me forever.”

             Jessie blushed up at him and smiled shyly, as she said “Yes”

             “I don’t have a ring for you now, but…”

             “I don’t have to have a ring I am yours and you are mine.”

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