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Jewelry Girl.....Part II....the Conclusion

Always wondered, now I know
Part II

My hand on her ass slowly moved to her pussy and it was very wet. I ran my finger through her soft slit and teased her clit. While I was doing this she had undone my belt and pants and slowly dropped my boxers to the dressing room floor. My penis was fully erect, a thick 8” cock shaved smoothly from balls to anus (I’d always “manscaped” my entire region as I preferred the smooth feel). I sat her down on the bench in the stall and dropped to my knees and began kissing her toned legs and thighs, taking my time not to touch her pussy.

She was pushing my head towards her crotch and softly moaned, “Please…I want you to lick my pussy."

My head moved to her pussy and I flicked my tongue across her swollen clit and her body tightened against me in response. As I continued to work her clit, I slid two fingers inside her wetness. Her legs wrapped around my head with her soft feet resting on my muscular back. I could tell she was already close to orgasm and I picked up my pace to make her cum. Her legs began to twitch and her pussy got even wetter as the orgasm rushed through her entire body. I moved my mouth away from her pussy, looked up at her and the cutest grin came across her face.

“Your turn,” she said as she stood me up and fell to her knees.

As she looked up from below, she slowly licked at my balls and her soft, wet tongue on my smooth nuts sent shivers through my legs. She licked the underside of my shaft until she reached the head and slowly put it in her mouth. I let out a moan as she reached around with her hands and firmly grabbed my ass. I grabbed her hair and began to force my swollen rod into her mouth as she looked up from below. For so many months (years really), I’d dreamt of fucking her and having her in this fashion was beyond my wildest expectations.

She continued sucking my cock, deep throating it with the expertise of someone that had it done it regularly. I could feel myself coming close to cumming, so I pulled at her hair and guided her mouth off my cock. I took her hand and stood her up. I kissed her beautiful mouth and grabbed her amazing tits with both hands. Our hands running all over one another’s body, the sexual frustration pouring of our souls.

“Do you want to fuck my tight, wet pussy?” she erotically whispered to me as she turned around with her ass towards me and bent over.

Her perfectly smooth pussy and asshole on full display, her sexual confidence made my cock throb even harder. I grabbed her hips and slowly pushed my thickness into her tight hole. The wet warmness grabbed at my cock, pulling me into her and I nearly came right away. I momentarily paused from the initial thrust to resist this urge.

As she arched her back, she put her hands on the mirror and looked at me and mouthed the words, “Fuck me hard."

I picked up my pace, my balls slapped against her pussy, her perfect breasts began to sway. “Fuck me…harder…faster”, she quietly begged.

I pushed my 8” cock deep into her body and felt her shudder as it reached the cervix. I paused, pulled her hair tightly and again a sly grin came to her face, letting me know she enjoyed the firm fucking I was giving her. Her tight, tan ass bounced off my strong legs and she reached between our legs and stroked my now hard balls. I reached around and grabbed her soft tit with my left hand, giving the nipple a slight pinch. We fucked liked this for what felt like 10 minutes and I could feel myself getting close to cumming. But I didn’t want the moment to end. So I pulled out, stood her up, and propped her right leg up on the bench. Our eyes met and her sheer beauty was breathtaking, even with the flush of sex on her face and light perspiration on her forehead.

“God damn, you’re incredible,” I told her.

I easily reentered her very wet pussy and she grabbed my ass checks and pulled me in tight. She kissed my neck and ears and whispered, “I’ve fantasized about this happening so many times and now that it’s happening, it’s so fucking amazing. Please give me the fucking I need and want.”

Her directness was such a turn-on and I pulled her in tight and asked her, “You want this hard cock, don’t you slut?”

Her beautiful eyes looking into mine she nodded her head. “I need that big dick so bad,” she replied.

I began fucking her and put my hands on her ass to pull her into me as I thrust my cock in deep. She began to moan loudly and I put my hand over her mouth gently to remind her that we were in a dressing room….AT HER WORKPLACE!! I could feel myself getting close to cumming and told her.

She looked into my eyes and begged, “Please let me swallow that hot load.”

I pulled out and she quickly dropped to her knees and began to suck my cock. Her soft, wet lips taking the place of her warm pussy and within seconds I felt my balls tighten and then shoot cum into her. She kept sucking softly, ensuring that every drop ended up in her mouth. Her eyes looking up from below, she pulled her mouth of my cock, and then swallowed my load. A cute smile came to her face and I took her hand and helped her to her feet. I ran my hands across her soft skin and pulled her towards me.

“I always knew we’d end up fucking but this was beyond anything I could have hoped for,” I told her as I ran my hands through her long, brunette hair and softly kissed her lips.

“I hope we can make this a regular occurrence, I want to see where this goes,” she responded.

Of course I nodded in agreement. I reached for my clothes, began to get dressed and watched as she did the same. She took my hand and said, “I’ll give you a call later sweetie,” and gently kissed my check.

“Tiffany, please report to the jewelry counter,” we heard over the intercom speaker. And with that she unlocked the door and walked out. I sat down for a few minutes, gathered myself, regained my strength and then walked out of the dressing room. As I walked by the counter on my way out, I glanced her way and gave a quick wink.

“See you ladies next week,” I said and wondered if the other sales ladies had any idea what just happened between Tiffany and I. As I walked out the door, I thought, “God I love my job” and an ear-to-ear smile came across my face.

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