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Joann's First Time Part 1

A farmers daughter story with a sensual, loving twist.
This story happened many years ago and it is one that I have held close to my heart ever since. Please let me begin with some background information to set the stage.

When my grandparents were young they bought a farm in the hills of Pennsylvania near Pittsburgh. My grandfather worked in one of the mills and farmed as well. When my mother and her siblings grew up and married to start a life on their own, my grandparents sold the farm to a younger family whose names are not important. However it is this new, younger family that is the beginning of this story.

This new family had two daughters and a son. This story is about Joann, the eldest of the three. My family kept in close contact with the new owners of the farm and even us kids became friends, especially Joann and I. At the time she was 18 and still living at home, and I was 23 but out on my own with a good job at a local factory, having just moved out of my parents place and settled into a nice apartment a bit closer to school.

On one warm spring day I accompanied my mom for a visit. I really didn’t want to go but she insisted, so I played along but showing that I was not very happy about it. That however, was about to make a profound change. When we got to the farm house there was this sweet young thing wearing a bright yellow sun dress. She had strawberry blond hair, fair but tanned skin and an ample figure for her 5’ 7” frame. My mom called to her, “Joann come over here and meet my son, Daryl”. I was able to get a better look at her and while not centerfold quality, she was very pretty none the less. She came over and introduced her self and I did likewise and then mom told me that Joann’s mother had an electrical job she wanted me to look into for her. That bit of time was really interesting with me trying to listen to the mother at the same time wondering if Joann would be interested in going out with me. It was tough to do either so I focused on the task at hand and told her mother that it would take several days to do the job but I’d do it for her, no problem.

All while doing the electrical work Joann was right with me, handing me tools, getting me cold drinks, and even fixing me some lunch when the time came. We would take our lunch to her favorite spot on the farm and sit and talk. We talked about how school was going for me, and how I liked my new job at the new factory. Small talk pretty much dominated our lunchtime conversation for the first couple days, until she dropped the bombshell on me. “Are you dating anyone?” I told her that I was between girlfriends at the moment having not had one for several months. She got this really excited look on her face then I told her that I had gotten burned pretty badly several months back and am not sure if I was ready to jump into the frying pan again just yet. But I was willing to be friends and see where it goes. She agreed and told me that she wouldn’t rush me but that she was interested and told me to take all the time I needed. The truth of the matter is I wanted to play her for a while to see just how interested she really was. The game was afoot!

The next week I got a call from Joann and she wanted to know if I’d be interested in going on a picnic with her and I told her that I would but in a few days due to my work schedule as well being not finished with the work for her parents. So when the date and time for the picnic arrived I was really anxious to see here again.

I pulled up to her house and was invited inside while she put the finishing touches on our picnic lunch. While I was waiting her father thanked me for the professional job I had done on the electrical work I finished a couple just a few days earlier. About that time Joann came into the living room from the kitchen wearing the same yellow sun dress. However this time something was different, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. She kissed her dad good bye and smiling she led me to a road that went through the fields. She started to brush her hand against mine a couple times but when I offered to carry the picnic basket she grabbed my hand and asked if it was alright to hold hands while we walked. Who was I to say no to that request and I was starting to think that she was indeed interested in me. Okay Daryl, I told myself, she is a friend of the family and to tread lightly.

We went to the back field and out of site from the farm house there was a little flower garden that Joann and her mom and sister put in. In the middle was a grassy area large enough for the blanket she had brought with her. She spread the blanket out and I put the basket of food and drink on the blanket and we both sat down on it and she opened the basket. She had packed some fried chicken, a small salad for both of us and some soft drinks. While we were eating we shared some small talk about her plans for school, my electrical engineering school and the new job I started about 6 months earlier.

At this point the food was eaten and there was some drinks left and there seemed to be some tension in the air, and I was not sure what to make of it. I moved in closer to her and asked if I could kiss her with her answering very much so. She met me half way and when our lips met it was as if I were kissing an angel. Her lips were very soft and her lip gloss tasted like strawberries. I told her I liked how her lips tasted and she said that she had done that especially for me, for this very moment. Now the little head was taking control over the bigger one and I was starting to feel a bit of a twitch in my pants.

Thinking I would test the waters and be a bit bolder I grabbed her gently by the back of her head and kissed her again this time I very lightly circled her lips with my tongue. She opened her mouth and our tongues met for the very first time. She was trembling a bit and I told her that perhaps we should slow it down a bit. She told me that she was nervous and the bulge in my pants wasn’t helping any. She started to explain that other than high school, she really never really had any serious guys in her life. Then it dawned on me what she was trying to tell me. Her face turned really red and with her fair complexion it was really noticeable when I asked her straight out if she was a virgin. Her answer sort of startled me when she said that she was. I thought with her strict parents she was afraid to go too far, but since she was fastly approaching 19 years old she was being a bit bolder then she planted a lingering soulful kiss on me and started to rub my chest and belly. With this next obvious step from her I told her that she had an amazing pair of breasts and asked if I could touch them. She said that I could and I slowly unbuttoned her dress and then I realized what was different with her yellow sun dress, she wasn’t wearing a bra. I kissed her again and touched her left breast ever so lightly. When my hand touched her breast she took a bit of a gasp of air then told me she was expecting me to touch her through her dress. I apologized and started to button her dress again, stopping me she looked in my eyes with a very serious, lustful gaze and told me that she wasn’t against sexual activity but she wanted to go really slowly. With that being said she asked if I would take off my polo shirt so she could touch the bare skin of my chest. She was really wide eyed when she saw my hairy chest. She started to run her fingers through my chest hairs and gently pulling on the hair on my chest and then she did something that really got the little soldier to stand at attention. She kissed my nipple very lightly then leaned over to kiss the other lingering a bit longer.

Joann pulled away from me looking intently into my eyes when I asked her if I could do the same to her. She answered by telling me she would like that very much, but to be slow and gentle since this was her first time. I started to kiss her on the lips and by now the strawberry flavor had almost worn away, but there was another flavor I was more interested in. I started to kiss down her face lingering at her ear lobe and continuing down her neck to her shoulders. Reaching her shoulders I cupped one of her breasts in my right hand while I kissed down her chest around the outside of her breast going between them then around the other one finally stopping at one of her nipples. By this time she was starting to breathe heavily in short deep breaths, almost like she was gasping for her last breath of life itself. I could feel a bit of pre-cum making a wet spot in my underwear and thought that I just might explode right then and there. As if on cue she rolled over and sat up. I started to say an apology but she grabbed my face in both hands very gently and said she wanted to stop so she could come to grips with what was happening. I started to speak again and she put her index finger on my lips and told me she wasn’t angry but very excited and aroused. She just needed some time to think this through for a few days.

At this time the wind had picked up and we had a twenty minute walk back to the house so we packed up and headed back. We just made it to the house just as the rain was starting to pour down by the bucketful. I thought this was a fitting end for our first “Date”. I knew I had a wet spot in my shorts and was pretty sure that Joann did as well.

We went into the house, and into the living room. Joann said that she was going to get us a couple towels to dry off, but she was gone a bit longer. When she came back to the living room she had changed into some dry clothes and had dried her hair and brushed it out. I took off my wet shirt and started to dry the top half off when Joann asked her brother, who was about my size if I could borrow some dry clothes. George just laughed mumbling that we should have left sooner and Joann and I both blushed despite trying not to. Thankfully no one noticed and I followed George into his room and changed, thanking him and told him I would clean them before I returned them.

I said my good byes and Joann said she would walk me to my truck. I told her that her brother was right and that we could have avoided wet clothes if we left about half an hour sooner. She said it was worth it whispering to me that her dress wasn’t the only piece of clothing that go wet, but not from the rain. She had a cute little smile on her face and gave me a modest kiss, knowing that the eyes were on us. I told her I would call her in a couple days because I had school Monday and Tuesday and would probably call her sometime Wednesday or Thursday. She said that would be fine that it would give her the time she wanted to think things through. We said good bye and exchanged another kiss, but his one was a bit longer almost as if she wanted for us to be seen. After saying our goodbyes, I started to drive home.

My soldier still at half mast and my head was really buzzing from the events of the day. While driving home my erection had not gone down any at all and driving with a hard piece of wood in my pants was really difficult and uncomfortable and my balls were really hurting. I think if the wind hit it I would have cum in my pants. When I got home I went straight to my bedroom stripped Georges clothes off and got on the waterbed and started to pull one off. I think I stroked it just a few times and the volcano erupted for several minutes and my balls went back to their normal color and the pain slowly went away. I got into the shower and washed my seed from my chest and abdomen all the while thinking of what might be coming, or perhaps cumming in the days to come.

I tried to do some studying but couldn’t get Joann out of my mind long enough. The class I was studying for was a tough Algebra class and the professor was demanding and loaded us down with homework. Still unable to concentrate I decided to take a shower hoping that it would relax me so I could study. But it wasn’t to be the water running got me hard again. I’m pretty average in the penis department about 9” long but somewhat slender in girth. A friend said that it looked like one of those long slender Cuban cigars that he smuggled into the country. Hey in the factory we had an open shower room with 20 shower heads so what ever the good Lord gave us was there for all to see.

I tried to get it to go down but nothing I thought about would do the trick. So taking matters into my own hands I pulled another one off in no time flat. After my shower I tried to study the algebra again but I needed something less strenuous on my brain. So I picked up another text book and started in with the reading assignment. I was able to read but was not sure how much I was absorbing. So after quite some time I threw in the towel and turned on the TV in my bedroom and fell asleep with the time spent with Joann on my mind. I have to admit that it was the most restful nights sleep I have had in a long time.

To be continued…………………

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