John and Leah

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A high school wrestler takes his girlfriends virginity.
"You got it, babe. Come on!" Leah shouted as she saw her boyfriend shake hands and then tackle his opponent to the ground.

The crowd was going wild, only a few more points until their high school wrestling team won the regional title. Everyone was sure it was going to be John, the best wrestler on the team, to make them win. He was a senior at 5'11, and 170 pounds of mostly muscle so everybody expected it.

"John, you can do this!" Leah shouted even louder even though her boyfriend couldn't hear her over the yelling of the crowd, he knew she was praying for him.

John and his opponent stood off the ground then hooked arms tightly with their heads butting each other. He only had a few moments to talk in his ear before the other player got loose.

"You hear that?" John breathed in and out heavily as he struggled to keep their arms locked, "That's the crowd shouting my name. They're telling me that I'm going to win," John's opponent tried to shake loose again but John held on tighter. "Now look up in the crowd.... Do you see that blond beauty? That's my girlfriend. And I told her I was gonna win, and that's what I'll do." With that, John let go of the wrestlers arms so that he stumbled before him, and right before he fell, John grabbed him in a head lock.

Leah's heart was racing a thousand beats per minute when she saw he boyfriend fall to the ground with the other player, at first she thought he was hurt, but then John picked him up and body slammed him into the wrestling mat.

"Ooohhh!" The crowd yelled with surprise and excitement when they heard the loud thump. John had his opponent on the floor, struggling to get up from underneath him, when the referee stepped closer and closer soon laying right on the floor with them to see who would make the pin.

"You can do it. I know you can..." Leah whispered softly as she crossed her fingers hoping he would make the win. People started to run down the bleachers just to see the action. Finally a loud whistled blared over all the screaming fans, but Leah could no longer see with all the people standing in front of her, after all she was only 5'3.

"And Hamilton Southeastern High school goes with a win!" The announcer said and everybody went wild. Even Leah had a few tears of joy in her eyes. She ran up to the top of the bleachers to look for John. All she saw was a bunch of guys walking around with red and blue uniforms on, any of which could have been John, but she saw him look up. His beautiful sea blue eyes looked directly into her mesmerizing green ones and he smiled the biggest smile she had ever seen him smile. The sweat dripped down from his short brown hair onto his face, his chest moved up and down heavily just trying to catch his breath, but he was still happy just to see his good luck charm looking back down on him.


Hours after everyone had cleared the bleachers, gone home, and the cleaning crew came, Leah finally made her way down to the mats to see her boyfriend. He was all clean and showered, and was now wearing his tracksuit. He was talking to his other teammates when she snuck up behind him.

She stood on her tippy toes to cover his eyes. "Guess who..." She said cutely as they did in the movies.

John uncovered her hands from his eyes and turned around to see his loving girlfriend smiling up at him. He hugged her and picked her up by the waist spinning her around in circles before putting her down, he was so glad to see her as his coach said no distractions and he wasn't allowed to see her for a week before regional’s.

"I missed you so much Leah," He said sincerely and kissed her passionately on the lips, completely forgetting his friends and teammates were behind him.

"Aaaww!" They all said loud and obnoxiously.

"Y'all are so cute. I could just eat you up!"

"Hey, look Cinderella and Prince Charming!" They all joked that they were the perfect couple.

Leah and John ended their kiss with laughing soon after the comments were made. They looked deeply into each other’s eyes before interrupted again.

"Hey John. You and your girl wanna come to this celebration party?" one of his teammates asked.

He turned his head and replied, "Nah sorry bro. My parents are probably already throwing me one once I get home."

"Siiick, I'm coming with!" And his other friends agreed too.

He turned back to his girlfriend and said with a laugh, "Guess there's a party at my house huh!"


John walked Leah to his brand new green Mustang, green because of his girlfriends beautiful green eyes. He opened the passenger door to let her in, closed it, then let himself in on the other side. Once he sat in the car he leaned to give her another sweet kiss on the lips. He was about to say something when Leah made a comment.

"I'm so proud of you, John," She whispered softly, her eyes sparkling in the moonlight, "So tell me. How did you do it?"

John thought for a moment before responding. He put his strong hand on his girlfriend's thigh and said calmly, "Will, power, strength," Leah thought he was getting into his cocky phase again, but then he continued, "And I thought of you..." John's voice trailed off, and she wanted to melt in her seat. He was such sweet guy she couldn't help but love him. She leaned over to him to get another one of his perfect kisses and planted her lips on his, and they kissed slowly again. When they ended their kiss, John started up the car, squeezed Leah's leg gently, and drove off the school parking lot.

They were so excited for what kind of surprise John would have at his house. He lived in a well off neighborhood with the biggest house there, his friend's called it a mansion or even paradise, but he called it home.

It was about 15 minutes until John and Leah arrived at his house. His parents weren't that good with surprise party as there were at least 10 cars parked out in front, but his house light's were off.

"Well clearly somebody is here!" John laughed as he told his girlfriend. Leah just smiled and nodded.

He pulled up and stopped his Mustang onto what was left of his driveway. He opened his car door to get out, then his girlfriend's and together, hand in hand, they walked up to John's front door. Without ringing the doorbell, he just opened the door and walked right in.

"SURPRISE!" All of his friends, family, and coaches yelled as the two of them walked in the door.

"Now... Let's get this party started!" Leah laughed guessed that it was one of John's friends.

John tried to walk past but the room was crowded. He put on a smile and thanked everyone, shook their hands with his free one, and managed to get only a few feet from the door. His hands still entwined with Leah's, John squeezed through his living room, to the dining room, and finally into the kitchen where, surprisingly, nobody was.

"Free at laasssstttt." He breathed a fake sigh of relief.

"What do you mean?" Leah asked, she was a little confused. "Don't you want to go out and have some fun? All these people are here for you, remember you won for the team!"

"Yeah I know... but I just kind of want to spend a little time with you.." He replied in an innocent well-you-know manner.

Leah hopped on the kitchen's island counter and John walked over to her, standing in between her legs. "You spend most of your time with me John, today is your day." She said with a smile. She pressed her forehead against his and kissed him on the nose. Before she could do anything further one of John's friends ran through the kitchen door.

"Duuuuddddeeee your dad is doing a keg stand!"

"Oh boy..." John sighed and ran out with his friend with Leah trailing behind.


The not-so-surprise party had finally ended with red plastic cups and popcorn were everywhere, but John's mom had started to pick them up. With the help of Leah, the whole downstairs was spotless in about an hour.

John walked down the stairs, but wearing dark blue jeans and a semi tight green polo, to show of his muscles. "Wow," he said as he saw his girlfriend wrap up the vacuum cord, "A girl who can clean! Now only if you knew how to cook Leah..." He laughed and she jokingly punched him in the arm.

"Hey mom. Where's dad?"

"Well... let's just say your father isn't quite sober... at all." His mother replied quietly.

"In that case, can I go over to Leah's?" John flashed his mom his best puppy dog eyes because she didn't let him go out with anyone, let alone his girlfriend past 12:00am, in case "something" happens, and the clock read 12:36am. He always hated that while his other friends could do what ever they wanted until 3 in the morning, he was the only high school senior who still had to ask. Although he could've just lied, it was out of his nature.

"Fine, but don't be back too late okay?" John's mom barely got the words out of her mouth before he grabbed his girlfriend's hand darted out the door to his car. The only thing you could hear was this screeching of the wheels on the pavement as he zoomed away.


When the two of the arrived at Leah's house, she saw the garage door open, and no car in sight.

"Nobody's home? That's strange...” Leah wondered because he parents were always home at night.

John shrugged and followed his girlfriend thought the garage door and into the kitchen.

"I'm kind of cold.." Leah declared, after all winter was approaching.

"I could warm you up-" John let slip of the words before realizing how it sounded. Leah bit her lip shyly while looking down and blushed, her cheeks turning a rosy red.

"I, well I, I.., I didn't mean-" John gulped loudly but Leah pressed her index finger to his lips to shush him.

"It's okay John.. I know." She started to smile a little and grabbed his hand to lead him upstairs to her room.

It sort of a girly room; lime green painted with pink and orange flower stickers on it. When John walked in he remembered when they managed to spend the whole day painting her room, most of the time was spent throwing paint on each other and having to clean it up off the carpets, but it was still a good memory.

Her bed was in the middle of the room right in front of the TV. She playfully pushed John onto her bed and walked toward the bathroom.

"I'm gonna change into my pajamas real quick," She paused and smirked, "Don't break anything." She looked at a dent in her wall from when John thought he could do karate...

He chuckled and laid back onto her queen sized bed as she disappeared behind the bathroom door. It was a couple of minutes before she reappeared again.

"So, what do you think?" She striked her best modeling pose as he rolled on his side to check her out. All she was wearing was a black tank top and red shorts but he played along anyway. "You look uh-mazing." He eyed her up and down one more time but this time noticed that she wasn't wearing a bra. Her 32C breasts were perky enough that she thought he wouldn't notice. Since it was cold in the house, it was hard not to notice her nipples poking through. He felt a little butterflies in his stomach but ignored them.

She thanked him and giggled while walking over to her bed. Before she could sit down John stood up and picked her up by the legs so she was carried like a sack of potatoes.

"John what are you doing?" She laughed in between words.

"Oh I'm just.. Enjoying the view." John walked over to her mirror so that he was facing it. That's when Leah realized that her butt was parallel to his face.

"You are such a jerk! Let me go, pretty please?" She asked innocently.

"Nope!" He declined her wish and slapped his girlfriend's ass jokingly while laughing.

"Oh you are sooooo dead,"

"Oh really?.."

John carried her to her bed and playfully threw her on her back. The both of them were now hysterically laughing at each other. Leah was on her back and John was now laying next to her as the laughing died down and they both sighed.

A few seconds of silence passes when Leah thought of something. "Will you teach me one of your wrestling moves?"

"Sure why not, how 'bout my signature move?"

"And what's that?" Leah asked in an oh-really way.

"The John Patterson Double Arm Double Hook." He responded in a-matter-of-factly way.

"Oooh sounds complicated. Not."

John sat up on his knees then helped his girlfriend up too, with him near the edge of the bed and her in front.

"Now just spread your legs," Leah giggled at his words and so did he after he realized how it sounded. "Spread them a little more... there."

"Now when I lean forward with my head just put me in a head lock, squeeze, and lean back," John then leaned forward quickly and Leah did as she was told while leaning back onto the pillows. "There! The John Patterson Double Arm Double Hook," He expected her to let go, but all he heard was silence. "Uhh you can let go now." Silence.

"This is for slapping my ass!" She said while laughing.

"Alright that's it!" He smirked, but actually struggled to get out the head lock, so he just yanked his head up and playfully tackled her. His hands were on her wrist and his whole body now covered hers.

"Uhm.. John? Do you always get this excited when you tackle somebody?" His eyes followed her eyes to his pants and looked down to see his arousal through his blue jeans. His cheeks turned bright red with embarrassment as he and his girlfriend had never done anything sexually before. He definitely wasn't a virgin, but she was.

Before it got awkward, Leah started to laugh again and so did John, at first it was a nervous laugh but then he eased up and apologized.

"It's okay.. I think it's kinda cute." She smiled sweetly while their laughter died down again. His hands were still holding on to her wrists and their smiles disappeared slowly. John looked deeply into her eyes and leaned his head in for a kiss. Leah took that opportunity, tilted her head up, and felt his sweet soft lips with hers. They kissed passionately for minutes and John eased his grip on his girlfriend and began to move one of his hands down her warm body. His strong hand on her waist and waited for a signal as they kissed. It felt like the room was getting hotter and hotter.

Leah didn't know what to do next either. Did he plan to have sex with her? Should she let him? Should she stop him now? Her heart was beating faster and a million thoughts when into her head. She liked the feeling of his hands on her waist and wondered what else she would like. She made up her mind. She took one of her now free hands and placed it on to John's. Then she grabbed John's hand and placed it underneath her shirt onto her stomach as if guiding the way. His hand felt hot on her skin and she loved the feeling.

They continued to kiss softly and sweetly as if savoring every kiss. John snaked his hand up Leah's tank top until he reached her breast. He paused for a moment to see if she would stop him as he didn't want to pressure her. She didn't do anything so he continued. He ran a finger up the middle of her chest, avoiding her breasts just to tease her. While kissing, he took his other hand off her wrist and began to lift of her shirt. They broke their kiss for a few seconds to get Leah's shirt off before reconnecting again. The next thing that needed to go were her pants. He easily unbuttoned and zipped them down and she did the rest by wiggling them of her legs and feet.

John was so anxious to get to her body that he stopped kissing her just to see the great view he had. He was lying on top of her at this point and sat up to see her breasts and cream-colored nipples. He was speechless.

"What's wrong? You don't like them, do you?" Leah said with worry in her voice while trying to shield her chest with her hands, but John stopped her.

"No... Far from it. They're... beautiful." He looked into her eyes and calmly put her hands back on the pillows to get a better view of her body.

"You really think so?"

"Hell yeah." With that he kissed her lips with pecks which lead into passionate kisses again.

Feeling his lips glide from her mouth to her jaw, to her neck, and lower, Leah became extremely nervous as this was the first time she had let him, or any guy for that matter, see her naked. She had no idea what to do but let him lead the way. So far, so good. She felt something warm and wet land on her nipple, only to look down and see John's tongue slide back and forth across it. She let out a soft moan in pleasure and arched her back a little. Both her nipples were now hard and the other ached to be touched. As if on command, John's tongue drifted over the her other breast and sucked it gently. Her moans increased as he sucked harder; breaking off only when she felt his skilled tongue lick down the center of her chest and lower...and lower until he reached her underwear.

Her heart was racing, she couldn't believe all this was happening. John hooked his fingers around her underwear and pulled them down sensually until he removed them from her ankles. He looked directly at her perfectly smooth, shaven pussy, dripping wet from his teasing. He kissed her ankles down to her inner thigh and reach her pussy. He stopped, grinned, and kissed back up her other leg. Now he was ready. He looked up into Leah's eyes and she looked back into his. Her look gave him the okay to go ahead.

He kissed the top of her mound and gave another kiss onto her wetness. He licked his lips for a taste and it was so sweet. His tongue dove in and licked her up and down; slowly at first, then faster, then slow again. Leah let out long moan and begged for more. He lapped up her sweet juices coming from her hole and gave a sensual lick to her clit.

"Oh...oohhh...yes..." She sighed as John flicked his tongue on her clit. He gently sucked on it knowing that would be enough to make her come. But he still wanted to tease her to get her a little more wet. He swirled his tongue all around her pussy as she arched her back. His head was in between her legs and he could feel the pressure of her squeezing her legs tighter around him.

"Oh fuck! Pleaasee...ohhh..." The longer John kept his skilled tongue down on her, the louder she became; so loud that he was sure the neighbors could hear them. Though unpracticed, Leah knew she was so close to coming. One more flick from John's tongue and she was done.

John had never seen a girl come so hard before he was even proud of himself. Leah felt a wave of pleasure go through her entire body, all the way from her head to her toes. It felt like she was coming for minutes even if it had only been seconds. While Leah recovered from her la petite mort, John stripped off his own clothes, but kept on his boxers.

"You okay?" He asked sincerely and kissed her on the lips to see if she would respond. Leah nodded and kissed him back softly, tasting herself on his lips. When she opened her eyes, she saw John’s muscular body hovering over her, shirtless and something protruding from his boxer briefs. She knew exactly what that 'something' was.

"Are you ready?" He asked not knowing what the answer would be. He was about to take his girlfriends virginity and he didn't want to mess up her first time. All she did was nod and said yes to be clear. John slid off his underwear and it let go of his manhood, all 8 inches. Leah that she was looking a monster and doubted if it would even fit in her. John saw the worried look in her eyes and just kissed her on the lips.

"It'll be okay." He whispered in her ear. His breath was warm and roused butterflies in Leah's stomach. She had to trust him.

John put one hand above Leah on the pillow and one on his member, sliding it up and down her wetness to get it wet for easier access. He then lined himself up and slowly pushed himself into her. He was looking at Leah's face the whole to time see any pain, and he saw plenty.

"Are you okay babe?" He sounded worried now. She bit her lip so hard that she thought it would bleed. The pain was immense but she knew if would be over eventually. Her eyebrows were furrowed and a tear rolled down her cheek. John knew she was in pain.

"I'm.... fine." Even he could tell she wasn't. John had always tried to protect her from pain and getting hurt so it killed him inside knowing that he was the one causing it.

"We should stop," he said while pulling out,"I'm hurting you." But then she grabbed his arm to stopped him.

"No," She said without any denial in her voice,"If I'm going to lose my virginity to anybody at any time, I want it to be you John.... right now." He couldn't say no any more, she had told him herself that she wanted this no matter what.

"Okay.. I love you." He said and she looked into his eyes in a way that said I love you, too. He pressed his now throbbing cock into her opening and slowly went in again. This time he kissed her deeply to avoid looking at the pain in her face.

The feeling of John inside her was a foreign feeling, it was thick and hard. The pain in her pussy grew but she held it together. It took all the strength in John's body to keep himself from not rocking his hips back and forth inside if her warm, wet pussy. He just kept still so Leah would get used to feeling, then he pulled out slowly; so slow he left only pleasure in his wake.

"Mmmm.." She moaned into his mouth which made John even harder. He knew he was in the clear so he pushed himself back in again, equally slow. He kept up a steady pace of in.. out.. in.. out.. in. Leah's moans were getting louder and John too had started to groan.

"Oh Leah.. God.." He kept going in and out, groaning her name while she moaned. He had her the missionary position passionately thrusting into her all while they made out. He had to eventually stop kissing her because he was to focused on giving her pleasure to pay attention to kiss. He increased his speed a little more at a time, not too fast, but not too slow.

"Mmmmm oh yeah... John.. It feels... so.. goooood." She could barely get the words out because of all her moaning. Soon enough she could feel another orgasm start to rise inside her.

"John.. Please..." She didn't finish her sentence completely.

"Please, what?" He breathed heavily with a smirk.

"Please...fuck me." Her words were like music to his ears. Almost immediately he picked up his pace and started to pound into her sopping wet pussy.

"Harder!" He went harder.

"Faster!" He fucked her faster.

Soon John was going as fast and as hard as he had could. The feeling was amazing for both of them. John didn't think he could get any harder, but he did. He cock was throbbing so much, he knew he needed to come. Leah felt like she was going to pass out, her pussy was getting numb from the pounding.

"Oh shiiitt...You're so tight, Leah..."

"Ooohh John...fuck...yeah...I think I'm gonna.. c-c-cumm," She couldn't even speak, the pleasure she felt before came over her once again she she came even harder this time. Her pussy jumped and squeezed John so tightly that he knew he couldn't hold it in any more.

"Aw yeah..." He burst his hot, white, creamy seed into her as if it would never stop. It felt so good for the both of them. She was glad that he was her first and so was she. John slowed his pace and eventually stopped rocking his hips into her. He looked up hoping to see Leah's beautiful green eyes, but they were closed . He stayed in her for a while before pulling out. John thought she was just experiencing more la petite mort but it seemed as if all that lovemaking took all her energy and she fell asleep after he came in her. He kissed her on the lips but felt no response.

He kissed her forehead then her nose and rolled out of her bed to the bathroom to clean up. He came back with some tissue paper to clean her up too since she was practically passed out. He gently wiped her mound and inner thighs from the mess they made and threw away the tissue paper. He climbed back in bed and rolled over to her kissing her on the forehead once more.

"I love you so much, Leah... More than you will ever imagine." He whispered into her ear even though she was far from awaking. Then he slowly drifted off to sleep.

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