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Joyce and Me at the Cape Prelude

Joyce is invited to spend the weekend with her slut sister.
Joyce was a pretty girl not beautiful like her sister who was 7 years older. She had a brother who is the same age as I am. Joyce is 17 years old soon to be 18. She is 6 feet 4 inches tall. She has 34-19-32 measurements with an AA cup. To say she was thin is putting it mildly. She was skinny. She was a master at having sex. She could/would do anything that involved sex. She was not a nymphomaniac but loved sex.

Her older sister Kathryn (Kate) was considered a slut. She was beautiful and had many men lusting after her. She was a perfect 36-24-36 with a D cup and 5 feet 10 inches tall. She loved tight clothes and skimpy bathing suits. She was a real party girl. She would go to a party with one guy and disappear with another and come back with a third. She was a nymphomaniac.

Kate had a friend named Nancy, who was just a regular girl. Kate and Nancy were the same age, lived together and worked together. Nancy was 5 feet seven inches tall and was 34-25-35 with a B cup. She was a little more conservative than Kate but just as horny.

Kate had taught Nancy and Joyce all about men and having sex. Kate and Nancy were always on the prowl looking for men. They usually found them too. There was always a different man lurking in the wings when Kate and Nancy were around. They had corrupted quite a few seniors from the local high schools. It was rumored that one weekend they took on two out of town football teams after their games coaches included. No one knows for sure but the teams never won again when they came to our city.

As for me, I am 5 feet 10 inches tall, weigh 165 pounds, blond hair blue eyes chiseled chest and a 10 inch cock. I played football and tennis in high school. I lettered in both sports. I had my share of the ladies including the cheerleaders. I was now a sophomore in college living at home and working part time. I was also dating Joyce and lusting for her sister Kate.

Joyce and I hooked up from our church. We are members of the church youth group. I was always driving to our social events and somehow Joyce always rode with me. She managed to sit in front next to me all the time. We were joking around all the time about her height and my intellectual skills. She said she is superior to me and I would retort I am superior. We would laugh about it hug and kiss. She has to bend over slightly to kiss me. But that’s all right with me.

Joyce’s parents owned a small luncheonette where Joyce helped out after school every day. Most days Joyce would close up the place. I was there too as her protector as if she needed one. Her parents trusted me to be a gentleman and most of the time I was. Teenagers being lustful and horny a lot Joyce and I spent many a rendezvous in the back of the luncheonette. There was a small bed in the office, in case someone took ill and needed a place to lie down. It was perfect for us.

Joyce and I have been getting to know each other better since we started dating outside church socials. I spent time with her almost every day at the store when she closed. The store closed at 7:00 p.m. which is a little early but most of the steady customers went home at 5:00 p.m. All the dishes were clean and put away, tables wiped down, floor swept and washed. The register was empty of cash, counted and put in the safe. The lights had been turned off except for a small one to discourage anyone from entering.

Joyce and I sit in the office talking about her sister’s upcoming vacation. Kate had rented a house in South Yarmouth on Cape Cod for two weeks. Kate had invited Joyce and a friend to join Nancy and her for the weekend (Friday to Monday). Joyce did not have any close girl friends and I was her only true friend at the moment. Her school friends were gone for the summer. She was reluctant to ask but her parents had approved considering Kate and Nancy would be there. She wants me to go with her for the weekend.

“Would you like to join me with my sister and her friend for the weekend at the Cape?” Joyce said. “We would leave very early Friday and come back late on Monday. We would be staying in the guest cottage on the property my sister rented. Does that sound OK?”

I thought for about a millisecond and said, “YES that sounds marvelous. When do we go?”

She hesitantly said, “We have to share a bed, are you OK with that? It means we are sleeping together and I have never been with a man. I know how to please a man because of my sister. We are alone here would you like to see what I have learned?”

Being like any red-blooded American male, I jumped at the chance and said “If you really want it.” Of course in my mind I was saying, Yeah baby let’s get it on.

“OK, no time like the present to practice what I learned.” She came over to the bed and sat beside me. My heart was racing. Here is the girl I am dating and we are going to do it in her family’s store. What could be better? I was horny and ready. We kissed as we had done in the past. We lay down on the bed. We fondled each other but there was a feeling of apprehension between us. Was this the right thing to do? Did we really want this? Or to add a little cliché, would I hate myself in the morning?

“Do you really want this Joyce?” I asked. She was lying next to me propped up on her elbow.

“I don’t know. I have been thinking about it for a while now. I want to have sex and become a woman but I also am afraid of becoming pregnant, of ruining my reputation and maybe just not liking it. I do like you a lot and I want to be closer to you. I want to show you how much I like you. One of those ways is to have sex together. How do you feel?” she asked.

I was a horny 19 year old guy, how do you think I feel it thought to myself. “I would like to show you how much I like you too. I would like to have sex with you. You are a beautiful girl I would be foolish to reject you. I want you.”

“OK. I want you too.” Joyce stood up facing me. She reached up and undid her long blond hair. All the women in her family were natural blonds. She took off her apron. She took off her shoes and socks. Her face was getting flushed with embarrassment because she had never stripped in front of a guy before. She unbuttoned her blouse and undid her slacks. Both pieces hit the floor. She had on a camisole which covered her breasts and her panties. She lifted it over her head and stood before me.

I stopped her there and stood up. I lowered her head to touch mine. I kissed her tenderly on her lips. She kissed hungrily back. She was getting aroused now. I was way ahead of her. I took off my shirt and t-shirt. I took off my shoes and socks followed by my pants. She looked down at my boxers and saw the big tent made by my 10 inch cock. I heard a small gasp escape her lips.

We lie back down and continue kissing. Our hands roamed each other’s body. We were somewhat lost as to what to do but we were feeling good. I managed to remove her bra and her mannish breasts were small but her nipples were erect and large. I touched them gently and she gasped again. They responded by getting even longer.

She was rubbing my chest and feeling my breasts too. My nipples hardened. She liked that. She moved closer to me pushing her womanhood against my throbbing manhood. She started to pump me. It felt good. Being new to this I put my hand in her panties and discovered that she was all wet. I thought she wet herself and needed to go. We took off each other’s underwear.

I was standing tall. She looked at me and gasped. “You’re going to put that inside me? Will it hurt? Will it fit? I don’t know about this. What the heck let’s just do it.”

She rolled on her back her legs spread apart waiting for me. I rose up over her moving my manhood close to her womanhood. She rose up to meet me and she was open ready for me. I went inside her. She was very tight and wet. She was moaning like she was hurt. I stopped.

She said “keep going it feels good.”

As I was moving inside I felt resistance. It was her hymen. I pushed through and she cried out. I stopped again.

After a couple of minutes she said “don’t stop I want it all.”

Her head was rolling side to side. He hips were thrusting up to force me deeper inside. There was urgency in her moves. I pushed further in.

I was all the way in and she moaned and giggled with giddy pleasure. “This is wonderful, I like it. Why was I so afraid of this? I want to do this all the time. Let’s keep on going.” She said happily. I started to push in and out. She raised and lowered her hips with me.

On one of my up strokes she stopped and shuddered. I felt a rush of juice coming from her. She was moaning continuously. When she stopped shuddering we resumed our dance. I felt myself start to get a rush in my privates. She felt like she was grabbing me inside her. As I pushed in she rose up and we exploded together. We stayed together until I shrunk down and fell out. Our combined juices were all over my manhood and covered the blond curls covering her womanhood.

We lay beside each other breathing heavily. I rolled over and kissed her lips. She responded by moaning again. We looked in each other’s eyes and giggled like two little kids.

“That was wonderful. If I had known it was that good I would have been doing it a lot sooner with you.” She said. “I want to do it again. Can we?”

I was still a little scared. It felt great but I still felt it was wrong. She had the broadest smile I had ever seen on her face. There was a satisfaction there that shone through. It made her look lovely and radiant. I was mesmerized. I couldn’t speak. I just put my arms around her and hugged her tightly to me. I kissed her again and again. She was responding to me.

She was reaching down to touch me. Her hand tentatively touched my manhood. She wrapped her hand around me holding me. I felt it starting to get hard.

She asked, “What is going on? Did I do something?”

“Your touch is getting me aroused to repeat what we just did” I said.

“Oh boy! I want to get you ready. I will stroke you and see what happens.” She cried out excitedly.

“Be careful you don’t want to have me explode outside your body.” I said.

“My sister told me that men like to have it kissed and sucked. Can I do that to you? I have never done it and I would like to try. You can be my first. She told me to let you explode in my mouth and it will feel and taste good. I’m not ready for that, but soon.” She said.

She kissed the tip and moved her tongue around it, I was feeling great. She licked up and down the shaft wrapping her tongue around too. It was getting harder and harder. She could feel it. She stopped and said “I want it now. Please can you go inside me again?”

I nod that it was OK. She makes me lie on my back. She has not let go of me. She straddles me and raises herself up and guides me into her. She slowly lowers herself down on me smiling.

“Oh this feels so good. I could sit here all day.” She moans.

She starts to raise herself up and down slowly. I can feel her insides grabbing me and holding tight. Her moving up and down is tugging me and making me grow harder. She has all ready released more juice and is shuddering again. She doesn’t stop this time. She is going faster now. There is an urgency to make this coupling reach its climax quickly. I slow her down.

I look at her and say “If you move too fast you will make me explode and you will not be satisfied. Moving slowly builds you up and me up so we explode together. That was what happened last time. You want that again right?”

“Oh yeah I do. I can feel me getting ready. Can we speed up so you are ready?” she asks.

I speed up and feel my gush coming. She grabs me tighter inside and on her next push up she pauses at the apogee. I push down away but not out. She plunges down and screams out. We both explode together again. This time it lasts longer and we are really out of breath. She sits on me for a while holding me inside her. She rests her hands on my chest and leans down and kisses me.

“I love you” she says. “I wasn’t sure before but I am now. I have always felt a strong attraction to you. Now I know what it was. I wanted you to be my first and I love you as well. I want to do more with you having sex. I like sucking your manhood and want to try having you explode in my mouth. I want to try different positions with you inside me. I want to feel you in my rear. I want you to explode in every hole I have. Can we do that?”

I look up at her sitting on me with her blond hair framing her face and say. “Anything you desire my love. I am yours anytime you want. What pleases you pleases me. I can’t wait until we go to the Cape and sleep together there.”

She looks so happy. Her face is flushed but is radiating a glow. I feel good to have made her happy and sure of herself sexually. I want to have sex with her again and again. Friday is 5 days away; I don’t think I can wait that long for her again. As it turns out her parents are at the store every day and the house is empty. We spend each afternoon in her bed having sex and playing with each other. We have become pretty good together.

It is Thursday night. We have finished having sex. She is all packed. Her parents come home. We are sitting in the kitchen having some milk and lemon meringue pie. Joyce is very happy and so am I. In less than 12 hours we will start a weekend of discovery. Her parents smile at me and say good night as I leave.

Little did we know how much we would discover. Kate and Nancy have plans and they include Joyce and me only we don’t know it yet.

But alas that is another story. Part 2 is coming soon.

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