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Just a movie night?

Tessa and Ronnie seemed to have nothing in common when they first met, but somehow they managed to get along right from the start. They met online on a social site, Ronnie was forward and bold and she liked it more than she let out.

To prove to him that it was her in her profile pictures she sent him new pictures exactly like he requested them. She was not happy that she had to do that but did it anyways.

For a few months, they stayed in touch as friends, getting to know each other slowly but surely. They were both a little hot blooded at times, but each of them admired the other's honesty and boldness even in times of arguments.

Ronnie was a handsome guy with dark features and an intense look, he also was a pretty intense person, you could feel his words go through you when he spoke, and his silence was capable of making any room vibrate with intensity, on the other hand he was kind and sweet and caring, smart and genuine, with a witty sense of humor.

Tessa was a beautiful girl, the type of girl a man who appreciated real beauty would melt over.

She was a little shy at times, yet bold and straight forward and and didn't hold back her thoughts.

As time went by, Tessa trusted him more and more, and decided to make him adore her by sending him some nude pictures, and when he saw them he genuinely thought she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, her breasts were firm and her nipples screamed "bite me".

They eventually met for coffee or dinner and the chemistry between them was fascinating, he was 31 and she was 18, he cared for her like a brother, and felt protective like a father, and craved her like a sexual ice cream. She admired his intelligence and was often turned on by his words and the way he looked at her and made her feel.

One day Ronnie invited Tessa over to his place for a movie and fun foods, he had a plan in mind but was not sure if he was going to follow it through or not, he wanted to see how the night unfolded. 

The night was ordinary at first, soon enough heavy snow started falling as the chemistry between them grew more intense, and the movie they were watching was without a doubt being ignored through jokes and intense sexual moments and awkward silence.

He knew it was time, he abruptly stood up walked toward the television and manually turned it off, and turned around.

"Tessa, get up" he said firmly.

She hesitated for a moment not understanding what had caused the sudden mood swing, and fear struck her heart. As she stood up, Ronnie had a serious look on his face as he ordered her to come closer, she walked towards him with hesitation and a look of fear and confusion on her face.

He kissed her forehead and laughed adding to her confusion. Sensing her fear he assured her that she was in safe hands and that everything would be more than okay. His words clearly comforted her even though she was still lost, he turned behind her and hugged her from behind making sure his body was flat on hers as his palm brushed her breast.

"Start taking your clothes off" he whispered, and he let go.

She stood there for a minute, frozen in time, but then realized that she had no power from that moment on. Slowly she took her shirt and pants off staring outside the window as he turned around and smiled, appreciating her every curve and sensing the heat coming out of her skin.

"Continue" he said gently.

After a moment of stillness, she followed his order and got fully naked in front of him. His eyes stayed locked on hers to comfort her and to let her know that he was in charge.

Ronnie gently held her by the hand, and motioned to her to follow him as he walked her towards the bathroom. Without wasting any time he turned the water on in the shower adjusting its temperature, and she got in following his order.

Ronnie knew that Tessa has never had an orgasm and decided that this was going to change that night.

"Tessa, get under the water and relax, go to a happy place and enjoy yourself and I will be back".

Minutes later he came back, got in the shower with her while his clothes were still fully on. Reaching for the soap bar he started gently rubbing her back and massaging her at the same time. Taking his time to massage every inch of her body, toes, feet, legs, neck, breast, shoulders, and she was loving every moment his caring hands were on her.

Finally he took his clothes off, leaving his underwear on and told her bluntly that he was not going to fuck her. He got out of the shower, got a couple of towels, and guided her to his room where he had prepared it to be as relaxing and warm as possible. Candles had been set up so carefully and neatly just like everything he ever did being the deliberate man that he was.

"Get on the bed Tessa. Get comfortable and get under the blankets", he said.

She sat on the bed with her back to the wall, feeling very relaxed, safe, loved, warm and secure.

As he got dressed to make her even more comfortable, she was curious about what was coming, but on a deeper level she knew. She knew that he was about to violate her in the sweetest way possible.

Ronnie sat to her right driving his fingers all over her body gently, then leaned over and gently kissed her lips, as he did this he made sure one of his fingers slipped and touched her already throbbing clit. Her eyes opened wide and then she smiled. He smiled back and there was a long pause that filled the room with sexual energy.

While looking in her eyes, he started slowly caressing her pussy lips, as she moaned and bit her lower lip repeatedly, she had never felt so good having her pleasure spot stimulated. Her relaxed body and muscles made every sensation and feeling a hundred times more intense than usual. She saw in his eyes how selfless he was during that moment, and how much he cared about her. She felt loved and admired as her body shivered with pure pleasure.

Everything felt different this time. Her body was loving every moment. She felt more alive than she ever had. As his fingers started moving a little faster, she started moaning harder not caring how loud she was. Pausing he looked at her.

"I know what you needed and I wanted it to give it to you so bad" he told her.

Tessa teared up sensing the love in his eyes and how special she was to him, and she realized how special he was to her and knew that her life would never be the same, and that the way she looked at him would forever change.

Ronnie, not wanting to waste anytime, started rubbing her faster and harder this time, as she started shaking and shivering. Knowing that what was about to happen was what she had always heard about and never experienced. Letting out a very loud scream that shook the room as her muscles tightened collapsing on him, biting his ear very hard making it bleed.

"Thank you so much" she whispered.

Ronnie held her in his arms, put her head on his chest, and covered her with his arms, and stayed there until they both fell asleep.

The next morning, he made her breakfast, brought it to bed and then drove her home without any expectations...

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