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Katie and her Landlord (Part 1)

When Katie can't pay her rent, she asks for extra time and gets more than she bargained for...
This was the first time since graduating college three months ago that Katie felt anxious about being an adult. At first, Katie had scoffed at all her friends’ complaints about money being tight and never having time for fun. Katie had been having the time of her life; most nights she bar hopped with friends, and the temp agency she’d been working for kept her making enough money to buy booze and the “going out” clothes she loved so much. Katie was young and beautiful, with silky blonde hair that fell to her waist and a body that managed to be both tiny and curvy all at the same time, but she never realized it. She went out and partied because loved to dance and drink, not to pick up guys like all the rest of her friends.

The summer had been carefree so far, without any concern to money or the future. It wasn’t until a few weeks ago when Katie started to get nervous. Out of nowhere, the available agency jobs became less frequent, and she was spending money faster than she earned it. With only two days until the rent was due and no one to ask for money, Katie was nervous and desperate.

Her little apartment didn’t cost much each month, but it was still more than she had in her bank account right then. Katie rented a basement apartment of a house at the edge of the city. She could still get out and party in the city whenever she wanted, but without having to pay an arm and a leg or live with a bunch of messy strangers in a cramped apartment. The basement situation wasn’t ideal, but it gave her space and privacy, and Katie wasn’t about to lose that.

Katie rented the apartment from Mr. Carl, a soft-spoken Black man almost twice Katie’s age who lived alone upstairs. She’d found the apartment online, toured the space, had an interview with Mr. Carl, and moved in a week later. Although she initially felt a bit weird about living in a house alone with a man, Mr. Carl had made Katie feel comfortable when he’d showed her the locks on the doors when she’d toured, letting her know she’d have both privacy and safety. Katie hadn’t talked to Mr. Carl since she’d moved in, dropping the rent money in his mailbox each month, but she knew she needed to go up and talk to him right away.

Katie couldn’t keep still as she waited to hear his car pull into the driveway at night. Katie fiddled, pulling at the loose strings at the hem of her too-short skirt and constantly untying and retying the neck of her halter. She got up and paced the room a few times, her heels clicking on the hardwood. It was dark by the time Katie heard his car lock and the front door slam. Breathing in and gathering her courage, Katie walked up the stairs to the door that connected her apartment with the rest of the house.

“Ummm… Mr. Carl?” Katie half shouted after knocking. “Could we chat for a minute?”

He must have heard her come up the stairs, because the door opened quickly. He stood there, looking down at Katie, frowning.

“Yeah, sure. Come in. Sorry, I was just making tea. It was a rough day at work.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry! I can come back another time!” Katie quickly turned and tried to walk away, but Mr. Carl reached out and grabbed her arm.

“No, it’s fine. Don’t worry at all. Please, sit. I’ll make you tea too.”

Katie looked around the kitchen, not sure when or how to start this awkward conversation. She looked at Mr. Carl, taking in his casual business clothes and concentrated look. While he was definitely in his forties, Katie guessed he was on the earlier end and thought, surprising herself, that he was pretty good looking for an older man. When he turned back with her tea and caught her staring, Katie looked away in embarrassment, missing his smile.

“So, what can I help you with? I haven’t seen you since you moved in.”

“Yeah, I’m really sorry about that.” Katie stumbled over her own words. “I need to talk to you about the rent."

“Ah. Figured as much, it being the 30th and all. We talked about this when you moved in, you know…”

Katie remembered the conversation well; it was what had been scaring her all week. He’d clearly outlined it for her – if you can’t pay the rent on time, you have 2 weeks to move out. No exceptions. Mr. Carl knew his rental space was in high demand for twenty-somethings. There weren’t many properties that gave the kind of access to the city his did at the price he charged. Getting a new renter would be no issue at all.

“I know, I remember.” Katie couldn’t draw her eyes off the floor and bring herself to look at Mr. Carl as she spoke. “I know you said no exceptions, and I’m really trying to get the money together. I was hoping there was some way that, um, I could just get a little more time.”

“If you don’t have the money for rent, I really don’t know what else there is that you could do. I’m sorry, Katie, but I told you the rules upfront for this very reason.”

Katie couldn’t help what happened next, even though she’d promised herself she would keep her cool and accept the consequences. Bursting into tears, Katie jumped up and threw her arms around Mr. Carl.

“Pppplease.” She stammered between sobs. “I can’t lose this apartment.”

Mr. Carl felt horrible that she was crying, but he found it utterly distracting that she heaved her tiny body against him with each sob. He was trying to keep his composure, but as Katie repeatedly shuttered against him as she cried, Mr. Carl felt his body react against his will as his cock started to grow in his pants.

Recovering quickly, Mr. Carl pushed Katie back down in her chair.

“Please, stop crying. I’m sorry, but I can’t help you. You have to pay the rent. There’s nothing else I can do.”

He must have pushed her away a second too late, because as Katie wiped the tears from her eyes, Mr. Carl realized she was staring directly at his crotch.

Katie licked her lips and slowly looked up at Mr. Carl.

“Are you sure there’s nothing else I can do?”

A lot of Katie’s friends called her a prude, and honestly she was in a lot of ways, but she felt entirely consumed by her desperation in the moment. Katie got out of her chair, bit her lip, and walked over to press herself against Mr. Carl again.

“I really do think there is something we can think of.”

She took one of her slim hands and placed it over the bulge in Mr. Carl’s pants, running her palm up and down slowly before looking Mr. Carl directly in the eye.

“I can help you out with this. All I want is a two week extension on the money and that’s yours in exchange."

He cleared his throat and pushed her hand away. “Really, Katie.” Mr. Carl choked on the words. “I can’t.”

This time she ran her nails along his cock and darted her tongue out to meet his earlobe.

“Oh, Mr. Carl. Please!" Katie tried to keep the desperation out of her voice. "I help you out a little bit, you help me out a little bit.”

At this, Mr. Carl completely lost what was left of his resolve, letting the frustration from his workday bubble back to the surface and his arousal take over. He pushed Katie off him and down into the chair.

“Fine, you little slut. But you do everything I say. Everything.” He barked. “And the money in two weeks or you’re out on the spot."

“Yes, of course! Yes, I promise.” Katie felt victorious, still consumed in the moment.

“Oh, and from now on it’s sir. You understand me?”

“Yes! Yes, sir.” Katie stammered, suddenly feeling just a little scared by the sudden change from her soft-spoken landlord to this gruff man.

“Good. Now, to start, take off that slutty top.”

Katie breathed in and lifted the top over her head. Mr. Carl felt his cock get harder as he saw her perfect, perky tits in front of him without a bra. He immediately reached out, cupping her small breasts and pinching her nipples until they were both hard, making Katie gasp.

Mr. Carl always kept a safe distance from the girls who lived with him, never wanting a reputation as a perv, but he was done trying here. Mr. Carl leaned his head down and started to suck on Katie’s hard nipples. Mr. Carl started biting them occasionally, his cock getting harder as he listed to her gasp and moan in response.

“You like how that feels, don’t you?”

“Yesssss. Yes, sir.”

Trying to maintain some control, Mr. Carl pulled back and stood up in front of Katie again. “Don’t want to give you too much, now do I? After all, this is a punishment.”

Katie was embarrassed at how she’d thrashed in the chair in response to his mouth on her, but she tried to maintain her look of confidence. She hoped he realized she wasn’t going to fuck him, staring at his hardening cock, but she kept her mouth shut and waited for his next demand.

“Still so sure about this, are we? Let’s see what I want next.” Mr. Carl rubbed the bulge in his pants as he thought, noting that Katie couldn’t take her eyes off it.

“Now, I want you to lift that skirt up around your waist and take off your panties for me."

Katie looked down at the floor, her earlier confidence fading a bit. She slowly reached for the hem.

Her slow movements pissed off Mr. Carl. “No hesitation, you understand? You do exactly what I say, right when I say it.”

“Yes, sir. I’m sorry, sir.”

Katie lifted the hem of her skirt, bunching it around her waist and revealing her black lace panties. She quickly pulled them down, letting them fall to the floor around her feet and kicking them off.

“Is that okay, sir?” Katie kept her eyes glued to the floor.

Ignoring her question, Mr. Carl replied, “From now on, you look at me when you do anything.”

“Okay, sir. I’m sorry, sir.” Katie looked up into Mr. Carl’s face. His brow was furrowed like it had been earlier, but there was clearly lust in his eyes – the type of look she’d seen in the faces of guys at the clubs, except this was entirely focused on her in a way she’d never experienced before.

“Good girl. Now, spread your legs wide.”

With a sharp intake of breath, Katie did as he asked. Mr. Carl stared at her neatly trimmed pussy, feeling his cock grow even harder as he took in the slick wetness already showing between her swollen lips.

“It looks like you’re already enjoying this, even though you’re pretending not to.”

Katie felt the blood rise in her cheeks and struggled to maintain eye contact.

“Now, I want you to touch yourself, the way you do when you’re alone.”

Katie breathed a quick sigh of relief that it wasn’t something more and slipped the hand she’d had on his cock earlier in between her spread legs. With her middle finger she touched her wetness, surprising herself with just how wet she already was, then slowly pushed one finger inside herself. A small gasp escaped Katie’s lips, and she pulled her cum soaked finger out to run circles around her swollen clit.

“Wait.” Mr. Carl said, and Katie froze. “Lick that cum off your finger before you continue."

The thought was so weird to Katie and freaked her out because she’d never tasted herself before, but she did as she was told. Katie brought the finger to her lips, gently licking the tip at first, then taking the whole finger in her mouth and sucking off her cum. She was surprised by how sweet it was and by the fact that she wasn’t disgusted by her own taste. Bringing her wet finger back down, Katie started to play with her clit, her breathing growing heavier by the minute.

As Katie did this, Mr. Carl undid his belt and unzipped his pants, pushing both his pants and boxers down, letting his huge black cock spring free in front of Katie’s face. He was almost fully erect now, nearly reaching his full length of nine inches. As soon as Katie saw this length and thickness, she gasped.

“You didn’t think you’d get away with just playing with yourself, now did you?"

“Uh.” Katie gulped. “No. No, sir.”

“Good girl. Now stop what you’re doing, and come give Mr. Carl a little attention, like you promised.”

“Yes. Um, yes, sir.”

Katie moved out of the chair, kneeling before Mr. Carl the way she had in front of only one boyfriend before. Remembering what her ex had liked, even though Mr. Carl was far larger, Katie placed her lips around the thick black tip, sucking gently. She swirled her tongue around the tip, then leaned forward to take a bit more of the huge cock into her mouth.

“Good girl, Katie. That’s my girl.” Mr. Carl gathered her long blonde hair in his hands, gently guiding his cock deeper into her mouth. Katie sucked and her head bobbed, but Mr. Carl wanted more. Although she’d came on like a slut at first, Mr. Carl was starting to realize that maybe Katie wasn’t as slutty as she dressed.

“Now, that feels good, but you haven’t always been a good girl, so Mr. Carl thinks he needs to punish you just a little bit for the bad things you’ve done.”

Katie panicked a little bit when she heard this, trying to pull away, but Mr. Carl held her head firm.

“Now Katie, I need you to trust me and not worry. Now, look up at me with those big, pretty eyes.”

Katie did as she was told, trying not to panic further and pull away. Mr. Carl started to thrust into Katie’s mouth, slowly a first, but quickly gathering speed and hitting the back of her throat. Mr. Carl got even more aroused as Katie’s eyes watered in response as she started to choke on his big cock. Mr. Carl kept thrusting down her throat, loving the gagging noises she made as his huge cock filled her tiny mouth. He loved watching his big black cock disappear in between her soft pink lips. Finally, Mr. Carl pulled out, spit covering his cock and running down Katie’s chin.

“We don’t want too much of that, now do we? We both know what I’d rather be fucking, anyways.”

With this statement, Katie’s heart nearly stopped.

“I… I was hoping maybe it could just be this? Pppplease?” She stammered. “You can cum in my throat, or I’ll suck you off again any other time you want. Just, um, can it just be this?”

“Oh, you poor, naive girl. Don’t make promises you can’t keep. Between this and the late rent, that would make you a liar. And I really hate liars.” Mr. Carl seemed angry now, and Katie was scared. “It really does seem that you’re just a bad girl, so I think it’s my job to punish you and put you back in your place.”

Katie’s mind raced. “I’m sorry. I really am. But… we can’t, because, um, I’ve never…” Katie trailed off, breaking eye contact to look down at the floor again.

“Fuck.” Mr. Carl’s cock twitched and grew even harder when he realized what she meant. “A virgin? This just keeps getting better.”

“Oh god, what have I gotten myself into?” Katie thought.

“I promise, it’s going to feel amazing. Your little pussy is going to love being filled by my cock. I’m going to give you a first time you’ll never forget. Not many girls get their first time with a cock like mine. I won't force it on you all at once though. Here, let me give you a little preview.”

Grabbing her arms and pulling her off her knees, Mr. Carl turned Katie around and bent her over the kitchen table. He loved the way she was entirely naked, except for her skirt bunched around her waist and her heels.

Taking three fingers, Mr. Carl slowly slipped them inside Katie’s dripping pussy. She was even tighter than he’d expected, which made him lose all control and forget to be gentle right away. Mr. Carl started to fuck Katie hard from behind with his hand, making her scream in response.

“That feels good, doesn’t it?”

In between moans, Katie managed to speak. “Yesss, it really does. I’ve never… Oh god, oh fuck.” Katie couldn’t help the way her body responded. She honestly loved the feel of Mr. Carl fucking her and she couldn’t imagine it ending. “Please, please don’t stop, sir!” She’d never been fucked with three fingers before, let alone a cock, but the way Mr. Carl slammed her into the table was unexpectedly driving her insane.

“This isn’t what you really want though, is it? I’ve seen you staring at it all evening. You want my thick cock in your tight virgin pussy, don’t you? You wish my fingers were my cock, don’t you?”

“I, yes, I do. Fuckkkkkk.” Katie screamed between her moans as Mr. Carl continued to pound her with his hand. She was so scared, but she just couldn’t take it anymore. She’d never seen a cock like his and for some reason she was overcome by the desire to feel him inside her. “Fuck, yes, please. I want your cock. Fuck my virgin pussy. Fuck my tight virgin pussy with that huge black cock. I want your cock so bad. I need you inside me.”

“That’s my good little girl.” Mr. Carl drew his fingers out, quickly shoving them in Katie’s mouth, watching her hungrily lick the cum off this time, a far cry from the tentative girl he’d watched earlier.

“Come on, beg for my cock. You don’t get it that easy.”

“Please, Mr. Carl. Please, sir. Give me that big black cock. I’ve been such a bad girl. I need you to punish me. My pussy is yours. Please, fuck me, sir. Pleaseeeeeee.”

On that final word, Mr. Carl slammed himself into Katie, shoving all nine inches of himself inside her, pounding hard into the tightest pussy he’d ever fucked. Katie had completely lost control, screaming and begging for him to keep going.

“Oh my god, oh my goddddddd. Please keep fucking me, Mr. Carl. I can’t believe, I never thought.” Katie couldn’t finish a sentence; she was completely gone. “Fuckkkkkkkkkkk. Please don’t stop!”

Mr. Carl wound his hand in her hair, pulling her head up off the table so he could hear every word.

“Keep begging for it, you dirty little slut, my naughty little girl. Mr. Carl is going to make you pay for your lies. You deserve this fucking, you bad little girl.”

“I am such a bad little girl! I’m so fucking baddddddd. Oh my goddddd, I’m going to cum for you, I’m going to fucking cummmmmm.” Katie couldn’t take it anymore, screaming as she came all over Mr. Carl’s cock.

The noises Katie made and the force with which she came were too much for Mr. Carl. He already couldn’t believe he’d made it this long, fucking a pussy as tight at hers. Mr. Carl shoved his cock all the way into Katie, groaning and cumming deep inside her.

Pulling out after he was done, Mr. Carl watched their mixed cum drip out of her swollen slit and down her raw, red thighs. Katie was lying limp over the table, but Mr. Carl picked her up by the shoulders and turned her to face him.

“Final part of your punishment for now, my dear.”

Katie nodded. “Yes, sir.” She was exhausted, but also more aroused than she’d ever been before.

“Get on your knees and clean me up.”

Katie sank to her knees in front of Mr. Carl, hungrily licking the cum off his cock and thighs. She couldn’t get enough of the taste. Mr. Carl groaned, loving how she looked in front of him, naked with her face now covered in cum. He’d thought she was bluffing at first and never imagined she would actually let him fuck her, but now all he wanted to do was fuck her over and over again. Finally resigning that he’d spent her for the evening, Mr. Carl helped Katie back into a standing position in front of him.

“That’s a good girl. I think you’re done now and that it’s time for you to head home.”

Katie was still so disoriented, so she did as he asked. Katie didn’t realize that it aroused Mr. Carl even more to treat her like a dirty slut by forcing her to pick up her clothes off the floor and head back to her apartment naked with his cum dripping out of her. His cock started to get hard again just watching her bare ass bounce and listening to her heels click as she disappeared into the door to her apartment with her belongings in her arms.

“And don’t forget, Katie.” He yelled behind her. “You better have that rent to me in two weeks, or you’re out of here.”

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