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Kelly's First Time

Tutor sees that student always looking at her boobs.
"Do you like them?" she wanted to ask him. However, she knew she couldn’t seeing as she was his tutor and that was it. Okay, so what if he is a sweet kid. So what if he’s only 19 years old. She was 39. She was way out of his league. Although she was only semi-attractive and faintly pudgy, she could be sexy too, if dressed right she knew. Then she thought "what’s he going to do anyway?" Say he wants to feel me out? "Come on kid" she told herself, that isn’t going to happen in a million years.

However, he did it again and yes, she did see it happen. “Kevin,” she finally said, “is something bothering you? Is there something on your mind you’d like to discuss?” she eventually asked.

“Oh uh no Ms. Morrison,” he replied as his eyes quickly shot back up into her face. “Uh no, no there isn’t m'am,” he said as he forced himself not to look at her tits.

Although she wasn’t extremely sexy, she did have a fairly decent body. She was not skinny as all the other female teachers at the school. However, she had really nice boobs and she had a set of hips that wouldn’t quit. Add that to a half decent looking face and he thought, "okay so what? She’s not all that bad looking. And heck, she does have nice looking tits, right?"

“Kevin, what’s bothering you?” Kelly Morrison asked again.

Oh she knew now. Kevin’s eyes kept diverting away from the book. Kevin’s eyes floated, slowly across the page, and drifted over to the large and nicely proportioned bulges underneath that tight looking dress she had on.

Kevin was simply wondering. That was all. However, so was Kelly Morrison, the 39 year old tutor. “Listen Kevin” she began. “Eyes over here, on the book young man,” and then she touched his chin and diverted his head back to the book. “I understand,” she went on to say. “A young man can be inquisitive but I am not some young lady. I am a teacher at the school and your-” and she stopped. “Kevin,” she said a little more loudly, “stop looking at my chest. Please do not do that,” she told him a little more sternly.

However, as much as he tried, his eyes had repeatedly drifted back to her tits. She had noticed too. She told herself it had to stop. She knew it couldn’t go on like this as they sat on the couch and she tutored.

“Listen Kevin,” she went on to say, “this has got to end.”

“M'am?” he said. “What is that?”

She knew she shouldn’t but she did it anyway. Kelly reached across and nicely took hold of his hand. Looking at him and smiling, she laid it just above her breasts as she questioned what she was about to do. His head kind of followed as his eyes watched her hand on his, which laid on her upper chest.

She took hold of one of her breasts and told him, “this here is precious to me Kevin. Most women’s breasts are. You trying to sneak peaks at them has bothered me a little. I’ve decided this has to end and now.”

She was still holding on to his hand which was still positioned above her boob. She looked at Kevin and smiled. He looked back with an unsure expression and she nodded as if to say it was alright. She smiled and nodded.

“That’s all these are Kevin,” she told him. “They are breasts. They are boobs and only that. Simply breasts Kevin and nothing more, nothing less,” she added.

However at the same time she was saying to herself that she did love to have them licked and sucked on as often as possible. Although that didn’t happen often enough and she knew it too. Seeing as he was a young man of only 19, it probably wasn’t going to happen that day either.

But she went on to tell him, regardless of what she was thinking, “Soooo in order for all this to end and for us to get down to business Kevin I am going to do something against my better judgment.”

He waited and learned what she was getting at.

“I am going to allow you to feel these. I am going to allow you to touch my boobs, okay? Plus, I am also going to let you touch them with your mouth and also your tongue as well. Is that understood young man?”

“Oh umm yes m'am” he replied. He didn’t expect her to say anything like that and he added “Uhhh yes m'am. Yes m'am, I uhhh understand.” Again his eyes looked at them.

“Then go on, but one thing first. This is my body. It hurts when certain things are done to it dear so please close your eyes and treat my breasts with great respect and honor and you will be rewarded. I guarantee you that you’ll be dearly rewarded.”

She pulled down her straps. She lowered the dress she had on. There in front of him were two sizeable looking boobs encased by one of her black lace bras. He saw her smile once he saw her bra. She reached for his head and brought it forward, telling her student to do his thing. She pushed his head in between her boobs and once she did she felt his lips start kissing her tits.

"Mmmmm oooooohh," she told herself. It was unexpected, but she found that Kevin was doing a magnificent job of kissing her tits. She wanted more. She wanted him to suck them off all over as she felt his mouth careen across her boobs. Kissing here, he’d jump over to another point. Kissing there, he went somewhere else, and as he did she grew hornier and hornier throughout it all.

“Wow Kevin,” Kelly the tutor said, “that was terrific honey. Suck on them some more, please. Please keep sucking on my breasts,” she asked.

And so he did and he did it to perfection. How it felt and how her body reacted to his mouth sucking her tits all over overwhelmed her as tingling rang out throughout her. She found she needed more and more. She found she needed lots more as he sucked and kissed the soft and voluptuous large boobs. He went on and on and finally, after a long while, stopped.

He pulled up, looking at her, and once he did he said, “Did I do well enough?”

He caught her off guard. “Oh uh yes,” she replied and soon started nodding, needing lots more of the same thing. She smiled once she opened her eyes. She wished he would have continued. That, to her, was marvelous to say the very least. “I mean, seeing that you’re only a young man and all,” she went on to say “it all made me feel uhhh special. Really special too.”

He didn’t understand the “special” part yet but he would. “Here, let me do something,” she told him.

She reached for his shirt and took it off. Before he knew it, she was on him. She had leaned in and begun kissing his upper body. He loved it too. He found himself stretching out. He found himself pulling at her upper body and wanting her tits some more. But he also found himself wanting more then he ever expected and as he discovered that, she stopped kissing his chest.

“Mmmmmm, this is a lot more enjoyable then I ever expected. Don’t you think so?” she said. He smiled. He nodded his head. And Kevin had to admit she was right. “I don’t know how to tell you this but,” and she stopped. “Kevin, may I remove your slacks?”

“Uhhh my slacks?” he said.

“Yes dear” she told him. “Umm let’s do umm everything today. Let’s just get it all out on the table, alright sweetheart. Honestly,” she went on to say “I would never ever do this with a man so young as you but Kevin, you have a talent I can’t define. It is poignant as ever my dear. Ohhhhhhh Kevin, you have no idea whatsoever.”

With that, she grabbed him from behind the neck again but this time instead of slamming his head into her tits, she went in and kissed his lips. She kissed hard and she kissed him passionately. And as she did, her other hand slid down and somehow undid his pants.

Kevin was hard. Kevin was horny as hell. Kevin was ready to cum, all over the place, but Kelly somehow settled him down although his cock stayed hard and he stayed horny too.

“Mmmmmm,” she moan lightly “now that’s a terrific and gorgeous looking cock above all seeing as you’re only a young man and all.” She looked up at him and smiled. “The things a woman could do Kevin would probably amaze you but for now well we’ll stick to the basics. Come up here. Put that beautiful thing up inside my tits sweetheart. Here honey, up here,” and she showed him and helped him slide it up inside her boobs. “Now push it and shove it back and… yes ohhhhhh yes, like that” she went on to say.

“Mmmmmm ohhhhhh yes,” she murmured as she pushed her tits together while feeling his cock slide up and down while inside them. “Oooooohh yes… yes just like that baby.”

He became hornier too and she’d watch both his cock and his face. He grew tenser and more explosive looking as he tit-fucked her more and more. She absolutely loved it and wondered about him.

“How’s it feel baby,” she asked.

“Oh god. Oh god” he replied as if his nerves were shot. “I don’t know” he told her as his eyes closed and his cock tingled more painfully. “I want to, I don’t know, but I think I want to cum Ms. Morrison.”

”Then do it honey. Cum like you’ve never cum before. Do it please sweetheart,” she started saying as if sounding like she was in love with the kid. “I can’t believe I’m doing this but regardless… ohhhhhh honey, just cum for me baby. Just cum as hard as you want” she told him.

And out of nowhere, while lying down for him, he came, and he came harder then she ever expected. For that matter, he came much harder then even he expected too. It was great. It was explosively exciting to both of them. Cum splashed and settled all over her face and upper body. Once Kevin looked down over his tutor he saw the older woman smiling as if fulfilled and satisfied. To him it looked as if he made her orgasm more then she ever expected to.

Her breasts lay around his cock. He looked down at them. Then he looked up at her. “Did I do alright?” he asked as if he was a little kid.

“Ohhhhhh Kevin,” she said “you did tremendously. Trust me. Believe me, letting you do all that was terrific. What we did was amazing. And to be honest, I’d do it again, alright. But one thing,” she went on to say, “what happens here, inside these doors of mine, stays here, alright. Okay, you understand me?”

They finally got dressed. As they did, she watched him." I can’t believe I did that. I let some young kid, this 19 year old let me get naked with him, and I allowed him to cum all over me. I just can’t believe I did that, she told herself. Nope, I can’t, but it sure was fun. Yep, he was a lot of fun. That’s for sure."

“Okay, ready?” she said. “Now, let’s get down to business. Over here. Sit down, okay?” she said. They sat and she snuggled up against him so the two could get down to some “serious tutoring” as there bodies pressed against the others.

“Sweetheart, so when will you be here again?” she asked.

“Uhhh tomorrow? Is that too soon?” he asked.

She leaned in and kissed his cheek and then said “How about the day after, how’s that?”

“That’ll be good. Thank you,” he told her. Then he walked out.

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