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Hi my name is Opal Hydrangea Ho.  Are you done smirking?  My friends call me H2O.  Come on get it over with.  My friends say that I have a personality like a Chameleon, fitting to my namesake opals which display different colors when viewed from different directions.
Anyway my Dad is a Gemologist, and my Mom is a Horticulturist they are Americanized Chinese.  My grandparents came to America when they were 12.  My grandpa was 25 and grandma was 22 when they got married, my Dad was 21 and my Mom was 18 when they got married.  I will be 17 on New Years Eve.  I know you're probably confused that my middle name is a spring flower and I’m a New Years Eve baby, well the parents say that I was conceived in the garden the day the Hydrangea flowered, this sounds so gross.  Anyway its almost Halloween and my boyfriend John Paul, yes the Beatles, will be going to a party as Harry Potter and Cho Chang.
A friend gave me some falsies for my breasts to look more like Chos cause as you know opals have no cleavage.  Yes I’m tiny, I stand all of 4' 8”and according to grandma the women in our family are 5’and under and the men are no taller than 5’4”as far back as they know.  Quite a contrast to my 20 year old boyfriend he is 5’8”.  I met JP when I was 10 at the Naturist Botanical Gardens.  Our families go to the clothing optional resort monthly.  We have seen each other nude and my non naturist friends just don't understand how a boy and a girl can be nude together in the same place at the same time and not have sex.  To them to be nude with someone of the opposite sex is to have sex with them.  I think their shallow so I don’t talk about it.  Last year JP and I went to‘The Resort’ as Adam and Eve before the apple, this year our textile friends talked us into this party.  Getting dressed as Cho Chang is a lot of work and a lot of clothing.  I’ll be burning up all night, but to keep friends I’ll live with the clothing for a few hours.  Maybe I should wear extra antiperspirant you know Hydrangea produces cyanide when burnt.  JP will drive us to Yvonne's house at 7 and then drive me home at 11.  Thankfully Halloween is a Friday this year, last year we stayed in a cottage at the resort and left early in the morning to go to school.  Mind you yes we were nude in a cottage together but sex was the farthest thing from my mind at the time because mom was chaperoning us.  Anyway JP is here and its party time.
     OMG the twins Chloe and Zoe came as conjoined twins, Trinity came as Two Face, Yvonne dressed as Lara Croft and the ever inseparable couple Clay and Anne came as Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.  Of course there were the mummies, the vampires and various other monsters there.  I am so happy to be rid of the clothing, in bed and going to sleep.  Tomorrow JP and I have plans to be together all day.
     As I go to the kitchen in the morning I hear voices, mom and dad are talking to someone but I don’t know who so I’m glad I have a robe on.  Even with my naturist friends it’s a bit disconcerting to be nude when others are dressed or vice verse.  JP came early to pick me up and the rents are talking to him about etiquette.  I feel for him but he really doesn’t need to be around me before I’ve had some caffeine.  I just tell JP to come back in about an hour and I get some coffee.  75 minutes later JP comes back and we go shopping.  We go to the mall and various other stores then we have lunch and go to his rents house to adore our stuff.
     Naturists are nude but we have clothing as well.  JP and I take turns modeling the new clothing we just bought.  JP wants to see if I like boxers, briefs or boxer/briefs so he models each one for me to choose.  He’s worn boxers for years because they are the next best thing to being nude, I don’t know why but I like the briefs better.  After we modeled the clothing I suggest a game of truth or dare, we’ve played before and it’s always fun.  JPs rents are out of town for the weekend and it adds a new dimension to the game.  We’re normally nude with each other so we start pretty casual with truths and minor dares and then JP dares me to kiss his nipples.  Sitting on the couch I look at all the hair on his chest and try to figure out how to kiss them, should I move the hair first or kiss the nipples with the hair there?  After what seemed like an eternity of silence I lean over press my lips to his left nipple making a kissing noise as I impact it then I lean over to his right nipple and kiss it, as I kiss I slightly open my mouth and touch it with my tongue.  JP gasps and rolls off the couch away from me with his hands in his lap.  I ask what’s wrong but then I see his penis is getting big.  Sometimes at the resort a man would have an erection and hide it until the swelling went down.  I never thought an erection was caused by girls.  Even in health they said that men have erections when they want sex but now I see that girls can cause an erection.  This is interesting.  JP excuses himself to go to the restroom.
     After JP returns it’s my turn to dare him.  Standing in the middle of the living room I say kiss me.  True we’ve kissed before but I’m standing and JP is at least a foot taller than I am, normally were sitting when we kiss to make it easier for each other.  With me standing JP would practically have to drop to his knees to get a good kiss.  JP slowly lowers himself down to his knees wraps his arms around my tiny waist and kisses me.  I melt into his body, but then I feel something pressing into my thigh trying to get between my legs and I jump back.  JPs penis is a good 7” and he’s not trying to hide it from me.  I’m a mixture of excitement and fear but I don’t know why.  I start stammering ‘can I, can I ugh?’ looking at my hands and his penis, JP finally tells me ‘I dare you to touch my penis’.  Still excited and afraid I get on my knees and slowly touch his manhood.  His penis is like a rock but the skin can move a little, it’s so fascinating I touch it with both my hands, caressing it and pulling on it.  JPs eyes have closed as I play with my new toy.  Suddenly JP tells me to stop, but I don’t and then his penis shoots this stuff all over my stomach and hands.  I jump back and JP slums to the floor as if he’s dead.  Oh no I killed him…, no he’s breathing, what did health class say? Men ejaculate semen to make babies.  Am I going to get pregnant?  No hold on, he has to do that inside a girl, OK calm down and go wash.  Now I see why I was so frightened.
     After cleaning up I remind JP that it is still my turn to dare him. When he starts the game I finish it or vice verse.  Suddenly he looks frightened.  I say ‘I dare you to kiss all of my body, every square millimeter’ JP slowly looks at my face clears his throat and says: ‘kiss all as in everywhere, ugh even your ugh’ “JP I want you to kiss everything, every single part including my vagina” I reply to him.  OK he’s sitting there looking at me like I was talking a language he doesn’t understand, what is so complicated about kissing me everywhere?  Now he’s grinning like a Cheshire cat in heat.  Now mind you JP and I have kissed and he’s fondled and he’s even kissed my tiny breasts but that’s all.  I’m so virginal that no one has touched me below my bellybutton and I really don’t like anyone touching my ass.  JP had 1 girlfriend before me but he has not had sex.  For some reason I want this, I want to be kissed unconditionally. 
     We move to his bedroom and I lay on the bed.  JP looks deep into my eyes then pecks my lips and then he starts kissing me.  JP is a fantastic kisser he presses his lips to mine and slowly we open our mouths and our tongues dual.  He has his left hand on my shoulder and his right hand caresses my cheek.  He then kisses my cheeks, the left then the right.  He makes little butterfly kisses around my face and towards my ears.  Shots of steam flow down my spine when he kisses just under my ear towards the back of my head.  He then kisses the nape of my neck all the way around to the other side of my head. His kisses move down to my shoulders, he has this left to right pattern.  From there he kisses across my collar bone and down the side of my ribcage avoiding my breasts he circles the left side with butterfly kisses.  Each one feels like an inferno inside me.  He then kisses across to my right side and does the same.  He trails kisses around the edges of my right breast avoiding my nipple and then the same on my left side.  When he finishes kissing around my left breasts he sucks the little fatty part into his mouth, I’m in heaven.  He then kisses over to my right breast and does the same but then sucks my nipple into his mouth and I scream out ‘oh yes please suck my titties.’  I’m like on fire with passion as he fondles my little titties.  JP trails away from my breasts moving towards my ribcage again and trailing kisses from one side to the other in an ever downward path.  I am so lost in passion I loose when JP is kissing but then I feel his kiss just above my pubic hairline and I freeze.  JP senses the change I was moaning and wiggling but now I’m still and quiet.  JP kisses my mouth again and looks into my eyes for assurance.  I say “JP I love you, I want you to kiss me unconditionally” he nods, smiles and goes back to kissing just above my pubes.  JP trails kisses crisscrossing down my body and then he says, ‘open your legs OH.’  I don’t know when but I had crossed my ankles and all of a sudden they feel like their fused and my legs feel like they weigh a ton.  JP brushes my pubes with his chin and gently massages my calf’s and slowly I uncross my ankles and slightly open my legs.  JP kisses down the top of both legs avoiding where I want kissed.  JP gently opens my legs a little more and moves himself between them.  He starts his kisses from the top of my legs in a crescent moon around my thighs driving my crazy.  Half nibbling and butterfly kisses he gently kisses around my thighs.  This is ecstasy but by the time he finally kisses the outer lips of my vulva I’m screaming for him to kiss my pussy.  When he does finally kiss my vulva I feel this deep ach inside me that wants him inside me.  JP slowly kisses and tongues my vulva and opening the lips he slips his tongue inside and my body starts shaking.  JP rolls his tongue around inside my vaginal lips and then he finds something hard and my body starts quaking as well as shaking.  I feel like I have left my senses and I’m floating somewhere in space.  JP slowly draws his tongue around my clit and drags it back and forth from my vaginal lips.  JP opens my lips with his fingers and concentrates his tongue onto my clit.  I start writhing in organismic ecstasy.  JP circles and sucks my little nub as I draw closer to orgasm.  I scream out ‘JP please fuck me, please come inside me.’  JP is happy to oblige with my request.  He quickly changes from his face between my legs to his manhood pressing against my virginal area.  Again I beg him ‘PLEASE’ JP presses his manhood slowly into me as I writhe closer and closer to orgasm.  Between my writhing and our pelvises rhythmic movements his manhood slams inside me shattering my virginity and plunging inside me I orgasm immediately.   JP holds onto me as his manhood slides in and out of me drawing him to orgasm.  Somewhere in my orgasmic spasms’ JP shoots his sperm inside my vagina bringing another serge of spasms.  Slowly I drift back from outer space back into my body with JP beside me.  We kiss and hug and we go to sleep.  I want to do that again.

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