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Lady Dorothy's War (Episode II)

We learn how Lady Dorothy lost her virginity..
Lady Dorothy’s War (Episode II)

A serial set in England during WWII

*In which we learn how Lady Dottie lost her virginity…*

By the time they had both climbed into the spacious rear of the Bentley, Lord Henry Brooks had already removed his dress jacket and was pulling at his trouser belt. Their lips had been locked together from the moment he had stopped the vehicle and his hands were by now roughly kneading her breasts and her bottom.

Her mind and body were bombarded by new sensations, the rough yet surprisingly gentle way he was clawing at her, his smell, a combination of liquor, tobacco and something else she couldn’t place. She felt the unfamiliar rasp of his chin on her cheek and felt that she might melt away to nothing if he continued.

His hand had begun an unstoppable exploration under her dress and by instinct alone she squirmed about on the back seat to enable him to touch her there. For a split-second she almost stopped him as she realised that not only were her knickers now totally soaked with the juices of her arousal but even her stocking tops were also drowned by her passionate wetness.

By now his hand had sneaked around to the back of her hair and he pulled her roughly backward as his mouth descended to kiss the top of her breasts. She moaned loudly and in the same moment felt his fingers edge past the sopping leg of her knickers and insert themselves into her most private space.

She almost cried out in anguish as he removed the hand from her pussy but it was only to scoop her budding breast from the top of her cotton dress as he fastened his lips around one enlarging nipple. Her own right hand was still clutching the back of his head but she now moved her left hand to the front of her body and boldly exposed a second breast.

He groaned, almost a growl as he realised what she was doing and his mouth fastened itself upon her left breast. His hand now again shot beneath her bunched up dress and his fingers again invaded her. She felt her entire body begin to shake as his thumb rotated at the top of her sex as his fingers probed deep within her.

He had by now lifted his head and was watching her with an almost drugged expression. As one hand began to pinch her nipples in succession the hand beneath her skirt began to thrust roughly deeper and deeper within her body.

She felt a strange energy begin to build just outside of her being and she abandoned herself to its will. Her legs began to shake uncontrollably as this strange wave approached and then just before she was sure the wave was about to crash he suddenly stopped!

After a moment she opened her eyes, puzzled at what had gone wrong. She felt his fingers still moving inside her, but slower, gentler now… But she didn’t want him to be slow and gentle and she didn’t want him to stop! And now he was staring intently at her, as if she was ill, as if she had done something wrong.

“Darling Girl”, he eventually whispered, “Darling, darling girl…”

Dorothy realised that now he was merely massaging her breast and his other hand was now only barely moving inside her.

“Look,” she paused, “Have I done something wrong? Am I… Am I not doing it right?”

“Oh Dear God”, he exclaimed with a sigh, “Dorothy…. Have you ever done this before? Because you know, I can feel… I can feel that you’re…”

And here his fingers flickered inside her so softly that she could hardly sense him now. “Darling,” he whispered again. “Are you a virgin?”

“Well of course I am,” cried an indignant Dorothy, pulling her bottom up and away from his hand. “What kind of a girl do you think I am?”

To her acute embarrassment he began to laugh, at first a low murmur but within seconds he was braying like a policeman on a pier.

“I’m so sorry,” he said, “I just thought, I thought… Oh you beautiful, beautiful creature! Darling please forgive me it’s not funny I know…”

Squirming with her incompetence and almost crying now Dorothy wriggled to try to break free from this rude man’s embrace yet he held her gently but firmly until she had calmed down.

Finally she whispered, “I don’t Want to be a virgin you know…”

“Well that I can take care of, Miss,” he said.

His hands dropped to the front of his trousers and he began to pull down his pants.

“Be a good girl, Dot, lean back on the seat and open your pretty legs for me…" he said. "Oh and take off your knickers, because they'll get in the way... .”

Although her excited mood had now frankly abated Dorothy did as she was bid and reclined on the rear leather seat of the Bentley lifting her backside demurely. She hurriedly unhooked her wet pants from one leg and left them dangling from her foot. And as she pulled her dress up over her waist and draped one leg over the headrest of the rear seat she saw that he had dropped his trousers entirely and for the first time in her life she beheld a man's erect penis.

It was a curious looking thing. Emerging from a curly thatch of fair hair it looked like a rather fat finger except bigger and thicker, and with a bump like a purple bubble at the top…

How strange.

She was about to reach out and touch this strange object when Henry, who was by now panting loudly as he stared down at her lewdly reclining body, breasts exposed and panties dangling from the heel of her court shoe, leaned over her and began to kiss her deeply again.

This time she was more conscious of his urgency as her own passion had calmed and she gamely tried to match his probing tongue with little stabs of her own. Wanting now to please him she thought first about reaching down to grab his ‘thing’ but instead decided to cup her hands under her still exposed breasts and push them forward. It seemed to please him as he moaned softly and lowered his mouth to suck on her.

Now she felt a fumbling between her legs as she sensed his hand positioning himself at her virgin opening as with a guttural groan he began to push himself inside her. Luckily she was still swampy wet and she felt the bubble of his thing hot inside her. Raising her bottom from the car seat to enable him to gain entry she felt a strange but not unwelcome feeling of being stretched and invaded. As his moans grew louder she was surprised to find herself also crying out as she she responded to his thrusts with rhythmic high-pitched cries that were equal part passion and pain.

He now moved his hand down to push her thighs further apart as he moved closer between her spreadeagled legs. His hands were now on either side of her head and with a violent lunge he pushed his entire length straight into the core of her.

She felt a sharp pain and cried out loudly but he continued to quicken his thrusts and as the pain abated she could feel the throbbing thing deep inside her belly. Despite the pain a part of her wanted more of him and she leaned back on the seat and pushed her bottom upward to meet his lunges. His loud moans were by now almost frightening and animal like as his shouts resounded around the confines of the car, her own pained sharp cries matching his volume.

She opened her eyes and saw that his face was fixed with an almost pained grimace as he bucked furiously between her open thighs. In that moment, she felt a flicker of fearfulness as if he had somehow become possessed by a demon and no longer even knew she was beneath him. She could hear a moist squelching noise as his quickening shaft began to thrust harder and harder and deeper into her. His own cries began to rise in pitch as she sensed that the final act was approaching. Oddly, her own moans had deepened and become hungry groans of longing even as he had forced himself ever further into her raised and hungry belly.

Now he opened his eyes and stared down upon her with a look she couldn’t fathom but instinctively understood. She felt the beginnings of a wave deep within her being and closed her eyes and screamed but in that moment he pulled out of her and brought his thing forward towards her face. For a second she thought she might die at the loss of him in her.

Watching in rapture she saw his hand move quickly upon its length as the shiny mauve bubble at the top began to spurt streams and streams of a milky liquid all over her dress and exposed breasts. As he fell forward, spent and exhausted her arms embraced him with a tenderness she hadn’t realised she felt. Feeling his pounding heart against her soaked and soiled breasts she realised that her life, her very being had changed in this moment and she would never again be the same person.

She raised her shaking legs around his naked bottom and crossed her ankles in order to pull him closer. His furious breathing began to slow as she felt the hammering of his heart subside. He moved his arms to push himself above her and gently kissed her perspiring forehead.

She took the opportunity to reach up and dip a curious finger into the creamy mess that was rapidly drying upon the top her breasts. With a tentative expression on her girlish face she brought her fingers to her lips and darted out the tip of her tongue to taste her lover’s emission.

To her surprise, it tasted rather nice…

At this he raised his head from her shoulder and gazed into her eyes with a look of pure love.

“Marry me, Dorothy,” he said.

And, only two months later, she did.

(To Be Continued)

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