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Last girl in her class

Beth finally finds the right boy
Beth was the last virgin in her group of friends at University. She realized this sitting up late one night in her room in the University flats listening to her friends giggle and chat about erections, ejaculations and balls.

Maybe she was just too skinny to find the right boy or more likely too flat chested. She wasn’t shy for sure, and talked and chatted to lots of boys at the University bar but she’d not found the right one to let into her knickers. But when James asked her to be his date for the Christmas black-tie dinner & dance she jumped at the chance.

James was in the Army University Corp and was slim, fit and good looking, if a little shy and nervous with girls. This was fine for Beth, she could talk for England and would now be going to the ball!

James wore a smart dinner jacket and dress shirt and looked a real catch. Beth was broke so borrowed a long black dress of her sister: sleeve less, full body and pencil cut shirt. It would have looked brilliant except it was two sizes to big and didn’t really hug in the right places.

The ball went brilliantly. Beth got drunk and danced with everyone she could. James didn’t say much but was funny and nice company. Afterwards he walked her home and as they where about to part they kissed. James seemed ready to go on his way but Beth’s heart raced, she wanted more, much more.

"Come on up, I’ve got some vodka, lets have a drink and you can tell me more about your Army stuff."

They tip toed into her room, not wanting to alert her flat mates. They lay of the floor listening to some music chatting and, at Beth’s insistence, drinking heavily.

Reaching over her, James tried to change the ipod track, slipped and landed on top of Beth, they giggled and kissed. Unlike before though, this time their tongues touched and then curled, pushed and twisted into each others mouths. His hand roamed over her body finding its way to her breasts. Beth’s nipples hardened and she let out a slight gasp.

James quickly moved his hand away, thinking he'd offended her, ‘No silly that was lovely,’ Beth whispered between their kissed.

His hand found her breasts again and then he tugged at the top of her dress trying to pull it down as he nuzzled her neck.

"Wait, I’ll have to unzip it," Beth sat up and unzipped the back of her dress and wriggled it down to her waist.

She lent over James as he cupped his hand across her plain white cotton bra. As they kissed she slipped her hand up her back and undid her own bra (she was worried James might never get round to it!), She eased both cotton straps off her shoulders and felt very naked. Would James be disappointed with her tiny A-cup breasts?

"They’re beautiful," he murmured before putting his mouth over her left breast and instinctively sucking on her nipple.

Beth’s whole body was on fire, her pussy ached, and her felt she might cum at any moment. James was the first man ever to see her breasts and now he was doing the most wonderful things to them.

Beth, not wanting it over too soon, pushed James gently onto his back. She noticed the huge tent in his trousers.

 "James, I got to tell you this before I change my mind," she blurted out, “ I’ve never been with a boy before and I’d really like to see what it looks like"

He followed her glance to the bulge in his trousers. James, put an arm over his face in embarrassment, “It's my first time too!”

"How do I get it out then?" Beth whispered in his ear and gave him a soft kiss.

"Wait," he said.

She heard the sound of his trouser zip being lowered. Still kissing her, James put his hand into his trousers and pulled his hard cock out of his shorts.

"There," he whispered.

Beth, looked down his prostrate body. Out of his trousers rose a thick pink cock! His foreskin only partially covered his cock head revealing the shiny purple-pink skin underneath with the strange looking thin oval opening at the tip. She nervously stretched her arm down his body touched and then lightly held his cock with her fingers. It was so hard and muscular, no one had ever told her just how solid and strong it would feel.

"Oh! My god that’s good," gasped James. "That’s incredible!"

Beth wrapped her fingers around his cock and moved her hand slowly up and down as her friends had talked about. Suddenly his foreskin rolled back off his cock head revealing it in its full glory.

James moaned "I’m going to cum!"

Beth kept going, she was loving making him squirm and moan. The way her friends had talked giving a boy a ‘handjob’ seemed so complicated but this was easy and fun.

Suddenly James’s hold body went rigid, he let out a deep moan and she felt his cock almost jump out of her hand.

The last thing he said was, "I’m cumming!"

A spurt of cum shot from his cock, it went almost to her face, leaving a thin trail of hot gooey liquid on the front of her dress and over his shirt. She was shocked at how far it had squirted out of him. She could smell its musky perfume and the few thick drops that now lay on her fingers felt really hot. She kept hold of his cock as a second and third spurt lept out now landing squarely on his shirt covered stomach. Beth kept rubbing his cock in time with his thrusts but soon he was fully spent.

She looked down at James, “Wow that was amazing. Is that what happens ever time you cum?”

James, nodded adding, “I think it's normal!”

They kissed and then Beth said, “Oh no, it's gone on my sisters' dress!" Then giggling, "I wonder if you’re the first boy to do that on this dress."

Standing, and now looking a bit more concerned about the dress, Beth declared, "I’d better clean it off."

She stepped out of the dress and folded it and carefully wiped it with a towel. James watched her from the floor. Beth stood before him wearing only a think pair of plain white cotton knickers. The thin fabric was stretched tight over her pubic mound, dimpled over her swollen pussy lips.

Beth pulled the duvet back and slipped into bed; she patted the space beside her indicating he should join her. James did as offered, his semi-erect cock swaying in front of him as in climbed into bed.

They kissed. Beth could feel his warm cock resting against her.

“If I hold it, will it get hard again?” Beth whispered.

 "I think so," James cautiously replied.

Beth's hand reach down between then and found his cock. It was warm and quite sticky with the last of his cum. Pushing her hand down further she held his balls for the first time.

"Careful, " he said, "they're very, very sensitive."

Beth held their weight in her hand as James moved his hand down onto her hip. She lifted one leg allowing him to stroke her inner thigh. He cautiously moved his hand along her silky soft skin, despite what had just happened between them he expected her to stop his hand’s progress at any moment.

Beth ached for him to touch her. Eventually, she felt his hand cup her pussy. She gasped, as he felt the warmth of her pussy through the thin cotton.

"Careful," she said, "I’m very, very sensitive there."

She rolled onto her back and guided his hand to the top of her knickers. Holding his fingers she pushed their hands together under fabric of her knickers. She guided his fingers through the curly of her pubes and down to the soft moist folds of her pussy. James, instinctively rubbing with his index finger felt her moist lips part and he eased his finger into her vagina.

Beth squealed and turned quickly towards him, but not before placing her hand over his to hold his hand where it was. Holding him close, she gently rotated her hips back and forth has he slowly finger-fucked her.

Feeling his cock now hard against abdomen she gripped it with one hand holding it tight as she let out a load cry of ecstasy as her orgasm rippled through her.

She lay panting in his arms, his cock still held in her hand. They kissed, Beth opened her eyes and looked into his.

"Do you need to cum?" She knew from his smile it was "yes."

"I think I know how to do it now," she whispered in a naughty voice.

She began wanking his cock hard and fast as they kissed. James, stopped, held and released a deep breath and then she was rewarded with his warm cum shooting between their naked bodies. They fell asleep in that position, their skin wet and sticky.

The next morning James woke to the sound of the bedroom door. He opened his eyes to see Beth in a woolen dressing gown holding two mugs of tea. 

"Here you go." She handed a mug to James and slipped into bed beside him.

They chatted, but nervously avoided talking about their bedroom antics from the night before. Beth, sitting up in bed, looked down at James covered in a thin sheet. His body was just gorgeous but there was no sign of the hard cock she’d enjoyed the night before.

She pushed her foot down the bed dragging the sheet off his body. He looked up at her, she replied with a grin, his cock was suddenly exposed by the retreating sheet. Beth moved down the bed towards it as it straighten and stiffened to greet her.

She ran her fingers over and around his cock and then looking up at him said, "I think its time we did it.”

Beth undid her dressing gown, pushing it off and moved to the top of the bed.

Propping two pillows up, she lay down against them, pulling her knees up and apart. James, clambered between her legs looking down at her plump pussy. It was the first time he’d seen her fully naked. Her neat triangle of dark curly hair seemed to focus his eyes down on to the puffy pink folds of her pussy. Her lips where just slightly parted waiting for his cock.

Beth reached forward and taking his cock in her hand pulled him forward guiding his cock into her pussy. She felt his cock push and stretch her vagina but it didn’t hurt as she had expected. It felt very, very strange but absolutely wonderful. Nothing like his fingers going into her, this was far more raw and animal like.

James, leaning over her, pumped his cock harder and harder, deeper and deeper into her body. Beth had never felt so alive before, her face screwed up in a mixture of wonderful discomfort and an incredible urge for more and more of this most personal pleasure. She suddenly became aware of James cumming inside her. He pushed his hips hard into her open legs, she felt his balls bump against her and their pubic hair press and catch, and then as he let out a deep groan, his cum filled her pussy. They hugged for a minute and then as his cock softened he withdrew out of her body.

James then did a most wonderful thing, something that Beth would remember for ever. He slipped down her body and started licking and sucking her clit and cum filled pussy. Beth squirmed, pushing her splayed pussy hard against his mouth. He pushed his tongue deep inside her, as far as he could, and then withdrew it sucking her juices and the thick flow of his cum into his own mouth. Again and again he licked deep insider her whilst rubbing his top lip hard against her clitoris.

Beth desperately wanted to cum and inhibitions gone, called out, “Finger me, James, please, please.”

James, thrust one and then two fingers into her tight pussy and he sucked hard on her clit. Beth tried to hold on as long as she could but eventually her body gave in as she shuddered violently with the first wave of her orgasm. She cried out load (enough to wake one of her flatmates) and nearly fainted as, at last, orgasm brought the most splendid release.

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