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Laundry Room

An older boy seduces a young girl in the laundry room of his parent's house-true story.
At the time of this story I am 17 and B is 21
"I'm going downstairs for a couple of minutes," said Brandon. He gave me a meaningful look and I knew he wanted me to follow him.
I sat in the flicker of the television with my brother and some friends, something inside me nervously twitched. After a few long minutes had passed I made some excuse and slipped out of the dark room to follow Brandon downstairs.
"What took you so long?" His breath tickled my right ear as he spoke, I couldn't see him, or anything for that matter.
He pulled me into the laundry room, I felt his hand slide up my thigh, "What are you doing?!" I cried out with mock-horror in my voice, I knew exactly what he was doing.
He didn't bother answering my question, he just began moving his hand farther and farther up my short skirt. Slowly, the fingertips of his right hand brushed underneath my bum, slowly moving their way up to the elastic of my small, white panties, while his left hand twisted and tickled my nipple. All I could do was moan. He hooked one thumb underneath the waistband of my panties and began to slide them down. Once the panties were around my knees I kicked them off myself while he unzipped his pants.
My eyes got used to the darkness just in time for me to see him pull his pants and boxers all the way off to reveal his hard, pulsing 9" long, thick cock.
"Have you ever seen one of these before?" He asked.
I shook my head no, never once taking my eyes off of his manhood.
"Get down on your knees," he said with a grin, "I'll show you how to handle it."
I did as he said and got down on my knees in front of him.
"Kiss it" he said, I did.
As soon as my lips touched it the giant cock twitched and oozed out a drop of precum. Brandon moaned with pleasure.
After that, I guess instinct took over. I wrapped my hand around the thing and guided it into my mouth. When I started sucking Brandon let out a guttural moan of sheer pleasure, and it wouldn't be long before I tasted my first cum.
He gripped my head, pushing himself deeper and deeper into my throat, after a few more strokes he unleashed a wave of cum into my throat. I pulled back, allowing some cum to shoot onto my face, and grinned. I loved the salty taste in my mouth. A strange, twisting, familiar feeling began in the pit of my stomach, I noticed that Brandon was not the only one dripping on the floor. I stuck my fingers deep into my cunt and twisted them around, the thick, gooy clear substance leaking from my pussy made me feel far too good to be healthy.
Brandon began stroking his cock and told me to get on all fours, I did this gladly. I felt his finger brush my pussy opening and cried out.
"Shh! What if your brother hears us?'
The idea of Jacob storming into the laundry room and finding me like this shut me up immediately.
I heard Brandon fishing around for something nearby, and a few minutes later I felt a wad of cloth (later I learned that it was a rolled up sock from the clean laundry) being stuffed into my mouth, I didn't object.

Once again  Brandon's finger brushed my clit. I let out a deep moan and wiggled my ass at him, trying to get him to go ahead and fuck me. Instead, B kept on stroking my clit, every once and a while he would let his fingertips enter my pussy, but only for a moment.
"Please!" I cried from behind my sock "PLEASE!!"
B chuckled and backed away from me. For one horrofying second I actually believed that he was going to leave me, but then I felt the head of his cock press against the entrence to my vagina.
Slowly, he pushed into me, deeper, and deeper until he met the resistance of my hymen. He bent down to my ear and murmerd,
"This might hurt, but be patient, it will feel good soon."
He pushed hard then, snapping my hymen into bits. If it hadn't been for the sock waded in my mouth I would have screamed out, and we would have been discovered. All I can say is: Thank god for socks.
He began pumping me faster, faster until the pain melted into sheer extacy. My first orgasm shuddered through my body, completely enveloping my entire body. I flattened out onto the cold cement floor underneath his pumping, hot, sweaty body and convulsed with pleasure as he pumped me. For one split second he pulled out of me, my body ached for the return of his cock. I felt his hands on my sholders and he rolled me over, and then proceded from where he had left off, only this time his mouth was locked on mine and we were in the missionary position.

Harder, faster, deeper he slammed himself into me as orgasm after orgasm rushed through me. When my biggest orgasm yet rushed through my body causing me to convulse and dig my fingernails into his back, he came with me. A hot flood of pleasure rushed into me, and I passed out on the floor with him.
Finally, he came
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