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Learning Fast

He was only asked to teach her how to drive, not how to love.
I was trimming around the gardens when Mr. Newburger came out and beckoned to me. I walked over, trying not to smile. I had made a cuckold of him a half-dozen times with his trophy wife, who was one hot fuck, but I had only met him once before. He stuck out his hand and said, “Need a favor.”

I waited.

“My ex is getting married and sent me my kid. Might be permanent, damn it, lawyers are working on it. Anyhow, she can’t drive and I ain’t gonna haul her ass around.”

I nodded.

“So you willing to teach her how to drive?”

“I can try,” I said.

He nodded. “Use the Mustang. It’s automatic. That’ll be easier than trying to teach the simp how to shift in your heap.” He smiled. “I’ll pay you. Twenty an hour okay?”

The insult kind of bothered me. I was proud of my Fiero.

He yelled, loudly, “Sandy, get your tail out here.”

From the kitchen came a lovely, young blonde, her ponytail swinging and boobs jiggling.

“Not so loud, Daddy,” she said with a smile.

“This is Bill. He’s going to teach you. okay?”

She shook my hand and smiled at me. “Sure. Thanks. Be ready in a few minutes, haven’t finished breakfast. Slept in.”

“She’s okay,” he said. “Just hasn’t been around men much. At a girls’ school or something.”

He got in his new Lexus and drove away. I finished the clipping and put the tools away. The girl stood waiting in her walking shorts and tailored shirt, looking very preppy and very pretty, her ponytail tied back with a colorful scarf.

“Get in on the driver’s side,” I told her.

She did and I had her adjust the seat and buckle her seat belt. “Now fix all three mirrors so you can see. You should check all three now and then, like every minute or so, don’t want any surprises. If you have to change lanes, make sure you look in the mirrors first and signal. Understand?”

She nodded. “My step mother says you’re a nice guy.”

I smiled and said she was right. Then we got all the controls identified, and she said she could reach the pedals. I warned against cellphones and suggested no radio for a while. “Okay, put your right foot on the brake and turn the key.”

She did and sat there licking her lips.

“Relax. Put the shift lever in R for reverse but keep your foot where it is.”

She looked down and did. “She said you were great in bed; that you were really hung.”

“Later,” I said. “Now look behind you and take your foot off the brake but leave it just touching.”

The car backed up slowly.

“Okay, good, now brake. Push hard. Make it stop. Keep your foot on the brake and put it in drive, the D.”

For the next ten minutes we drove up and down the long driveway. She was pretty smooth and could hit the brake hard when I yelled.

“All right. Now we are going to go around the block. Four right turns. Understand? Left turns are a lot harder.”

She nodded, backed out and got turned properly. Then she stopped and said, “I’m scared.”

“Okay, can you put it back in the driveway?”

She nodded and did it, a bit crooked, set the hand brake and turned off the engine.

Out came the long-legged trophy wife, carrying her handbag. Wordlessly, she got in the Mustang and roared away.

“I think she doesn’t like me,” said the girl. “Come on in. I'll get you a Coke.”

We sat at the kitchen table and she blinked at me, licked her lips and said, “So, how about you making love to me?”

“Now?” I asked, smiling and feeling the start of deep arousal.

She nodded. “I’m sixteen and I’ve never had a boyfriend.”

“How come?”

“Mom’s very strict. She in this religion; I think it’s a cult. Married this guy, this pervert. He keeps hitting on me, looks at me funny.”

“You a virgin?” I asked, feeling blood start to flow where it would soon be needed.

“Sort of. Girls at school popped me with their toys. Made love to a few, you know, licking and sucking.”

I came around, took her hand, and she came up right into my arms. Our tongues tangled, and she led me up to her room. I had never been on the second floor, having humped the buxom wife down in the playroom usually with the door and windows closed. She was a screamer.

I helped the girl undress and then stripped off my work clothes and she gasped. I must admit that it’s not an unusual reaction the first time they see my tool rising and filling. It is impressive, long and thick and gently curved, the perfect shape for most vaginas.

She shook her head and licked her lips. “Don’t hurt me. None of those toys was close to being that big."

She lay back on her unmade bed and spread her long legs. There was a nest of curly blonde hair between her legs which I spread as I went down on her. I was sure this wasn’t new, so I didn’t spend long getting her clit excited and then mounted up, sliding my big prick up into her gently and steadily until I was in to the balls, up on my elbows and enjoying the rippling feel of her unsullied cunt.

“I can’t believe it,” she gasped as I let her get used to its size and shape.

“You will.” I smiled and began with very small, gentle but deep penetrations, just to get her warmed up.

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