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Lesbian Experience

My experience with an older woman
 I used to work in a Hotel and we had regular guests stay and you tend to get to know them over time but one I got to know a little more than perhaps I should have....... She was a Pharmacetuecal (?) rep that would stay once a week, much older than me, I was 23 at the time and she was 41, baring in mind my mum was only 45 at the time! She would always be the last to leave the bar and we always had a chat about this that and everything else, relationships, men, hotels, you name it. We became really friendly and one night she asked me to have a drink with her in her room. We werent supposed to go into guests rooms but as I had finished work I thought it would be ok. Anyway, I went in and we had a drink and natter for a while before I said I had to go so she gave me a hug and thanked me for joining her, and then gave me a kiss full on the lips! I pulled away and looked at her thinking should I be doing this?!
On the way home I thought about what had happened and all sorts of things went through my mind. By the time I got home my knickers were a little bit damp shall we say and out came my vibe........
When I saw her in the bar the following week I had had time to think about things, she apologised for kissing me like she did but I found myself telling her it was ok as I quite enjoyed it, which was the truth, possibly not at the time but certainly afterwards! She suggested that we do it again after I had finished work, it seemed a great idea to me, so we did....

After work I knocked at her door and I remember that I felt like I had butterflies in my stomach, it was a mixture of excitement and apprehension I think. So we sat down and shared I bottle of wine and chatted for a while before she brought up the subject of last week. I found myself telling her exactly how I felt at the time and on my way home and then finally what I did when I got home lol. She seemed a very ‘interested’ in what I was telling and I told her about my first experience when I was 17 as well.   I remember her standing up then and asking if she could kiss me again and of course I said yes. OMG it was like the very first time I had kissed a boy at school. I had the fluttering stomach and the tingling lips and it was a long, lingering, passionate kiss with her hands holding my head. I had never been kissed like that before and we seemed to do it for 5-10minutes or so by which time I was experiencing a nice sensation between my legs!
Eventually she stepped back and told me to undress and I remember just gazing at her mesmerised thinking how much I wanted her to make love to me. I stripped down to my underwear and caught her looking me up and down before she told me that she though I had a nice body that she was going to explore every inch of, well, when she said that I could have had an orgasm there and then! I turned for her to unhook my bra and when she did she slipped her hands under my arms and cupped both my boobs with them, rolling my nipples with her fingers while she kissed my neck. By this time my knickers were ridiculously wet and my breathing was all over the place. She slipped one hand down my stomach to the top of my knickers whilst still rolling my nipple and kissing my neck, I had goose bumps on goose bumps when she slipped her hand into my knickers and started to rub my clitty. I had never been this turned on before in my life and my body began to shake as she touched me so she suggested I lay on the bed.
So there I was, stark naked on the bed, in a state of great arousal and no man to be seen anywhere lol. We kissed as she laid next to me on the bed with her hand between my legs before she entered me with her fingers. She knew exactly what buttons to press on me and I was on cloud nine by then! I was writhing all over when she brought her hand upto my mouth and pushed her wet fingers into it. That was something I had never done before but it felt sooooo right doing it with her and I became even more turned on. When she performed oral sex on me that was it,   I   had such an intense orgasm that I squirted into her face, oops! She looked so excited and pleased with herself when I did that that she kissed me really intensely and told me that next time it would be my turn to do the same to her! Then she stood up and told me to watch her. She removed her trousers, slipped off her knickers, sat down in a chair opposite the bed, put her feet on the bed, stared into my eyes and began to masturbate, not once did she look away. She has a great body too, toned and tanned and was really working on her clitty. Anyway, the site of this older woman masturbating in front of me was enough to set me off again, so there we were staring at each others faces as we came. That night was the most exciting night I had ever had, it was a sort of wow but with a capital W highlighted in pink with bright lights shining on it, a sort of WOW!!!
Anyway, this continued every week that she stayed at the hotel and each week I learnt something new, lots of it had a strange affect on me, in a nice way though. We carried on like this for a year or so going away for weekends away when we could. Eventually though her and her husband moved to the USA and we kept in touch for a while but eventually it became less and less as these things seem to do…..
Please let me know what you think of my story as it is my first attempt at writing one. It is very much based on fact rather than fiction. Thank you for taking the time to read it. x
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