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Let’s Go to My House

Experienced Guy Turns Her into Real Woman on her 18th Birthday
As I was drying my hair after working out at the gym, thoughts quickly turned to dinner. Hmmm. What should I have tonight for dinner? Should I drive to the store and get some sushi? Or should I just go down the street and grab pizza. Hmmm. The store was 6 miles away and I could pick up pizza about a mile down the road. Tough decision. What should I do? Sushi was definitely more healthy…But I did love the taste of my sausage and pepperoni pizza. Pizza it is!

Actually, sad to say…That was hardly something new. About once a week I went through the same dilemma, and wouldn’t you know it, pizza always seemed to win out! Yes, to say the least, I was a regular. They knew me on a first name basis. Not sure that was a good thing. Probably not. But, it sure did taste good!

So, I finished getting ready, got in the car, and drove down the street.

What THE hell was going on? Who WAS this chick? Wow, what had happened since I was here last?

There she was. Not the regulars whom I knew on a first-name basis but rather a young, petite, Venezuelan cutie. About 5’3”. Maybe all of 110 lbs. Beautiful, beautiful brown skin. One really cute nubile. She probably had no idea how many guys got a woody looking at her. Small little titties, but one good looking chick. She looked at me with that beautiful face of hers. Wow, what a change! I like this. Going to need to work on her a bit.

“I would like to have my regular pizza.”

“What?” she said in such a shy, demure voice. “I don’t know…quite…what that is.”

“I guess I am going to have to train you better!” I laughed. “Everybody else here knows what I have. In fact, Sherrie and Jason just order it as soon as they see me coming. I don’t even have to tell them.”

“So…What…would you like to have?” she said as she managed to eke out a small smile.

It was at that point that I couldn’t help but notice that lipstick. Damn, how sexy! Boy, I would really like to taste that lip stick one day soon! 

I couldn’t help but stare at her; she was so good-looking. But eventually, I caught myself. I needed to be careful; otherwise I’d scare this chica off. So, I regained my composure enough to give her my order.

Couldn’t help but notice those pert little titties under that work shirt as she was entering my order. Man, I loved little titties like that. What I would give to lick and suck those little nipples of hers. I WANTED this chick! 

Looking her directly in the eyes, I said, “By the way, my name is Marcel. What’s yours?”


I sat down and waited as they prepared my pizza. As I was sitting there I started to plot my seduction plan. Look her straight in the eyes and give her lots of genuine compliments. When the pizza came out of the oven a while later, she called my name and showed me that my order was correct.

I looked onto her eyes and said, “Thanks, Mercedes. I’ll see you next week.” She got the message. Step 1 was a success.

So when next week rolled around, the same dilemma ensued. Pizza or sushi? This time there really was no decision at all. Pizza for sure! Needed to check up on this cutie. So, as I was parking the car I was looking into the window trying to spy to see if she was there or not. Couldn’t tell just yet…Damn…I was sure hoping that she hadn’t quit yet. I looked in the window. Was she there or not? WHAT LUCK! That Venezuelan cutie was right there behind the counter.

“Que tal, chica bonita?” I said to her in Spanish. “Que pasa? Did you remember my order, chica?" 

She looked at me shyly and I knew that she had forgotten. Damn, got a lot more work to do here. But, I looked her in the eyes all the while that I was speaking to her. Saw her crack a smile and shyly look back at me in the eyes.

“Guess I am going to have to quiz you the next time that I come back. I’m expecting that you remember it all when I come back. Not going to let me down, are you?”

Now, I need to tell you a little bit about myself. I am much older than her since I am in my mid-50s. But, I’m a good-looking, successful guy who looks at most like I’m in my early 40s. So, she probably had no idea of how old I really was. It goes without saying that most people probably wouldn’t approve of the idea of some 50 year old guy chasing this nubile. However, the way that I rationalized it was that I was a better choice than her other alternatives.

Consider what one of her 18-old male lovers would do. He would just rip off her clothes, get on top of her with that rock hard prick, and then just jab it in. The whole thing probably wouldn’t even last two minutes. More than likely it would be over before she even over got over the initial pain.

What a pity! She would be scarred for life. She wouldn’t get off, she wouldn’t feel any pleasure, and would forever think that sex wasn’t all that much fun. Life was much too short for that.

Now, take the alternative. If she were with me, I’d use my significant experience. I would take my time. I would romance her. I would lick her pussy and bring her to orgasm before I took her virginity. I would get her nice and very juicy wet so she could easily accommodate my manhood. As little pain as possible. She’d enjoy it immensely.

Of course, I was a man, and the idea of having my first virgin got me all revved up. It would be hard to wait as I took aim at her gushy wet hole, rubbing my cock all around her pussy lips, before finally pushing it into her tight, virgin cunt. Of course, I would be gentle as I moved it in and out of her, eventually pushing up against her hymen. As I grabbed her ass, I would shove my cock forcefully through her hymen. She’d lose her breath, for sure, feeling serious pain, of course. However, I’d last a long time and would eventually satisfy her. She would look back on her first time with pleasure - instead of with indifference or regret.

Isn’t rationalization great? It sure does make a lot of uncomfortable problems go away. I really wanted her!

It was working. I could see her responding to my routine. She was smiling.

Of course, from her side, she was getting what she wanted. Some older, good-looking, experienced guy was paying attention to her and showing her that she was important. And it was obvious that she REALLY was a very nice girl. I wouldn’t waste my time on loser types – even if she was good looking. And I really did a good job of satisfying my women emotionally. That’s what comes with experience. My feelings were genuine.

The wheels were turning as I was waiting for my pizza. This might take a few visits, but I was thinking that I could land this virgin. I could just see her groaning as I busted through that cheery. Oh, what a feeling. Couldn’t wait!

During my next visit, she remembered my order. Wow, we were making lots of progress. Every time that I was there, I made sure that I romanced her in some fashion. One time I told her how sexy her lipstick was - which was very true. And I always called her, “Chica Bonita”. Flirting really did work.

During one visit I found out that she was still 17. Damn. Needed to be careful here. She was certainly a cutie, but I didn’t want to be going to jail for her. But the good news was that I found out that her 18 th birthday was coming up soon. Couldn’t wait!

In fact, I had an idea of how I could make this all happen. Let’s do something special on her 18 th birthday. Something she will always remember. This might be too good to be true. So on my next visit, I told that for her upcoming 18 th birthday that I had something special planned for her. Her eyes lit up. I knew that I had hit that emotional jackpot. Little did she know what I really had in store for her.

Of course, I was going to buy her a present. But my REAL present for her was to turn her into a REAL woman! Tactically, that meant I needed to isolate her and work my seduction magic on her. The best way was to get her back to my place since I lived so close. Of course, she’d be a bit uncomfortable with that idea at first. But after thinking through it, I figured that I would be able to convince her.

Of course, there was a fine line between seducing a girl in a situation like this and doing something illegal. Seduction was the process of getting her to do something that she really wanted to do, but hadn’t quite gotten the courage up to do. Forcing her to do something that she didn’t want to do was, of course, illegal, and I would never cross that line. But, it was a fine line especially when you get a cutie like that half naked in your house; sometimes it’s hard to hold back. Needed to be careful.

So, I invited her back to my place. Told her that I had her present at my house and she would have to come and get it. Of course, she was intrigued by that. After some initial reluctance, she agreed that she would follow me back to my place. She was wondering what she was going to get.

After we had parked our cars and were walking up to the front door she said to me, “So, what do you have planned for me?”

“It’s a surprise. Wouldn’t be fair if I told you just yet. Patience, girl. Patience.”

So, we entered the house and I took her on the usual house tour. Of course, the bedroom was last on the tour itinerary since I was planning to spend a LOT of time there.

We walked into the bedroom and stopped to look out the window. Turns out that the view from that window was really spectacular since it overlooked a forest behind the house. So as she was gazing out the window, I stood behind her. I slowly and lightly put my hands on her shoulders. That was easy since I was almost a foot taller than she was.

“Isn’t it beautiful?” I said to her as I started to stroke her hair. She continued to look out the window. “I just love lying on the bed looking out the window.” I then moved my hands around the top of her shoulders and top of her arms. Just as she was getting really relaxed and into it, I said to her, “You know what comes with birthdays, don’t you?”

“No…What’s that?”

“Birthday spankings!”

“Oh, no you don’t,” was all she could mutter as I grabbed her and pulled her back to the bed which was close to the window. “You’re not going to do that to ME! No! Stop it!” She was resisting, but she wasn’t going to win this battle.

So, I positioned her over my knee as I continued to face the window. “One.” As I hit her hard across the ass.

“OOOOHHH. That hurts!”


“Stop it!”

“Three. Isn’t it great to finally become an adult?”

“NO! No, it isn’t! Stop it!”

“You know. So far you have been lucky. Real birthday spankings should be against bare skin – not with your pants on!”

So, I grabbed the top of her pants and quickly yanked them down. She reached her hands back to try and keep me from pulling them down...But to no avail. I had lowered them to just above her knees. However, I was nice enough to let leave her panties on. At least for now. 

I had her where I wanted her. She was really vulnerable.

“Four,” I said as I hit her pantied ass. It was so great to be touching the pantied ass of an 18-year old virgin. My dick was starting to get nice and hard. She was frantically moving around to avoid being hit, but she was no match for my size.

“Your tush is pretty cushy. I really kind of like it. Such a nice ass! More spankings? I think that I am going to keep doing this...Five.”


“I could stop if you would like…Would you like me to stop?”

“Yes. Yes! Please stop. Please stop. Yes, yes, please stop.”

So, I did…but I kept my hand on her ass rubbing her all over her red bottom.

“Here, I can make the pain go away.” At first she was not very concerned that I was rubbing her pantied ass since she was still recovering from the stinging that my spankings had had on her ass. However, it wasn’t long after that she realized what was REALLY going on.

‘“Hey, hey, hey. What are you doing there to me?” she said as I moved my hand up under her panties.

“I’m making the pain go away. It feels better now doesn’t it?”

“Yeah…But…You’re not supposed to be touching me like that!”

“What’s the problem? I don’t understand. I’m making the pain go away. Your ass is very red and my hands are taking the heat away. ”

“Well…I guess it’s okay as long as you don’t do ANYTHING else.”

So after rubbing her ass for a while, I relented and let go. I positioned her on the edge of the bed next to me. She readjusted her pants somewhat so they were not down as far as they were before, but her panties were quite visible.

“Nice panties. Very sexy! Did you wear them special for me?”

“No, absolutely not. You must be some sort of pervert.” Her face was still quite red from the spankings, so I let her catch her breath before I made my next move.

“You know that there is a special ritual for girls that turn 18?”

“What? What are you talking about? I am not sure that I trust you.”

“Well…Since you are turning 18, you get 18 kisses. One for every year. You are becoming an adult today, you know.”

“What? I didn’t know that. You’re making that up. I’m not sure that I believe you.”

“It’s true.” So, I moved closer to her. “You know. I’ve always thought that you were very pretty. But you knew that, right?” I said to her as I looked her right straight in the eyes.

“Well, yeah.”

“You liked it when I flirted with you all those times, right? You DID know that I was flirting with you right?”

“Well, yeah, I did.”

“I really meant it when I said that I liked that pretty red lipstick. I have dreamed about kissing those sexy lips of yours ever since I saw you the first time. That lipstick is very, very sexy.”

With that I moved closer to her mouth. I stopped and put my left hand on her cheek and said, “You are very pretty,” and kissed her lightly on the lips. She clearly enjoyed it.

“That’s one. Seventeen more to go.”

I reached over and grabbed one of the throw pillows on the bed and put it underneath her head since we were going to be taking our time as we did this. As I was doing that I said to her, “I want you to be comfortable, we have 17 more kisses to go.” My next kiss was longer as I stroked the left side of her body. On my third kiss I licked her lips with my tongue.

“That’s very sexy. Now, it’s time to kiss like adults.” During our fourth kiss I maneuvered my tongue between her lips and moved it all around her mouth. I took my time before moving to kiss her on her cheek and then started to kiss her along her neck heading toward her ears. “You are so sweet. I really like you.”

As our kisses started to become more passionate, I took the liberty of moving my hands all over her body. At times, I rubbed across her little titties. I wanted her to get nice and hot so I could eventually fuck that virgin pussy. I wanted emotion to overcome reason. But I needed to get her horny.

This is what she wanted all along. She wanted to become a REAL women and make love to a real man who takes his time to show her how he cares. Who wants to be a kid?

“Do you touch yourself there?” I said as I looked toward her pussy.

“I can’t tell you that! That’s private.”

“So you do.”

She turned red as she looked at me as if she had been caught. And she had! “Well, sometimes.”

“How many times have you thought about me as were doing it?”

“Never.” But it was clear that she had been caught lying.

“You nose is getting longer.”

She smiled and laughed which broke the tension.

“So, show me how you do it, when you are thinking about me.”

“No, I can’t do that!”

“Well, do you want me to do it for you?”

“Absolutely not!”

I then grabbed her hand and moved it toward her pussy. She resisted less than I would have thought. She was probably pretty turned-on after all the spankings. I pushed her hand under her panties, but kept mine from going under her panties since I wanted her to feel safe.

I moved up to start kissing her again as I kept my hand on hers as she started to play with herself. I loosened my grip on her hand and let her continue to rub her pussy under her panties. Once, she was really getting into it, I took my hand completely off and moved it so I could slide my hands under her shirt to play with her titties.

At first, I just squeezed her titties through her bra. Once she got used to that I decided to slide my hand under her bra and play with her naked nipples. I moved to kiss along her neck and nibble on her ear lobes since I wanted her to get her hot as hell to improve my chances of popping that cherry. My dick was certainly ready. I made sure that she knew I had a hard-on as I rubbed along her leg as we made out.

“You did a good job. Now, it’s my turn!” I said as I put my hand back on the hand that was rubbing her pussy. She didn’t resist much at all since she was nice and horny.

I slide my hand underneath hers as I started to rub my fingers all over her clit. “Your pussy is very wet, girl. You are one horny girl now.”

I expertly rubbed her clit back and forth. I could tell it was having an effect as she started moving her hips around on the bed. I then slid one of my fingers into her wet hole. While she was somewhat dilated, I could tell that she had a very tight little pussy. I pushed that finger in and out while I continued to rub up against her clit.

“I think that you like getting finger fucked, girl, don’t you?”

I really didn’t have to ask. It was clear in her face that she was getting close to an orgasm. So, I pushed a second finger in and moved even faster. She was really started to buck her hips now and her breathing was becoming quicker. It wasn’t going to be long now. I was sure that she didn’t want to be too loud, but then again Mother Nature was taking its toll.

“Ohhh. Awww .. Ohhh… Awww.” She sighed, but couldn’t quite say anything.

“Oh my God, girl, your first orgasm. You just had your first orgasm with a man. I think that you liked it.” She was still panting as I said those words. “Now, it’s time to learn the joy of getting your pussy licked.”

I pushed her panties down to her knees. She didn’t mind at all since she was still in a state of bliss. I leaned down and licked her tummy just above the small patch of pubic hair. I then progressed to licking in between her legs – not far from her pussy. I lightly put my tongue on her clit.

“Ahhh. Ahhh.” She was feeling her first joy of getting her cunt licked and was obviously enjoying it immensely.

I quickly, lightly, and rapidly moved my tongue around her clit. She had never felt anything like this before and responded by moving her head from side to side along the pillow. I then moved my tongue into her hole as if it were a little dick. She reflexively placed her hands onto my head to pull me closer as she approached her second orgasm in just a few minutes.

“Ohhh Myyy God!! Ahhh. Ohhh. Ahhh. Ohhh!! Ohhh My God! Wow, that was incredible!”

She was staring into space relishing her first two orgasms, ultra comfortable in my bed, when she heard me unloosening my belt. She was a bit stunned by the sound and blurted out, “What… What are you doing?”

“I thought that since you got to enjoy yourself twice that I should get some equal treatment.” I then grabbed her hand and brought it to my dick. She was definitely resisting and started to pull back, but I held her hand firm. I was winning the battle as I brought it closer to my dick head.

“Don’t worry. It doesn’t bite, but it likes to be stroked nice and slow. That’s it. Atta girl. Just up and down like that. Keep that up. You’re doing such a good job. Oh boy, that feels good. You’re a natural at giving a handjob. Where did you learn?”


“Yes, really. Keep stroking it, baby.”

Then I turned to kiss her as she jacked me off. But, I didn’t want to come in her hand. No, that would be a waste. Saving that for her pussy. So, I coaxed her into turning over her onto back. After she was lying face down on the bed, I moved my hands under her shirt as I ever so softly touched her back. At times I pushed my hand through the neck on her shirt and stroked her hair. She was very relaxed and comfortable as I expertly touched her skin and hair.

While I was doing that with one hand, I maneuvered so I could push my pants and underwear down farther without her ever knowing it. At one point since my feet were hanging off the bed, I stood up and quickly pushed my pants and underwear off to the floor. I got back on the bed and continued my slow seduction.

Now, I decided to kneel over her so that one knee was on either side of her legs which were very close together. In this position, I could stroke her hair and get ready to penetrate her. I then moved her hair out of the way so I could begin to kiss her neck.

I was now lying mostly on top of her with her body flat on bed and kissing her neck. “Mercedes, you are such a pretty girl. Very beautiful,“ I whispered in her ear.

Because I was a lot taller than her, this position left my dick right between her legs and aimed directly at her exposed wet cunt. Now I put most of my weight on her so she couldn’t easily move.

“What are you doing?” she asked coyly as she felt the tip of my dick poking around her pussy lips. I moved it around a few times before I pushed the tip into her cunt. “Really. What are YOU doing back there?”

But it was too late, her pussy performed its biological duty. It gladly opened to admit its plum-headed visitor. The first male prick to ever poke into that pussy!

“You need to stop that. We really shouldn’t be doing this. I’ve never done this before.”

But I knew that she really didn’t want me to stop.

“Oh, Mercedes. Your pussy feels soo, sooo, goooood on my dick. You are so tight, baby. Oh, Mercedes.” With that I pushed up farther into her wet cunt.

“OOOOHHHHH,” she muttered as she felt the first male prick stretch the virgin walls of her pussy. You could tell it was a bit painful for her – at least for now. I moved in and out slowly until I felt her hymen stop me from progressing further.

I licked her neck and ears all the while I was moving it in and out slowly, wanting her to get used to her first male invader. I wanted her nice and ready before we got to the next stage.

After pushing in and out for a while, I could hear her purring. She was starting to really enjoy it. So, it was time to take her virginity. So, I put my hands firmly on her hips as I thrust HARD! I could feel her hymen tear wide open!

All she could do was grunt as her hymen broke. At a certain level, I felt sorry for it. I looked down at my prick and I could see the blood on my dick. There was definitely a feeling of conquest. But I was a nice guy and had taken care of her needs before I took her. She was enjoying herself. “I know that hurt somewhat, but it will feel better as we keep going.”

But, she was soooo tight. What a great feeling! The tightness of a virgin pussy. Squeezing my dick hard trying to get me to breed her. But I had to try and make this last. I whispered in her ear, “It feels so good to make love to you”.

Now that I had taken her virginity it was time to move her into a more comfortable position. I pulled out and rolled her over. I pulled her pants off and opened her legs wide and pushed them high in the air. I aimed my cock toward her wetness taking her in the missionary position. I banged her in that position for a while before I decided that it was time for her to get on top. She still had her shirt on which I took off after she climbed on top. I wanted to fondle and kiss those nice little titties as she rode me. I had been waiting for that from the first time that I saw here. Now was my chance.

As she bucked back and forth, it was starting to feel really good and I knew that I was getting close. While I would have liked nothing else than to come inside that tight pussy, I still had enough sense to decide that probably wasn’t a very good idea.

So, I decided that it was time for Mercedes to learn what cock-sucking was all about. I pushed her off me onto her side. I moved my crotch up near her face. She didn’t quite know what was happening.

“Open your mouth.” 


“Either I come in your mouth or in your pussy. I figured that you didn’t want to get pregnant.” With that I put my dick up to her lips. At first, her lips were closed. “Open up, dear. Your man needs to be satisfied.”

She parted her lips a bit and I took the initiative to push my cock into her little virgin mouth.

“You’re a real woman now, Mercedes. Now I want you to suck my dick real good like all good women do.”

At first she didn’t know what to do, but she was a fast learner. The wetness of her tongue moving all around the head of my cock felt soooo, soooo, soooo good!

“Just keep moving your tongue around the head. Just think of it as an ice cream cone. Lots of licking, girl. You keep doing that and you will get rewarded soon enough.” I had to snicker after I said that. As if this young sweet little nubile really knew what I meant. Yes, she was going to have a mouthful of sperm soon.

Had to admit. She was actually doing a pretty good job. Better than I had expected. Normally, I wouldn’t blow this quickly, but just watching the pretty young face on my cock knowing that her little tongue was licking me up and down was getting to be too much for me. Adding to that was the fact that I knew that I was first one to know the feeling of her tongue and mouth on my cock.

My dick got steel hard and I knew that I was about to blow sperm deep into the back of her mouth.

“I’m cummminnnggg!”

I had tried to warn her what was about to happen, but she was still taken completely by surprise. Five thrusts of sperm in rapid succession lurched into her mouth. It was too much for her and some sperm spilled out of mouth down her chin. But, she looked so sexy with sperm dripping off her chin onto the pillow.

She looked at me like she didn’t know what to do. “Swallow it.” So she did as instructed.

“Did you like your REAL birthday present, Mercedes?”

She smiled back. She was one happy girl. Tonight, on the night of her 18 th birthday, Mercedes had become a REAL woman. She no longer was some teenie booper. She had made love to a man, a real man, for the first time. She probably didn’t think that she'd be getting a mouth full of sperm and the remnants of blood from the cherry I had just popped. But, that was the price of becoming a real woman.

It’s safe to say that she’ll never forget her 18 th birthday! And neither will I!

“See you next week, Mercedes!”

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