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Lily's First Time

This is the story of how Lily gets her sexual awakening.
Lily and her girl friends were sitting around watching the guys play basketball. It was starting to get dark, so they were all going to have to leave soon. The guys decided the game was over and started making their way toward the girls. Lily was watching Steve. She knew that she shouldn't stare, but he was so good looking.

Lily thought she was OK, but not anything special. She had long dark blond hair and blue eyes, but she was bigger than most of her friends. She wasn't really fat, she just had more curves than the rest. She was almost in a D-cup, and her pants were always too big around the waist if they fit her hips and ass. Most of the girls at the park were size two and could walk around without a bra if they wanted.

Steve wasn't one of the regular guys in the game. He was from New York, just in town to visit his family. He was tall, with dark hair, muscles, and tattoos. He was also eight years older than Lily, but she didn't care. She didn't like guys her own age, but she did like Steve. Lily knew he would be the one.

You see, Lily was a virgin. The only thing she had ever done with a guy was kiss, but she was ready to have sex. She had been thinking about sex a lot, and she wasn't scared of doing it, she just hadn't found the right guy. Steve was the one she wanted. The best part about him was that he was leaving in a few days, and she wouldn't have to see him around after it was done.

Steve started walking over to where Lily was sitting. Steve said, "Hey, want to go for a drive?"

Lily replied, "Sure," but inside she was thinking that this would be a drive she would never forget.

"I'll be ready in fifteen minutes. I need to grab a quick shower," Steve said, before walking to the house he was staying at. It was next to the park. Lily tried to talk to her friends, but she couldn't concentrate. She was already turned on, and anxious to get her hands on Steve.

Steve came out of the house, and they went over to Lily's car. "You can drive," she said.

Steve got behind the wheel, and when they were ready he started driving. "Where do you want to go?" Steve asked.

Lily said, "I don't really care, but it's a nice night to drive through the country." So she told Steve to take a road out of town.

They were quiet for a few minutes, when Steve said, "I've liked seeing you, sitting there, watching me play ball. You're a nice girl."

Lily didn't want Steve to think of her as nice. "Well, I keep coming back, because I can't stop thinking about you. I really want to fuck you."

Steve almost wrecked the car.

"First, though, I want your cock in my mouth," Lily said. Steve sat there for a minute. When he recovered from what Lily said, he said he was glad because he wanted her too. Lily reached for is belt, and Steve moved so she could reach it better. It took Lily a little while to get his pants undone but when she did, she got a little nervous. Steve's cock was eight inches long. It didn't take Lily long to get over it. She realized just how much she wanted that in her. She climbed into her seat and leaned over Steve's cock.
Lily started by licking around the head of Steve's penis. Then she took it into her mouth. Just a little to start, but soon she was easily sliding it in farther. She gagged a couple of times, but it didn't take her long to get used to it. Finally, she could take the whole thing in. All she could think was that he tasted so good. She couldn't understand why some girls didn't like doing this. Steve was rubbing her ass. Sliding one of his hands down her pants. She started to get really into it when Steve said, "Lily, you've got to stop. I'm close to getting off. Let's park the car somewhere."

Lily didn't really want to stop, but she did, because she wanted more.

She told Steve where to go. When they were parked, Steve started kissing her. They pushed the car seats back so they would have more room. Steve unfastened Lily's pants and pushed them down. He reached down between her legs, and spread her lips open. He began to rub her clitoris with his thumb. Lily couldn't believe how good it felt. Steve pushed her shirt and bra up and took one of her nipples into his mouth.

"You have great breasts," he said.

Lily was glad she liked them. They were bigger than most girls, and she was worried they were too big.

Suddenly Steve stuck a finger in her pussy. "Mmmmm," Lily moaned. Having him touch her was so much better than touching herself. He slipped in another finger. Lily could feel how Steve's fingers were stretching her. Everything felt so good. She was riding his fingers, and everything became too much. She came. Juice started running out of her pussy. It was all over Steve's hand.

"Let's lean over the seats," Steve said.

So Lily put one knee in each seat. Steve came up behind her with his legs inside of hers. He slid his cock into her. Lily almost screamed, but not because it hurt. It felt amazing. She was a little surprised, because everyone had always told her that her first time would be painful. Steve started thrusting in and out of her pussy.

Then he slowed down. Lily wondered why, when he thrust himself fully into her. She pushed her hips back, and ground into him. Two more thrusts and she came again. This one was even better than the first. She was screaming. Her pussy juices were dripping down from where they were joined. When she quieted Steve stopped.

"I want to feel all of your holes," Steve said.

Lily was quiet for a moment. She knew he meant that he wanted to have anal, but she was scared. She was also curious. She had heard that some girls like it. "Alright," Lily said quietly.

Steve asked, "Are you sure? We don't have to."

Lily replied, "I'm sure. I want to feel you in my ass."

Steve pulled his cock out of her pussy. He pressed the head against Lily's hole. She moaned. That didn't feel so bad. He pushed, slowly entering her. She sucked in a breath. It was starting to hurt a little. Steve reached down and started fingering her clit. Lily relaxed. Steve pushed the rest of the way in. Then he stopped, letting her get used to him. He was still using his fingers on her and she started squirming.

All of these sensations were making her feel good again. He started to fuck her ass. Slowly sliding in and out. Until she was trying to trust herself on him. She needed it harder. She was going to cum, but couldn't get there with him going so slow. He sped up his thrusts. She was crying out, it felt so good. He thrust into her hard and she came. Squirting onto the car between their legs. Her ass clenched down on Steve and he pulled out.

"I'm close," he said, "I don't want to cum yet."

Lily didn't want him to either. She wanted more, but it was too late. He squirt thick jets of his cum. When they both calmed down, they fixed their clothes and just sat there for a few minutes.

"That was fun," Steve said.

"Yeah, it was," said Lily, "but I need to get back."

Steve drove back to where he was staying. When he got out and Lily walked around so she could drive herself home, Steve said, "So, I guess I'll see you around."

Lily said, "Sure," but she knew she wouldn't be seeing him again. That's why she let him be her first.

As Lily was driving home, all she could think about was what she had done. She had just had sex for the first time, given her first blow job, and had anal for the first time. It was a big night for her. She was already looking forward to doing it all again. Now she just had to find somebody new.

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