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Lingerie Seduction

Haven't had a virgin in a long time and Jackson was a real treat

“Jackson,” Allie called, “I have to go out for a few hours, but I will be back before my important client arrives at three o’clock.”

Jackson stuck his head out from the back room and replied, “No problem Miss Whitfield. I have a couple of more things to put up and then I will be out there.”

“Damn it, Jackson, stop with the Miss Whitfield shit. I am only twenty-five, not thirty or forty years old,” she admonished him teasingly as she left the shop, his laughter following her out the door.

Miss Allie Whitfield was the great-granddaughter of one of the town’s forefathers and she owned Allie’s Lingerie. The small shop did very little business with the town’s female population but it was a thriving internet business because of the special lingerie that Allie designed and manufactured for sale in upscale lingerie specialty shops. Allie had a new design and a special customer was coming in today to look at it and, hopefully, place an order. Jackson was her only employee. Although he was only nineteen he had been working for her for three years. He had been ribbed a lot in high school for working in such a girly place but he had the last laugh. He made more working for one day in Allie’s Lingerie than they did working three days at their fast-food jobs. And now Allie was getting ready to branch out into men’s lingerie, as she called it, and he was being used as the model.

Jackson was sitting behind the counter playing a game on his tablet when the bell above the door chimed, announcing a customer. He figured it was old Ms. Peterson coming in to complain about the sex shop that Allie was running, as she did at least once a week. But, to his surprise, there was a sharply dressed woman coming into the store. She was about 5’6”, had blonde hair that fell halfway down her back, green eyes, and a smattering of freckles across her nose and cheeks. Her gray business skirt hugged her shapely ass and, though she was not well-endowed, her perky breasts strained against the white button-down blouse she wore under her suit jacket.

“Good morning," he greeted her," welcome to Allie’s Lingerie. My name is Jackson. Feel free to browse and if you have any questions just let me know.” 

She gave him a bright smile and asked, “Is Miss Whitfield in? I am Sassie. I know I'm early, but I just could not wait to get here to see her new designs and try some on.”

At this point, Jackson knew he needed to text Allie. “I'm sorry, but she had to step out for a moment. Let me give her a call to let her know that you have arrived early. Before I do, may I offer you something to drink?”

“No thank you, I am just going to browse around.”

Taking out his cell phone, Jackson decided that calling might be faster than texting. He hit her automatic call button, but it went straight to voicemail so he texted her. After five minutes without a reply, he went into her office -- and there on her desk was her cell phone. Swiping his hand through his short-cropped hair, he tried to think what to do. It would be at least four hours before Miss Whitfield returned and it was a huge account that he knew she did not want or could afford to lose.

Jackson decided to wing it the best he could and show the customer the new line. After all, he was Miss Whitfield’s tech worker and had worked with her on this latest design.

Walking back into the store, he cleared his throat and said, “Excuse me, Miss but I could not reach her. I will… be… ah…. glad to show… you the… new line.”

Sassie turned around from browsing through a stack of simply designed lingerie and was ready to tell Jackson that she would come back at three, but seeing the blush covering his face, she changed her mind. She was called Sassie for a reason.

“Sure, Jackson, but please call me Sassie, not Miss. After all, we are pretty much the same age. How old are you anyway?”

“Nineteen,” he answered as she walked over to him.

“Nineteen... got a girlfriend?” Sassie asked, looking him up and down.  "And, by the way, I'm twenty-five."

“No mam,” he stammered. “Let me put the sign on the door and lock it, then I'll take you back to the showroom.”

Jackson put the sign on the door which told customers that the staff are in the showroom and please ring the doorbell. He then locked the door and headed to the back of the shop, followed by Sassie, who let out a very unladylike soft wolf whistle.

“Been a long time since I have seen an ass that fine,” Sassie told him. “I would love to grab me a handful.”

Jackson, not used to such a bold speaking girl, was unsure what to say so he did what thought was right: he kept quiet. When he opened the door to the showroom for her to go in first, Sassie grabbed his ass as she passed by, giving him a little smile and slowly licking her bottom lip with the tip of her tongue. As she walked in front of him, he felt a hardening in the front of his jeans while watching her hips sway. By now, Sassie was almost sure that Jackson was a virgin by the way he acted and blushed. She could not wait to see his reaction when she modeled the panties for him.

“The latest designs are right over here, Sassie,” Jackson said, willing his hard on to go down before he embarrassed himself and Sassie.

Sassie followed him to a table where he laid out the different design plates for her to look at. After a few minutes, she asked, “Does she have any of these ready?”

“Yes, she does have a few in various sizes.” 

“I want to purchase all she has in a size four. Do you have anywhere I can try them on? I run an exclusive shop that sells erotic lingerie and I would like a man’s opinion,” Sassie told him as she slowly ran a manicured finger down the front of his tee shirt, stopping at his belt.

“Yes, there is a screen over there. Let me get you some… of the designs,” Jackson said, going to the cabinet for several pairs of size-four panties.

She took them and went behind the screen When Sassie came out a few minutes later, Jackson quickly looked away as she was wearing only a white lacy bra, thigh high stockings, heels, and a black thong.

“Jackson, how am I going to get a man’s opinion when you are not looking at me?” she admonished.

“Sassie, you're just wearing your undergarments and it's not right for a man to see anyone other than his wife in those,” he said, still not looking at her.

“Please Jackson, turn around. I need a man’s opinion if I'm going to put in an order for these designs.”

Jackson did not want to lose the account for Allie so he turned around -- and found himself staring at Sassie’s ass. He swallowed hard and tried to turn his attention to something else to stop from standing at attention.

“Do you like this one, Jackson?” Sassie asked. “Does it frame my ass just right or..."

“Yes,” he managed to squeak out.

When she next came out, she was sporting a pair of fire engine red lace panties that covered her ass but barely concealed her cunt. “How about this one? Does it cover enough of my cunny? Thank goodness I shave it bare. Feel my ass and tell me how the material feels against your hand.”

Jackson reached out, lightly touched her ass, and then stepped back. “Feels good against my hand and it covers down there fine.”

Sassie went to make her third change and Jackson spent the time trying to rearrange his package. But, as soon as she walked out wearing the black bikini panties, his cock sprang back at attention, more than before. She saw him squirming and knew that, in a matter of minutes, she would have him where she wanted him.

“Jackson, cup my ass and rub it,” Sassie told him. “I want to see how they feel against my skin when a man’s hands are on me.”

When Jackson obeyed, Sassie backed her ass against his crotch and rubbed herself against him, feeling his burgeoning hard-on between the cheeks of her ass.

Jackson quickly let her go and turned away, trying to hide his erection. Sassie turned him around to face her and then dropped to her knees. She unfastened his zipper and, reaching inside, released his erection, handling it gently, knowing that being a virgin his cock had a hair trigger and could go off any minute. Looking up at him, Sassie touched her tongue to the tip and slowly pulled the head into her mouth. Jackson closed his eyes and placed his hands on her shoulders, breathing shallow. He'd never had a woman touch his cock -- with hands or mouth -- and he was so scared he would blow his load before he could even enjoy it.

Sassie saw a half-smile cross his face as she sucked and licked his cock. After a few minutes, Sassie stopped and stood up, looking down at his hard-on.

“You have such a beautiful, sexy, cock, Jackson,” Sassie told him softly. “Do you know how much is waiting for my hungry pussy?”

Embarrassed, Jackson mumbled, “No, I don’t.”

“Then we must measure,” she said and looked for a tape measure, leaving Jackson standing with his cock hanging out and not knowing what to do. She found a tape and returned to him. “Oh, I think I'm going to have to pump him up so more because it looks like it has lost some air.”

Sassie unfastened his belt and the button on his jeans, slipping them down with his boxers. “Now, that is much better,” she said as she knelt and took him in her mouth and sucked while playing with his balls. Sensing that she had pushed him to his limit, she got up and proceeded to measure him. “Wow! Seven inches and about two inches around. You have a cock that can truly please a girl once you know how to use it. Would you like to know how to use it, Jackson? Would you like to learn how to fuck a girl and have her scream your name?”

Jackson could not find his voice and could only nod his head. Looking around the showroom, Sassie spotted a futon and crooked her finger for Jackson to follow her. Without thinking, he started to follow -- and almost tripped over, his pants shackling his ankles.

Sassie forced down a giggle at how anxious he was and said, “Fucking is better naked,” and proceeded to take off her bra and panties, but leaving on her heels. Jackson quickly got out of his clothes and followed her to the futon, still thinking that this was one of his dreams and any minute he was going to wake up with his cock in hand.

“The first order of business is to get rid of that first virgin cum with a blowjob so you won’t blow too soon on your first fuck,” Sassie told him as she knelt and again took his cock in her mouth. Within a couple of minutes, he shot his load down her throat. Standing, she fully opened the futon and lay down. “In order to be a good fuck, the key is priming your woman, make her hot for your cock. So, come here and suck my nipples."

Jackson walked up to Sassie and just looked at her, unsure what to do. But he straddled her stomach and leaned down to take a nipple in his mouth, trying to remember from the porn video what he should do. Sassie decided to help him out and told him how to touch and suck her nipples until he had her withering on the futon. Pulling his head up to hers, Sassie kissed him, plunging her tongue into his mouth, sucking on his tongue. They lay side-by-side, touching and kissing, until she felt his erection getting harder. Pushing him on his back, she put a leg on each side of him, her wet pussy over his face.

“Tongue me, finger me, suck my clit,” Sassie whispered as she lowered her pussy, rubbing her juices over his face.

Jackson reached up and put his hands on her ass to hold her still as he tentatively touched his tongue to her pussy, then he moved one hand and stuck a finger inside of her. When his tongue accidentally touched her clit, she gave a gasp and a little shudder. While Jackson continued to explore her cunt, Sassie ran her tongue up and down his shaft. Finally, Sassie could not stand it any longer and moved down to his cock. Very slowly, she lowered her pussy down his shaft until he was snug inside.

“Fucking damn,” Jackson moaned at the warm sensation her wet pussy caused around his hard-on

"Pinch my nipples,” she instructed as she started to ride his cock, reaching between their bodies to massage her clit.

Jackson began to play with her nipples, pinching and tweaking them as she rode his cock up and down. As Sassie neared her orgasm, she clamped down tight with her cunt muscles on Jackson’s cock and began to ride him hard, taking him as deep as she could in her cunt.

“Oh! Fuck me, Jackson,” she screamed as her body began to shake, quiver, and seemed to explode. Waves of intense pleasure clouded her vision as her orgasm slammed through her body.

Much to his surprise, Jackson felt his balls tightening, his cock getting even harder, and then he felt himself shooting his cum into Sassie’s pussy, making his body quiver. Sassie felt him tense, then a hot sensation as he shot his load. She lay down on him, her head on his chest.

Eventually, raising her head, she kissed his lips. Climbing off, she went behind the screen to dress. When she came out, Jackson was dressed and the futon was reset into a couch.

Touching his arm, she softly said, “Thank you. Now I'm getting out of here. Tell Miss Whitfield that I was here and that you showed me the design plates. Tell her she will have my order on Monday. I will never forget today, Jackson. If I get back this way, we will try to get together.”

Sassie kissed him and then let him walk her to the front door. She got to her car and drove to the nearest fast food restaurant. After parking, she took out her cell phone and punched in a number.

“Mission accomplished, Allie. Your employee is no longer a virgin. Thanks for calling me. I remember how much fun it was in college when you and I would take turns breaking in virgins. Haven’t had one in a while and Jackson was a real treat. You'll have a big order from me on Monday. Have a great weekend.”




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