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Lisa's daughter

It was an accident
In my previous post I shared my first experience with my girlfriend's friend Lisa. I spent time with Lisa fairly often. Normally I would go over to her house after visiting my girlfriend. Especially if my girlfriend's children were home or she didn't want to have sex.

I did tell Lilly that I had gone over to see Lisa after leaving her place one evening to pass on her offer. So she was aware that I was visiting Lisa.

I had mentioned that Lisa's daughter looked just like her mom. she had turned 17 several weeks after I started visiting Lisa. She was the same height and body type including her breasts. She was a typical teenager and Lisa had her hands full with her but for the most part she was a really cool girl.

Lisa and I would text each other during the day and discuss our plans. Normally if I was going to come over she would leave the door unlocked and I would just come in, if she had gone to bed I would lock the door and go up and climb in bed. If she was asleep I would wake her up by diving between her legs and start munching her sweet pussy. We would go from there with me staying until the next morning.

If her daughter was home I would knock and wait to come in. Normally I would just hang out and after her daughter went to bed we would have sex as quietly as possible and I would go home. Of course our options were limited because it was a small house and we did need to be quiet. For obvious reasons I didn't go over that often when her daughter was home.

About 2 months after we started seeing each other we had arranged for me to come over after I left Lilly's around 11 or so. My phone was about dead the last time we exchanged texts and she said she would be alone and probably asleep and to wake her up like always. The evening with Lilly was a bit frustrating as I was really horny and she was just plain not in the mood. So when I left her house I just went over to Lisa's like always.

I got over to her house around 11:45 or so. The house was dark and the front door was unlocked. I came in and pulled my shoes off and headed upstairs to the bedroom. I undressed and climbed on the bed. I gently decided to wake her with my already stiff cock instead of eating her awake.

I gently worked her panties over her ass and down her legs until I was able to get them off of her. She moved around a bit until she was sort of on her side with one leg drawn up a little bit. I grabbed the KY from her night stand and gave my cock a good lubing up. Then I climbed back on the bed and moved behind her. Her new position was perfect for me. All I had to do was straddle her one leg and use my hand to lift her cheek up and expose her pussy from behind. I guided my cock to her lips and rubbed it back and forth just a little and then I just pushed into her. She was a little snug on this position and had to move my hips and then push the rest of the way in.

When I pushed in the second time I heard her suck in a huge breath and groan, her hand came down and grabbed my wrist. I told her that I had been waiting to fuck her for 3 days and that she better hang on and started to stroke her with nice long strokes giving it a little sharp jab as I hit bottom. She would grunt and moan on each stroke. Her vagina seemed to really hang on and I felt her pussy contract on my cock in just a few strokes and her body shook as she mumbled omg! omg! I reached up and grabbed her breast and squeezed it as I continued to fuck her. I told her how much I enjoyed fucking her and how great her pussy felt wrapped around my cock. She climaxed again as I told her that.

I really wanted to get in there so I pulled out of her and heard her gasp and say don't stop, please. I grabbed her hips and rolled her onto her back and positioned my cock and easily slipped right back in, this time all the say to her cervix. She opened her legs wide for me and I leaned forward to kiss her. That's when I realized it was Alexis, Lisa's daughter. I was obviously shocked and had about a 100 thoughts running thru my head all at once, not the least was the trouble I could be in. I mean S!%#. I was already getting soft and started to pull out of her. She saw the expression on my face and grabbed my arms and wrapped her legs around my waist and begged me not to stop.

I told her I was so sorry, I thought she was her Mom, I was nearly in a panic. I asked her where her mom was. She just hung on and kept asking me to finish, please don't stop. She said it was OK. I'm not a virgin and don't want you to stop. Now the panic was fading and the situation was having an effect and I was getting hard again. She said Mom's downstairs on the couch. Her legs were pulled me against her and my cock was pushing against her wet lips. She was watching my cock telling me to hurry. Then she tipped the scales, she told me it was OK, her Mom put her on the pill last summer.

I have to confess I gave in. I relaxed and entered her again to her moaning and pulling her legs back open wide. I told her this is a bad idea and went back to stroking her as she met my thrusts with her hips. I kissed her and sucked her nipples and grabbed her hips and fucked her hard for about 5 minutes before telling her I was going to cum. She wrapped her arms and legs around me and I buried my cock deep and came like mad. Her body shook like she was having spasms. Once we both finished we lay there panting.

Afterward she explained that she had been sexually active for about a year. She came home early because she and her Dad had a fight. She got in bed with her mom and fell asleep while they talked about her Dad. She said her Mom must have gone down to meet me and fallen asleep on the couch so I would not get in bed with them. So now I had to see if I could slip downstairs and wake Lisa up without her knowing I had gone up and fucked her daughter silly.

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