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Little sisters are dangerous

Her body pressed softly against mine, and she looked me in the eyes as we moved lightly against each other. The feel of the muscles of her torso shifting within my arms as her hips moved smoothly side to side burned away any notice of the rest of the world, and when she began rubbing the nape of my neck in the dark, I became fully hard.

Our first two slow dances drove me into a slow burn as I sought with some success to keep my erection from pressing too noticeably against her, but then we returned to the floor and danced in a dark corner where she skillfully moved her hips to rub constantly against my erection.

“Don’t fight it,” she whispered, and as I stared at her in surprise, she rubbed her lower belly against my painfully throbbing cock.

I pushed against her slightly and looked into her brown eyes as she watched me closely. Her face showed highlights of light reflecting off a light sheen of sweat, and as her full dark brown breasts pressed against my chest and their swells pushed into my upper arms, she raised herself a little so that my cock rubbed against her crotch.

“Yes,” she whispered, “that’s good.”

Fortunately, it was a long song. She pressed against me in a frank passion and enjoyment that astonished me, and this soon drove me over the edge. I breathed in raggedly as I thrust hard against her crotch and in less than fifteen seconds felt the spasms rush through my loins as a hot sticky fluid filled my underwear.

Half a minute later the song ended and she smiled coyly, “You have to go to the bathroom now, don’t you?”

If she had shown any embarrassment, I would have shriveled up and run away, but her matter of fact attitude allowed me to nod and whisper, “I’ll be back soon.”

She nodded and whispered, “I’ll meet you,” as I made my way through the thankfully unnoticing crowd and went to the nearest men’s room, which was blessedly empty.

I took a handful of paper towels and wetted half of them, then went into a stall and wiped up as best I could. When I left the restroom, she was standing a little way down the hall, her green dress tight around her sweaty brown body, a smile on her face when she saw me, her hair slightly undone from the heat.

I said, “I’m so sorry.”


“You must be angry with me or embarrassed.”

“No,” she smiled, “I’m not embarrassed.” She gave me a mock frown though. “I am mad at you though.” She shook her finger at me, “After you had so much fun, did you even kiss me? No, you didn’t.” She then smiled again, “But you can make it up to me.”

My throat too dry to speak, I simply nodded.

“Come this way then,” she said.

She led me down a side hallway to some of the science labs and stopped at the last one before the outside door. She looked back down the hallway, which was dark and empty, and opened the door and pulled me inside by the hand. She turned the lock after it closed and led me back to the wall next to the chemical stockroom where she filled in for extra credit and we sat on the floor behind a lab table.

The moon shone through the window, lighting us in its reflection from the cabinet in front of us, and looked at me. I put my arms around her and leaned in for our first kiss; her eyes closed as our lips touched and her mouth suckled on my lips as we gave ourselves over to the sensation of each other.

Soon she sucked my tongue into her mouth and let me explore her teeth for several minutes, then she pulled away and said, “You had a lot of fun, but I need fun too. You didn’t let me finish,” with a pout that made me laugh as my heart skipped a beat.

“Here,” she said and pulled my left hand to cup her right breast. I squeezed it experimentally, then hefted it as I felt its soft flesh trying to break free of her dress. Her nipple was erect, and as I fingered it, she sighed and started sucking on my neck. Tingles ran through my body as she ran her hands over my chest and around my sides to my back, and I pulled away to watch her flushed face, eyes half closed and lips half open, hair falling in lightly waved jet black ripples to just below her shoulders. I leaned in to kiss her some more, and I felt her moan into my mouth with every fiber of my body.

Several minutes later I had my hands on both her breasts, and she sat up and said, “Here, help me.” She turned around slightly and said, “Unzip me.”

With trembling fingers I reached up and slowly pulled the zipper down, exposing her dark brown skin as her dress sagged forward. When the zipper reached the swell of her ass, she turned back around and let the front fall forward. Her swollen breasts tumbled forward without the hindrance of a bra and sagged into my hands, my white fingers shocking against their smooth ebony as little swells of flesh pushed out between my fingers.

I felt her nipples sticking out half an inch as I kneaded the massive mounds they stuck out from, coal black and beautiful, and she pulled my head down to the top of the swell of her right breast and said, “Kiss me.”

I explored her soft skin and flesh with hand and lips as she pulled first one nipple and then the other to my greedy lips. She moaned softly as I sucked each for as long as she would let me, my head filled with her feel and the scent of her skin and perfume. Soon she was rubbing her thighs against each other; the rustle of her dress and the swish of her skin filled my ears, and she suddenly took my left hand and pulled it between her knees as she lifted the hem of her dress.

“I’m close,” she explained and pushed my hand between her thighs and up to her wet lips.

I felt the tropical heat of her skin and the tropical wetness of her thick thatch of rough sodden hairs under the palm of my hand, and then the wetness and softness of her slit under and then around my fingers. She pushed up against my hand and pulled my head back to her breasts.

“Don’t be soft, hon,” she said. “I need it bad.” I pushed my fingers inside her and was rewarded with her loud moan and a rushed “Yes.” I rubbed around inside her and she took the time to reach down and guide my hand. “Against the front. Like that.”

I did as she said and pulled away to watch as she went to pieces underneath my hand, thrusting up raggedly in a way I never dreamed a woman would let herself go for me, and as her sagging breasts jumped upwards with each of her thrusts, she fucked hard against my hand and filled the room with her gasps and scent.

Soon her body went completely rigid except for her hips; her thighs closed tightly around my hand and nearly sprained it, and she said tensely, “Fuck me with your fingers. Hard!”

I did so and was rewarded with a small scream as her vagina clamped down hard on my fingers and a sudden rush of fluid flooded my palm and drenched her thighs and dress. She continued fucking against my hand for a full minute, then went completely limp and lay back exhausted.

I lay down next to her and asked, “Was it good?”

She chuckled, “Baby, that was the best ever. I needed that so much.” I leaned down to kiss her and she responded avidly. A few minutes later she sat up and asked, “I didn’t scare you, did I?”

“A little.”

She looked into my eyes, searching, and said, “You’ve really never done this before, have you?”

“Not really. No.”

“Wow. All the boys I’ve been with had more experience than me. I guess I have to be gentle with you, don’t I?”


She laughed, “Well, I’ll try.”

We kissed some more and she said, “So, I’m your girlfriend now. You don’t have to keep your hands off me!”

I looked at her a little nervously and she said, “Take your time. But girls really like being touched too.”

She kissed me again and ran her hand down to my crotch. She ran her fingers lightly over my still-clothed cock as I began squeezing her nipples.

“Yes, like that.” Soon she raised herself and said, “Suck on them. Please.”

I did so with pleasure, and she whispered, “Yes. Do you like my tits?”

“I love them.”

“Suck them harder. Oh yes.”

She pushed them against my lips and pushed me from one nipple to the other, then took my hand and pushed it to her waist. “You know where to end up, but I like feeling you touch me everywhere.”

I ran my hand around her waist and hips, and she said, “Here.”

She stood up and pushed down her dress so she was fully nude in the moonlight, the starkness of the sharp line between light and dark burning into my brain, and then she knelt back down and said, “You need some more fun too, don’t you?”

I nodded and she laughed throatily and unzipped me. I felt her fingers lightly exploring me as she looked down at my lap, and then she looked up, her hair dangling around her ears and shoulders, and said, “Do you like what I’m doing?”


“Am I doing it right? Is it how you like it?”

“Yes.” I reached up and caressed her belly and ran my fingertips down to the triangle of hair hiding in the shadow. “Am I?”

“Yes, hon, that’s just right,” as I caressed her mound, feeling out just how that part of her body felt. “Now just a little lower,” and when my fingers reached her lips, she said, “Gently now, but harder as I get wetter, okay? Remember what you did for me? You can do that for me again.”

I felt the hard nub I had read about under my fingers and rubbed it lightly. “Ooh, you’re learning, hon, yes, like that.”

She leaned in to kiss me and as my fingers ran up and down her lips, she teased my lips with her tongue. As my fingers circled her vagina, her tongue pressed just between my lips, and as I pressed inside, she did the same with her tongue.

She ran her fingers along my cock as I pushed my fingers inside her; she pulled her hand away to guide my hand so that the palm cupped her clit, and then she gripped my cock again and pulled away from my lips long enough to say, “Now hold your hand like that against me while you use your fingers. I like it when you use them hard inside me when I’m close like this.”

She returned to kissing me and sucking on my tongue as I experimentally pushed up inside her. Soon I found the rhythm that made her moan into my mouth, and as her vagina began contracting around me, she pulled her head away and back and breathed raggedly as I kissed her throat.

“I’m close,” she whispered, “faster. Fuck me hard, hon.”

I realized she wanted it as hard as I did when I came while jacking off, so I thrust my hand back and forth as fast as I could.

She said raggedly, “Yes, that’s good,” and then said nothing until a short whine escaped her throat and her body contracted in hard pulsations around my fingers.

She finally relaxed and looked around; laying her dress on the floor, she lay back on it and said, “Lie next to me. I want to see you come for me.”

I lay next to her on her left so that my right hand was free to touch her, and she whispered, “I loved feeling you come against me. Now I get to see you. You’re so sweet. I’ve never been anyone’s first before.”

“I was so turned on. You’re so beautiful.”

“You like me? A lot?”


“Will I be your girlfriend tomorrow?”

“As long as you want me.”

“Even though I’m black? And you’re not?”

“Doesn’t matter to me.”

“It matters to a lot of people. That might matter to you.”

“It won’t.”

“Even if your family decides I’m no good for you?”

“They won’t. Fuck them if they do.”

She laughed, “Well, it probably won’t be easy for me either. The things people will say…” I leaned over and kissed her and she giggled, “So jealous.”

I laughed and she grabbed my still-hard cock. She stroked it firmly and said, “I do like making you come. Do you like making me come too?”

“I love it. It’s amazing.”


“That’s part of what’s so great about it.”

She chuckled quietly and said, “Well, it was a little scary watching you fuck my belly like that. If I didn’t like you I’d have screamed.”

“Glad you didn’t.”

“I’m glad you asked me to the dance. I’ve liked you a long time.”

“I was afraid to ask you before. You know, if you were white…”

After a second, she grinned, “You mean it wouldn’t have been a problem.”

“Well, it would have just been boy likes girl, does girl like boy? But with you, it was also girl wondering why does boy like girl?”

“Well, girl likes boy and boy is very, very nice, so don’t worry about it. Now here, you need to come again. It’s not fair I’ve already come twice, and it looks like you’re about to explode.”

“I am.”

“Come on my belly. I want to watch everything.”

She raised herself on her elbow and reached over with her left hand to grab me firmly, and she stared fixedly at my cock throbbing in her hand and without hesitation pounded my cock as hard as I had ever done. I reached down to feel her wet pussy coming alive again, and when her hips started twitching, I lost control and fucked against her fist. She drained spurt after spurt onto her belly and up to her breasts, and when I finished, I brought her off to another small climax.

She pulled me down next to her and kissed me deeply. She said, “I need to wipe up,” and stood up full in the moonlight.

My streaks of cum gleamed in the moonlight against her skin dark blue in the shadow and glimmering whitish in the moonlight, and she reached over to grab a handful of paper towels to wipe up.

She then spread her arms and said, “Am I beautiful?”

“The most beautiful.”

She smiled happily and we kissed some more. I asked her then, “You have a lot of experience?”

She nodded, “Yes, of course, I do. I’m eighteen, silly.”

“But I’m eighteen and have no experience.”

She laughed, “You do now.”

“Anyway, I was wondering, have you…” She looked at me curiously. “Has anyone…you know, gone down on you?”

“A couple of times.”

“Was it good?”

“It could probably have been better.” She grinned a little embarrassedly and said, “Why? Do you want to… do that… for me?”

“Yes. You’re my girlfriend, after all.”

She laughed sharply, “Most boyfriends don’t think like that, I promise you!”

“Well, I really like you.”

“I guess you do.” She smiled widely and said, “Of course you can. Why did you ask? You could have surprised me. I’d have been very happy.”

I pulled her to me and kissed her, and as she nestled her body into mine I kissed my way along her jaw and lips and over to her ear, and then down her neck to her breasts as my fingers ran up and down her inner thighs. “Yes, hon, like that, that’s great.”

I sucked on her nipples as she ground herself against me for about five minutes, then pushed her onto her back on her dress and kissed down to her sodden mound. I licked down to her wet lips and hard clit and explored her, carefully at first and then harder as she responded and I learned her anatomy better.

I held her hips as they began circling under my tongue and felt her thighs squeeze my head as her body began tensing up.

“Use your fingers,” she whispered, “put them inside me. Like you did before. That will be perfect.”

My left hand stayed on her hip as my right hand moved down, and soon my fingers were deep inside her, caressing the hard part of her walls that she had helped me find before, and soon she squealed and pushed up off the ground and hard against my face. Close to exhaustion, I kept my lips and tongue circling as my fingers felt as if her body was about to break them, and finally, she collapsed and held her arms out to me.

“Lie on me,” she said.

I lay across her, and she kissed me happily and said, “Thank you. That was the best by far I’ve ever had that.”

I pushed my cock against her hip and she said, “Oh, you liked it too?”

I nodded and she said, “I am glad I’m your girlfriend.”

She nuzzled against my neck as I held her, and she looked up coyly and said, “Can I…you know, can I…that, for you?”

“Do you want to?”

“For you, I do.”

“Okay, of course, I’d love it, I was afraid to ask.”

She kissed me. “Don’t be afraid to ask. I won’t either, okay?”

I nodded and she sat up and pushed me back. She kissed the tip and then licked it, and as she kissed around it I ran my fingers through her hair. Soon she nestled the head within her mouth and stroked the shaft lightly, watching me as I looked into her eyes. My body responded as she sucked lightly on it and stroked at various speeds, and when I started getting close she took a couple of inches more into her mouth and worked me with her tongue as I built toward orgasm.

I bucked upwards underneath her ministrations, and when the first spurt let loose, her eyes half closed as her cheeks sank in, and I could hear her swallowing as I emptied into her. I came only a little, which was probably for the best in the circumstances, and she let me go when I had softened.

I kissed her when she curled up next to me and said, “Thank you.”

“I’ve done that before, but I never liked it before. You weren’t rough. I’ll enjoy doing it with you again.”


She kissed me again and said, “We should go. I am worn out.”

“I’m sore.”

“So am I. You’ll feel better tomorrow. Do you need to come again?”

“No, I think I’m done.”

“Just for tonight, I hope.”

We laughed and I said, “I loved sucking you too.”

“The next time we’re alone, I want to, you know, sixty-nine. That’s something I’ve never done.”

“Do you want to, well, make love? I mean, is it, well, something you’d like to do? Soon, I mean? Is it on the horizon?”

“Maybe.” She smiled coyly. “Maybe.”

We walked out of the school after separately bidding adieu to the people in the hall, and I walked her home. On the way, she said, “Tomorrow we’ll meet downtown, okay? Say 10:30?”

“I’ll buy us lunch?”

“Sure, and then we’ll spend the day somewhere.”

I caught her watching me the whole time with a happy smile on her face. When we got to her house, she said, “Don’t walk me to the door. Kiss me goodbye here.”

I kissed her slowly and she moaned happily and sucked on my tongue. I held her breasts, and she said, “Okay, enough. You’ll start squeezing, I’ll start squeezing, you’ll take my tits out, I’ll take your dick out, you’ll start sucking, I’ll start jerking, and you’ll completely ruin this dress. Save it for tomorrow, hon.” She ducked away and smiled, “I’m so glad you finally asked me out!”

I grinned and said, “So am I!” I then kicked myself for being unable to think of anything suave to say, but she just grinned and blew me a kiss. She walked up to the porch; I watched her as she walked, wondering at how beautiful she was, and waited until she was inside to go home.

I arrived a little after 10. Mom and Dad said, “Well, must not have been very good, home so early.”

“Actually, it was really good. I’m just tired.”



I undressed, washed up, and went to bed, where I remembered her body shimmering above me nude in the moonlight, and somehow fell asleep without my usual manual relief.


The next day after breakfast, I said I was going to walk around town. Janet said, “I’ll tag along.”

“No, you won’t.”

“Yes, I will.”

Mom said, “Take Janet along.”

I grumbled, but as always she was unyielding, so we walked downtown.

“Ooh, you have a girlfriend!”

“Shut up.”

“You do!” She laughed.

“If I give you five dollars, will you go buy yourself something and forget I’m anywhere nearby?”

“Ooh, now I have to meet her.”

“Crap,” I muttered; Shit, I thought.

“Is she the girl you took to the dance last night?” I glared at her. “She is! Ooh, you have a girlfriend! Did you kiss her?” I glared even meaner. “Ooh, you did!”

“You’re fifteen. Act your age.”

Somehow that worked. “Okay. You know, I kissed a boy last week.”

“I hear tell that you kiss lots of boys.”

“Yeah, but this one was special.”

“Don’t wanna hear it.”

“Is she special?”

“None yer beeswax.”

“You’re eighteen. Act your age.” I laughed and she said, “Okay, introduce me to her and I’ll leave you alone.”

“You be nice to her.”

“Why wouldn’t I be nice to her?”

“You’re a brat. Just saying.”

“Okay, I promise not to be a brat… this time.”

I sighed, irritated that our privacy was already being invaded, and worst of all by my snot-nosed little sister.

We saw her sitting on a bench in a light white cotton dress, and when she waved Janet said, “She’s your girlfriend? Chemistry Girl? How’d you get a date with her?”


“She’s waaay out of your league.”

“No, she’s not.”

“Well, introduce me.”

I introduced them. “Sandra, this is my nosy sister Janet. Janet, this is Sandra.”

Sandra talked with Janet as if she were our age for a few minutes, and Janet said, “All right, I should go. It was nice to meet you. Have a good day.”

“You too.”

After she left Sandra smiled and we kissed quickly, then looked around and saw no one and laughed. “I’m nothing to be ashamed of,” she said.

“Sorry, I just hate people sticking their nose in my business.”

“Like Janet.”

“She’s a brat.”

“Maybe 'cause you treat her like a brat. Talk to her like a grown-up. She’s your sister.”

I smiled, “Well, it seemed to work for you.”

“She’s more interesting than you think.”

“For a fifteen-year-old, maybe.”

“Well, yeah. Helps to have been one.”

We laughed and she said, “I’m hungry!”

“What would you like? A burger? Pizza?”

“I didn’t mean for food,” she said as she looked up at me from lowered eyelids, and I laughed while my insides did somersaults. “I had a late breakfast. Let’s walk to the river. Then you can buy me a late lunch.”


I took her hand and we smiled at each other as we talked about classes and other boring things, and fifteen minutes later we came to the edge of the park. We walked along a trail in the woods until we came to the river, which was actually a creek but the closest thing to a river any of us yokels had ever seen, I thought snidely.

We walked along a path for another fifteen minutes, at which point we were well outside town, and she said, “This way.”

She pulled me to the right and we walked through undergrowth that thickened steadily and came to a small clearing amid the trees. She leaned against a tree smiling at me, and I took her in my arms and kissed her deeply.

She melted into me and kissed me passionately in return. We took our time bringing each other to a fever pitch, watching each other with eagle eyes as ever more of our skin met the sun, and I pulled away to see her whole once I had removed her bra and lowered her dress to her waist.

She stood before me proudly, full breasts raised toward me by her arms crossed under them, and she smiled, “Go on, please.”

I knelt before her and sucked on her right nipple while squeezing her left, then transferred my attentions. Her breasts filled my hands and she held my head as I suckled greedily. I sucked more of her breast around the nipple between my lips, and she groaned softly, “Yes, like that.”

After a few minutes, I felt her hips circling impatiently against me, so I pulled away and smiled up at her as I pulled her dress and panties down to her ankles. I stared hungrily at the thick black patch before me and leaned in to lick at the join of her thighs. She immediately spread her knees, letting me finally see her thick lips, and groaned when I licked them.

She leaned back hard against the tree as I pushed myself forward. I knew she needed release, so I raised my right hand to her lips as I licked her nub, and she rode my fingers, lips, and tongue to a sudden vigorous orgasm. I sat before her, kissing her thighs and hairy mound as my fingers continued feeling lightly inside her.

After a minute she started circling her hips lightly again and she whispered, “How’d you know what to do?”

“Do what?”

“Do that. Yes, keep doing that.”

I explored more deeply, learning what she looked like there and how her body changed as she became excited, and after five minutes I stared avidly as she fucked my fingers, and when she came she moaned, “Faster.”

When her climax ended she held my hand and whispered, “Again. With your tongue.”

I did as she told and for the next thirty minutes came to know her various climaxes implicitly.

Finally, she pushed me away and pulled me up. “You’re too dressed.”

I helped her undress me, and then she knelt in front of me and explored me with her eyes, and then her hands, and then her lips. She licked the head as she stared up at me, and over the next fifteen minutes teased me to distraction as she worked me further into her mouth. Finally, when she had the head in the back of her mouth and her fingers stroked the rest of the shaft lightly, I groaned that I was coming and she held me in place and swallowed.

She stood up and pulled a blanket from her bag. She spread it out, lay down, and patted the space next to her. We lay there with our arms around each other and she kissed me and said, “I’ve never had… lots in a row before. Not with someone else. By myself I do. That was incredible. You really like that?”

“I love it. Your pussy is very beautiful. That word is okay? Pussy?”

“It’s fine, hon.” She kissed me. “I like doing it to you too. Even swallowing you.”

We kissed, pulling away at times to see our hands on each other, and after a few minutes she said, “I told you what I want to try.”

“Okay,” I said very quickly, and she laughed.

“Don’t play so hard to get. Yeesh.”

We laughed and she said, “Turn over. That way. On your side. I’ll use your thigh for a pillow. You do the same.” She grinned at me. “I’ve always wanted to try this since I first learned about it, but there was never anyone I wanted to do it with before.”

I was fully erect again; her matter-of-fact attitude about her desire fascinated and aroused me, and I eagerly pulled myself to her lips and licked quietly as she wettened and flowered, and as my tongue swirled back and forth between her hairy lips from her clit to her vagina, she held my hips in place as she worked me into her mouth and then, to my immense pleasure, stroked my shaft as her tongue circled my head. We were both too excited to last long, and when my first spasm struck, her upper thigh closed hard onto my head and our climaxes drained us simultaneously.

We held each other in place, sorry to have it pass so soon, and we soon came alive again. This time we lasted much longer, and at the end, we knew each other’s bodies and behavior well enough to allow ourselves to thrust vigorously, even if under control, and I climaxed first, deep in her mouth and into her throat. She soon after fucked hard against my face and fingers and with immense pride I heard her finally let loose her screams when she came. We fell away from each other in exhaustion and then curled up next to each other.

“That was…” I couldn’t finish; no word seemed adequate.

“Yes. It was perfect.”

I ran my fingers through her lightly curled hair, and she leaned over to kiss me. After a couple of minutes, she chuckled, “I’m glad you like me teaching you.”

“Why shouldn’t I? I have to learn somehow.”

She laughed, “Many boys would never ever say that, even if it was true.”

“Have you had a lot of boyfriends?”

“Ain’t tellin’. You’re here now. That’s all that matters.”

“I’m just a little curious.”

“Okay, I’ve had three… real boyfriends. I’m not with any of them now, I’m with you. That’s all you need to know.”

“Fair enough.” I kissed her. “You said you sometimes… do that in a row by yourself.”

She smiled, “Yes, sometimes.”

“A lot?”


“How much is sometimes?”


“Show me. I want to see your face when you come.”

“Only if you do it too.”

We rolled over to face each other fully, and I could hear her fingers squishing inside her as I fapped vigorously, and she came first, her eyes rolling back as her neck clenched. My eyes devoured every tremor and clench of her face and neck, and she relaxed and said, “Show me.”

I pounded hard and soon clenched myself as my seed shot hot and liquid onto her belly and hip and side. When I could see again, I saw her watching me with a smile and she said, “Okay, now I’m hungry this time for food.”

We gathered up our clothes and wiped up with a towel she pulled from her bag, and as I dressed I watched her in her panties pick up her bra. “Need help?”


“But how will you do it up?”

She thought for a split second in surprise and then said, “I do it up in front. Like this.”

And with a quick latch and swish, she had it on and turned around, and in two more seconds her breasts were inside and her shoulder straps up. She looked at me and smiled, “You really haven’t been with anyone before, have you?”

I blushed and she laughed, “That’s okay.”

“How big are you?”

She laughed, “God, all the boys want to know. It’s our secret, so don’t brag to anyone. I’m a C cup.”

“You’re a very pretty C cup.”

“Thank you. I’m actually the smallest in my family, I think. Heck, I’m even smaller than one of my uncles. Jeez, he needs to drink lite beer, and a lot less of it.” We laughed and finished dressing, and then she packed her blanket in the bag. She took my arm and I looked around and said, “Nice place.”

“Yes, it’s my secret place.” She winced at my questioning look and said, “No, you’re not the first one I’ve brought here. Just the best, okay?”

I laughed and blushed and said, “Really, it doesn’t bother me, but you seem so…well, restrained.”

“Why should anyone else know what I do with boys? None of their damn business.”

“Are all girls like that?”

“Many are, I guess. I don’t gossip much, so I can’t really say.” She thought for a minute. “I talk about things with five of my girlfriends. Four of them are like me.” She shrugged. “Birds of a feather, maybe; can’t say more than that.”

“I’m not telling anyone about you.”

“I’m sorry you don’t have any friends besides me.”

I laughed. “I have friends, but you’re none of their business either.”

She smiled. “Good. I hate people spreading rumors. They will, you know if you let them.”

We walked along and I asked her about her classes, and she told me about her independent study in chemistry, and as she told me happily about all the things she was learning, her voice became increasingly animated and she began gesturing vigorously. I listened, understanding some of it but little of the intermediate steps she skipped, and when she finished I had nothing to say. I grinned and she laughed and said, “Okay, tell me about what you like.”

Half an hour later we were sitting in a quiet booth in a quieter part of the pizza place she wanted to eat at, and as the pizza arrived so did Janet. She looked around and saw us and homed over like a buzzing insect. I groaned and Sandra smiled and waved her over.

She sat down next to me and smiled and said, “Big pizza…Very big pizza.”

“Okay, you can have a piece,” I said.

“We worked up a big appetite,” Sandra explained. I grimaced slightly as Janet smiled. Sandra added, “Went for a long walk.”

“I hope you didn’t just walk.”

Sandra winked at her as I blushed, and Janet laughed and said, “Yes, I went for a long walk with Pete last week.”

The two of them chatted happily while I watched Sandra, occasionally adding a word here and there, and when Janet’s two friends came in she said, “Thanks for letting me sit with you,” and jumped up to join them. They looked at us in fits and starts and giggled a little, then went off to a booth we couldn’t see.

“She likes you,” I said.

“I like her. And remember. She likes us. She could make things unhappy for you if she didn’t, you know.”

“Little sisters are dangerous.”

“Yes, we are,” she grinned and leaned over to kiss me. Without any embarrassment, I kissed her back and didn’t even turn around afterward to see if anyone watched us.

Sandra chuckled and said, “Don’t worry. Nobody cared.” I blushed and she said, “You’re cute when you blush. Good thing, because you do it so much.”

After we finished, we went for another walk around town, ending up in the stupidest movie we had ever seen. Everyone else had read the bad reviews, so we had the theater to ourselves and necked in the back. After an hour we were unable to restrain ourselves, so I knelt on the poorly swept floor in front of her and tasted her to two more long, intense orgasms.

After which she had me sit back against the seat in front of her and worked me with her lips and hand expertly to a small but deeply satisfying climax within three fevered minutes. As we sat next to each other perfumed with each other, we watched the rest of the movie and gave thanks that Hollywood had the power and skill to produce such an abominably bad film.

I walked her home after we washed up, and she said, “Next time, you have to meet my parents. That’s my rule. Please don’t be scared.”

“Yes, I guess I have to. Since we’re together.”

She smiled, “They won’t bite. Dad might gum you to death though.”

“That’s not funny. And it’s really gross.”

She laughed. “Yes, I guess it is.”

She kissed me on the check and waved as she walked off without looking back, and after she had gone inside I went home, where Janet pounced on me and said, “You have the best girlfriend ever.”

“Well, thank you. I guess.” I nearly told her to bug off but realized Sandra would kill me if I did so, so I said, “I’m glad you like her.”

“She’s very nice. She likes talking to me. Not like you,” and stuck out her tongue. I smiled, and she said, “So don’t worry, I won’t tell mom and dad before you do.”

I thought for a second. “Do you think they’ll have a problem with her?”

Janet looked off into the distance for a second. “You mean how she’s black? Nah. Don’t think about Grampa. They’re not like him.”

“Really? How do you know?”

“I listen to things. You don’t. You ignore everything around you and then wonder what everything around you’s like. The way they talk, you know, about what’s on TV and all. The neighbors. All that. She should be good to go.”


“So…do you like her? Really, really like her?”


“Really, really, really?”

“Yes, really, really, really, really, really.”

She smiled. “Good. She likes you too a lot.”


“Well, I think so. She certainly looks at you like it, when you’re not looking at her. Like how you look at her when she’s looking at me.”

I blushed. “Ah.”

“I don’t see it myself.”

Instead of snapping at her, I just said, “Sometimes the good guys win.”

“What does that have to do with you?” She grinned like a demon on the way out.


Over the next three days, I met her family and she met mine, and we suffered no more than the usual discomfort at that. Word spread around school, and after a day of telling guys to fuck off when they asked about her breasts or even more impertinent subjects, people took it in stride, much to my surprise and relief.

After school the first week we found the most curious collection of places to perform oral sex on each other, and after draining each other repeatedly in our secret place in the woods on Saturday and sneaking into the employee section of the library on Sunday afternoon after she got out of church and using two desks for non-bibliographic purposes.

On Monday I said, “We could go back to my house.”

“It’s three now. When do your parents get home?”



“She has choir practice until five.”


We went to my house and snuck in the back door and rushed to my bedroom. We stripped quickly and fell into a long sixty-nine. We had discovered that our position the first time was perfect for us, so we repeated it almost every time we met, and by that time we knew each other’s preferences and responses perfectly.

As she reached her third climax after swallowing me twice, I heard the door open and looked up between Sandra’s thighs, heart beating like to burst, and said, “Jesus Fucking Christ, Janet. Knock.”

She slammed the door blushing and Sandra said, “I’ll go talk to her. Jeez, couldn’t you be more civil?”

“Like how?”

“Like, ‘Please knock in the future.’ ‘Sorry you caught us.’ Something like that.”

She came back a few minutes later and said, “Don’t worry, she won’t bother us. She just wanted to make sure the coast was clear for her and Pete.”


“They don’t do what we do yet, so calm down.”

“I don’t want to know.”

“Good, because I’m sworn to secrecy. Now, where were we?”


“They won’t bother us. They’ll respect our privacy and we’ll respect theirs. Got it?”

I smiled, “Okay.” She then stripped bare and we returned to what we had been doing, with an extra drive for silence that each of us broke only once. At 5:15 we lay there exhausted and Sandra dressed to leave, and we heard someone slinking off down the hall.

“That’s Pete, I think,” she said. “I’ll leave in a couple of minutes.”

“I’ll miss you.”

“Kiss me then.”

After she left, I went and knocked on Janet’s door.

“Come in,” so I did, and she smiled, “I know what you two were doing.”

“I’m sure it wasn’t hard to guess.”

“Sorry I didn’t knock.”

Swallowing my irritation, I said, “That’s all right.”

Janet grinned, “Don’t tell Mom and Dad about Pete and I’ll keep shut about you and Sandra counting to a hundred and losing count before seventy.”

“Ha ha.”

“Seriously. I had to ditch choir practice today to be with Pete. Said I was sick. Don’t get me in trouble and I’ll help you two out.”


“And… could you cover for us in the future? We need privacy too.”



The Tuesday following, Sandra and I were on my bed, desperate for each other after a dry Friday and weekend due to her period. While we had done nothing sexual, I had treated her romantically and each day we had separated ready to burst.

As I removed her bra, a quiet knock on the door followed by shuffling down the hall informed us that Janet and Pete had arrived, and Sandra said, “God, I hope I don’t disturb them when I come. I’m about to explode.”

“I hope you don’t break my nose this time.”

“I did not break your nose any of those times! Besides, you look dashing and manly with a bent nose. Closest you’ll ever get to James Bond.”

“I hope I don’t drown you.”

“You won’t.”

“I dunno, my balls feel like two oranges. Maybe grapefruits.”

She laughed, “No, we’re doing something else today.”


She kissed me and whispered, “I’m ready.”


“Yes. I’ll help you, so you don’t have to pretend you know what you’re doing.”

“What about protection? I don’t have a rubber.”

“I’m on the pill. We’re safe.”

She kissed me and stripped my clothes off and giggled nervously as I finished undressing her. After removing her panties, I remained below her hips and spread her thighs as she sighed happily.

I kissed her quietly, then licked her to a frenzy, and as she was about to come she said, “Okay, here,” and pulled me above her, then reached down and guided me inside.

I entered her slowly and she held me with her arms and thighs. As I started moving back and forth, she moved around underneath me until the angle pleased her best, and in less than a minute she went rigid and then pounded hard up against me. She bit down on my shoulder as she climaxed, her whimpering moans driving me to distraction, and with a gasp I plunged hard against her and exploded.

After probably a minute I collapsed; we lay there exhausted next to each other and she said, “That was good. That was very good. I’ll want some more whenever you’re ready.”

I chuckled and said, “Gimme a minute.”

She reached down to stroke me at her leisure as we kissed, and when I had hardened again she pushed me back and said, “My turn.”

She mounted me and I held her breasts as she settled herself onto me, then held her hips as she grabbed the head of the bed and started rocking above me. We both lasted much longer this time, and when she came she did cry out so loudly the whole house could hear.

She then grinned at me sheepishly and said, “Your turn.”

She lay on me, kissing me and rubbing my hair, as she squeezed down on me and circled her hips.

As I got close she whispered, “Yes, that’s it, take your time. It’s better that way.”

Finally I pushed up into her to the full and stayed stock still as she moved back and forth on me slightly, watching me avidly as I drained myself into her.

She stayed on top of me, letting me stay inside as I wilted, and after a minute I said, “Thank you. You're a good teacher.”

“Not just thank you for teaching you, I hope?” She smiled coyly.

“For all of it.”

She continued staring into my eyes as if demanding soemthing from me and fearing to say something vital to herself, and with my heart in my throat I said, “I love you, you know.”

“I love you too.”

“You do?”

“Of course.”

We lay there exhausted and napped, and when we woke up she said, “But you know, I still like the old ways.”

I grinned and we settled into our old standby, tasting ourselves on each other, and when we finished we lay there until we heard Pete shuffling off down the hall following Janet’s quiet stride.

“I’ll go clean up,” she said, “and make myself presentable to see your parents.”

“Well, yes.”

“I do have an invitation for dinner tonight, remember?”

“Yes, I do.”


The Monday after that we had finished making love for the second time, Sandra holding tight against the wall as I took her from behind for the first time, and managed to last about twenty seconds. She giggled and rubbed herself to a quick climax another thirty seconds later and then said as we lay side by side, “You need to practice. Every day, constantly, until you get it right.”

“It’s too intense that way.”

“Good to know if I need to get you off quick.”

“What about you?”

“Oh, I always get off quick that way. That’s why I usually don’t do it. I like it to last.”

We had a short nap that was interrupted by a loud slam and a bit of raised voices, then I heard Mom say, “Wait for me in the living room, young man. Don’t you dare think to leave.”

Sandra and I looked at each other in shock and had started searching for our clothes when the door opened and Mom looked in.

She goggled for a second and then just said, “Oh, hello, Sandra. Good to see you again. Power went out downtown so they sent us home early. I should have known you two were intimate by now. Well, I’ll make us some coffee in a few minutes and we’ll all have a nice chat.” She smiled without malice or sarcasm and closed the door.

We heard her go into Janet’s room, and we had dressed by the time she came out. We opened the door as she passed, and she said, “Hi, see you in a few.”

We went and knocked on Janet’s door, and Janet opened it and let us in.

Sandra closed the door and said, “So, we got caught. What kind of trouble are we in?”

“We’re not, as long as no one tells Dad. Stupid Pete tried to run away. That pissed Mom off. She said I should take that bit of character development under advisement and then asked if we were using protection. I said we hadn’t gotten that far and she said that was wise, and said she had started at my age and just to keep quiet around Dad because he’s not ready for any of this. Now she’s out there trying to get Pete to show some spine for once.”

Sandra continued, “What else did she ask?”

“Why I didn’t ask her for advice, and I told her I asked you for advice since she’s a mom and you’re not, and she laughed and said that was okay.”

I looked curiously at Sandra and she said, “I promised her not to tell you anything. Sworn to secrecy, like I told you before.”

“I don’t want to know.”

“No, you don’t, but I’ll bet Pete’s happy,” and they laughed as I blushed and frowned.

Janet looked at me then until I said, “What?”

“Sandra told me about you two.”

“What about us?”

“That you’re in love.”

When I said yes, Janet clapped her hands, “Oh good, she’ll be my sister.”

I started coughing as Sandra laughed in embarrassment. “That’s not something I said to her.”

“She’s a brat. She’s just trying to get my goat.”

“I told you, us little sisters are dangerous.”

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