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London 2012

Two strangers pay a visit
I am a single guy with a fabulous girlfriend. She is beautiful and smart. The sex is pretty good save one thing. She will not give me oral sex. She will not take my cock into her mouth. I give her good oral sex and she seems to enjoy having my mouth and tongue on her pussy and clit. The most I ever got from her is a little peck on the tip, nothing more. I am telling you this because you need to know how surprised I was at what happened next.

I am writing this from my hotel room in London. I am here alone to take in some of the Olympics as my girlfriend could not get the time off from work.

I had gone to two events yesterday. The first was the men’s swimming and the other was the men’s gymnastics. Both events were very exciting and rewarding for the American athletes. I admired the skill, physical strength and agility of these young seemingly hairless young men. I had never had sex with another man but like all men I sometimes wondered, especially with these adonis’.

Later that evening I was back in my hotel room. I turned on the telly, that’s what they call the TV over here. I fell asleep watching the women’s gymnastics. I don’t know why they call the event women’s when I don’t think I saw a single participant over sixteen years old.

I don’t know how long I had been asleep when I heard a noise in my room. The light was on in the loo (another British word meaning toilet) with the door nearly shut. I could make only make out a figure. I reached for the bedside light and turned it on. When my eyes adjusted to the light I recognized one of the Olympic swimmers was standing next to my bed. Still wearing his skimpy swim wear and a smile as he turned off the lamp. I watched his silhouetted body slip out of his swim trunks and then slid into my bed. What are you doing I asked. He did not answer. My eyes having now adjusted to the dim light I could only see him smile as he put his hand inside of my boxers. Then his lips were on mine pushing his tongue between my lips. Surprisingly I allowed this. I was being kissed and caressed by a man. Something new but not at allunpleasant as my cock was growing hard. I was actually enjoying having my nipples caressed as he kissed me.

But wait, how could he be kissing me when I felt lips on my cock. I looked and one of the Oriental gymnasts was licking my cock head, something that I couldn’t get my girlfriend to do. Now how did he get here? Well, I wasn’t about to question it any further now.

The gymnast was sucking my cock good when he suddenly fell onto his back with his cock pointing straight up. I took hold of his cock and caressed it a little. Actually it felt strange but exciting to have another man’s cock in my hand. When the swimmer began pushing my head toward the hard cock in my hand I did not resist. While sucking on my first cock I felt the swimmer’s lips and mouth on my cock. It didn’t take me long to cum in his mouth. I don’t remember how many loads I shot but it was more than a few.

By now we were exhausted and I fell asleep with a cock in each hand.

I was awakened by the sunlight streaming thru my window. I looked around for my new friends but they were gone. My boxers were around my knees and a large wet spot under my ass.

Soon I realized that it was all a dream. I had not sucked a cock nor had a guy sucked mine. I decided to make this dream come true and soon.


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