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Loni's story

Let us venture back to that Memorial Day right after Loni returned to her futon. She couldn't believe how hot and horny she was for Mike. Now she was always around boys at her job and at the city pool, but none of them had this effect on her. She blamed the fact that she had just recently lost her cherry to the skilled hands and cock of her Drama teacher and Mike bore a strong resemblance to him. As she drifted off to sleep she recalled the wonderful day it happened.

Mr Matt Vanyo was one of the youngest and best-looking teaches on staff at Tilden High. He was always well dressed and well groomed; even his cologne was a total turn on for her and almost every girl in school. Now Loni was sure that she had seen him discreetly checking out her figure all year long in class and more so on the days she wore a skirt.

So she began to wear skirts to school more often, mostly on the days she had Drama class. Loni would wait until he was standing at the front of the class and discreetly gave him brief glimpses up it as she casually crossed her legs. She was sure that her pantyhose clad limbs could not be missed.

When he gave a demonstration of how to move on stage she was asked to assist. As he stood behind her on the small stage in the classroom she could feel the lump in his trousers pressing against her butt cheeks. Her panties always got wet and her nipples hard as he talked.

With the Summer vacation almost upon them, all the classes were only half days during that final week of school. They were mostly about prepping for the final exams and storing things away. When Mr Vanyo asked for volunteers to assist him in cleaning up the backstage area she jumped at the opportunity without seeming too eager.

Loni was happy that no one else wanted to help as that meant that she would be alone with him. She secretly hoped to fulfil a fantasy she had been thinking about since eleventh grade.

Loni met him in the hall outside the drama department after her last class. He had two buckets full of cleaning supplies and rags and together they headed to the backstage entrance. Unseen by him she flipped the bolts on the stage door just after entering and before following him behind the flats to the large makeup room.

Loni had always loved the backstage area with its warm wood floors and heavy curtains. Just being back there always got her excited and it was one of the reasons that she had joined the stage crew. She functioned as a stage manager or ran the lights for many shows. The second reason was that Mr Vanyo was friendlier and talked more when he was away from the classroom. He sounded more like a friend and less than a teacher.

Loni remembered hearing stories about actresses giving it up backstage to members of the stage crew and she had no problem with that. The problem was that the boys on the stage crew did nothing for her, it was their advisor Mr Vanyo that did it for her. Today she would do something about it.

Once inside the large makeup room, he instructed her on how to wipe down all the makeup containers inside and out. He instructed her to throw away the old and caked ones. He told her to place all the brushes in a jar of cleaning solution and let them soak until it was time to leave. 

Loni didn't hear half of what he had said as her mind was totally focused on her teacher that was standing just a foot away, it was going to be now or never. Finally, her desire became too much to ignore. She interrupted his stacking the makeup containers in the storage cabinet by slipping between the cabinet and his front and placing her full cherry red lips on his.

She began to give him a long kiss but he responded by gently stepping back.

"Loni, what's the meaning of this? You have to stop this," he said firmly. But not before she noticed him checking out her nipples straining against her blouse.

"Why?" she asked.

"If someone comes in I'm the one that will be in trouble," he informed her.

"No one can get in. I bolted the stage doors," she responded and stepped forward and kissed him again.

"I don't want things to get out of hand," he stated, gently pushing her away again.

"And I don't want to leave here untouched," she replied as she unfastened her belt and began unzipping her dress slacks.

"I'm too old for you. I'm sure one of the boys on the stage crew members would be happy to grant what you want," he continued.

"They don't do anything for me and you're not that old. If you were I wouldn't get hot just by looking at you," she continued.

Loni the began to slowly slide her dress slacks over her hips and they puddled on the floor around her slim ankles. It allowed her teacher to see her firm tanned thighs and her tiny black bikini panties.

The bulge in his suit pants grew as she began to unbutton her blouse to reveal a white silk bra holding her pert tits in place. She stood there looking at her teacher with the undeniable look of lust and wanting in her eyes.

The sight of her firm tanned body was too much for him to ignore. Matt wasted no time in losing his suit and was soon facing her in just his boxers. Loni noted that her teacher's body was well muscled and defined, she also noticed that his cock was pushing against the front of his boxers.

 He gathered Loni in his strong arms and commenced to plant kisses on her moist lips and gently sucking her tongue. She wrapped her arms around him and returned his kisses with the same amount of passion as he pushed her silky bra into his bare chest.

"Do you know how long I've wanted to do this?" Loni asked.

"Probably as long as I wanted to," he answered.

"Really? I knew it. I use to see you peeking up my skirt," she said between kisses.

"It was hard not to look especially when you crossed your legs. Your skirts were so short and your legs looked so good that I used to go home and jack off thinking about you," he admitted.

"I did the same thing," Loni responded.

Loni released him and tugged his boxers down. Her tiny hand encountered his rock hard cock and she circled it. She moaned at the heat and texture of engorged rope of muscle in her hand. While her teacher moaned at the feeling of her cool small smooth hand on his sensitive organ. 

Her teacher's hands slid down her smooth back and deftly unhooked her bra and It fell away revealing her firm tits. Mr.Vanyo gently rubbed these full globes of warm flesh and Loni moaned with pleasure. She increased her hand movement on his cock and he grew harder.

He lowered his head and began to kiss her breasts and lick her extended nipples and she moaned louder. He stopped her only long enough to recover a condom from the strip that was hidden in the storage cabinet. Loni just watched wide-eyed as he slid the protective sheath on his cock.

"I had heard rumours of a stash of condoms hidden backstage," she said as she watched.

"This is just one of many. Are you sure you really want this?" he asked. 

Now between the kissing and touching Loni was in a virginal frenzy.

"Fuck me. Please fuck me," she moaned.

Her teacher placed his hands on her silk covered butt and lifted her off the floor. Loni placed her arms around his neck as she wrapped her legs around his waist. He carried her to one of the couches with his lips attached to hers. Her teacher paused long enough to slide her very wet panties down her slender legs. Once removed, they revealed a tiny strip of hair between her firm thighs.

"Beautiful," was all he said.

After gently placing her on her back he positioned his body between her tanned thighs. A moment later she felt the head of his cock at the entrance to her pussy. Loni placed her hands across his upper back and begged him to fuck her again. There was a pause before he began to push his cock inside her.

Loni steeled herself against the pain that she was told by the older girls accompanied losing one's cherry, to her surprise it didn't hurt all that much. The feeling of her teacher's hard cock slowly pushing inside her was something out of her fantasies. Once fully inserted he ceased all movement to allow her body to get accustomed to this intruder.

A minute or two later Loni began to push herself upwards forcing her teacher's cock deeper inside her. Mr Vanyo judged that she was ready and began a slow pace of thrusting himself in and out of his students tight pussy. He was thankful that this area of the stage was sound proof as Loni's moans were loud and would have attracted attention.

Instinctively, Loni crossed her legs across Mr Vanyo's lower back and locking her ankles together. Now each thrust seemed to go deeper. Loni kissed his cheeks and licked his neck while begging him not to stop. Mr. Vanyo lowered his head and commenced to lick her nipples in between planting gentle bites on them.

Loni felt an orgasm building upside her that her fingers never gave her. She begged her teacher to do it harder and faster. He obliged her by increasing the speed of his thrusting and smashing his pubic bone against hers. 

"I'm cumming," she repeated several times before a monster orgasm took her.

At the same time, she heard her teacher's breathing increase and knew that he was going to finish with her. He moved off her body and discarded the condom. He then pressed his warm cock against her leg and grasped it  He began to jerk it and in less than a minute he emptied his load onto her silky thighs. He took her in his arms and pulled her close.

The shared gentle kisses as Loni floated down from her orgasmic high. Finally, the need to use the bathroom caused her to leave her teacher's arms. There was very little blood on the sheet covering the couch and she was not in pain that the other girls told her that there was. She gathered up her clothes and headed to the bathroom.

When she returned Mr Vanyo was dressed as well. She kissed him warmly and deeply and he returned it.

"That was fantastic, especially the ending," she told him.

"I thought you might like it," he stated.

"Can we hook up again?" Loni asked.

"Well, we do have a half class on Wednesday and have to finish the cleaning," he told her.

"It's a date," she responded.

"Loni, would you do something for me?" her teacher asked.

"Anything," came her response.

"Would you wear that black pleated skirt? It is one of my favourite ones," he inquired.

"Yes, that's easy. Anything else?" she asked.

"Do you own nylons and a garter belt and nylons? They would so hot on you."

"No. But I know where to get them and have more than enough money in the bank to cover it," she stated.

"Save your money," he said and gave her several folded bills.

They exited the stage doors and went their separate ways. Each one had Wednesay on their minds.

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