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Losing My Religion and My Virginity

My first time with a beautiful stranger
We are traveling south bound on West Coast Highway, the planned destination being the unit of these two chicks. What could be better than being driven to the home of two older nurses for a night of wild sex?

Yeah, on face value it sounds too good to be true, well it is mostly true, but definitely not all good. My position in this Corolla is causing me some concern. I am sitting on the lap of the chick in the front passenger seat, without a seat belt. This is not only very uncomfortable and clearly unsafe but more importantly, causing me to ponder just how many kinds of crazy she is.

My suggestions that we pull over so I can sit in the back are met with laughter by one and a sour faced silence by the other. Of the two chicks with whom I am sharing the car; one is into me and the other is most definitely not. Fortunately, the one that is into me is tall, tanned and has the body of a gymnast. How did I get here? Well, I am not completely sure.

You know those parties that are held by a guy who knows a friend of a friend? Well I am at one of those, drinking beer in the backyard with my mates. I have caught up with some old friends and I am getting pretty wasted as I enjoy the band playing fairly competent cover songs.

I turn to my right and this brunette chick says “Hi.”

I say “Hi”, back and we introduce ourselves. Her name is Samantha. Actually, her real name is Karen but she prefers Samantha, fine Samantha it is.

We chat for a while and her short blonde friend joins in occasionally, looking more than a little bored. I learn that she is 23 years old, five years older than me and a nurse. At one point she tells me that I look like her cousin and her friend agrees.

When she says that she went to a Catholic girl’s school, I trot out a few of my remarkably witty observations about the Catholic Church, Catholics and religion in general. As distasteful as many of these remarks are, Samantha laughs politely.

“Hey,” I think, “this chick is cool!”

Suddenly, her friend says very firmly, “I am going now, I have had enough.”

Samantha tells me she is leaving, so we bid each other farewell. Just as she begins to walk off, she turns back to me and says, “Do you want to come back with us?” and I beat them to their car.

We have been in their unit for a while when the lead singer of the band from the party and his girlfriend turn up. A joint is passed around and we are soon very relaxed, smiling and giggling.

I get the impression that Samantha is horny as hell because she starts kissing me and rubbing my crotch. This very public display of affection sends her mate to bed and her friends out the front door.

We make our way to her bedroom and she removes her clothes showing me a firm, toned body with caramel tanned skin. Standing out vividly is the creamy shape of her bikini. Her breasts are superb and she is very proud of them. After she turns off the light, I caress them, kiss them and lick and gently suck her small nipples.

After a while my eyes have adjusted to the dark and I take a quick scan of the room. There is a poster on the wall which appears to be of a man with grey hair and I ask, “Is that a picture of the Pope?”

She laughs and replies, “No you idiot, that’s David Bowie!”

I get us a drink of water from the kitchen and as I rejoin her on the bed, I confess to her that I am a virgin. She says, “I am too, so we need to take things slowly.” I am surprised to hear this but if it’s not true, I can’t figure out why she should say it.

The next hour or so is spent exploring each others bodies. Every time I go down on her she cums so strongly and her legs squeeze my head so hard that I am actually worried that she may fracture my skull. At one point, she bucks her hips and the pressure of her thighs on my head is so great that I groan and I am not sure who might be the first one to pass out.

I can resist no longer and I tell her I want to be inside her. She says “OK,” and guides me into her. Of course, I am too much of a gentleman to go into specific details but as I penetrate her, I can feel how tight her pussy is and she cries out. My dick is tingling and it feels as if it is being gripped by warm oil.

My brain is almost shouting, “Oh my God, so THIS is why people are obsessed by sex!!”

I slowly slide all the way into her and thrust as gently as I am able, she finds it a little painful, but after a while this seems to ease. We spend what seems a long time fucking and sucking in many and varied positions and eventually Samantha takes a look at her clock.

She sighs and says, “I am exhausted, I need some sleep and I have to go water skiing with my brother in three hours!”

As I drift off to sleep I think, “Ah! Water skiing, that would explain her skull crushing thighs!”
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