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Losing My Virginity

this is the true story of how i lost my virginity.
I wanted him so badly. It was amazing to think how much I wanted him despite the fact he was taken. I was seventeen but I had wanted him for so long. I felt he was attracted to me as well- he would joke with me and look at me in a way that left no doubt in my mind that there was something between us.

When I heard he had broken up with his girlfriend I knew that that this was my chance and I had to use it. He was older than me by a few years and much more experienced- what with me being a virgin.

We met on the beach- me, my best friend, him and a few of his friends- an innocent group of young people having fun on the beach. To me it felt like all those other people were camouflage, an elaborate type of scenery setting- all that mattered was the electricity between the two of us. We kept drifting together, holding hands, flirting, touching briefly. We didn’t notice how the time passed and how the people around us dispersed.

We fooled around on the beach a little longer- kissing hungrily, touching each other. His hands felt so good on my body, he squeezed my breasts gently and rubbed through my bathing suit top. I felt that I was melting- I wanted to feel his strong experienced hands on my pussy so much.

My parents were out of town and I offered for us to go to my house. As soon as we entered the door I jumped him, wanting to be as close as possible but he stopped me. He led me to my bed and lay me down, he lit the candles that covered most flat surfaces in my room and turned the lights off. He returned to me and started kissing me gently but with great passion and pulled off both of our bathing suits.

He ran his hands all over my body, almost, but never really touching me. I could feel the heat of his hands and the crazy need for him to actually touch me. Everywhere his hands passed my skin covered in goose bumps. This exquisite torture lasted so long; to me it seemed like hours. I was so wet and aroused, so much in need, my eyes glazed over, and my sighs filling the air. I couldn’t take it anymore- I begged him to enter me, I beg to feel him in me- I wanted it more than anything.

"You sure?" he asked me, looking into my eyes.

"Yes", I moaned desperately.

He lay on top of me and gasped- after the teasing his weight felt incredible, so real and intimate. He guided his rock hard cock into me and to this day I remember the moment he entered me- I had never felt so whole before, so full and so fulfilled.

It was like my body knew naturally what to do, we moved together slowly, kissing all the while. It was slow and erotic and passionate, it was making love, and it was more than just body- my whole mind and soul were in our movements. I felt no pain then and to say the truth I had never felt such pleasure since.

We came together. He moaned and thrust deep into me to release his seed. It felt so amazing that tears actually ran out of my eyes, my body shook and tingled all over.

When he first saw my tears he was worried, thinking he might have hurt me in some way, but when he realized my tears were from pleasure he kissed me and we fell asleep together, our bodies intertwined.

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