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Losing my Virginity

Every thing I had ever fantasized about was right here before me.
I was always a horny bugger. All I did from a young age was think about sex. Women were constantly on my mind. It's no wonder that the summer before college I had accepted a job working in the meat and frozen food department at our local grocery store. My mother thought that I did it for the extra money the department paid, when really, it was more to get a good close look at all the area soccer moms when theywalked in from the hotsummer air.

Every one knows the effect that cold air has on a womans nipples, especially when they come in from the heat. As they shopped the freezer and meat cold cases, I was treated to the sexy sight of an assortment of nipples in all shapes and sizes. All day long I stared in lustful excitment. Every thing from young, sexy, newly Wed's, to matronly huge busted grannies, I got to see them all. Large breasts, small breasts, braless, even tops so sheer that I could actually see the color of their nipples. I was so turned on by it that I walked around with a hard on almost all day long.

What really excited me, was when a few of my regulars would come in. They sure did know how to tease me with their little innocent shows. Like Mrs. Jorgensen for example. Wow,what a body. Mrs. Jorgensen was originally from Holland and had tits likegrapefruit. Theystood high and firm on her chest. She was very fit and trim and always looked for me to help her select just the right cut of meat for her husbands dinner. She hardly ever wore a bra and would always bend over really lowto allowme to stare down her loose fitting tops.Mrs' Jorgensenreally did enjoy giving me free shots every time she came in.

Then there was Mrs. Hardwick. Janet, as she had me call her, did not need to wear a bra because her tits were so little that I am sure her always rock hard nipples stuck out further then her breasts. She had the sweetest smile and the friendliest personalityand she would always arch her back and thrust her rock hard little points out for my pleasure. I loved helping her load up ice cream and Popsicles as I oggled her tits. Now you can see whyI loved my job as much as I did.

My absolute favorite was our next door neighbor Mrs. Stevens. The Stevens moved in about a year ago. The first time I saw Mrs. Stevens, I got an instant erection. I was stunned at how slutty and sexy she was. She stood about five foot eight or nine and had a body that would make a dead man drool. The way she looked at me, caused my knees to wobble. In fact, the first time we spoke was out front of her house. She actually laid her hand upon my arm and asked me who the grouchy old guy was that lived across the street. I was so numb with excitement, I could hardly make outwhat she was saying. I am sure she thought I was a complete dork the way I mumbled an answer then turned and ran.

Mr. Stevens was a long distance trucker and we rarely saw him at all. He was much older then Mrs. Stevens. I think part of the reason he was gone so much was perhaps that he couldn't keep up with her bothsexually, or any thing else for that matter.

As the weeks went by I began to see more and more of Mrs. Stevens. I wasnow ableto manage my nervousness and actually carry on a conversation with her with out stammering, slobbering or turning around and running away. One thing I really loved was when she talked to me. She always laid her hand on my arm and looked deep into my eyes as she spoke. It was as if there was no oneelse in the world other then her and me. She made me feel so special.

I soon began to have fantasies of her with my ever waking moment and took every opportunity to look at her or better yet, speak to her each chance I got. Some days, I spent hanging around the front yard waiting to see if she mightcome out of her houseso I could pretend to have a chance meeting. When you are young and horny, you don't realize how obvious your intentions are. Looking back, mine were beyond obvious, but she played along any way with my adolescent attempts to attract her attention.

Then there was that Friday that she came in to the grocery store. I was knelt down busy loading the coolers, when I felt a soft hand rest on my neck and a warm thigh press against my shoulder. I was intoxicated by her sweet, womanly scent.

"You look like you are working way too hard." Mrs. Stevens with an emphisis on the word hard.

I felt a tingling right from the spot where her hand rested, all the wayto my cock. It sprang to attention andbegan binding in my pants. The pain was exquisite. The fantasy of my life was touching me in a whole new place. I had to have more.

I swung my head and ended up looking straight into the junction of her womanhood that was tightly encased in her satiny shorts. I gulped andstared at her sweet camel toe that seemed to smile back at me. I slowly looked up taking in all her soft, supple womanly curves. My eyes finally restedon herpiercing silver blue eyes.

"Well, it seems like the best way to work." I stammered."

"I just have to survive till I go to college in the fall." I replied now breaking out into an instant sweat.

"Look at you, your blushing." giggled Mrs Stevens. "You're so cute."

I stood up and smiled. Innocently I looked down still some what shy, when I noticed how erect her nipples had become. I suddenly realized that I was standing there with the freezer case door propped wide open with my legas the cold air blasted directlytowards her huge DD tits. I moaned under my breath as I saw how erect her nipples were.

" Oh, sorry, I better close this door." I stammered.

Mrs Stevens reach out and put her hand over top mine as I began to close the case.

"No, it's OK, the cool air feels terrific." she said as she leaned her head back, thrust her chest out even further, then shook her long mane of golden hair. "There, isn't that better?" she asked.

I almost didn't hear her as I stared at the two rock hard points peaking her tight tank top. Even though she was wearing a bra, it did little to disguise the fact that this woman had unnaturally long nipples.

"So what can I help you with Mrs. Stevens?' I asked trying to regain control of my over powering lust.

"I need some frozen strawberries, because with this heat, I am going to make myself some strawberry margaritas andlay outby the pool this afternoon and veg." she said as she laid her hand on my arm.

"One or two packages?" I asked as I dug them out and handed them to her.

"Oh, two please, I think it is hot enough today for more then one pitcher." She chuckled.

I handed them to her and she leaned over pressing her huge tits into my arm as she lightly kissed me on my cheek.

" You really are a sweetheart. Thank you." she said spinning around and heading to the cashier.

My mind was spinning not quite comprehending what just happened. All I know is that I had the most wonderful sensation. My whole body was wracked with little tiny electrical shocks of excitement. As I calmed, some thing she said came flooding back to me. " I am going to lay out by the pool." she had said.

"Oh gawd, I can hardly wait another hour for my shift to finish."I thought to myself. Then I began to formulate my plan.

I left work on time and raced back home. Luckily enough, my family was gone to see my grand parents in a nearby city and they wouldn't be back till Sunday night. Iwas to staying home because I had to work. This just fit in perfectly to my plan. I hurried up, showered, then changed to a T-shirt, shorts and sneakers. I decided to be a little on the kinky side and left offmy underware. They might hinder my plan. I then snuck out into the back yard and walked up to the fence between our property and hers. Our seven foot fence proved to be a bit of a challenge. I quickly scanned the yard and decided the best thing to stand on would be the old wheel barrow. All I had to do was pull itup to the fence in the flower garden right next to her house, that way I may be slightly concealed by the shrubs on her side of the fence.

I so very carefully and quietly positioned the old rickety tub right where I thought I would have the best vantage point. I slowly crawled up on the barrow and held on to the top of the fence as I peered over.

"Oh my gawd." I gasped as my eyes were met with the most exciting sight they had ever seen.

There she was, in all her naked glory. Mrs. Stevens was laying back on the lounge chair totally nude as she basked in the sun. Every thing I had ever fantasized about was right there before me to see. I quickly pulled down my shorts and my rock hard eighteen year old cock sprung out. I began jacking off like crazy.

I guess because of the heat, Mrs. Stevensbegan rubbing the bottom of her margarita glass around and up and down her chest and belly. The cold, ice filled glass was perspiring profusely leaving a wet trail all over her golden skin. The coldness caused her nipples to react in such a most favorable way. They were so hardthat I gasped.

I was sure she hadn't heard me. In fact I knew that there was no way she could have heard me. Unfortunately, what I didn't notice that as she turned her face away from me, she had a perfectreflectionof me in her garage window.When she turned side ways, her legs spread and I had a perfect view of her completely bald pussy. Her inner cunt lips protruded from her body like two petals of the most desirable flower a man can ever lay eyes on. Then, she slid her hand down over her smooth belly and began titillating her blood engorged lips, I couldn't hold back any longer. My hand began yanking my cock furiously. I was so caught up in the moment that I grunted and jerked forward. Just as I did, the old wheel barrow collapsed under me and I fell into the flower bed.

" Shit." I cursed under my breath.

"Donnie, is that you?" Mrs. Stevens called out.

I knew I was caught.

"I know it's you, I saw you, you little pervert. Now answer me what the hell were you doing spying on me?" She demanded.

" I wasn't spying, honest Mrs. Stevens,I was ummmm." I stammered lost for speech, not sure what to say next.

I was done for. There was no way of getting out of this situation. I was in huge trouble.

"Get your perverted ass over here right this instant. I want to talk to you. Come through the back gate." ordered Mrs. Stevens.

My mind was racing." What the hellam I going to do now?" I wondered."I can't run, I can't B.S. my way out of it. I guess all I can do is own up to it." I reasoned with myself.

I got up, brushed myself off, pulled up my shorts over my now scared soft cock and made my way back around through her rear gate.

As I entered, I was disappointed, but not surprised that Mrs. Stevens had put on a long terry towel robe.

"Come here, closer. I want you right on front of me." she order again.

"What were you doing you little pervert?" she asked staring into my face.

"What were you looking at?" she seemed slightly bewildered.

I quickly looked around hoping that some thing in her yard would inspire me to come up with the right answer. That is when I noticed that there was a two thirds empty margarita pitcher on the table next to her.

"So tell me. Why were you spying on me? Do you know the trouble you are in? I could tell your parents or even worse yet, have you arrested as a peeping Tom. You really better pay attention to me." Mrs. Stevens ordered.

I hadn't thought about being in trouble with the law and I was now terrified.

"I was looking at you." I mumbled as I stared down at the ground.

"Looking at me? Why, why would you want to be looking at me? Don't you have girls your own age to look at?" she asked as if trying to understand.

" I'm sorry, I couldn't help it. Please forgive me, but I think you are the prettiest woman I have even seen and I just wanted to see more of you." I said in all honesty.

Of course I left out the part of how slutty I thought she was and how I would give any thing to fuck her like crazy. I was young and foolish, but not stupid.

"You think I am pretty? What is that all about?" she asked softening some what.

"Please don't be mad at me, but Mrs. Stevens, you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. I just lost control and I promise you I will never let that happen again, with you or any one else for that matter." I hoped that the sincerityin my voice would convince her to let me off.

The pounding of my heart was slowly returning to normal and things began to be a little more clear. Ithen noticed aslight slur in her speech.

"Mrs. Stevensis a little tipsy." I thought to myself.

"Thank gawd, this might work in my favor. Maybe she won't be so harsh." I hoped.

"So what was it you were looking at exactly?" Mrs Stevens asked leaning forward to take her glass in her hand. "I want to know."

The movement caused her robe to gape open allowing her entire right breast to tumble free. I gasped at her rock hard nipple. It must have protruded at least a full inch from her dark, silver dollar sized aureole. The sight caused my cock to stiffen once again.

Mrs. Stevens closed her eyes and took a long slow drink. This gave me the perfect opportunity to take in the beautiful sight before me. The moisture that coated her chilled glass rolled off and dripped directly on to her nipple, stiffening it even further. I realized that she must have been fully aware that she was exposing herself to me because the coldness of the well placed drop had caused her to flinch.

"So tell me," she asked again setting her glass down andleaning back on the chaises still ignoring her naked breast. "What were you looking at? What did you see? Now tell me word for word or so help me you will really be in huge trouble." she said trying to be tough.

I couldhear the softening of her tone and the flushing redness of her tanned skin. Shebegan toslightly open and close her legs followed by rubbing them together to try and relive the tingling, sexualdiscomfort she was feeling between them. I was certain Mrs. Stevens was still very much turned on. She still hadn't made anymove to hide her right breast. In fact laying back caused to robe to fall open even more, threatening to allow her left breast to spring free.

I decided, that maybe I wasn't in as much trouble as I thought and that it might be worth a try to play into her little game.

"I saw your breasts." I said matter of factly. "and they are the most beautiful breasts I have ever seen in my life Mrs. Stevens."

"Call me Helen. That Mrs. Stevens shit makes me feel old." she replied in an even moreslurred voice.

The margaritas were obviously taking effect.

Helen sat upright and again reached for her glass, doing so caused her robe to completely untie and fall open, bunching up at her sides Her breasts and pubic mound now open to my virgin gaze. She looked down and giggled. "Look, my titties are showing. Well, I guessthat isn't any thing you haven't see before is it?" she said looking me right in the eyes and smiling her trade mark sweet smile.

I melted. Here, the woman of my fantasies, was giving me free reign to look at her exquisite breasts and vagina.The same breasts and pussy thatI secretly had masturbated to over and over again. My heart began torace again. I gasped for air and thought I was about to pass out.

"Oh Mrs. Stevens!" I exclaimed

"Helen." she quickly replied.

"Sorry, I mean Helen, you are gorgeous." I panted.

Helen took another long swallow out of her glass finishing it.

"Pour me another on will you please sweetie?" she asked suddenly forgetting that she was upset with me.

I moved over right beside her and began filling her glass. The position afforded me a clear and unobstructed view directly between her slightly spread legs. Again I took in a deep breath. I could literally seethe juices bubbling out of her womanhood. Her natural lubricant glistening on her shaved vulva.

I had to have her. I would give any thing in the world to be allowed to bury my face between those smooth silky thighs and ravage her protruding clit. I marveled at the nub poking out between her bulging lips as if it hadstuck it's headout to greet me.

Helen laid back once again. This time her robe falling completely off her sides pooling on the floor. She was totaly uncovered now except her arms and shoulders.

"What else did you look at while you were peeking at me?" asked Helen as she slowly and methodically began opening and closing her legs once again causing her lovejuice to ooze out of her and leak down the crack of her succulent ass.

I remained silent, mesmerized by the amount of cream that was flowing out of her obviously hot and ready pussy.

"Well, I am waiting." she said feigning impatience. " What else?"

"Your um, er, ah." I began stammering, not quite sure how to say it.

"Come on, tell me, don't be shy. You certainly weren't shy while you were peeping at me over the fence now were you?" Helen reminded me.

"Was it my cunt you were gawking at? It's OK, you can call it my cunt. It feels so sexy when I hear a man call it that." she stated as she began squeezing her long golden legs together to try and easy the intense sexual itching between them.

"Yes." I replied.

"Yes what?" she replied urging me on. "Say it. I want to hear you say it." she now demanded.

"I was looking at your cunt." I blurted out. "I was looking at your beautiful, gorgeous, wonderful cunt."

I was lost in the whole rapture of what was happening to me. I was, an eighteen year old virgin who's only sexual experiance had been once seeing my mothers naked black bush along with hersagging flat titsand feeling up Cindy Thompson a couple of times. Now here I was, up close to an incredibly sexy and experienced naked woman

" And what was it that you were doingwhile you were looking at my titties and cunt?" letting the latter word slide out of her mouth in a low, sexy whisper.

"Nothing, just watching you." I quickly answered.

"Don't take me for a fool." Helen snapped back. "You were jerking your cock, weren't you. Now say it, what were you doing while you were staring at my naked body." demanded Helen.

"Yes," I replied almost dejected. 'You're right, I was jacking off while I looked at you, but I couldn't help it. You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen."

"Come on, you must have fucked tons of girls by now." she asked.

"No. I have never have." almost embarrassed at my confession. " I have never fucked any one before."

"Bull shit." exclaimed Helen.

No, it's true. I have never fucked any one except for my hand." I replied almost ready to cry.

I was so emotional that it was hard to hold back the tears that were welling up inside me.

"Show me. Show me what you were doing." she ordered.

"Come on, no need to be shy. You have seen all of me so it is only fair that I get to see you." she asked almost pleading.

"Look at how hard your cock is. I can see it bulging through your shorts. You want don't you. You want to start stroking that big cock of yours as you stare at my tits and cunt right?"

I reached down and pulled my shorts down. As I got past my hips, my cock that was bound up in the elastic waist band snapped up and slapped upagainst my belly with a resounding smack noise.

My shorts dropped to the ground.

"Oh yes, it is as big as I imagined." Helen remarked as her hands began caressing her large breasts.

"What was that she had said? As big as she had imagined? Holy fuck, she has been thinking about me as well." I thought.

"Now show me what you were doing you little pervert." Helen said laughing.

I lowered my hand now and grasped my shaft at the base. My palm of my is about four inches across somy remaining achingly hard dick protruded another four inches beyond. I now began to slowly jerk my cock in steady and determined movements, keeping my hand completely away from the purple knob. I knew that if Igot even close to stimulatingmy sensitive cock head, I would blow my load even before I got started.

"Oh yes, jack off for momma." Helen whispered in a low husky voice.

She had slid both her hands from her firm tits down between her outstretched thighs. The index and middle fingers of her left handwas now spread open the lipsof herslobbering cunt. She was batting her huge clit back and forth withthe middle finger of her right hand.

"Oh yes baby, stroke that big cock for me." shedirected.

I was so glad that my family wasn't home because for certain they would have heard her moans and groans of sexualanticipation.

"You want to fuck me don't you? You want to stick that big cock in my cunt fuck me hard, don't you?" Helen said almost screaming.

It was more of a demand then a question.

"Answer me gawd damit. Tell me you want to fuck me you horny young pick."

I could see that my little slutty neighbour was just that, one hell of a horny slut, who loved to talk dirty.

"Yes, I want to fuck you. I have always wanted to fuck you. Please. Please, I need to fuck you.

With that, Helen jumped up from the chaise and dropped to her knees in front of me. She shooed my hand away from my oh so ready cock and took the whole eight inches straight down into her throat. The feeling was unlike any thing I had ever experienced before. I was in total heaven. I was actually being sucked off by the sexiest woman alive.

In what I'm sure was no more then 10 thrust down Helen's accommodating throat, my orgasm was about to over take me. She sensed my need and pulled her head back.

"No!" shecried and threw herself on the ground face up. "In my cunt. I want your first come to be in my cunt. Get down here and fuck me." she pleaded.

I quickly knelt between her wide spread knees and slammed my virgin cock so deep into her cunt that I actually hit her cervix. The force of which caused her to convulse slightly.

"Oh my gawd, I have never had any one so deep in me before." Helen cried.

I pulled back then slammed into her again. Once more she jerked forward in response. She was now whimpering and begging me to fuck her cunt as hard as I could. I continued to thrust my hips and grit my teeth in defiance of the over powering urge to spurt my seed into this woman whom I had lusted for, for so very long.

Finally Mrs. Stevens let out a loud scream and began thrashing underneath me. Her orgasm was so intense that she dug her heels into carpeted surface that we were fucking on and actually lifted her ass right off the groundwith me andmy full weight along with her.

The clenching of her cunt walls sent me over the edge. I couldn't hold back any longer and finally let out a loud groan of satisfactionas I spewed my virginseed deep into Mrs. Stevens cunt. We both flopped down panting as the after orgasm electrical after shocks over took us. We held each other so closely that we could hear each others hearts still pounding.

Finally after what seemed hours, Helen rose on her elbow.

"Oh gawd Donnie, you fucked me better then any one has ever before. I think I might have to keep you." she said laughing.

"Same with you." I replied.

"But I thought you are a virgin?" Mrs. Stevens then realizing the joke let out a low sweet laugh that caused my still hard cock to pop clear out of her cum fill cunt.

"Put that back in me mister. I am not done with you yet. No sir, not by a long shot."

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