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Losing my virginity at the lighthouse

How I lost my virginity in the back of a car.

This is my first story of hopefully many, depending how well I do I guess.

This story is about the night I lost my virginity. I was 16 and a sophomore in high school. My on again off again boyfriend was 18 and about to go to college in New York City in the fall. We had been dating for about 6 months with some gaps in between. This night was about a week after we got back together after breaking up before his prom which I did not get to attend. We had never had sex together but we had fooled around a lot during the 6 months.

Andy was 6’1 about 150lbs had midnight black hair that he wore a little shaggy and he had a thin goatee and the most amazing blue eyes. I was about 5’2 curly brown hair and cute blue eyes. I developed rather early so already had about a C cup but on this particular night still tried to fit them into a B cup.

It was a warm Friday night in late June. I wore a long black summer skirt and green T-shirt, with flip flops on my feet. It was our first real night out together since getting back together so I decided not to just wear my usual cotton bikini style panties; this night I would wear the boy shorts that I had bought a couple weeks ago with my friend. They were black with a pink bow in the front and lace around the edges. Since my mother would not have approved I not only had to hide them among my stuffed animals when I got home but also had to spend my own money to get them. I had not yet bought a matching bra and I also liked the way my silky pink bra made my breasts look, so I decided to wear that. I got dressed and eagerly waited for Andy to arrive.

Andy pulled up in his red Ford Taurus around 7 pm and he honked a couple of times. I ran out the door as my dad reminded me to be home by 10:30. I got in the car and we drove off to get some food. Andy was in a small but not too tight red t-shirt and was wearing some well worn jeans and had sandals on. We went to a local pizza place to eat and then he decided to go to the beach because I did not want to hang out at his friend’s house tonight. We got to the beach and parked in the south parking lot that still had a few cars in it but not too many for an early summer night.

We walked down the beach holding hands, talking about this and that. Then when we got to where there is a river that empties into the bay we turned the corner to a relatively secluded place. Andy put his hands around my waist and kissed me deeply; I instantly swooned and kissed him back. We started to make out, our hands roaming around each other’s bodies. His hands rested against my ass and as we kissed I whispered for him to touch me and then moved one of his hands up to my breast. He began to squeeze and rub my breast as we made out and I held him tight. I put my hand underneath his shirt and felt his abs and chest, trying to get him to do the same to me. I pushed his shirt nearly off before he reached one hand underneath my shirt. He continued to feel me up over my bra. I pulled his shirt off and then pushed him back.

I said, “Oh, Andy”.

Then I reached back and undid my bra. He instantly stepped forward and began kissing me again and pulled my shirt up as my bra slunk forward, allowing him free access to my breast. He began rubbing and pinching my nipples and they were instantly hard. I began to get wet as his left hand began to roam and started to lift up my skirt.

I began to kiss his neck and moan as he pulled on my nipple and his other hand started up my thigh. My hands moved to his waist. I ran a hand over his crotch and could tell that he was starting to get hard as I reached my hands into his pants. His hands then came out of my shirt and up from under my skirt and he pushed me back.

“Not here, Lauren,” Andy said.

“Why not?” I replied.

He said, “Just not here.”

I just looked back into his eyes and kissed him. He kissed me deeply back and I brought his hands back under my shirt and right up onto my boob hanging out of my undone bra. He rubbed and squeezed and played with my nipple then a couple minutes later I took his hand and put it up under my skirt, he brushed his hand against my panties and I could tell that he felt the wet spot and quickly he slipped a finger under them and felt my wetness.

“Not here, Lauren,” he said again.

I just reached forward grabbed his belt and reached my other hand into them and felt his hard flesh in my hand. Before he could react, I gave it a couple of quick strokes. He moaned with pleasure but then took my hand out of his pants and looked at me. I then went to get on my knees but as I knelt down he picked me up.

“Let’s go back to the car, Lauren. There is too much of a chance of getting caught here, I know somewhere to go,” Andy told me.

I picked up his shirt off the ground and threw it to him. As he put it on I lifted my shirt up to and redid my bra so that he could see my boobs before I put them away. Then I took his hand as we walked back to his car.

I looked into his eyes and then said, “I want you bad tonight, Andy.” I then bit my lip

“I am going to have you tonight,” he replied. Little did I know we were both talking about going all the way tonight. We got back to his car and kissed once more before getting into the car and heading off. We headed toward the lighthouse about 5 minutes from the beach we were at. It was a bit of a more secluded area.

As we drove I told him how much I wanted to be naughty with him. As we began to get closer I put a couple of his fingers in my mouth and sucked on them. He definitely enjoyed it and I could tell he was getting hard again. As we approached the parking lot of the light house I began to rub his crotch. As I rubbed his cock got harder and began to strain against his jeans. He quickly pulled into a parking spot, threw the car into park and pushed his chair back. He looked me in the eye and then kissed me deeply. He undid his pants and pulled his now hard slender around 6” cock out.

He grabbed my hand guiding it to his cock. “Okay, Lauren,” he said with a gleam in his eye.

I knew exactly what he wanted and as I stroked his cock, I got up on my knees on my seat and leaned over the console. I put my lips on the head of his cock; it was great to taste it again after a month of missing it. He was so horny that a few droplets of pre-cum oozed out and I licked them right up. As I did this his hand moved through my curly hair to the back of my head. I could tell he missed my mouth as my tongue flicked his head. Then slowly he pushed me on to his cock and my mouth met up with my hand as I went up and down on his cock stroking and sucking at the same time. He grabbed some of my hair and began to try to push me all the way onto his cock I got halfway down and then pushed against his hand.

I came up for air and said, “Easy, Andy, I want to enjoy this tonight,” while I removed my shirt.

“FUCK, Lauren, I have missed you. I want you to suck my cock so bad,” Andy moaned.

I put his cock back into my mouth and began to rub and tug on his balls as I went up and down. His hands began to rub my back and around to my breast giving a quick squeeze. He went back to rubbing my back and then reached over with two hands to undo my bra. I took his cock out of my mouth and began licking his shaft and then tonguing his balls as my bra fell loose.

I sat up a little to let my bra fall down. As it fell under his seat I said, “Oh, pinch my nipples baby.”

He began to pinch either nipple hard pulling them down making them incredibly hard and then switching to the other. I quickly put my mouth around his head and stroked up and down his cock. As he continued to play with my breast I started to put more of him into my mouth. I got about two-thirds into my mouth when Andy began to moan and pull on my nipple hard.

He pushed me back and then pulled his pants off and said, “Lauren, let’s get in the back seat.”

As I climbed over the seat to get to the back Andy took his hand and put it up my skirt and began rubbing my through my panties. I moaned as I was already wet again without him touching me. After a couple of quick rubs I fell forward into the backseat. He got up to follow me back and as he climbed back I pulled his shirt off. He pushed me onto my back and positioned himself between my legs and we began to make out. My legs wrapped around his body pulling him in closely as we made out and his hands felt up my breasts.

I put my hand on his cock and said, “Oh, Andy, touch me.”

He moaned as he started to kiss my neck and then down to my breast. He put my right nipple into his mouth and flicked it with his tongue as his right hand reached my thigh and up to my panties. I moaned as his hand reached my panties. As his fingers reached under the panties I pushed my hips up into his hand. I didn’t need much teasing as I was already soaked through my panties. He circled the finger inside my lips and then entered me. I took in a sharp breath as one finger went inside me and then another as he began to slowly play inside me. He began to pick up speed and stopped playing with my tits as he rested his head against them fingering me. I reached down and started to play with his cock.

He looked up at me and said, “I want to do it, baby.”

I giggled and looked at him bit my lip and said, “Do what?” as I pulled his cock towards me.

“You know!” he said.

“Say it,” I moaned softly.

“I want to fuck you, Lauren,” he said and then kissed me “There is a condom in the glove compartment.”

Andy then pulled my panties off and sat down on the other side of the back seat. I got up and climbed over the seat to reach into the glove compartment. I couldn’t believe I was actually about to lose my virginity. I got the condom with my legs in the backseat and resting my elbows on the front seat I tried to open the condom. After a couple tries I was getting frustrated. Andy was feeling up my ass and teasing my pussy with his hands.

“Hurry up, baby,” he said

“I’m trying,” I said with frustration.

I was trying very hard. I then put part of it in my mouth and ripped the other half hard and finally it opened. It fell onto the front seat I quickly scooped it up and handed it to him. He looked at me and told me to do it. I took it back and took his not so hard anymore cock in my hand.

“Suck it first, Lauren, get it hard,” Andy said softly.

I quickly put his cock in my mouth and stroked furiously. It took mere seconds for it to get hard again. I was eager for this to happen although a little nervous. Although a while ago I had made sure my hymen was broken, I still worried about it. I then told him to hold his cock and I started to put the condom on, but as I slipped it over his cock I noticed that it had ripped.

“Fuck! Do you have another one?” I asked while rubbing my clit to keep me as wet as could be.

“No, I guess we'll have to do this another time,” Andy said and then began to kiss me.

We began to make out again and he felt up my breast. His cock was mere inches from me and I could almost feel the heat of it on my lips and I wanted it bad. I wanted to feel him inside me right now. I ached to feel his cock inside me. I reached down and stroked his cock fast, aggressively. I even rubbed the head a little against my lips and shivered as it went up just touching the inside. His eyes rolled back and I could tell he wanted it too.

“FUCK IT, I want you now!” I screamed. “Just fuck me, Andy.”

He didn’t need more than convincing than that and he slowly pushed his cock passed my pussy lips. I gasped and pulled him in close as he entered me. It felt amazing! I never could have thought the real thing would feel so great.

As my pussy clenched down on his cock inside me he began to build up a rhythm and I was moaning loudly. He was humping me wildly and I wrapped my legs around him and held his body close as I enjoyed it greatly. I was moaning wildly, telling him to fuck me harder. He tried to tell me to be quiet but I couldn’t as I screamed for it faster. He took one long deep thrust into me and my body began to spasm and threw my head back and screaming out for him to fuck me and other expletives, as my juices began to spill out of me and onto the back seat of his car.

He pulled back and his cock slipped out of me and, soaked with my juices, it was so slippery he had a bit of a hard time getting back in. I guided him back inside me. My pussy was still spasming from my orgasm as he re-entered me. I closed tight around his cock and Andy began to moan wildly. He started to fuck me very quickly and I held him tight, then he pushed deep into me again, arched his back and pushed me back as he began to cum. I could feel him empty his cock into my pussy and immediately after he collapsed on top of me.

“I’m sorry,” Andy whispered, “I’m so sorry.”

“Don’t worry, it will be okay,” I reassured him, although I was incredibly nervous that it wouldn’t be.

He then kissed me deeply. After lying together for a few minutes a little comfortably we noticed what time it was 10:45 and then I got dressed. We headed home and I snuck into my house.

After a nervous 10 days, we got lucky and I had my period. Although we were lucky that time we were too freaked out to try without protection again, and we both always made sure to keep a condom with us at all times.

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