Losing my virginity...to my best friend's brother!

By SexMadGirlXXX

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My first time having sex...when I least expected it.
I'm Eva, I'm 20 but back when this story happened, I was just 16. I had long, dark almost black hair down to my waist, and matching brown eyes. At this age, I'm still a virgin.

I arrived at my friend Melissa's house at 8pm as we'd arranged, but she was late getting home from her boyfriend's house. Her brother, David let me in though. I'd always got on well with David and as I walked up the stairs in front of him, I could feel him checking me out. I glanced backwards to confirm this, and sure enough I caught him hastily turn away from my ass.

I got into Melissa's bedroom and thought I'd get changed into something a little comfier. I'd been at a family BBQ all day so I was wearing a short tight black dress, and 5 inch heels. I take my dress and heels off and put on some ass-hugging short shorts, but before I can put a top on an idea comes to mind.

I get some water from the bathroom and make my way back to Melissa's room, as I walk in David catches a glimpse of me in just my short shorts. I hear Melissa's car pulling up outside and decide to play a little joke on her. I pour a bit of my water over her bed to make a wet patch and sit in it, making it look as though I'd been masturbating.

She comes in and just looks at me. The look on her face better than I'd expected. I tried to go along with this joke for a while, but I'm a shit lier and she saw right through it. She decided she needed a shower before we settled down for the evening in front of a film. I knew this meant she'd spent the day fucking her boyfriend, which kinda made me feel jealous. Why should she get to fuck him all day while I'm still a virgin?

So she went for her shower, and David poked his head round the door asking if I wanted any chinese because he was ordering some now. He did a double take as he saw me sat on the bed, and I realised I was still in my practical joke position....layed out on the bed, my pussy surrounded by a wet patch. I was so embarrassed until I saw the hard-on in his pants, and the cheeky grin spreading across his face.

Just then, Melissa came out of the shower and David and I shared an embarrassed glance as he left the room to order chinese for all three of us. Melissa and I settled down in front of her TV and began discussing sex. This was a game we liked to play, thinking of scenarios in which I would lose my virginity. Sometimes they were very explicit and sometimes rather boring. Once, we'd caught David masturbating to us making up this story, so I know he knew I was a virgin.

David came in with the food, and all three of us got comfier in front of a film. Melissa, who was probably tired from her day fucking her boyfriend fell asleep pretty quickly, so it was just David and I.

Suddenly, he rolled on top of me, and kissed me so passionately it was unreal. His cock was still so hard from seeing me on the bed earlier, and I could feel him pushing it against my stomach as he kissed me. Then I felt his fingers slowly slide their way down my body, reaching my clit and rubbing it soo hard. It felt amazing, I was in heaven and a little moan escaped me.

David had to quickly cover my mouth as another moan started. I had forgotten my best friend, his sister was asleep right next to us.

David started kissing my neck and lowered his kisses until he was kissing my wet pussy. His tongue came out and he stuck it deep inside me, licking my pussy for all it was worth. He was gonna make me cum with his tongue as he pushed it deeper and deeper inside me, while his hand was stroking his 8inch, hard cock.

Just as I was on the brink of cumming, he stopped and flashed me a cheeky smile. He was teasing me, when I wanted him soooo badly. He slowly lowered my head down to his cock and I sucked it so hard. I wanted to do him proud so that he'd treat me to his cock and I could finally lose my virginity. I was licking his cock up and down from top to bottom and then sucking it into my mouth.

Suddenly something took over him, he grabbed my head and pushed my head further down his cock so more and more of him was inside my little mouth. His cock was entering my throat and he was fucking my mouth. It was my turn to make him quiet as I deep-throated that huge cock of his.

I felt him unload in my mouth, hot squirts of cum hitting the back of my throat and making me want to gag. I swallowed them, which just made him cum more.

He flipped me over so I was on all fours with my back to him, and rubbed the head of his dick along the slit to my pussy. I was quivering with anticipation as finally his big hard cock entered my pussy.

People always told me it hurt, but I was so ready for it that when a cock finally entered me it just felt good, not painful.

"My god! You're soooo tight!" David whispered into my ear in a husky, low voice. Not his normal voice at all.

He began to pound me from behind and finger my asshole at the same time, I turned to look at him, and saw Melissa sleeping next to me. A giggle left my mouth as I thought of all the scenarios we'd imagined me losing my virginity. Strangely, none of them had involved her brother.

At this moment, he was fucking me so hard that I couldn't concentrate on Melissa or anything else in the world. All I could think of was his cock ramming into my tight little pussy. I was gonna cum again, I could feel my climax building. At this moment, he told me he was going to cum, and sure enough, we both came together. I felt my juices running all over his cock as he continued to fuck me senseless. And I felt his cum shooting up my pussy...it was so good, but I felt bad as I wasn't on the pill and we hadn't used a condom.

This thought was pushed out of my mind as David continued to pound his hard cock into my pussy, making me scream with pleasure.

My scream made Melissa stir next to us, and David jumped off me as she slowly woke up.

We all turned to sleep, Melissa having no idea what had just happened, and David lowering his hand to rub my clit, giving me that last bit of pleasure before I drifted into sleep, unaware that this moment had made into a sexaddict.