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Losing virginity to to a strange foreigner - a beautiful, strange foreigner

On a school trip to France, I met a beautiful girl and my shyness shied away.
Just to note - this is the actual account of me losing my virginity. (it's not made up)

Also this is the first story I've written so apologies if you don't enjoy it.

When I was 16 I went on a school exchange trip to France where you stay at another family's house. My exchange partner had a 20 year old sister, Margaux, who was super hot - worthy, no doubt, of being a model. She walked around in her thick cotton dressing gown a lot, and the combination of its softness and her smooth skin really turned me on. I assumed - since she was wearing this 'round the house with her parents and brother around - that she had underwear on. She seemed like a sensible enough girl, from what I had seen during my stay so far, and that she was wearing a dressing gown to keep warm, not for any more exotic reasons.

One evening the parents and brother were watching TV downstairs, and Margaux was in her room. Being the horny, young ignorant dickhead that I was, I walked into her room with a mission. A mission to have my first kiss. You see, I had never had a girlfriend so I had never even kissed a girl before. I was quite nervous around girls and I could not talk to them to save my life. But I knew that in two days after this I'd never see her again, nor any of her family, so I really didn't care if what I dared to do, screwed up (which I was sure it would).

I politely knocked on the door to say good night. This would have been the fourth or fifth night there, and it was customary in France to give every person a kiss on each cheek when saying hello and goodbye. As you may be able to imagine, being kissed (even though it was just on the cheek) every day, by a hot girl, felt amazing for a young teenager like me, who had never had this before.

I said my bonne nuit and went up to her, to kiss her on her cheeks, just like her mother and brother had already done that evening, and like her father no doubt would later.

But unlike them, when I finished, I didn't move away. I placed my hands softly on her cheeks, pushing back her dark hair, and put my mouth to hers.

Margaux instantly grabbed me and pulled me off her. I was thinking, "Shít!" and she sat back down on her chair. To my greatest disbelief, she undid the soft, cotton belt of her pink dressing gown. She slowly started to unwrap the gown from herself, revealing her beautiful, curvaceous - and, I realised, naked - body. Naked? My original thoughts of her wearing the gown for warmth had rapidly shot out of my mind. You don't wear a thick gown without panties and a bra unless you are looking for something other than warmth, do you? ...Do you? Perhaps my mind was interpreting what my eyes were viewing wrongly, and what had in fact been her staring in anger of my hormonal outburst was being processed wrongly, to my young brain?

I decided this was not the case.

Her smooth legs, I noticed, were slowly moving away from each other. Ah, yes. I was definitely not mistaken.

Taking her time, she ran her soft hands smoothly down her nightie-covered gorgeous, beautiful body. They ran over her perky breasts - which were of the size I'd always dreamt of—not too big as to look weird, but perfectly in proportion to her slim body - and as they moved down her chest and belly button, I gave in.

I couldn't take the teasing any more.

My head swooped down like an eagle and my hands leapt forward to hold her tightly. I ferociously waggled my tongue about in her tight, gorgeous pussy like a psychotic maniac on steroids. I was so horny - I doubt I'll ever be hornier again. Remember, this was the first time I had ever touched a single part of a girl's body, so my mind was going insane at the idea of me losing my virginity to a sexy woman at the time of my very first kiss. My hands were still firmly on her soft, drooping night gown - a juxtaposition of sorts - and she just let me lick her wet hole for what seemed like an eternity. My face was being tickled by the luxurious cotton of her cute, thick dressing gown and this seemed to make the current situation much more erotic.

What's worth noting is that I was hopeless at French. My parents sent me on this exchange so that I could learn some proper French, as I really wasn't very good in class. Europeans on the whole do speak decent English, but Margaux's ability to speak my language was particularly poor. As such, we didn't really speak, and I had to gesture when I wanted her to do something.

So—I grabbed her from her chair and bounded over on to her bed. I ripped off my trousers and threw my shirt on to the ground. Laying there in my tight, now-very-pointy boxers, she put her hand down them and got out my hard dick. Her eyes widened and she froze in shock at my size. She then shoved it into her mouth and she took as much as she could. My hands were wrapped gently around the neck of her gown - just bellow the collar - as I made strange noises of pleasure that signaled someone who had never been anywhere remotely close to sex.

At first she could take 6 inches. Then I gestured - with some very basic English - for her to try to take more in her mouth. My rock-hard cock sat there - well, stood there - waiting to be given a deepthroat. She tried again and managed what must have been about 8 inches. She was clearly not totally comfortable with this and she didn't seem like she had physically got this far with her mouth before with anyone else. She had to move herself off to breath. I encouraged her to try even more this time - and oh boy, she did. She was determined to do this. Her mouth crawled down me once again for a final attempt; and it was successful. All ten inches of me were inside her mouth. My dick was quite literally half way down her neck. Margaux was gasping for breath and was about to gag. I somehow managed to control my hormones for a brief minute, and let her ease off. My eyes then fuzzed over and whole body shook - and I shot my load all over her cute, pink - well, now with numerous white stains - dressing gown.

"Bébé je veux que dans mon vagin s'il vous plaît me donner ce que je veux!", she moaned.

(I looked up what she said in the dictionary afterwards - apparently she was begging me to penetrate her)

"I have absolutely no idea what the fuck you just said Margaux, but give me a few minutes to regain my potency, I don't want this to end here." I replied.

It didn't.

I kissed her neck and then we had what was much closer to making love than anything else, which was odd, really, since we hardly knew each other. But I won't bore you with the details.

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