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Lost My Virginity with a Grudge Fuck

Lost my virginity fucking my cheating boyfriends best friend
I was sixteen years old in high school hanging out with my group of friends. The clicks in my high school went like this. There were the preppies in their kakis and dock siders, the jocks and cheerleaders all involved with sports mostly the football team, the drama department kids putting on plays and the heads who were naughty kids smoking, drinking and experimenting with drugs but many were artists and musicians. My group of friends were mostly heads with a few drama kids thrown in for good measure. I had two best girlfriends Vicki and Donna. Vicki was included in the heads group but dated a few jocks also. Donna was a head and drama girl all the way. I tended to float between the groups as my interests carried me. Mostly with the heads but really enjoyed the drama department too.

My house was the house all the kids hung out at after school and on the weekend sometimes. I had the divorced cool Mom who would rather we hang out at home than on the street corner. Vicki lived up one end of my street and Donna lived up the other end so I was always with one or the other though never really at the same time much. That at least made for a busy social schedule. Come Friday night me and one of the girl friends would start calling all the guys we knew who had a car till we found one that would come take us out to party and we never made more than two or three calls before finding our chariot.

The high school we went to blended several junior high schools together so you got to meet many new class mates as well as having all your old ones. Donna having gone to a private Catholic school new some of the other kids I didn’t know and introduced me to many of them. One guy she introduced me to I will always remember was Danny a G.Q. looker who many of the girls wanted and his best friend Jeff was the most sought after boy in school. All the girls wanted Jeff and his long blond hair that went almost down to his waste and was prettier than any girl’s hair.

Danny loved my Mom and my house. He was fascinated that we had all the simple things he loved on hand that his parents never seemed to buy. Just silly little things like honey or boxed Mac and cheese, he was always amazed we always had some. Danny did not have a car and many times would jog to my house from school or from his house quite a ways away in the next town over. When winter rolled around he would hitch hike or bum a ride from a friend. Danny and I became fast friends and talked for hours upon hours on the telephone like teenagers of the seventies did. He perplexed me by telling me I would be the perfect girlfriend if I were shorter and had a car - what the hell! I knew Donna had fooled around with Danny once or twice but Danny wasn’t really into her and moved on to Vicki. Danny and Vicki dated quite a while yet he was still coming over my house all the time. Sometimes he would come with Vicki and sometimes alone.

We had a big detached garage and one cold evening I was seeing Danny out and saying good bye after our typical Saturday evening of watching Saturday Night Live and drinking whatever rot gut beverage we managed to pick up. I said goodbye to Danny, did not think anything of it and went off to bed. I awoke early in the morning to Danny knocking on the back door. I was very surprised to see him so early and he looked like he was freezing standing there shivering.

I pulled him into the house and said “What the heck are you doing back at the crack of dawn?”

“My parents have been driving me crazy and I did not want to go home so I spent the night in your garage” he told me.

I made him some hot chocolate then I took his hand and led him upstairs to my bedroom. I put him in my little twin sized bed that was on the floor and got him all nestled under the covers to warm up.

“Are you crazy sneaking into my garage to spend the night? Do your parents even know where you are? Did you know there is a heater in there so you really did not have to freeze your ass off all night like that?” my questions kept coming.

Before he could utter any response I sat at the end of the bed and started rubbing his feet to warm them up as they felt like ice cubes. Danny still looking a little hypothermic seemed to relax from the foot rub.

“I told my parents I was spending the night at Jeff’s” he said. “My sister and I give each other foot and back rubs when ever she’s around you remind me of her rubbing my feet like this” he also mentioned.

I knew Danny’s big sister, a total straight shooter in college, so knew there was no weird hanky-panky going on between them at all so his comment did not concern me in the least. This began our many sessions of mutual massages. Were we turning each other on? Oh hell yes we were. I did have a little crush on Danny but as long as he was dating one of my best girl friends then it was hands off for me. Between all the time on the phone and in my basement rec room we spent together we were on a level almost as intimate as if we were dating. I thought he was never physically attracted to me more attracted to my mind and free spirit. Danny would do crazy sweet things that would make me want him. The one crazy thing he did I will never forget was steal a Christmas tree for me. That nut found out I would not put up a Christmas tree because I hated my Mom’s fuller brush looking fake plastic tree so on his bicycle late at night he went to the tree lot by his house and stole a great big bushy tree slung it on his back and peddled home. His father saw what he was doing and though mad at him for steeling realized his good intent and loaded that tree in his station wagon and drove it over to my house. I had always told Danny I was a virgin when ever the subject of sex came up but he would never believe me and laughed it off every time. I had far fewer inhibitions than most girls so I guess he figured there was no way I could be a virgin and I had sexually done all the rest of the basics so maybe even sounded knowledgeable.

Danny and Vicki broke up. Vicki being the prettiest most petite girl of us three girls was dating others in no time at all. Danny was hanging out at my house more than ever and we were getting closer than ever. Right about the time our mutual massage sessions turned into make out sessions I was do to go to Florida for my annual visit with my grandparents. Danny came over one last time before I was to fly to Florida and we had the hottest make out session ever. Danny was such a great kisser I could French kiss him all night. We lay plastered together on my basement couch two young lovers exploring each other. Looking deeply into each others eyes our lips met in the sweetest of kisses. The deep kisses were hot and horny yet so gentle and tender. I could feel his weight on top of me as our hips simulated sex with all the dry humping we did. I could feel his big boner in his jeans pressing up against me and I had to touch it. We sat up on the couch while I unzipped his jeans to get at his hard dick. I had given enough hand jobs to know what I was doing but I wanted to taste this new toy I was playing with. Stroking his hard on with one hand I cupped his balls with the other leaned down and took the head into my moist warm mouth. I licked and sucked. As my head bobbed up and down his shaft I discovered one of my loves sucking cock!!! I was really good at it to and without much delay Danny let out a deep groan and shot of huge teenage load of hot thick cum in my sucking mouth. It was thicker than I though it would be and I swallowed it all down without a second thought. Feeling that hard cock twitch and spasm in my mouth and knowing I was controlling this hot boys body was an incredibly huge turn on for me.

Danny rode with me and Mom to the airport to see me off to Florida the next day. We sat in the back of the van holding hands all the way. I had a major case of puppy love brewing. I spent the whole week at my grand parent’s house swimming in the pool and working on my tan and diet. Had a fun time visiting all the Florida relatives and the week was over before I knew it. Flying home on the plane I was very nervous and apprehensive wondering if Danny would be there with Mom to pick me up at the airport. The plane landed and I disembarked and walked down the jet way to the terminal. As soon as I entered the terminal I saw Mom and sis waiting for me and my heart sank. I’m sure the disappointment was evident on my face as I looked down at the ground thinking Danny wasn’t as interested in me as I thought or he would be here. Then I looked up and there he was. I could not see Danny because he had a few people in front of him blocking my view. As soon as I saw that shaggy brown hair and trim body and new it was him right away. The frown on my face was immediately replaced by a big happy smile.

We arrived home and a new bathing suite I had ordered had come in the mail. The simple black one piece bathing suite I had ordered was out of stock so a substitute was sent instead. I tried it on and modeled it for Danny and Mom. It was a way sexy one piece that had a fully open back with a tiny triangle of fabric that tied with strings on my hips covering my big round ass. It was also very high cut much more so than my other bathing suites so a little pussy hair was peaking out the edge.

“You are going to need to shave for that suite!” comes blurting right out of Mom’s mouth.

How embarrassing was that and I see Danny’s eyes looking right at my crotch! I kept the sexy suit and got dressed again to spend the evening with Danny. A day or two later Donna came over for a visit.

As we were laying around in the living room Donna says “There is something I think I should tell you but you might not want to hear it.”

I had to spend a bit of time convincing her to spill the beans and when she did I was not sure I wanted what I got.

“Well I am just going to say it. I saw Danny with Vicki at the Beaver Dam stone quarry kissing.” she said awaiting my reaction.

The stone quarry was a place we all used to go to for parting and swimming in summer. I could not believe what I was hearing. Danny had just picked me up at the airport and acted as if everything was the same as when I left. I was devastated and not sure at all what to do. Things got strange between me and Danny but Vicki and I banded together decided Danny was scum and girlfriends rule!

We went about our teenage business me hanging with my two girl friends and their respective clicks but with no Danny constantly stopping by. The weekend was approaching and the word was there was a big party to go to. I got all dolled up in my tight jeans and cute purple blouse and hooked up with Donna. We went to the party and it was fun but nothing spectacular. Everyone at the party on occasion would wonder into the back yard to sneak off and smoke some weed. There was a huge spruce tree back there with a few big logs placed in a circle for sitting behind it hiding you from view of the house. I went back to the party spot behind that tree and played pass the doobie with my buddies. When the joint was finished everyone wondered back to the party except me and who do know but Jeff the most popular boy in school, Danny’s best friend. Danny wasn’t at the party because I think he was trying to avoid me. I sat on that big log next to Jeff and we talked for a while.

“You are trembling are you nervous?” Jeff asked me with a little look in his eye like I’m making this girl jumpy aren’t I the stud!

I was not nervous at all not even one little bit but I was freezing and shivering from the cold.

I looked at Jeff like he was crazy and said “No silly I’m just freezing my ass off here!”

“Well then want to get out of here and go back to your place my friend can drive us” he offered.

Since Mom had went to Ocean City for the weekend with her parents without partners social group I quickly accepted Jeff’s offer as I knew I had the house all to myself with sis spending the night at a friends. On the ride to my house Jeff and I sat in the back seat of his friend’s car and made out like crazy. We arrived at my house and entered through the front door. I immediately led Jeff upstairs to my bedroom. I was all ready to give up my virginity to the most popular boy in school. Any girl in school would have fucked him just to have him but I actually did not care about that or even really him. I figured when Danny found out I fucked Jeff and I knew Jeff would brag about it for sure, it would just eat at his craw. I was going to take my revenge on Danny and in a big way!

Jeff and I climbed into my little bed and ripped each others clothes off. Clothes were flying all over my candle lit bedroom. Though I had made out heavily with many guys, jerked off several and even given Danny a blow job I really had no idea what I was doing. First I pulled the rubber band that had his long blond hair pulled back in a pony tail out letting his pretty hair fall around his shoulders. Jeff was a really confident kind of guy which made all the girls want him and all the guys want to be his friend. He knew what he wanted and grabbing my hips asked me to get on top of him. I climbed on top of him straddling his skinny frame. I rose up and he guided his rock hard cock into my hot virgin pussy. I tried to ride him but did not have a clue what I was doing so it was not going very well.

After a bit Jeff rolled me off of him and jumped on me missionary style and began pounding away. There was never any pain or blood like you read about in stories about virgins. He was thrusting and slamming my pussy good and hard with his sizable cock, yes he was bigger than Danny. It felt just fine but I knew I was not going to cum this first time. Jeff was aiming to please and kept pounding away at my virgin flesh holding back waiting for a response from me. He was so skinny his hip bones were digging into me with each thrust. I was ready for this first experience to be over with and had to get this guy to cum so I could get him off of me. Yes then I did it I faked an orgasm!!! As Jeff was going at it I started with a whimper and some little sighs then worked up to a full moan. Hearing that moan was all it took and I had my first hot load of man cum shot deep into me.

Jeff got dressed and could not find one of his socks so gave up went sock less and I showed him to the door. I guess he hitch hiked home I really did not care. I did not ask for his phone number or ask when we would go out again because I really had no more interest in him after that night. In the morning I found his sock that had fallen behind my bed and laughed at my little souvenir. The next Monday in school I was sitting outside the cafeteria in the allowed smoking area when Jeff walked past. When he saw me he just gave me a knowing look and a little nod. I gave him a little smile then ignored him. This is how things went for me and Jeff. Little nods and smiles and never a word said about our night of teenage sex.

Danny’s reaction to all this totally surprised me. He actually said to me “I can’t believe the way you just fucked Jeff then dumped him that’s so cool!”

I think he was a bit jealous of Jeff because of all girls who constantly showered him with attention.

“Oh Jeff your hair is so sexy!, Oh Jeff you are so cute!, Oh Jeff will you go out with me!” tons of them told him again and again.

So there I was no longer a virgin with the guy I wanted to piss off by fucking his best friend thinking I am just the coolest thing ever! How the hell did that happen I wondered? Time went on and I could see Danny watching me when ever we were in the same place at the same time. I still kind of wanted him and was still really pissed at him. Then one evening I hear a knock on the door. To my surprise there was Danny standing there wanting to know what I was up to?

“Oh nothing much” I said as I sized him up.

I took Danny to the basement and so as not to alert the rest of the house very quietly started making out on the couch. Yes you know of course I fucked his brains out, no blow job of course,  and then sent him packing! Revenge complete on to the next!

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