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Lucky In Love

Ethan led the way up the stairs to Anna's bedroom, not sure if he was about to become the luckiest man on earth or the sorriest.  Anna was his younger sister's best friend, and she had talked him into taking her virginity, saying she wanted to do it with someone the first time who know what he was doing.  Nothing like a little pressure to perform. 

Anna was a freshman in college and Ethan was a grad-student at the same university.  They had bumped into each other a few times, but he had never imagined it would lead to this.

Ethan noticed Anna's quietness as they entered the room.  He had been expecting her to either come to her senses and tell him she'd changed her mind or start ripping off his clothes.  She did neither, just walked over to the bed and turned the covers back carefully, holding her robe closed at her throat.  Taking out a box of condoms and setting them on the dresser by her bed.

Ethan shrugged out of his shirt, his hands just starting to unzip his fly, when Anna turned towards him.  She went perfectly still, as her gaze traveled down his naked chest stopping at his hands on his zipper.  She quickly turned her back as Ethan dropped his pants.

Ethan moved up behind her reaching around her waist and unknotted the cloth belt holding her robe closed.

"You aren't getting all shy on me are you, Anna?" he asked his lips brushing her hair as he slid her robe off her shoulders.  He gently kissed her skin next to one of the thin straps of her nightie, then began to nibble his way to her throat. "Because I really admire a woman who isn't afraid to go after what she wants," he added, sliding her curls out of his way to continue up the long slender line of her neck. "And I was under the impression you wanted me." he whispered against her ear.

She leaned back against him, a soft sound of pleasure escaping on a sigh.  "I do want you," she admitted.

Ethan wrapped one arm around her just under her breast, then reached up to slide first one and then the other thin strap off her shoulders.  "I'm glad", he said breathlessly.  "Anna, open your eyes," he commanded softly, watching her in the mirror over the bureau, her flawless skin glowing alabaster in the soft glow of the dimly lit lamp, a sensuous contrast to the deep red lace of her nightie.

She opened her eyes and stared, transfixed, as the lace slid down her arms, exposing two full, beautiful breasts tipped with large almond nipples.  He positioned his hand just beneath one plush nipple and trailed his thumb lazily across it, watching it pucker into his touch.  He lifted his gaze briefly to see Anna watching his hand in the mirror, then buried his face in her throat to draw in her scent.

"You're so beautiful," he rasped, his throat closing with the need to posses her.

She turned in his embrace, and Ethan felt the delicate silk slip to the floor as she reached up, cupped the sides of his face, pulled his mouth down to her, and parted his lips with her tongue.  Ethan opened his eyes and nearly swallowed her tongue when he saw her sleek, naked length in the mirror; her long wild hair draped over his arm around her, her trim waist and the slight flare of her hips, her heart shaped backside topping off her long athletic legs. 

Ethan had always thought she was a cute kid when she hung out with his sister, but hadn't realized what an exquisite woman she had turned into.  Reaching a hand behind her knees, he swept her up in his arms and settled them both on the bed.

Taking her wrists and raising her hands above her head, sliding down her body until his mouth was even with her breast.  "You are sure put together nicely, Anna," his hot breath tickling her skin.  He shifted to take one of her enticing nipples in his mouth, hearing a strangled moan escape her lips.  Ethan suckled her nipples, coaxing it to life in his mouth, feeling her quiver beneath him as she wrapped her legs over his thighs and pulled him tightly against him.  She was so damned responsive, so uninhibited, so...wet.

The moment he let go of her wrist to better attend to her breast, she grabbed hold of his hair and started to try and direct his path.  Ethan didn't care if she pulled out all his hair, he refused to be rushed.  He greedily took his fill of her left nipple, then kissed his way to her right one, teasing it with his tongue until she was moaning and squirming and pulling his hair a good half inch longer.

Ethan pinned her arms to her sides as he shifted lower and kissed her belly.  Her heated skin contracted and she cried out, arching her back and lifting her pelvis into his chest.  He continued his downward journey, each little sound she made encouraging, each quiver of her writhing body urging him to explore further.

She was so amazingly responsive.

Ethan moved lower and lower until his mouth reached the juncture of Anna's thighs and he kissed her moist heat.

Her cry of pleasure went straight to his groin, and he continued his gentle assault feeling her shudder with each flick of his tongue as she tightened her legs around him, her building passion sending him to the very edge of his control.  Gently Ethan inserted one finger into her tight little vessel.  Rubbing her swollen, sensitive nub between his fingers.  Feeling her pulse and tighten around his finger.  He put another finger in, wondering if he would be able to enter her tight little pussy.  Massaging and stretching her.  Hearing her moans growing louder.

"Come into me, Ethan," she cried, freeing her hands to tug him upward. "Now!" she demanded.

Ethan rose to his hands and knees, reaching for the condoms.  "If you don't quit squirming, we wont need the damn condom." he growled, ripping the package open with his teeth.

Her hands were all over him, working him into such a frenzy it was all he could do to get the condom open.  He dropped it onto her belly, to chase after her hands.  "I'll be lucky to get one on if you don't stop." he hissed, her determined fingers curling around his shaft just as he pulled them away.  "Anna, you're not helping."  he groaned.

The little vixen actually smiled up at him.

Ethan took the hand he was holding and lowered it to where his mouth had just been, pressing her fingers intimately against her.  "Do you think you could keep yourself occupied for just ten second while I try to protect us?"  he ground out.

Her scowl quickly turned to a gasp of surprise, then into a moan of pleasure as he slowly worked Anna's fingers against her sensitive bud.  Ethan forgot all about the condom, becoming utterly mesmerized by her response.

Holy hell, what had he been thinking taking Anna to bed.  The way she was slowly coming alive under him he would never be able to get enough of her.

"Hurry Ethan,"  she begged, shifting her hips directly beneath his and lifting them up, her hand brushing his scrotum- sending a shudder through him so powerful, he nearly lost it there and then.

Ethan finally had his package safely packaged, he captured her wrists to hold her still long enough to position himself.  Wanting to go slowly, afraid he would hurt her.  She suddenly used his grip to pull him down and thrust herself up until he was all the way into her hot slick sheath.  He heard her sharp gasp and he held very still leaning down to gently kiss her eyes, cheeks, jaw, neck, and ear whispering, "Are you okay?"

She just nodded her head and began to move against him.  He'd barely stared to ease himself inside her when she crested, her body arching against him.  He'd been trying to be gentle, but she blew his noble intentions to hell with her long, keening cry, and shuddering body--which immediately cut off all the blood to his brain and sent it shooting straight to his shaft, buried seep inside her.  At the first pulse of her orgasm he began thrusting into her contracting heat with mindless need.

She not only matched his enthusiasm, she braced his shoulders and used her legs wrapped around his to better his angle, her hoarse, breathless cries of approval competing with his own.  He fought the urge for release, desperate for the powerful sensations coursing through him to last, but when she suddenly crested again, Ethan drove deeply into her and went perfectly still, letting her contractions of pleasure pull him over the edge, pulsing so powerfully that every muscle in his body shook with the force of his release.

It was a long time before the blood started flowing back to his brain.  The first thing he noticed was the smug smile on Anna's face.  He closed his eyes, and again wondered if he was lucky or crazy, and knowing that he would never get enough of this girl

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