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Maddie's Awakening: Chapter Two

Maddie's first summer of romance continues
When I woke the next morning, the only thought in my head was to get down to the Wilsons’ and see Paul. I rolled out of bed at about ten, took a quick shower, slipped on my favorite bikini – a yellow strapless number that my dad hated – threw on a pair of basketball shorts and a tank-top, stepped into some flip-flops and was out the door. I strutted down the street with absolute confidence, ducked in the side gate of the Wilsons and found Danny and his friend Justin in the pool.

“Hey guys,” I greeted them, but was continuing into the house without even a stop, asked them, “Where are Diana and Paul?” as I walked.

“Oh, Diana’s at soccer today and Paul got called into work,” Danny answered.

Disappointment immediately washed over me, and no doubt Danny caught a glimpse of it too. I recovered quickly though, covering my tracks by saying, “Damn, I wanted to talk to Diana. Oh well, I’ll talk to her tonight.”

“Well, do you want to come swimming?” Danny asked. It was already a warm day; it would probably top one hundred degrees later in the afternoon. And the Wilsons' pool was situated in such a way that until about noon or so, a good portion of the pool was covered in shade, making the morning a more enjoyable time to be in the pool. So, whipping off my shirt and dropping my shorts, I stepped down into the tantalizing water slowly. I noticed that the boys both kept their eyes on me the entire time, soaking in the sight of my bikini-clad body. Hmmm, maybe I really was attractive?

Each step into the pool brought the water further up my body and, although it felt good, I walked slowly, adjusting to the change of temperature. By the time I got to the middle of the pool, I was on my tippy-toes, trying to keep an extra inch dry for a second longer, but then surrendered and let my body slip completely underwater. When I came back up, I took joy in flipping my hair back, then floating on my back in the water for a few seconds. And still the boys watched me. Had it always been like this? When did it start?

I enjoyed the attention, but was ready to go back to some normalcy so, positioning myself so that just my neck and up were above water, I started some small talk with Danny and Justin. After the chitchat ran low, Danny – always one for a game – suggested we play some Marco Polo. I agreed and even offered to go first, knowing that the usual rule around the Wilson pool was that whoever was oldest had to be it first.

I closed my eyes, ducked under water, counted to ten and then re-emerged from the water with eyes still shut, shouting out “Marco!” The boys both answered with, “Polo!” and upon their replies I surmised that both were down in the deep end. I made my way slowly in that direction, continuing the cries of “Marco!” every few feet until I got a bead on Justin, seemingly just a few feet away. After one last “Marco!” and his reply, I quickly lunged toward him. As my hand touched little but air and water, I remembered that this bikini wasn’t exactly the best choice for active swimming. The top slid down my body a bit, exposing my breasts. In a panic, I opened my eyes quickly to see if anyone noticed, found only the back of Justin swimming away from me, but saw Danny across the way with wide eyes. As I repositioned my swimsuit, my face turned bright red in embarrassment.

Wanting to hide, I ducked under the water in pursuit of Justin and continued on with the game as if nothing had happened. However, not wanting the same thing to happen again, my chase became a little more careful, trying to pin one of the boys in a corner, rather than having to lunge for them again. However, after a couple minutes of this, it became clear that in order to touch one of them, I would have to take another chance. The chance presented itself shortly thereafter when, after hearing Danny’s reply of “Polo” I then heard a swish of water go past me. Leaping out, I dove for Danny. My hand grazed his leg, just as my top slipped down again. This time, as I readjusted my swimsuit, I found that it was Justin who got an eyeful.

“Woo!” he yelled out. “Good one, Maddie!”

I was so embarrassed, but being the stubborn girl I am, I didn’t want to let on that I was ashamed. “Clearly this is not my best choice of a swimsuit,” I said, laughing as I put it back in place.

“Oh, I don’t know. Personally, I like it,” said Justin, laughing.

What a dick! I thought to myself, but at the same time I was sort of enjoying the tease and was sort of flattered.

“Okay, you’re it Danny,” I said, turning to him.

During Danny’s turn, I had one of my boobs slip out in a successful evasion of a tag and was lucky enough to get away with that one unseen. When Danny caught Justin as a fish out of water, I was ready to call it quits.

“I think I’m going to get out.”

“No, you can’t yet. One more game. Justin’s it this time,” pleaded Danny.

“Okay, one more.”

“How about, whichever one of us loses has to make lunch?” Danny offered as terms for the game. I agreed.

Justin ducked under water in the middle of the pool and began his countdown. I slid behind him into the shallow end of the pool. Upon his first “Marco” both Danny and I replied, and Justin turned and headed towards me. I tried to slide to his right beside him, but he started drifting that way too. I reversed course and headed left just as he let loose another “Marco!” I offered up my “Polo” and Justin lunged toward me but was too far away to get me. Nevertheless, he continued his pursuit. But, not wanting to lose my top again, I didn’t get away fast enough and with another lunge, Justin tagged me on the shoulder with his right hand. Instead of that being the end of it though, Justin purposefully brought his left hand to my other shoulder and in a quick movement, brought both hands down, pulling down my top in the process. I screamed and elbowed him in the chest, but he was using both hands to grab my breasts. I ducked under water to try to get away and eventually slipped free. Once free, I covered myself with my hands, turned around, popped out of the water and began to yell at Justin “What the fuck, you douchebag!”

But, before I could even get those words out, Danny was on Justin, drilling him across the face with a forceful right-handed punch. I wasted no time sticking around, ran quickly up the pool steps, across the deck, in the back door of the house and into the bathroom, in tears. I locked myself in the bathroom and composed myself. After a minute or two I heard a light knock on the door.

“Hey Maddie. It’s Danny. I’m sorry he did that, but he’s gone now. You can come out if you want… Or, if you want to stay in there for a little bit, that’s fine too. Whatever you want. Just wanted to let you know I’m out here.”

I was so glad for Danny. At that moment, I stopped thinking of him as just a little kid.

“Thanks Danny,” I answered. “Can you bring me my shirt?”

“Yeah, I’ve got it right here if you want it.”

I got up off the toilet, opened the bathroom door wide and accepted the tank top from him, quickly throwing it on over my bikini top. Then I moved towards Danny and gave him the biggest hug.

“Thanks for looking out for me,” I told him sincerely.

“No problem Maddie. You’re like family. I ain’t gonna let nobody do that kind of shit to you.”

I chuckled to myself inside. Little Danny. The little brat turned protector. Good for him.

“So, um, Maddie,” Danny began. “You know, there is a little matter of lunch. And, well, you know, you did lose that last game of Marco Polo,” he teased me with a big smile on his face and a laugh in his eye.

“I’ll get right on it,” I laughed back. And I did, quesadillas with avocado, an old standby. When lunch was ready we sat on the couch and watched a movie we’d seen several times before – Groundhog’s Day – and enjoyed the hell out of it, and just hanging out together. Every now and then, I’d catch Danny out of the corner of my eye looking at me, and in just my tank-top not quite covering my swimsuit bottom, he was getting a good long look at my legs from time to time. And, where I had once been comfortable using his leg for a pillow or leaning against his shoulder when we were on the couch together, now that no longer seemed like a good idea.

“Maddie, I just wanted to say again how sorry I am that happened,” said Danny when the movie was over.

“Oh, no worries dude. It’s not your fault at all… In fact, you were awesome. Thanks.”

“No problem. It’s just, he was my friend, so I feel responsible.”

“Nah. He’s the asshole. Not your problem. You handled it really good. Thanks,” I told him.

“Anytime Maddie. Now, you up for another quick dip?”

That sounded good to me, so we were up and out into the blazing hot day and quickly into the pool. We played catch with a little football for awhile, before settling next to each other on the steps in the shallow end, our legs nearly touching.

“Hey, let’s not tell anybody about the whole Justin incident,” I told Danny after a stretch of us both staring off into the distance.

“Yeah, no problem. We should just forget the whole thing. What a dick.”

After a slight pause, I continued, “But you gotta admit, you sorta liked seeing my boobs, right?” I blushed even as the words were coming out of my mouth; I shouldn’t have gone down that road.

Danny, however, didn’t blush for a second. “Oh god yeah, believe me, I liked seeing them,” he said, somewhat surprising me by his boldness. “But I only liked it when you did it, not when he did it.”

“I didn’t do it on purpose!”

“I know, haha,” he laughed, then continued. “But you gotta admit, you sorta like to tease.”

“What?” I blurted. “I do not! I wasn’t… I didn’t… I wasn’t trying to tease or anything. My top just came down by accident. I was mortified.”

“Yeah, but come on. You like to show off your body. Or else you wouldn’t have been wearing that skimpy bikini.”

My mind reeled. I was speechless. Yeah, I put on that bikini hoping to get some attention from Paul, but I really hadn’t meant to be a tease to Danny and Justin. Apparently my confusion showed through on my face, as Danny attempted to dial back his comments.

“I’m just giving you a hard time, Maddie.”

“No, it’s okay. But really, I’m not a tease am I? I usually just wear regular clothes.”

“Yeah, but like those jean shorts you always wear are as short as possible,” he said, then put his hand on my knee, maybe to comfort me.

“I didn’t… I just…” I was flustered.

“Maddie, it’s okay,” he said, now lifting his arm up off my leg, over my head, around my shoulder and pulling me closer. If my mind hadn’t been preoccupied with trying to figure out if I really was a tease, I would have seen it coming, but the next thing I knew Danny’s face was at my face, his lips were at my lips. And worse yet, I found myself kissing him back, just for an instant, before pulling away.

“Oh, Danny. No,” I sighed. “No, no, no. I can’t do this.” I stood up quickly, took the next two steps out of the pool and found my towel draped over a patio chair, quickly wrapping it around my body before turning around. When I did, I found Danny just then standing up in the pool. He turned around and walked over to me and I took in the sight. He was growing into a cute guy: tall, skinny and ridiculously tan. I looked into his deep dark eyes.

“Oh, Danny,” I said. “That was… We shouldn’t do that.”

“Why, Maddie? I like you a lot. I’m pretty sure you like me. I’ve wanted to kiss you for a long time.”

“Danny, I like you, I do. But, like, no. I can’t right now.” I found my shirt on the chair as well and, dropping the towel, pulled it over my head, with thoughts of Paul and our encounter from the previous day in my head. With the shirt back on, I looked up at Danny again and he looked crestfallen. “I’m gonna… I gotta go home for a little bit.”

“Come on Maddie, you don’t have to leave.”

“Yeah, I do. I just need to think for a little bit.” I moved toward him and gave him a light and awkward hug, then moved past him, picked up my shorts from another chair, stepped into them and then retreated around the side of the house and out the side gate.

As I emerged from the side of the house, I noticed a sleek black car idling in front of the house. Inside, I saw Diana in the passenger seat leaning over and quickly kissing the driver, a black kid I recognized as Darius, the star of our high school’s basketball team. After the kiss was done, she slid back over to her side of the car, threw open the passenger door and exited the car, giving Darius a quick wave and then walking around the car and up the walk to the house, where she noticed me.

“What was that, girl?” I asked with a big smile on my face, ready to get the scoop.

“Oh my god. Come in here with me,” she said, grabbing my arm and leading me back into the backyard. Danny was still standing there on the patio. I just kind of shrugged my shoulders at him as we walked past him, into the house and then into Diana’s room, where I slumped onto her bed.

“So, I’ve been, like, talking to Darius for a couple weeks now and today when I got out of soccer practice, his basketball practice was just ending too,” she said as she began to get out of her sweaty soccer clothes, whipping her jersey over her head in the process. “So, like, we were standing there in the shade by the gym, just sort of talking and then he leaned in and kissed me all smoothly.”

Her sports bra came off, revealing her boobs – perfect C-cups that I’ve been jealous of for the last year or more. She moved to the closet and found a clean t-shirt to throw on. “So, we kiss for awhile and he asks me if I want to hang out tonight and I try to play it off like I’m all cool and so I’m like, ‘sure, yeah, whatever,’ but all the time my heart is like beating out of my chest.”

Her clean shirt was on, although her boobs were giving that fabric a run for its money, as she bent over to slide off her soccer shorts, then pushed her panties down as well, revealing the complete absence of a bush around her pussy.

When did she do that? I wondered.

“And then he gives me a ride home and we kissed a little bit in front of the house too.”

She pulled a fresh pair of soccer shorts out of her drawer and stepped into them. “But, so, long story short, I guess I’m going out with Darius tonight!” In fresh clothes, she sat down on the bed beside me.

“Wow! Exciting,” I remarked.

“Yeah. I’m sort of nervous.”

“Have you ever kissed a guy before today?”

“Not really. I mean, I kissed Eric Castillo back in eighth grade playing spin the bottle, but it was just like a little peck on the lips. What about you? You’ve never kissed anybody, have you?”

Oh yeah, Diana, I thought, I’ve kissed both of your brothers in the past two days. I audibly laughed at the idea of actually saying that. Instead, I offerred up feebly: “Yeah, I’ve had a couple kisses before.”

“Really? Who?” she asked and I decided that maybe I would have been better off just saying that no, I hadn’t had a kiss before.

“I don’t want to tell you!” I laughed.

“What? You have to tell me. We tell each other everything.”

“Ok. Um, I kissed Dylan a few times,” I lied, throwing out the name of one of my surfing buddies.

“Really? And you didn’t tell me?” She seemed hurt.

“Well, it was just in the past couple of days, and I haven’t really seen you a lot lately,” digging deeper with my lies.

“So, how was it?” she asked with a smirk on her face.

“It was awesome,” I said, as images of Paul flashed to my mind.

“You little slut!” she teased. “You probably blew him, huh?” She always did seem to have a dirtier mind than me.

“Noooo,” I answered. “Just kissing. But, speaking of which, if you’re going out with Darius, he’s probably gonna expect you to put out, huh?”

“What? Why do you say that?” she asked, seemingly taken aback by a possibility she hadn’t yet considered.

“Come on. That guy? He gets so many girls,” I answered, honestly. And it was true; Darius was one of the most popular guys at our school and the epitome of a player.

“Oh my god. I never thought of that. Damn, I wonder what he expects of me,” she said, and she was noticeably paler. “Have you ever even seen a dick?” she asked.

“Not in person,” I lied. “You know, just pictures.”

“Me too,” she said. “Man. Am I supposed to, like, suck his dick or something? I wouldn’t even know what to do. But if I don’t do something, he won’t wanna keep going out with me, right?”

“Oh, Diana. I shouldn’t have said that. Just have fun, see how the night goes and just do whatever you want to do. You don’t have to do something if you’re not comfortable with it.”

“I know. But maybe I want to do something, you know?”

“Yeah, I know.”

Suddenly, a strange look came over Diana’s face. “Wait. Stay right here,” she said, while getting up from the bed and rushing out of the room. She was gone for just a bit, maybe a minute, leaving me laying there wondering what she was up to, and when she returned to the doorway with a mischievous look on her face and her hands behind her back, I was even more curious. She closed the door securely behind her, walked up to the bed and produced from behind her back… a banana.

At first, its significance was lost on me. But then like a lightning bolt, I knew what she had in mind and I burst out laughing.

“Diana, you’re so crazy!”

“I just want to try it. Like, is this about the right size?”

I flashed back to the previous night with Paul and tried to make a quick comparison, but wasn’t real sure. “I guess. Yeah, more or less.”

She handed the banana to me. “Here, you first.”

I threw it back at her as if it were the most disgusting thing in the world. “No way. You’re the one who brought it in here. You go first.”

“Okay, I’ll do it as long as you promise to do it after me.”

“Okay, I’ll do it.”

“Well, here goes nothing,” she said, raising the thing up to her mouth. Then, without further ado, she opened wide and took the banana in her mouth. Well, for a split second, at least before pulling it back out, a sickened look came over her face. “Ewww. That tastes gross.”

“Oh my god, Diana. Whatever you do, don’t do that when you suck a dick,” I joked, and then we both cracked up laughing.

“Okay, your turn.”

“No way, bitch. You can’t just stick it in your mouth for a second and be done. Pretend like you’re sucking that thing.”

She relented and again opened her mouth and stuck it in, pushing it in and then pulling it out a couple times in mock seriousness before she broke up laughing again, with me quickly joining her.

“Okay slut, it’s your turn,” she said to me laughing, then held the banana against her shorts. I took the bait, sat up on the bed and then faux seductively got onto my knees and crawled over to the edge of the bed. I opened my mouth and took the banana in my mouth, doing my best impersonation of a porn star for about thirty seconds before we both fell apart laughing again.

“Ooooh, you suck a good banana Maddie,” she laughed and then nudged me back onto the bed. I lay down on my side alongside the wall and she lay on her back on the edge of the bed.

“So, you think you can suck a dick now?” I laughed.

“Well, so long as it isn’t as big as this fucking banana,” she joked back, then proceeded to shove the banana back into her mouth, this time with more seriousness as she contemplated the act. I watched her as she did it, noticed her nipples were beginning to tent up against her flimsy t-shirt and suddenly, what had started as little more than a joke turned into something more sensual.

As I watched the banana slide against her lips, I noticed my hand – seemingly a separate entity – crawl slowly up her shirt, from her tight tummy towards her soft and welcoming breasts. When it got there, her eyes widened as she looked at me, but the banana kept going in and out of her mouth as I caressed her breast softly, kneading the ample flesh through the shirt. Her nipples were rock hard, jutting against her shirt and my hand sought out that target. Slowly, she removed the banana from her mouth, moved closer to me and then, somehow, our lips became locked together and our tongues sought passage through those gateways. Our kiss lasted probably no more than ten or fifteen seconds, then she pulled back, looked me in the eyes, and then we both burst out laughing.

“What the hell was that?” she asked, laughing, then rolled away from me, off the bed, throwing the banana onto her desk. “I gotta take a shower.” She paused a beat. “And no, you can’t join me.”

Then she ducked out the door and was gone. I lay there in the bed for a couple more minutes, contemplating the same question: yeah, what the hell was that? I wasn’t quite sure, but it was exhilarating and, of course, more than a little confusing. Hell, now I had kissed each one of the Wilson kids in the past 24 hours; what the hell was I doing? Eventually I got out of the bed and headed back out to the living room, finding Danny there on the couch. Damn, even more confusion. These Wilson kids were really giving me all sorts of fits this summer.

“Hey, Danny, you’re not mad at me, are you?” I asked.

“No, it’s okay,” he replied barely even looking at me. I saw through that immediately, so I sat right down next to him on the couch.

“Look, I like you. And I had a lot of fun with you today and the way you defended my honor today was awesome. But, there’s somebody else I’m seeing right now,” I said, not bothering to mention who that other person was. “Soooo…” I trailed off.

“Really, it’s okay Maddie. I’m just a little sad I guess,” he answered, this time staring me right in the eyes. “It’s just, you know, I’ve liked you for awhile now and I just thought you were flirting with me a lot today. And… And, well. You did kiss me back, right?”

“Yeah, I did kiss you back. And I guess I did flirt with you a little,” I thought back to my teasing comment to Danny, asking if he didn’t like seeing my boobs. “I’m sorry. I do like you, it’s just… like…” Again I trailed off, not knowing what to say.

“No worries Maddie,” he bailed me out. “I had fun with you today too.”

Again I leaned over and gave Danny the most platonic hug I could give, then said “Okay, now I’m really going home.”

However, once out the back door and out the side yard, I got waylaid by yet another Wilson kid, this time the one I had originally came over to see many hours earlier; Paul was just getting out of his truck after work. I smiled and walked up to him and was greeted by a big hug and a big kiss, one that made me hope nobody inside happened to be looking out the window at that moment.

“Wow, Paul, I am so happy to see you, but it’s been a crazy day and I’m gonna head home for a quick nap.”

“Oh, I see how it is. As soon as I show up you’re vacating the premises, huh?” he teased.

“Believe me, I’ve been wanting to see you since you dropped me off last night, but it’s going to have to wait. You think we can meet up later on again?”

“Sure, let’s text,” he said, and then he gave me another hug that made me reconsider my stated decision to head home, but eventually I turned and headed up the street as he walked into the house.

Paul: Hey… so, can I see you tonight?

Me: Hi! I hope so. What should we do

Paul: do you wanna just come down here?

Me: I sorta want to be alone. Can we go where we went last night?

Paul: yeha, but I gotta be at work at 7 tmrw, so I’d like to be in bed by like 10:30

Me: ok. So would like picking me up at the same spot at like 8 work?

Paul: why don’t u just meet me here?

Me: what, then we just tell everybody we’re gonna go out

Paul: oh, what, are u embarrassed? ;-)

Me: No,.. just wanna keep us secret for a little bit

Paul: ok… pick u up at palm at 8

Me: yay!

I wrapped up the last of the texting with Paul just as my dad was calling me down the hall for dinner – my mom’s homemade tacos, my favorite! After again passing off a movie at the Wilson’s as my plan for the evening, I left the dinner table three tacos later and headed back to my bedroom to consider clothes for the night, this time opting for a cute little loose miniskirt – cut halfway up my thigh – and a simple gray tank top, nice and tight against me. Both of those choices were pretty daring for me and outside of my normal options. But my biggest risk was my choices for what I wore under that tight gray tank top: nothing. The mere thought had my body tingling, as did the feel of the soft cotton against my nipples. As eight o’clock approached, I called down to my parents in the living room that I was leaving, then slipped out the front door before they could have a chance to see my outfit.

Once out in the warm summer air, I was all confidence, looking forward to having Paul all to myself again. My long tan legs felt great strutting down the sidewalk. The cotton shirt gently massaging my breasts combined with the thoughts of the things that Paul and I might do began to get my nipples aroused. And then, just as I was passing the Wilson house and getting ready to turn the corner to meet Paul at our not-exactly-secret location, I heard Paul call out to me from in front of his house. He was just backing the truck out of the driveway and so, rather than pick me up at the agreed-upon location, he gestured for me to just come get in the car. What the hell? I thought, and hopped in alongside him.

As he hit the gas and we turned right to head up to the mountains, I leaned in and gave him a quick smooch on the cheek. “Mmmmmm, I’ve been waiting to be alone with you all day,” I murmured in my sexiest voice, still definitely a work in progress.

For some reason, our small talk was a little stilted as we drove up the hill, but soon enough we were back in the same spot as the night before, catching the last rays of a beautiful sunset. The awkwardness continued after Paul slipped the truck into park and turned the key down a notch, letting the Bob Marley that was playing on the car stereo continue. I was dressed like I was confident and ready for whatever was going to happen, but inside I was a jumble of butterflies in the stomach.

Paul turned to face me and I slid closer to him, anticipating his move in for a kiss, but instead he said, “Maddie, I haven’t been entirely honest with you.”

My heart skipped a beat and jumped into my throat. What was he talking about? “Oh yeah? What do you mean?” was all I could muster, getting right to the point.

“Well, it’s not that I’ve lied to you or anything, but I guess I haven’t told you everything.”

“Go on,” I responded, ready to get whatever he was talking about out in the open.

“Well, you know Heather Owens, right?”

“Yeah,” I said. Heather was in the same grade as Paul and a short curvaceous blonde known to draw admiring stares from both the guys and the girls alike. She was, in a word, stacked.

“Well, I’ve sorta been seeing her over the last, like, month or two.”

“Okaaaayyy,” I said, leading him onto the next line.

“I just, you know, I don’t want you to think we’re, like…” he trailed off.

“Like, dating?” I finished his sentence.


“So, do you like her better than me?” I asked, probably one hell of a question, putting him squarely on the spot with probably only one answer he would ever give in this particular situation.

“No, Maddie. I like you way more,” he responded, predictably. “It’s just, well, you know, we weren’t really like doing anything and I’ve been hanging out with her for a while now.”

“So, you’re fucking her, right?”

“Well, yeah.”

“Do you like her?”

“Yeah, she’s cool.”

“You mean, her tits are cool,” I blurted out, jealously.

“No, Maddie. Don’t be like that,” he replied calmly. “I like her. She’s nice to me, we have fun together. She’s… Well, she’s just fun. But, seriously, I like you more. Like, we’re just starting to hang out, but you’re more of a priority to me than her, already.”

“So, like, have you told her about me?”

“No, I…”

I cut him off, not meaning to necessarily, but wanting to get to my next question.

“When’s the last time you fucked her?”

His gaze dropped from my eyes almost immediately, as he responded, “This afternoon,” in a dour voice.

“What? So, like, you went from what we did last night to fucking her this afternoon and yet you still want to tell me that I’m more important to you?” Yup, I wasn’t happy.

“Maddie, I know, I just, like…”

“No, it’s okay Paul. I get it.”

“Maddie, don’t be like that. Look at it from my perspective.”

“Yeah, from your perspective you’ve got a choice between the hot blonde with the big tits and the little girl with mosquito bites. I get it.”

“Oh Madison, come on...”

I cut him off. “Paul, right now I’m not feeling this. Can you just take me home?”

“Maddie, let’s talk about this.”

“No, it’s no use tonight. I’m too emotional about it right now. Like, I’m sure, to you, you haven’t done anything wrong. And maybe you’re right about that. But you’re not going to convince me of that tonight. Let’s… Let’s go home and we’ll talk tomorrow or the next day or something.”

And, that’s what happened. Paul turned the car back on and we headed back down the hill to our respective houses, slowly and silently. I had him drop me off at the corner and I walked home, slowly and morosely. I dodged my parents calling out to me upon my unexpectedly early entry, yelled out that I was going to go to bed, and dipped down the hallway to my bedroom. Once inside, I took off my sexy little skirt that I had so daringly worn, slipped under the light summer sheet in my bed and began to spend some time enjoying feeling sorry for myself, envisioning Paul and Heather together, trying to convince myself that I’d never find anyone for me. “Nobody could ever love me,” and all that melodramatic teenage bullshit.

And then, a light noise at the window. Stupid bird must have flown into the window or something. No, there it was again. “Ah damn, that’s gotta be Paul at my window, wanting to apologize or something. Screw that. I’m not into it.” I rolled over and tried to ignore it. But there it was again, a little louder this time. And again, a little louder still. “That asshole better not get my parents attention.”

I threw the sheet off, slid onto the floor and stomped over to the window, throwing open the heavy wood shutters. Instead of seeing the face of Paul out the window, I saw hazily, and surprisingly, Danny. I slid the window back, slowly, careful to keep the noise to a minimum.

“Danny?” was my incisive and witty opening line.

“Hey Maddie.”

“What, uh… what are you doing here?”

“I saw you walk up the street just a little bit ago and I wanted to come up and see you.”

“Well, do you wanna climb in the window?” I asked. My window was on the side of the house behind a row of shrubs and, luckily, my room was at the other end of the house from my parents' master bedroom and down the hall from where I last saw them in the living room.

“Sure,” he said and we both quickly knocked the screen out of the window.

“Just be sort of quiet, because I think my parents are still up.”

Only as Danny was climbing in the window did it occur to me how I was dressed – just those white cotton panties and that tight grey tank top. As he hopped in the window and closed the glass behind him, I walked over to my dresser and fished out a pair of basketball shorts and began to step into them.

“Oh, you don’t have to get all dressed up for me,” said Danny with a big grin on his face.

“Well, I wouldn’t want to be called a tease again,” I played back, pulling the shorts up, then hopped up on the bed and crossed my legs Indian-style.

“Yeah, Maddie, that’s part of the reason I came up here. I think what I said earlier came out wrong. I didn’t mean to call you a tease or say you were doing anything bad, I was just trying to explain the way I was feeling.”

“Do you want to try again?” I asked, tapping the bed for him to sit down opposite me.

“Try what?” he asked, momentarily confused.

“Do you want to try again to explain the way you were feeling?” I clarified.

“Oh. Yeah,” he started as he sat on the bed opposite me, kicking his sandals off onto the floor. “I just wanted you to know that I really like you. You know, like, we’ve always been friends and we hang out and stuff, but, like, I just wanted you to know that I’m really attracted to you.”

“Thanks Danny. And, I like you, I do. I’m just a little confused right now.”

“No, it’s cool Maddie. And I think I understand what you mean. In fact, that’s another reason I wanted to come up here tonight.”

“Okay. Go on.”

“Well, I saw you and Paul go off somewhere together earlier tonight. And then you both came back at about the same time, but you were walking and he was in his truck.”

“Uh huh,” I replied, knowing that what I had wanted to keep secret was now out in the open.

“So, like, well, you can tell me to mind my own business if you want, but…”

“No, it’s cool. I need someone to talk to about it,” I interrupted.

“Well, you can tell me whatever you want. Or not.”

“Sooo, well, it’s not like I’m dating Paul or anything. I just sorta started liking him, or whatever,” I stumbled along, knowing this was not going to be a monologue for the ages. “We just hung out together last night and, you know, I wanted to hang out with him again tonight, but then he told me that he was fucking Heather Owens, or whatever.”

“He is?” Danny asked, apparently as surprised as I was.

“Yeah, I guess. So, like, I got mad I guess and told him to bring me home.”

“So, did you think you and Paul were dating?”

“No, I just. I don’t know, he could have told me last night or the day before or something. Like, I was sort of caught off guard by it. Like, I asked him the other day if he had a girlfriend or anything and he basically told me he didn’t, then tonight he drops this bomb on me after last night we…” I trailed off.

“What did you do last night? Did you… ?”

“Oh nothing, we just sorta made out a little. It’s just I wish he would have told me before that.”

“Yeah, I get it.”

“And now, like, I was just beginning to feel like some guys liked me, but now I realize that, like, I’m still nothing compared to some hottie like that.”

“Oh come on, Maddie,” bellowed Danny.

“Shhh! My parents, remember.”

“Oh yeah. Sorry. It’s just, come on. You’re way hotter than Heather Owens.”

“What? Yeah, right, Danny.”

“No, you totally are. Like, every guy thinks so.”

“What? How do you know?”

“Come on, guys talk about girls. And yeah, Heather’s got a nice body and all, but you’re way prettier. And, well, you’ve got a pretty damn awesome body yourself.”

I was once again surprised. And a little embarrassed. “Really? But, like, she’s got those big boobs that all you guys like.”

“Heh. Well, listen, I’m not going to say anything bad about her, but I’ll just say that you’ve got the greatest legs in the history of the planet, as far as I’m concerned. And, right now, your boobs are doing wonderful things for me as well.”

I looked down at my chest quickly and saw what Danny was talking about. I hadn’t quite noticed it, but my nipples were at attention, pressing the limits of my already tight tank top. My tinge of embarrassment from seconds before now turned into a full-fledged blush. When I found the strength to bring my eyes back up to meet Danny’s again, the intensity was almost too much. Staring into his deep dark eyes I realized that the attraction that I had toward him, an attraction that had been a surprise to me not 12 hours earlier, had grown significantly. I averted my gaze out of shyness, but in doing so, I noticed something else that had grown significantly; Danny’s swim trunks were doing a poor job of hiding an erection.

“I dunno,” Danny continued, maybe not even noticing that I had noticed what was going on in his pants. “Look, I just need you to know that you’re beautiful in every way. Your face, your body, your personality, your… Well, you’re just awesome, Maddie. And you don’t need to worry about Heather Owens or anybody else. And if Paul isn’t treating you the way you think you should be treated, believe me, you can find somebody else that will. You’re just… You’re… great.”

Without even thinking, but meaning every word of it, I responded, “Danny, you’re great too.” I leaned forward on the bed, sliding up to my knees and then leaned out to kiss Danny. It was a tentative, quick, light peck on the lips. I pulled back a bit. “And you’re beautiful too.” I leaned back in for another kiss, and this one was much longer, much harder and much hotter. I pulled back one more time, looked him in the face one more time, then dove back in for another kiss, one I had no intention of breaking anytime soon.

Our lips parted, our tongues met, I moved my body closer to him, nearly crawling onto his lap, then I collapsed backwards and pulled him back with me. I was now flat on my back in my little twin bed, with Danny on my left side, maneuvering his left leg over the top of my right to press his body up against mine. I pushed out my chest to feel his body against mine as we explored each other’s mouths. I could feel his hard cock against my hip and, enjoying every minute of it, I reached out to find his left hand and pulled it up to place it on my breast. His light massaging of my breasts drove me wild. And clearly it was driving him crazy too, as he now began to hump my leg, grinding his erection against my hip. I could feel his left hip pressing down against my increasingly moist mound too and I was in heaven.

Still, at least I was cognizant enough to know that my rickety old bed that I had had now for more than a decade was not exactly holding up to this activity silently. Each thrust of one of us against the other produced a squeak. And, knowing that it was entirely possible that my parents were still up and around, I decided it would be best to put an end to this particularly activity.

However, in no way did I want my time with Danny to end. So, I wiggled out from underneath his body, put my feet on the floor and stood up, facing away from the bed. And, knowing he was watching me, I turned my head over my shoulder seductively, then put my index finger up to my lips and mouthed “Shhhhh.” Then, in a single movement, pulled my tank top up over my chest, over my neck and off of my body, showing Danny my bare back. His eyes widened.

Slowly, I turned around to face him and show myself to him. He moved over to the edge of the bed and reached up to explore my boobs again, this time without that pesky cotton between his skin and mine. He rubbed my nipples roughly and thrillingly, then took the right one in his mouth, sucking on it seductively. As he moved his mouth from the right breast to the left, I noticed his left hand dive down between his legs, massaging his swollen cock. Quickly, I grabbed that left hand and stepping back from the bed, lightly pulled him towards me, bringing him up out of the bed.

Once he was up and out of the bed, I leaned in to his body, gave him my most passionate kiss and then, in a move that took all of my concentration, slowly slid my way down his body, until there I was before him, on my knees, staring up into his shocked face with all of the confidence I could muster. It took even more confidence to reach out with my right hand and untie the drawstring on his trunks, but his intense face gave me all the self-assurance I needed.

Once the drawstring was untied, it was a simple jerk of the wrist that ripped open the Velcro of his trunks and then, with a flop, there was his cock before me, directly in front of my face. It was rock hard with the couple of veins in the shaft seemingly throbbing. The rim around the tip bordered on purple and there was a little drip of moisture coming out of the hole at the end. It was my first up-close look at a cock and I quickly decided that the banana that Diana and I were playing around with earlier in the day was a good comparison for size.

After taking in the sights below, I once again looked up to Danny’s face and it was fraught with anticipation; What is she going to do next? was the expression.

Not wanting to keep him waiting, and not wanting my skyrocketing confidence to dim at all, I decided it was time to get on with it. I reached over, grabbed his shaft and leaned in as I opened my mouth as wide as I could, looking up at him the whole time. When my mouth first touched his cock, I felt a ripple of excitement run through his body and saw a spark of delight in his eyes. As wide as my mouth was, when it encountered the width of the tip of Danny’s cock, it had to get even wider. I took in as much as I could, which, honestly, was little more than his tip, then withdrew again. From there it was simply repeating that movement: holding onto his cock with one hand, sliding my mouth down onto his cock and then back off.

All the while, he just stared down at my face with such intense concentration, as if he were trying to burn that image into his retinas so that he would never forget it. Slowly but surely, I saw the concentration diminish, as he seemed to be staring through me. His breath began to shorten, and he began to emit low moans of pleasure. And, then his body jerked and I tasted a salty sensation on the back of my tongue.

I knew he was cumming, but in the heat of the moment, and, it being my first time and all, I wasn’t quite sure what to do, so I took my mouth off his cock. I quickly learned that was a mistake as a jet of cum shot onto my face. I flinched, but too late to avoid some of it finding a landing spot in my right eye, with much of the rest finding its way into my hair. Danny seemed oblivious to this occurrence as he emptied his load on my face, another jet traversing the right side of my face and depositing more cum in my eye and in my hair. Wanting to avoid any more on my face, I reversed course and decided the best choice was to cover his cock with my mouth again. I wrapped my lips around it and sucked the remainder of his cum into my mouth.

By the time Danny was done exploding, I had an eye full of cum, streaks of cum in my hair, on my cheek, on my lips, and quite a bit of cum in my mouth. Danny pulled away from me, drawing his cock out of my mouth and looking down at me with a smile. “Mmmmm, Maddie. You’re amazing.”

By now, the taste and texture of his load in my mouth was not doing me any favors, but not wanting to break the illusion of my confidence and Danny’s infatuation with me, the idea of spitting that out was not even a consideration. So, with a quick combination of my tongue sliding the cum back in my mouth and my throat muscles contracting, I swallowed my first load of cum, an act that made Danny even more appreciative. “Oh my god, Maddie. You are so hot,” he said, staring at me in wonder. “Hey, sorry I got it all over you.”

“Oh, it’s cool,” I responded nonchalantly, despite the fact that the feeling of the cum in my eye was telling me that this was decidedly uncool. I got up and found a towel on my dresser and cleaned my face off as best I could, then turned back around to face Danny, with my one eye still half closed. “So, you liked it?”

“Oh my god, yes. That was so sexy.”

“Well, listen. I think I could use a shower. So, um, I’ll see you tomorrow, right?

“Sure. Yeah, of course.”

“I know Paul works tomorrow and Diana’s got soccer camp again, so maybe we can do this again or something,” I said with a knowing smile, then walked over to Danny and gave him a big kiss, before helping him back out my window. It was the start of a beautiful thing between us. Earlier in the day, I thought it was going to be the other Wilson brother who was going to give me my starter lesson in sexuality. In the end though, it was Danny with whom my first big sexual experience came.

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