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Madeline's Introduction (II)

Madeline has her second lesson with Alex
After Madeline's first lesson with me the week passed quickly, and I found myself thinking about her more and more. The whole event seemed odd in so many ways, like her rapid change from shy to extrovert and back again. Either way I was back again the following Monday and like last time her mum greeted me at the door.

"Welcome back Alex, how was your weekend?" she greeted me.

"Good thanks Mrs Walker, and you?" I replied.

"Very good thanks, but please, call me Jasmine. Now Maddi is in her room so you can just go up. Want me to bring you guys something?" she offered.

"Oh I don't mind, I'm easy" I replied again then made my way inside and upstairs.

"I've noticed." Jasmine replied quietly, barely audible, as she shut the door behind me. I thought nothing of the comment and went up to greet Madeline. She had her books open on her desk but was lying face down on her bed, smooth bare legs up in the air, while she played with her phone.

I admired her again briefly, remembering everything that happened the previous week, and wondered if anything like it would happen again. I still hadn't decided whether it was wise to be messing around with one of my students but there was something about her that removed my all logical processes from my normally logical mind.

"Good to go?" I asked as I sat myself down at her desk.

"Yep!" She exclaimed excitedly as she jumped up off her bed and came and sat down next to me. She was in her uniform again, just a plain white buttoned shirt and tartan skirt, her socks and shoes already gone. Just as beautiful as I remembered and I was glad I wore jeans this time to cover my growing hard-on. Damn it, getting distracted again.

We got to work quickly and shortly after her mum brought us some biscuits and juice.

"Anything else I can get you guys?" Jasmine asked us both.

"We're fine thanks mum" Madeline interjected before I could even think of an answer. I wonder why she wanted her gone so fast. I wasn't wondering for very long. As soon as her mum shut the door Madeline grabbed my head with both hands and gave me a swift peck on the lips. She let go and smiled at me the sweetest smile I've received in a while. I was frozen for a moment before she broke the silence.

"You're looking at me again! I can't concentrate when you do that" she said with a cheeky grin on her face. She turned back to her book, picked up her pen and began to write again, finishing off some descriptive paragraphs we had started earlier. Still in shock at her forwardness, I slowly found my mind again and went back to watching her work, but she soon stopped writing and sat staring at her page tapping her pen.

"What's up?" I asked, "Out of ideas?"

"I..." she began, "Can you... do what you did to me last week again?" she asked hesitantly, her shyness having returned. "It felt so amazing and I tried to do it more myself but it just got boring after a bit. I need you to..."

Her eyes and body language pleaded with me more powerfully than her words and I couldn't help but feel an overwhelming attraction to her, still so innocent. My hormones surged and reason left me altogether. I wanted so much more of her than I had had already, I didn't even think about the risk of getting caught.

"I can give you so much more than that" I said. She smiled again, a glowing treasure, and I kissed her passionately. Our lips pressed together firm at first, then tongue quickly followed as we began to explore each other. Already she was moaning softly, her hands grabbing my shirt pulling me closer.

"Please give me everything" she begged, in a whisper between kisses. We continued to make out, our hands exploring now familiar territory once again. I wasted no time, reaching up her skirt teasing her inner thighs making her tremble with anticipation. Twisting and writhing together in our chairs quickly became awkward so I picked her up by her ass, her arms around my neck, and took her to her bed.

I laid her down under me and began to kiss up and down her neck, taking a little longer to suck on her ear lobes which I noticed made her gasp every time. Resting on one arm, my free hand undid some of her shirt buttons and pulled her bra down so could finally have access to her glorious globes. I savoured the sight for a mere second before descending my mouth to her nipples to lick and suck hungrily.

"Oh Alex," she moaned, "keep going please you're just amazing"

Having no intention of stopping I continued to kiss up and down her front, from breasts to mouth and back again. Meanwhile my hand returned between her legs to tease further. My fingers stroked the inside of her thigh, getting closer to her pussy with each stroke. Just when I was barely a centimetre from her lower lips I pulled my hand away and stopped kissing her.

Her eyes, her deep dark eyes, were a mixture of confusion and pleading for more, but I didn't intend on leaving her unsatisfied for long. I shuffled down her bed and pushed her skirt up around her waist. Then I began laying soft kisses on her legs, starting near her knees then quickly moving north. I could hear her breathing increase and she began to fidget, no knowledge of the pleasure she was about to experience.

I reached up and pulled down her plain black panties revealing her soft and delicate pussy. I took them off completely and threw them aside, then brought my head all the way up to her sweet entrance. I reached for one of her hands and she grabbed it tightly, nervous about what was to come. It was obvious no-one had gone down on her before.

"Madeline, close your eyes and try to keep quiet" I said with a smile before I went to work. I knew we didn't have long so I didn't waste any more time. I dove straight in, clamping my mouth over her pussy and running my tongue from her dripping hole all the way to her clit. She arched her back sharply in response and squeezed my hand even tighter. Not giving her a second to relax I continued, licking up her sweet juices, sucking gently on her lips either side and on her clit too.

With my other hand I felt up her body finding her perfect, soft boobs, and began teasing her nipple in my finger tips. My tongue continued its furious onslaught, probing inside her pussy, then tracing back around her lips to circle her clit repeatedly and with a fair amount of pressure. She writhed in total ecstasy, trying to stifle her moans, her other hand grabbing my head her fingers running through my hair. She was already grinding against my face and her pace accelerated with mine, I hoped she would make it soon.

We continued for a few minutes more, our pace frantic and knuckles white from gripping so tightly. Her body was quivering, and would tense whenever I sucked on her clit. Her hand pulling my face right into her so all I could taste and smell was pure sex, moist and delicious. Then finally orgasm was upon her.

"Oh shit!" escaped her lips as her back arched all the way off her bed then she collapsed in a heap, still gripping me tightly, and shaking gently as the after shocks of blissful orgasm ran through her. I relaxed my motions to a gentle licking and kissing around her lips and legs. After a minute or so she finally let go and I brought myself back up to her face. She pulled my face down to hers and we kissed deeply once again.

"Holy shit ... that was incredible" she managed to say between heavy breaths. I wasn't sure what to do next, I wasn't sure what to feel either. Maybe there was something there. But reality returned and I suddenly became aware of my surroundings and the fact that we might still be intruded at any time. I handed her back her underwear as she sat up and buttoned up her shirt again.

Similar to last time we just sat back down and got to work, almost like nothing had happened. The hour ended shortly after and then it was time to go.

"So how was today's session Maddi?" Jasmine asked once we came downstairs.

"Yeah. It was fine." Madeline replied, her shy demeanour having returned. Maybe she was just putting it on. Such a mystery.

"Well everything seems to be going great," her mother said smiling pleasantly, "so I think we all agree you should keep coming, I think Maddi is getting a lot out of it."

"Yeah for sure," I replied, "Madeline has a good talent for writing, just needs a little structure that's all."

"Definitely, everybody needs a helping hand some times." Jasmine said. Now normally I get $40 for the hour but she handed me a $50 note. "A little extra for doing such a great job with my daughter" she added with a smile.

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