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i am not this old and i tried to stay historically correct
The Army-Air corps. was gearing up for what has become known as the battle of Pork Chop Hill.  They came to our high school and I wanted out of our miserable little town so I signed up.  The school board thought it best that I finish the year so I graduated with my class.  I turned 18 in boot camp and our regiment hit Korea July 10, 1953.  If you’ve read anything about this battle it ended July 11, 1953, we were too late to get briefed and ship to the battle zone.  When what was left of the boys that did go came back the commander gave us all a promotion, I got one stripe for being there as support.

I’ve always had a knack for finding things and it became apparent to the bosses so I was made a gopher: as in go for this, go for that.  I could always get stuff that others couldn’t.   The night Pork Chop Hill ended I was given the task of finding a Ranger in one of the huts just outside camp.  I went to the first hut that I saw.  When I went to knock the door swung open so I stepped in.  I saw something out of the corner of my eye and faced that direction, it was a girl.  She had been bathing and was going to her room but then she saw me with a rather impressive gun in my hands and she froze.  She was so petrified that the little cloth she was using to dry off with fell to the floor.  She looked so tiny and frail maybe 16 years old.  Her olive colored skin sparkled in the dim light because she was still wet.  She was about 4’ 11” and not even 85 lbs.  I could see the outline of her ribs; she had tiny breasts, dark brown areolas and nipples the size of pencil erasers.  She didn’t have much waist and dark brown hair down below.   Our trance was broken with her momma screaming.  As momma screamed the girl scampered to her room.  Papa runs into the room but stops when he sees me or better yet my gun.  Momma obviously isn’t intimidated and sends him off somewhere.  Momma shows me a chair, pats it with her hand so I sit and shoulder my weapon. 

What seemed like hours but in reality was only minutes papa comes back with the Chaplin and an interpreter.  It just so happened that the Chaplin was the highest ranking officer and was inline for General.  I started to stand but the colonel waved me to sit so I did.  The translator talks to momma and the colonel talks to me to get my story. 

After I they confer he sits beside me and says: ‘Private what we have here is an international crisis.  This entire situation could blow up into more years of armed conflict if we don’t resolve this.  You understand where I’m going?’ 

I reply: ‘no sir I don’t’. 

He breaks it down for me: ‘Private you saw this family’s only daughter naked as the day she was born and we need to find an adequate compensation for this family hardship’.  I nod. 

He continues: ‘this family has asked only one thing that would be adequate and proper to resolve this situation’.  I nod again.  Finally he said: ‘Private for the sake of harmony and peace to this reign you need to marry this girl that you saw.’ 

My brain tried to wrap around this and I stammered: ‘for peace and harmony?’ and I nod. 

The colonel told the interpreter, the interpreter told momma and we walked out and went back to camp.    Two weeks later I was given orders to go see the Chaplin in my dress uniform.   I was ushered into the chapel where I saw just about every officer assembled as well as the girls’ family.  As I approached the front a side door opened and the girl that I had seen before stepped out wearing a red dress that was three times her size walked towards the Chaplin.  The Chaplin said words, an interpreter repeated them we nodded and pecked each other on the lips.  One week later I was given orders back to the states, after a 5 week vacation I was to report to my new duty station where I would receive another stripe.

I was placed on a truck that drove to Seoul and got on a plane to depart.  I sat and waited for departure.  Then I saw her, this girl that I’ve only seen twice got on the plane.  She was the last person to board and sat 20 rows behind me all she carried was a small handmade bag and she sat quietly.  We landed in Los Angelis where we shuffled to claim our baggage.  I got my stuff and waited, everyone left and as I said she only had that little bag that she carried onto the plane.  I went to reservations to fly home and there were two tickets.  One for me and another for Mai Brown, OK so her name is either May or My so I tried both.  Her head popped up and she looked at me when I said My.  Mai and I got onto the plane to Iowa again separated in seating assignments.  My parents would meet me, or so they thought, at the airport and take me home.  My parents got the surprise of their life meeting Mai.  I tell you it was a long drive from the airport back home with the parents going on about not being able to keep my thing in my pants, but I reassured them that I had never touched her.  I don’t think they believed me.  Momma would have nothing with Mai and I consummating in her house so when we were close to home papa found a hotel and booked us for 3 weeks.   I told momma about her not having anything so we went shopping.  Momma said that Mai wore clothing sized for a 13 year old.

Momma took us back to the hotel where we sat and looked at each other.  Long about suppertime my stomach started growling and then I heard hers’ growl also, l started laughing and she did too then we went to eat.  Later that evening we started yawning.  I went to the bathroom and started a shower.  I got undressed in the bathroom and got into the streaming hot water.  A few minutes into my shower the curtain opens and Mai steps in.  Slight déjà view I’ve seen her before like this.  Somehow she seems more beautiful than before, I think it’s because she’s not petrified with fear.  I get the soap and wash and give Mai the soap for her to wash.  As she washes my pecker starts growing, Mai sees me and blushes.  I try to hide my erection as she rinses the soap off her tiny body.  We towel off and she goes to the bed still nude, I didn’t have night clothing so I joined her in the bed.  I pull back the blankets and sheets and she gets in on one side and I get in on the other.  She lays curled up in a ball facing away from me and I lay like a knife in the bed wondering what I’m supposed to do. 

In the morning I find her curled up against me.  Apparently I rolled over to face her and had my arm wrapped around her with my hand cupping her tiny breast.   She felt so soft and warm, like velvet and her nipple was pressing against my palm.  I suddenly noticed that my pecker was between her legs pressing against the softness of her underside.  Terror filled me and I jumped out of bed awakening Mai who blushes and slightly bites her lower lip when she sees my morning woody.  I run to the bathroom.  After doing my business in there Mai goes.  When she comes out I’m dressed for breakfast so we go eat.  I’ve noticed that she takes her shoes off at the door of the hotel room so I do to.

We come back from eating and Mai goes into the bathroom.  When she comes out she is nude and sits on the bed.  Call me Dumbo but I sit on a chair trying to figure out what to do.  Mai gets off the bed and sits sideways on my lap with her head curled into my chest.  I place my head on top of hers and sigh.  I wrap my arms around her tiny frame as if to protect her vulnerability.  Mai shutters a little and brings her arms over mine; she takes my right hand and gently places it on her breast.  The warm softness of her skin caresses my hand.  My hand suddenly has a mind of its own and gently caresses her breast and slightly pinches her nipple.  As my hand moves on her skin Mai unbuttons my shirt.  I can feel her warm breath on my chest.  My left hand rubs her small back; I have never felt something so wonderful before.  Mai finishes with my shirt and pulls it off my shoulders.  My hands break contact with her skin long enough to drop the shirt to the floor.
Mai gets off my lap and stands in front of me, she presses her nose to my nose then reaches her lips to mine and we kiss.  My hands find her hips but she walks out of my reach and sits on the bed.  I finely understand and start to remove my trousers.  Mai pulls the blankets and sheets down and lays there waiting for me to finish undressing.  All of a sudden I’m not ashamed that my pecker is rigid.  I walk over to the bed and examine my olive skinned wife.  Her skin is flawless, supple and soft.  Her tiny breasts reach out for my hands to cuddle them and we kiss again.  I fold and fondle her not really knowing what to do but it feels wonderful.  I get on the bed and she melts into my body.  Pressing herself tightly into me my pecker looks for its mark between her legs.  She rolls onto her back again and prompts me to get on top her.  Her legs open as I roll over on top of her.  I straddle my weight between my arms and knees so that I don’t hurt her.  We kiss again and she slightly pushes my shoulders up adjusting my weight to mostly in my knees.  My hands find her breasts again and I kiss them.  My pecker strains to find its mark again and I feel a little hand guiding my pecker.  I feel contact between my pecker and her underside, Mai shivers.  Her hand guides me to her entrance and my hips slightly thrust bringing my pecker slightly inside her.  I massage her breasts and do small thrusting with my hips bringing myself farther inside her.  Then the head of my pecker reaches something that presses it flat and pushes it back.  Mai winces a little so I draw back pressure.  I tilt my hips towards her again making contact with this obstacle; I can see tears in her eyes, but something drives me on.  I tilt back and thrust forward again this time breaking through, bringing a squeal from Mai.  We kiss as my pecker fills her belly.  My thighs make contact with hers and my balls bounce off her undersides.  Mai looks so happy.  I bring my pecker out a little and then drive into her.  Like a piston in an engine I go in and out.  I start feeling a burning deep down something so primitive that it floods my soul.  A furry has possessed my pecker so I drive harder and faster into her.  Something wild, something is controlling my urges and I must have it.   My pecker is like steal and my balls slap her.  Finally the urges are answered with an explosion from my pecker deep inside her.  My body shakes as I fill her.  Then there is peace and I crumple on top her. 

Mai holds me and kisses my face.  She wraps herself in such a manner that my pecker stays inside her.  She tilts her hips bringing shutters to my body.  Mai rolls on top me, tilting her hips again bringing new life to my shrinking pecker.  Mai sat squarely on top me and rubbed her breasts across my chest, my hands find her hips.  I couldn’t believe I was getting hard again.  Mai’s vaginal muscles squeezed my pecker when she raised her body and released it when she lowered herself back down.  With each downward thrust of her hips I went farther into her.  Mai started panting and closed her eyes.  When she rose I lowered and when she lowered I rose.  Her body started to shake as I penetrated deeper into her.  She moved slowly at first and then gained speed.  Her nipples became erect and her breathing rapid.  Mai grabbed my hips and started slamming her hips rapidly unto my pecker.  The insides of her slit were pulsating bringing new sensations for me to fill her again.  Mai rocked herself frantically gasping for air then she trembled and arched her back.  Her insides flooded with fluid and I couldn’t hold back and exploded my sperm into her again.  This brought a flurry of excitement to Mai she rocked her hips more and screamed as her arms waved uncontrollably.  Then she collapsed on me shaking like a leaf.  I held her close closed my eyes and we went to sleep.
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