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Making Love For The First Time

Tags: straight
Sitting on my couch, I glanced over at him and he grinned. He's so attractive and sexy I knew he wanted more and I think I did too. I leaned over, pressed my lips against his, and started kissing. He kissed me back, his hands traveling down my back and rested on my ass. I stood up, gesturing him with me to my bedroom.

He pulled me closer with his hands on my hips. As his lips pressed against mine, he sat on the bed and pulled me by my thighs on his lap. God, I love when he grabs my thighs. My hands traced down, tongue still wrestling his, and found his belt. He paused the kiss to stare into my eyes, then kissed me again as I felt his hands pull my shirt off, and went around back for my bra. I had his belt undone, pulling the zipper down, and he slipped off his jeans.

He pulled me on the bed now, climbing over me and taking his shirt off. He slid my pants down along with my thong. I loved the feeling of his bare chest against mine, he's so muscular and sexy I just wanted to fuck already. Grabbing me by my thighs again, he pulled my legs around his waist and tugged the waistband of his boxers down. I was so wet already and I could tell he loved it, smiling again and simply said, "Are you sure?" with wide eyes as he pushed his eight inches between my legs. I muttered the word, "Yes," and he slammed into me.

At first came slight pain, but then I found great pleasure as he slowed and pushed again, in and out while kissing my neck, my breasts, then again my lips, gently biting my bottom lip as he backed away. He knew I love lip biting, he's so sexy I could barely take it anymore. his hips plowed into mine repeatedly, building up speed as his cock hit my g spot over and over, my eyes rolled back in my head and I bit my lip as I came, just as great, if not better, than I imagined it would be.

He continued to rock a few more times, filling me and making me moan with anticipation for the next thrust. Slowly again, his cock pushing inside me felt beyond amazing, and I couldn't get enough of it. Once again I came, whimpering out a sound of pleasure I knew he loved. "You're so wet," he whispered and leaned down to kiss my neck. I love when he kisses my neck.

I was in pure pleasure as he slammed harder again, getting rougher and making me closer to yet another orgasm. I climax and he moved, laid down and picked me up. I sat on him, guiding his cock into my pussy and it slid in. I moved up and down repeatedly, grinding on his dick with great force and I heard him moan. I love knowing I'm making him feel as good as I did. I rose up again, almost to his head before crashing down to the base, another force bringing me close to the edge. He took my hips and plowed me, fucking me from underneath. I moaned again and bit my lip, I could see him smiling knowing the pleasure he was bringing me. He slammed my hips down once more, shooting his load inside me. I got off and laid down next to him, pulling the covers over us. I felt a kiss on my neck and he whispered in my ear, 'I love you.'

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