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Making the Teacher

A young boy fantasy becomes a reality when the young teacher he lusted over becomes his lover.

Like every red-blooded American boy, I had a fantasy about having sex with a favorite teacher. I fell in lust with my Spanish teacher, Miss Carlson, the first time I saw her. It was her second year as a teacher, she told us that the first day of class, so she couldn’t have been more than twenty-three or twenty-four. She was a real fox. Today she would be called a hottie, but back in the 70’s, she was a fox. It was the time when short skirts were in and Miss Carlson wore hers a lot shorter than any of the other female teachers did. Most of them didn’t have the legs for short skirts but Maria did-long, shapely, and athletic.

Looking back on that year now, I like to refer to it as the year I majored in my Spanish teacher. I didn’t really care about learning Spanish or any other foreign language, but I wanted to please Maria, so I paid close attention in class and made sure that I never forgot to do my Spanish homework. I paid extra close attention to everything she said and done in class, especially to the things she did in class. Unlike some of the guys, I never gave her a hard time in class. On the other hand, she always made me hard. She made most of the guys hard. There were a few guys that she didn’t turn on, but those guys were more into other guys than they were into girls.

There was sort of an unwritten rule in our school that the front row of desks in any classroom was reserved for the top students in that class, so I got the seat right in front of the teacher’s desk. My mother, a teacher herself, once told me that the teacher’s desk was a symbol of their authority and that’s why they spent so much time sitting behind it. Maria spent very little time sitting behind hers. When she wasn’t at the Blackboard, she was walking up and down the isles talking with us and checking the work we were doing. We spent most of our in-class time working on oral exercises and for those she sat on her desk. Maria was actually Hispanic, like most Hispanics, she used many hand gestures as she talked. I don’t think she was even conscious of it, but the more animated she became the further her thighs parted, after a few minutes I could see all the way up between her thighs to the snowy-white crotch of her lace panties. When the weather turned warm, Maria started wearing sleeveless, cotton tops that showed a lot of cleavage and just a hint of her frilly lace bras. When the weather turned warm I started wearing a condom to class because I always shot off a couple of times during that hour-long class.

I tried to hide what was happening between my legs by keeping a magazine open on my lap. My Jeans were tight fitting so they pretty much kept the twitching to a minimum. I always position my long cock so it was already pressing down along my thigh before entering Maria’s classroom. By sheer force, I was able to stifle my moans as I shot my wad into the condom. Fortunately, Maria’s class was my last class of the day so I didn’t have to sit through another class with a condom full of my jism in my tight Jeans.

Maria was friendly but she never flirted with us. She told us jokes but there was never anything even slightly sexual in those jokes. As the months passed rapidly and June approached, I resigned myself to the fact that my fantasy of fucking this little Vixen would always remain a fantasy. Fortunately, as I have learned over the years since that spring, all the best fantasies have a way of becoming realities if you are open to it happening and if you are ready to seize the moment when it happens.

It was the week before finals and we spent most of our time in class reviewing for the finals. By Friday afternoon, I was already starting to suffer from Maria withdrawal. She had been watching me closely that day. The final bell of the year was going to ring any second. She slid slowly off her desk and walked slowly to where I sat. Letting her eyes travel from my face to my lap, lingering there for a second before traveling back up to look me in the eyes, she spoke quietly.

"Steven? Stay for a minute. There’s something I want to ask you. Something that you may be able to help me with. OK?"

I couldn’t risk speaking because I was cumming in my condom for the third time that day, so I nodded. I watched Maria walk to the rear of the room to say goodbye to everyone, to wish them luck on the finals, to wish them a good vacation. They would be graduating in a couple of weeks and would never see her again. When the last of them left, she closed the door and walked back to my desk

She looked at me for a minute and then sat down on my desk, her bare thigh mere inches from my arm, her ankle touching lightly against the outside of my thigh.

"Are you as good as everyone tells me you are?"

"Excuse me, Mar….ah…Miss Carlson?’

"No, Stevie…can I call you Stevie? I’d like us to become friends since our student/teacher relationship has ended for good. Would you like to have me as a friend?"

She slid a little further up on my desk until her thigh brushed lightly against my arm. Slipping out of her shoes, she rested her bare feet on my thighs.

"I love living in Paint Rock but there so many things I need fixed around my old house. You appears to have all the right tools."

Maria was running her toes along my hard cock.

"It’s so fucking hot in here. Why don’t we freshen up a little and go for a ride. Here’s the key to my Shelby. Why don’t you put the top down and bring it around to the side staff entranceway. I’ll meet you there. OK?"

I nodded, taking the keys. I ripped off my cum filled condom in the men’s room, pumping furiously on my hard cock. Within seconds, I shot another wad into the urinal. I cleaned myself up as best I could with paper towels and then rushed around the building to fetch her car. I had fallen in love with her car the very first time I saw it, a fiery red Shelby Mustang GT convertible. It was the kind of car I wanted except I couldn’t afford one. It was built for performance, a 300 horsepower, 4.6-liter engine with a 5 speed manual transmission; it could 0-60 in 5.1 seconds. It could do a quarter mile in 13.8 seconds. Just driving that car was a turn on for me.

I was standing by the car as Maria appeared in the side door. She had done more then just freshen up, she had taken her bra off and left the top three buttons open on her blouse. As she walked slowly towards me, I could see her ruddy colored nipples and aureole clearly through the diaphanous fabric. I started to hand her, her keys but she walked around and slid into the passenger seat.

"You drive. I haven’t had a man to drive me anywhere in a very long time."

Maria slid down low in the passenger seat and closed her eyes. The warm afternoon breeze flowing through the car slowly worked her short skirt up her thighs exposing the crotch of her lace g-string.

Maria slid further down on the seat, spreading her thigh wide apart, her left knee resting on the transmission hump. We were out of San Angelo now on FM-380 headed straight for Paint Rock, thirty miles in the distance. Maria’s car was equipped with a fuzz buster, so I drove faster. Her eyes were no longer closed but gazing straight into mine with a glazed look in them.

"Go faster, honey. Please go faster. This is making so fucking horney. Speed is a natural turn on for me."

Reaching up with her hands she unbuttoned her top and pushed it to the side, freeing her beautiful titties. Caressing her nipples with one hand she slid the other between her spread thighs and found the little bow holding her g-string in place. Ripping it out from under her she worked one of her long between her swollen, glistening pussy lips to finger her clit.

My own arousal was so intense that it was painful. Alternating my attention between my beautiful Maria masturbating in the seat beside me and the road, I open my Jeans, releasing my rampant erection. My shaft stood straight up, its huge knob oozing pre cum. Driving with one hand, I started stroking my shaft faster and faster as my orgasm built up deep in my balls.

Throwing herself sideways across the transmission hump, Maria took my cock deep inside he mouth, running her tongue over and around its sensitive head. Fortunate we had the road to ourselves because I could no longer control the Mustang. I was all over the road.

Pulling off the road, I lifted Maria up out of the passenger seat and lowered her fiery hot pussy down on my throbbing shaft. Even with the driver seat pushed all the way to the rear, her back still rubbed against the steering wheel as she rode me like a bull rider riding a bull at the rodeo.

A couple of 18-wheelers passed by us with long blast from their air-horns. The fact that we had been seemed made Maria turned Maria on even more and she doubled her efforts to bring both of us to orgasm. Our orgasms kept building and when I finally started shooting my wad deep inside her clenching, milking pussy, it felt as if I would never stop cumming.

Finally, Maria slid off my cock and back over to the passenger seat and dozed off. She never did fix her clothes. When I pulled into her driveway, I was hard again. Walking around to her side of the car with my hard cock waving in the air, I scooped her up in my arms and carried her inside. Somehow, as if by instinct, I found her bedroom right off. Laying her down gently on the bed, I finished removing her clothes. Somehow, I managed to do that without waking her.

Stripping off my own clothes, I stretched out between her thighs and started running my tongue over her swollen pussy lips. Maria started moaning softly as soon as my tongue made first contact. Her moans grew longer and louder as I slid my tongue inside her to lick her erect little clit. Maria came awake, twining her finger in my hair, forcing my mouth tighter against her pussy as she started humping my mouth.

I didn’t want her to cum again just yet. Pulling my head free I slid up between her thighs and slid my shaft inside her, holding myself motionless once our pubic bones mashed tightly together. Once I felt her orgasm beginning to subside, I started moving inside her again. Repeatedly I brought her to the peak of her arousal, brought her to the point of an orgasm, and then stopped. Each time her arousal became more intense then before. Finally, she begged me to let her cum and I did.

We collapsed into each other’s arms and fell into a deep peaceful sleep. It was well after midnight when we woke up and Maria made breakfast for me. We sat there together, naked, in her tiny kitchen.

I moved in with Maria the day after graduating. My parents were happy for me. My mother was especially happy because she was tired of washing my cum stained sheets. I really hadn’t had a sex life before Maria unless you considered whacking off over some girl’s picture in Penthouse Magazine or having nightly wet dreams a sex life. Maria was the first girl I ever made love to and she has been the only girl that I have made love to since.

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