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Married Lady

Her life was miserable

Carol was unhappily married. I was single. We were both in our mid 40's.  We met in an abandoned parking lot.
on her way to work and almost instantaneously fell in love.

She stood about 5 '3", blonde hair, blue eyes, beautiful breasts and thighs that would make anyone take a second look. She was wearing a short skirt and if it was any shorter would have revealed her panties.

We began talking about trivial things: her job, my job, our hobbies, etc.  After about 10 minutes of conversation in the parking lot, we kissed. Our tongues touched and she moaned, softly. As we kissed,
I touched her inner thigh. He pretty  legs spread as wide as possible under the short green skirt she was wearing and she moaned like a mature female who had never been touched. My hand roamed slowly toward her pussy I touched her panties and felt the womanhood wetness. Her left arm tightened on my shoulder and she thrust her hips upward in response to my touch.

"Let's go to my apartment", I suggested. Without hesitation she shook her head in agreement.

When we arrived at my place, Carol said she had to call work and say she was running late. She sat on a bar stool and made the call.

I stood at a distance and looked up her short skirt while she talked. While she talked, my eyes were fixed on her open thighs. A smile crossed her face and she licked her lips.  My mind raced in anticipation of what
was to come.

After her call to the office, we sat on the sofa and I removed her skirt and white panties.
Her pussy hair was brown and slightly wet. I loved the sight of it. I remarked on the beauty of her hairy pussy She smiled. I then asked her if she ever wore a bikini and let her pussy hair be exposed on the outer
sides of her bikini bottom. She said, "Yes, and I love the attention I get." 

She continued, "Even though I'm showing my pussy hair, I like to see guys reactions and I like to see their cocks as they look at my hair.
One time,a guy kept passing by me and it was evident he was looking at my hair. After about two trips past me ,I noticed his cock began to grow and get hard. It was evident he was looking and I glanced at his swim shorts. His cock seemed to swell after each passing. Nothing ever happened, but it was
fun to watch."

As she told her story, I felt myself gaining erection. 

I can't stay long". she said

With little hesitation, we went into the bedroom and she lay on her back with only her blouse on.
I knelt between her spread legs and licked her still wet hairy pussy. She shuttered with excitement but then said, "It's my turn to please you"

Knowing it may be the last time I would ever see this sex goddess, I unzipped my pants and my already erect cock was in full exposure .I knelt beside her.   She licked her lips and then I entered her mouth. Her eyes
closed and I pumped away. After several mouth fucks, she touched her hairy pussy. That turned me on even more. She sensed I was about to cum. I pulled out of her lovely mouth and rubbed my hardened cock.

"Give me all your cum", she screamed. I felt my cream building and knew this is the lady I loved.

Her mouth opened and I shot about 4 loads of cum into her mouth.

I wish we could have layed together all day. but she had to go to work. She dressed quickly and as she left my apartment, she said,

"Can we do this again?"



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