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Mary K'S First Time Part 2

Mary K'S First Time Part 2

She wanted me to return the favor. Could I possibly?

She gave me a  moment to bask after my first orgasm at the hands (and mouth) of a woman. I needed to process in my mind what had just transpired.

She toyed with hair, as she watched me slowly catch my breath. Her smile was radiant.

She whispered in my ear,"Are you going to pleasure me now MaryK?"

I bit my lower lip and nodded.

I rose from the bed and stood by it.

I felt apprehensive as she began to unbutton her blouse. She began to unbuckle her belt. She looked directly into my eyes, and said,"MaryK, come here and help me with my jeans." She wanted me to participate to make me less scared.

Reluctantly, I crawled naked towards her over the rumpled and wet sheets.

My hands trembled as I awkwardly, undid her belt, I was in deep concentration. I undid it and sat back on my feet under me.

"The zipper baby girl. Pull down the zipper. You know what to do."

My eyes met hers, and my face was flush. I grabbed the zipper, and slowly pulled it down.

Her jeans pooled around her ankles. Her panties were far sexier than mine. Pink satin bikini briefs, with a red bow.ere

She lowered her bra straps slowly, in such seductive fashion. Her eyes never leaving mine. She reached behind her back to unclasp her bra, holding it loosely in front of her.

She let her bra fall, and I was dumbfounded. I had seen a pair of breasts, that would only be seen in a magazine. They were perfect. Not too big, but not too small either. Like I said, just perfect. Her nipples were erect and stuck out like erasers on a pencil.

I immediately covered my own breasts with my arm. I was actually embarrassed at my own body, having seen a goddess like her.

She pulled my arm away,"No baby. Your breasts are really beautiful to me. And so tasty too."

I looked back into her eyes, and I just smiled.

I reached out my hand to cup her mound. "It's so hot.", I whispered. 

Not moving her eyes from mine, she stuck her thumbs into the waistband of her panties. She slowly pushed them down over her hips, her eyes transfixed on mine.

Soon her panties joined her jeans in a pool around her ankles.

I glanced between her eyes and her pussy. By instinct, I ran my finger up and down her wet slit. She shuddered, and I pulled my hand away quickly. I had actually made this woman shudder. I began to feel the power of my own sexuality.

"MaryK, you know what I want." Come on make me feel good baby.

I thought for a moment, made my decision, and scooted forward.

I ran the flat of my tongue up and down her wet pussy, gently flicking with my tongue over her unhidden and erect clit.

I was amazed at her scent. I had never seen a pussy up close other than my own.

She began to softly moan, and move her hips up and down as I licked her.

I was really getting into this, knowing from the sounds that were emanating from her, I was doing good.

All of a sudden, a hot liquid filled my mouth. I coughed and gagged.

I snatched my face away quickly. "You peed in my mouth!" Oh my God, what the?'

She giggled. "No baby. You made me squirt." It's not pee. I swirled the liquid around in my mouth. It was like honey with a tinge of salt. It was in one word...delicious.

I grinned, as I swallowed. I loved it. 

She said,"More baby. Give me more."

I looked up at her with a catty grin, and said,"Say pretty please."

At that point, she knew I was committed to the purpose of pleasing this woman.

My lips returned to her now extremely wet pussy. I knew I was doing good, and I relished the fact that I was.

I began to lick her now extremely wet pussy. "Slow baby. Don't hurry. I want this to last. It feels amazing."

I look up at her once again with a big smile.

My tongue now flicking at her engorged clit. Her moans turning into soft gurgling screams.

She puts her hand on the back of my head, urging me closer to her wetness.

I knew I was doing something illicit, and secret, but I loved it.

I was getting excited myself, as I felt my own juices leaking down my thighs.

She pushed harder at the back of my head, burying my face in her wetness. She was forcing me to stay put.

I pounded my fist on her thigh, and she relented. I could hardly breathe.

She let me catch my breath. It was clear my panting was not from exertion, but rather desire.

I returned my mouth to her licking up her juices from the effort I had produced.

I was sucking on her clit, taking it between my lips as if I was blowing her.

Her ass came off the bed, and she let out a pitched scream. She flooded my mouth with her cum, and this time I didn't miss a drop.

I lifted my face, glistening from her sweet cum. I licked my lips and smiled at her.

"Was...was I good huh?"

"Yes, MaryK. You were perfect baby girl" 

She kissed me deeply, licking the juices off of my face.

"I think I am going to keep you around. I love you MaryK."

"I love you too." , I whispered back.

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