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Massage for a friend

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Massage for a friend

Davina and the family have been friends of mine for many years, now she is divorced and had been overworking, Davina was in need of a little TLC but no heavy stuff.

The open plan lounge has low lighting, with the curtains drawn in mid afternoon, candles burning and a bed laid out in the middle. A light warm oil has been prepared and I wait for Davina to come in she has a robe on, she is a little coy for this is the allowed me to massage her.

Davina undoes the robe at the front and lays down on the bed with the robe draped over her.

I start at the top of her head massaging Dvina’s scalp through her short red hair then around her sensitive ears, she starts to moan as I gently knead her ear lobes between my thumb and fore finger very lightly and then up and around the outer ear kneading and squeezing the skin gently but firm.

Next, my hands work around her temples, down the jaw line and around her chin and down to Davina’s neck. As Davina’s neck and ears are her sensitive, zones’ taking care not to over excite her was important at this point, easing her muscles was the task, so far so good, as Davina is really starting to relax.

Working around her neck down to her throat. Gently working in little circles with my fingertips and then smoothing with the flat of the hand. The lightly scented, warm oil is really making everything go so smoothly allowing my fingers to follow the contours of her nice tight body; it is becoming hard to pay attention to her pleasure and not mine.

Moving on down now to her back and shoulders the robe is lowered with no resistance, the sides of her small breast come into view, I add more oil and spread it all over the upper back making sure the oil is kept warm on the small candle heater. The oils are really helping the flow and the aroma is building with the assistance of some light music in the background. Working the oil in gentle circular movements followed then by a firmer massage with my hands moving from the top of her spine down to towards her bottom and out to the sides of her torso and to the edges of her breasts.

Working down her lower leg, kneading the skin firmly while keeping flowing movements. Davina starts to moan lightly as I now go down the cheeks of her bottom, gently kneading them and adding more oil, then separating and gripping each cheek with a little more force, running the oils over her anus, which puckers to the touch, the oil making a little pool as I run some more onto her back. Then running my hands down from her shoulders all the way to the base of her spine, along the middle down the sides covering the whole of her back and using my body on hers to add to her sensations, now working down each hamstring on to the calves. All the time keeping a rhythm and going from a light to a firm pressure.

When I get to her feet, Davina turns over, she does not worry about her robe having almost fallen asleep, and she is so relaxed. I work on her feet massaging each toe and then the soles and ankles of her feet with the warm oil on her skin shining with the oils on her hair free smooth fresh lily-white skin.

As Davina is a redhead, her skin is quite sensitive so we have made sure the oils and aromatic scent suit her skin and the perfume is so relaxing with the overall ambiance.

I now start working up Davina’s legs working on the knees and large top thigh muscles, she is really well developed and the muscles responded well to the massage. Now I move on up to her arms working on first the right hand, oiling and massaging each finger then on to her palms and up the forearm to the biceps, these are really well developed. As Davina plays the flute, she has really well toned upper arms and torso.

After doing Davina’s arms I start going from her neck down her chest, kneading her breasts and stopping now to work on her nipples, which are now standing up, erect. Davina is now breathing quite heavily as I lick around her small areola, going from right to left then back and on to her nipples, sucking them in while I am still running my hands along her flanks, keeping up the pressure on both sides of her body. Davina sighs but I stop and move on, down her abdomen, her abs are also firm and respond well to the attention they get.

I am now down to Davina’s pubic mound her light hair is covering her labia lips, which are neat and firm for a mature woman, I work gently down her vagina and she opens her legs apart giving me easy access. I gently insert one finger into her now with more oil on my hands, and she starts to moan again making encouraging noises. I continue first one-finger then two fingers in all the way to top of my long fingers. In and out again gradually increasing the rate, she opens her legs wider and I now put three, then four go into her as I start to bring her breathing rate up. Davina is now holding my wrist, making the pace for my insertions, I now withdraw my hand, tucking my thumb in we introduce my whole hand back into her vagina and Davina takes over the pace, moving my hand in out in out, she is masturbating herself with my hand. I adjust my position and start to lick her clitoris, which she continues to pound her pussy until she finally climaxes coating my face with her juices.

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