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Me and He

My first fantasy come true
it was raining outside
The wind shook the trees
I shivered so cold
The knocking of my knees

Grabbed his attention
As he offered to drive me home
He was a good friend of mine
One I've always told

My deepest feelings to
My thoughts and dreams
But my feelings for him altered
Deep within our relationship's seams

So as we made our way to my home
Safely we arrived
I told him calmly, warmly
To come inside

I went to change my clothes
And returned to find
His half naked body
Soon sitting next to mine

We talked for a bit
Laughed some too
But he knew what I wanted
I just didn't know what to do

He leaned in slowly and
And cupped my face in his hand
Our lips met softly
And I placed my hand on his pants

I told him I was nervous
This was my first time you see
But as he gently kissed my neck
He told me he'll take care of me

He lifted me
And placed me on the bed
I ran my fingers through his hair
Grabbed his head

He kissed right beneath my naval
As his fingers traced the lining of my underwear
He kissed even closer to my spot
In my eyes he stared

His lips touched my lower lips
And I let out a moan
I've never felt anything like this
I felt I was in a zone

He buried his face in my crotch
My back arched in pleasure
I wanted him so much
His loving I will treasure

Soon he stopped as
I began to climax as I began to come
The moment arrived for him to stick his member in me
He knew I wanted some

I wrapped my legs around his waist
His arms supported my head
He told me to breathe and close my eyes
I did what he said

He slide so smooth into me
I let out a scream
Could this be happening?
Is this a dream?

His breathe was heavy in my ear
As our bodies moved up and down
Although I tried not to
I continued to make sounds

He told me that I can come
He slammed harder into me yet
My nails continued to dig into his back
We both began to sweat

He went faster and faster
I couldn't breathe
Faster and faster
His body heavy weight on me

Deeper and deeper he went
We both began to get loud
We made noises loud enough
To draw crowds

He put his hands gently around my throat
And he threw his head back
A couple more thrusts and just like that
I came

I came so so hard
My vagina was red
I saw stars

My first time
Incredible you see
Even more so because now
We are married

He was my first and last
And on that rainy night
When my underwear were soaking wet
And my emotions gave me a fight

I had love on another degree
And as he kissed my lips
I knew it would forever be
Me and he

And as we lay in bed
His arms wrapped around me so tight
I continue to fight urges
With all my might

I wanted him again
And I needed it now
But I was to shy to ask him
I just didn't know how

So instead I climbed on top of him
And kissed his neck
I was so scared
A nervous wreck

I wanted to make him feel
As good as he made me
He was my love
And he was crazy about me

I continued to kiss his neck
And told him now it's my turn
Although on the receiving end
Some lessons I did learn

I loved him passionatly
And as we messed up the bed sheets
It was just me and he

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