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Me and My Girlfriend

My girlfriend and I finally engage in some sex.
My name is Ben. I am seventeen and I go to high school. I have dark brown hair, hazel eyes, but I am fairly skinny, though stronger than I look. My girlfriend's name is Kelsi, and she has a really cute face. Her hair is a dirty blonde, and she has bright, almost lime, green eyes. She also has C-cup breasts, and very nice hips with a great tight little ass. She was pretty hot, at least in my eyes.

Our biggest problem is that we were both very shy. We had been dating for almost a year now, yet we had only recently even kissed. Now, however, we were both comfortable with cuddling with each other, but there was still no sexual contact.

Until recently, Kelsi wouldn't have been what most boys considered hot, although she was in my eyes. Her breasts were small, and she wore more loose fitting clothes. Lately though, as her body has filled out (her breasts, hips, ass, etc.) she has been wearing more short shorts in the summer and tight jeans and yoga pants when it's colder. She has also been wearing tighter tops that show of her nice sized breasts.

Anyways, when we would hang out, it would usually be cuddled up together on a couch in one of our basements, and we would talk about teachers at school, kids we didn't like, and other things like that. Occassionally we would kiss or hug, but mostly just lie next to each other, enjoying the feeling of our bodies together.

One day, Kelsi was wearing an extra-tight pair of yoga pants, so tight that it squeezed up her but crack and showed the outline of her vulva. As we were cuddling together, I couldn't stop looking down at her crotch. Thankfully, she didn't notice.

At one point she leaned up and kissed me, and I felt my 7-inch cock start to grow. Her having on a tight tube top with a thin bra didn't help things, either. I was embarrassed, so I rolled over to face away from her.

"What's the matter, Ben?" Kelsi asked.

"Nothing," I answered quickly. She tried to reach around to grab my hand, but instead her hand brushed against my fully erect cock. Her hand stopped suddenly, and I saw it start to shake. Well, no use hiding it now. I turned back around and my tent in my jeans was clear to see. Her eyes were glued to it, a look of complete shock on her face.

"I... I... I don't know what to say, Ben," she stammered.

"What? I'm a guy, and this happens from time to time," I said, acting far more confident than I felt. Kelsi nodded slightly, and I decided to take a chance. "I'll bet you're very wet right about now."

She looked at me sharply, before turning away to stare at the backside of the couch. I knew I had been right.

"Is something wrong, Kelsi?"

"Its just that, well, we've been together for a while now, and I jusat wish, well..." she trailed off.


"I really wish I could see that cock of yours."

I was ready for this. "I'll tell you what, Kelsi. I'll get naked for you, but on one condition."

She looked back at me. "What's that?"

"You have to get naked for me."

We looked at each other for a long time, before she finally said, "Alright, good. I'm ready for this."

She sat up and took off her shirt, quicker than I expected. She seemed right into this. Her ample-sized breasts were now spilling over the top of her skimpy, petite bra, her erect nipples clearly shown through the fabric. She put her hands behind her back to undo the clasp. After it was undone, she went to slide it off, but I stopped her.

"Wait! Can I do it?" I asked.

She looked at me for a minute, before moving her hands away and nodding. I cautiously reached forward and grabbed her straps on her shoulders and pulled them down, before reaching for the cups and removing them as well. For the first time in my life, I gazed at a girl's tits. They were beautiful. Hers were nice and round and firm, with fairly big pinkish-brown areolas, the nipples standing as far out as you would of thought possible.

I grabbed both of her breasts with my hands and started to squeeze and rub them. Kelsi let out some moans, and reached under me to undo my pants. I slide up her so she could reach to pull them all the way off. My raging cock was now making a tent in my boxers as it pressed against her belly.

"Take off my pants Ben," she ordered. I obeyed and pulled on her yoga pants, sliding them down off her legs. Her thin pink panties were revealed, and they were soaked to be almost see through. We stared into each other's eyes, not saying anything for a long time, just enjoying the feeling of ech other.

Eventually, I decided to remove her panties. I grasped them in the crotch area and yanked them down and off her feet. She did the same thing to my boxers and now we were both naked. Her pussy was so beautiful! It was light pink, and the inner labia stretched a little bit around her outer lips, making it seem open and exposed. Plus it was soaking wet.

Without saying anything, we both knew that we were going to have oral sex. I turned around and found myself staring into her wonderfully smelling cunt. It glistened with her juices. I felt her hand wrap around my cock, pulling me in closer to her face. I felt her lips take on my erection, and suddenly I felt pleasure wash over me. I felt her then slurp and lick, and I knew it was time to act.

I put my index finger of each hand on either side of her lips to hold them open. Then I used my thumb to rub her clit, getting faster and faster, feeling her pace on my cock increase. I then turned my head down and licked all around the edges of her lips, eventually finding my way to her hole. I then stuck my tongue into it, tasting her warm, delicious juices. I tongue fucked her cunt, while I could feel myself building up to orgasm. I finally exploded my seed into her mouth, and I could feel her sucking it all out, drinking every last drop.

I kept at her pussy, as I knew she was almost ready too. Suddenly, my cock popped out of her mouth and she let out a squeal, her crotch puched into my face. As her orgasm subsided, I turned back around and started kissing her all over: her neck, nose, cheeks, eyebrows, before finally engaging in a long kiss on the mouth. I could taste remnants of my own cum in her mouth.

We evetually broke apart, and I was ready to take her viginity right then and there, but she announced that she was hungry. I reluctantly agreed and I followed her upstairs, both of us still naked. Her ass was in my face all the way up, and I could see underneath her pussy slit, still dripping wet. We got upstairs and started to make lunch, and as she leaned over the stove, I came up behind her and grabbed her around the waist and stuck my cock between her legs. She grinded against my cock, and waves of pleasue went through my body.

After a quick lunch of mac and cheese, we both had to go to the bathroom. I let her go first, but she grabbed my hand and took me with her. I was more than willing to go! Kelsi sat down on the toilet and told me to sit on her lap facing her. We stuck our mouths together and engaged in a deep, long, passionate kiss. She let herself go, and I could hear her piss hit the water. I was so horny! My cock was erect again, and I pressed it against her crotch between her legs, where I could feel her stream hitting my cock. That's when I started to piss too, and it mixed with hers, the whole time our lips were still locked. After about 30 seconds we were done, and we got up to flush the toilet.

We ran down stairs and jumped on the couch so fast, you'd have thought we were horny or something. She laid down on her back and I knelt with my knees on either side of her, and rubbed my dick up and down her slit, teasing her.

"Put it in me, Ben!" Kelsi screamed at me. I did what I was told, and I felt some resistance from her hymen. She yelped, but soon was moaning from the extreme pleasure. We fucked in the missionary position for a while, as I felt her sweet cunt swallow up my cock. It felt so good, her mulscles pulsing around my dick, squeezing the life out of it. I grinded around in her for a while, before pounding in and out of her tight hole.

After a while we switched positions, I laid on the couch and she was on top of me, in the cowgirl position, facing me.

"Oh, wow!" Kelsi exclaimed. "You're so deep inside me! I can feel you right up into my belly!"

I was a lot deeper. I could feel myself bottoming out at her cervix, her beautiful vagina walls ending abrubtly. She started to grind away on my cock, moving her hips aound in little circles, while she furiously rubbed her clit. Then she moved her hands down to grab my shoulders, and looked deep into my eyes. She moved her hips up and down as fast as they would go. We were deep into passion, and I couldn't take it anymore!

"Fuck Kelsi! I'm gonna cum!"

"Cum inside me Ben! Fill my pussy with your cream!"

I did what I was told. I shot my load deep into her womb. I let go spurt after spurt, and I could feel my own cock getting drenched in it. This sent her over the edge and her orgasm came like a huge wave through her body. She screamed at the top of her lungs, before collapsing on top of me. We laid there panting for a while. I knew that this would happen a lot more often now that we have done it once. Then something occured to me.

"Hey, Kels, are you on the pill."

"No, but it doesn't matter. I want to spend the rest of my life with you anyways."
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