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Me and the nieghbor

My first story, so only positive feed back, please.
During the summer, after my senior year in high school, a new family moved in, down the street from us. My mom made me come with her to welcome them to the nieghborhood. I didn't want to do this, but I did, just to make my mom happy. When we got to the house, we rang the door bell and I was surprised to see a really hot girl, around my age, answer the door.

My jaw dropped a little but I think I saved myself the embarrassment of being seen. This girl had brown hair, C-cup tits and sexy long legs. Her name was Stephanie and she was super sweet. She called her parents over to the door, we all introduced ourselves and had that awkward 'welcome to neighborhood' chat then we soon left. About a week later, I was running through the nieghborhood and was passing her house, about to finish my run, when I saw her outside, coming home from shopping at the mall. She was carrying a lot of bags and as I approached, two bags ripped and clothes fell over the drive way. I saw that and went over to help. She saw me went got a little red. I didnt understand until I looked down. There on the ground, were three sexy little black, red and pink thongs.

I looked up and said, "Sorry," and looked away awkwardly.

Then, she surprised me by laughing.

"Why are you laughing?" I asked.

"I don't know what else to do," she responded.

"Haha, makes sense."

"Kyle, right?" Stephanie asked.

"Ya, and you're Stephanie?"


"How are you dealing with the move and everything?" I asked.

"Good, although I haven't made any friends yet, so it's been kinda lonely," she said.

"You wanna hang out sometime then?" I asked. "It sucks being the new girl."

"Ya, it does, I'd love that," she replied. "You wanna see a movie tonight? How about The Dark Knight?"

"Ya, I've been dying to see that!"

We went to the movie and had a great time. We started hanging out a lot after that. I really liked this chick and I think she liked me back. We always texted each other and we talked about everything, including sex. She said she was a virgin and I told her I was too. We talked about what we thought sex would be like and if we masturbated. I told her I was not stranger to it and she said she did, but would rather have someone else do it for her.

One day, we were hanging out at my house, watching some crap on TV when she laid her head on my shoulder. I was debating whether I should do something or not.

"Fuck it!" I thought to myself, "I'm leaving in two months anyway. I should just go for it."

I turned towards her and looked into her eyes. She looked right back at me and we started to kiss. It was amazing! Things started to get hot and we lay down, still making out. I could tell she was into it so I cupped her tight ass. She let out a little moan, so I gave it a little squeeze. She broke the kiss and looked down to see my bulge. She gave it a liitle rub and gave me a naughty smile. I returned the smile and started rubbing her tits. She moaned a little more and I started to take off her top. She helped me with it and then took off her bra as well.

"God, your boobs are so hot!" I gasped.

"You've seen mine, let me see yours!" She said, with that same naughty smile.

I got up and took off my pants, to show her my hard on. She looked at my 7" cock, then slowly started to stroke it. I moaned and she went a little faster. I pushed it towards her mouth and she complied. She started giving me amazing head. I told her if she kept that up, I was gonna cum soon.

"That's not gonna happen, I need this for a lot longer," she smiled.

"Are you serious?" I asked.

"Oh ya," she grinned.

With that, she unbuttoned her pants and slowly took them off. All she had on now was her black thong! She took that off too and she was naked. She came up to me and gave me a deep sensual kiss that was so hot!

"Now," she said.

We laid back on the futon and she spread her legs.

"Go slow," she said.

"OK," I whispered.

Then I pushed the head in and broke her hymen. She breathed in sharply and I stopped.

"You OK?"

"Ya, just give me a moment."

I waited and then started again. She started to moan and I started going faster and faster. She was moaning really loudly and I was going faster and faster still.

We ended by cumming together and it was amazing. We have been going out since and have sex about five times a week. My first time was amazing and I loved it.

This was my first story so no negative feedback, please.

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