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Meeting An Old Friend

Meeting an old college friend in a new avatar.

Last night I had gone to meet a friend who was in town for a couple of days. We went to college together, and while we once shared a drunken kiss but that was it, we didn’t progress any further. Yesterday I left work early to meet Adriana. She didn’t know anybody in this town and had arrived a day early, so she didn’t even have much work to do.

I arrived at her hotel, hoping to meet my old friend, who was always jovial and full of life and sometimes freaky as a college girl. Who I met was someone pretty different from that, a woman who on first glance I noticed had put on a significant amount of weight. She used to be skinny back in college, now she is curvy! As we greeted each other with a hug, I noticed that it was more of a formal hug. The warm way in which she used to greet people was gone!

“You look good,” I told her.

“Haha...I know I don’t but thats pretty sweet of you,” she smiled.

This left me a bit puzzled as I was starting to wonder whether I was meeting my old friend or a stranger.

“Come on, lets catch up over a couple of drinks.”

I agreed and we uber-ed to a bar nearby. After placing our orders, both of us ordered a Scotch, we started catching up on what had been happening in our lives. I remembered that I had seen an old facebook post of her getting engaged and so I asked her about that.

“We’re not together anymore, we ended it a couple of months before we were about to get married.”

I was shocked. “I’m sorry...I didn’t know that, if I knew then I would have never brought it up.”

“It’s’s been a while since then...initially I was broken but slowly I managed to pick up the pieces. I developed an unhealthy food obsession, put on a lot of weight and while I have lost some, I still need to lose a lot more to get back in shape.”

“Aren’t you happy with the way you look?” I asked her.

“No...I am not.”

“Well speaking from the point of view of a guy there is really no need. You look lovely just as you are. Guys don’t really care about women’s weights as much as you guys think we do.”

“You are just being good to an old friend...or maybe you are one of the good guys, but there are guys who would sleep with me but would never be seen in public with me.”

“Maybe there are creeps like that but most of us wouldn’t feel that way. There are still many gentlemen left who know how to treat their lady right.”

She looked at me in disbelief. I knelt forward and pulled her by her neck and kissed her on the lips for quite a few seconds. She was pleasantly surprised. “See I kissed you in public among so many people and I would do that again and again, because I would be very lucky to go out with a beautiful woman like you.”

After having our drinks when we came out of the bar she pulled me and kissed me now. I was surprised but continued to kiss her and held her tightly by her waist. This kiss did go on for a significant amount of time, because when we stopped, I could overhear comments like “Get a room!” She was smiling at me and pulled my arm around her. We called another uber and headed back to her hotel.

After we went inside her room, we sat down on the bed and started to smooch each other, our tongues playing with each other. As I tried to pull up her top I felt her hand clutch mine as to try to stop me.

“What’s the matter?” I asked.

“I am a bit self conscious about my belly," she replied.

“Nonsense, your belly is as lovely as you are.”

I told her to stand up in front of me. She was hesitant but somehow did follow my advice. I lifted up her top and kept my face on her belly. Then I began kissing around her belly button. I held her hands tightly as I pushed my face inside her belly with my nose inside her belly button and started to take deep sniffs.

“Oww...what are you...ou...” I could hear her moans. I put my tongue out and began licking around her belly button. I pushed my tongue inside her belly button and began licking it really good! I continued to occasionally put my tongue out and push my nose in and sniff!

She had started to squirm and when I let go off her hands, she started to caress my hair and push my face inside her belly. I then continued to go up and lifted up her bra. I started to play with both her boobs with my hand while kissing all around her cleavage and upper belly, going down with a trail of kisses to her belly button.

Then I began to suck on her left boob, and then proceeding to her right boob. Then, I grabbed her by her waist and laid her down on the bed. I got up and pulled down her leggings and panty and pushed my face into her pussy. I began licking the hot wet mound, every corner of it with my tongue.

I then climbed on top and started to drill my tool into her. With her every scream I drilled it in harder and harder. I was going to pull out but she told me to cum inside and so I did. After that I pulled out and kissed her on the lips and laid down on the bed next to her all sweaty and panting for breath. She put her hand around my hand and looked at me and smiled. Then she hugged me and put her arm around her and kissed my cheek. I thought about leaving first but I sensed the warmth in her hug and decided to spend the night with her.

I left today in the morning at six. Before leaving, we kissed several times and waved goodbye. She even told me that she would try her best to relocate to my town if I wanted that. I told her that I would indeed love that. Lets see what happens!



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